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Dec 10, 2016
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What do people do these days to backup their apps/settings before clean flashing for minimal hassle?
I use Migrate and minor problems only occur with some banking apps where I had to re-authenticate



Apr 28, 2020
What do people do these days to backup their apps/settings before clean flashing for minimal hassle?
I personally use Neo Backup (formerly OAndBackupX), also available from F-Droid.

It requires root, but I can't imagine any backup/restore app that doesn't.

I'm reasonably happy with it, I'm not sure it can backup and restore settings (it has some experimental features), but that's not something I'm especially interested in, given that I mostly backup and restore when switching roms, so the settings most likely can't be carried over.

Only somesupposedly "secure" apps (banking, etc.) require new login and/or cleaning data if they crash at startup.


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June 5 update yes. yes i formated data. Yep i use magisk on my system
Look, if you want fixes, you need to provide the ROM team/maintainers with us much useful info as you can. I'm giving you some sample questions to lead you into thinking on your own. The more info you provide about your unstable system, the easier it will be to determine where/what causes the crash. Of course, a system log would be best, but you have to learn how to obtain that. 😉

Some more ideas: what Msgisk modules? What gapps? A particular time/usage that triggers the crash? Etc.

I just saw you did this: Thread 'Poco X3 NFC (surya) on CrDroid 9.2 Storage showing only 51GB' https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/...rdroid-9-2-storage-showing-only-51gb.4571655/

Why? Perhaps you did more harm than good. Did you revert what you did?
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Jun 15, 2023
Are those flashing instruvtions correct? It removes nikgaps this way. I rebooted to twrp reflashed nikgapps basic then rebooted, idk if that fixed it or rebooting to recovery did but usually flashing gapps fails if its installed. I have the same procedure I use always but this time i followed instructions. I always factory reset, format data, reboot to recovery, flash rom, then kernel if you chose,then gapps if vanilla rom, then magisk, wipe dalvik cache, then reboot to system. Unless im flashing stock miui from aosp then i factory reset before flash then format after flashing but still reboot to recovery when done then to system. Im just nowsetting it up, so far so good. Great job👍

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Jan 31, 2011
@GtrCraft What about Android System Webview?

LineageOS is already at v114.0.5735.131 and I think it is really important to keep that one up-to-date.

Or is there a way to user-update it? I could not find the correlating webview.apk in the LOS Github repo.
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Nov 6, 2017
im doing clean install from 9.2 and install this rom june 9.5
but the wifi are terrible its really unstable somehow if you keep connect to 5g its switched to 2.4ghz one and if i keep 2.4ghz its switching to 5g or vice versa

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