[ROM] Android 2.2 MIUI for Desire and Nexus One- !!INSANE COMPLETE UI OVERHAUL!!

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Jan 19, 2010
Wow, when getting LauncherPro on MIUI, this baby flies! I am soo looking forward for new updates. And with Cyanogen working on this with the awesome chinese developers, I can't even imagine what they can work out!
Keep up the great work, I've got a new favourite rom!



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Nov 28, 2009
Cologne Germany
Could someone update the first post so we know what this ROM has to offer?

I will updated as soon as the devs reply to my PM requesting biulds, links, and information that they would like posted. PM was sent yesterday and devs should be returning tomorrow.

I only want to post builds that they recommend and wanted to get information directly from them before posting.

Patience young grasshopper...;)


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Nov 28, 2009
Cologne Germany
smartkeyboard pro works fine for me..been using the ROM for over 16 hrs..I love it!

Do we really not have any chinese member in here that can help do the little translations needed??

Devs have stated translations will come as the ROM reaches its final build in Chinese. Its only a beta build right now.

Dont worry, Im sure they ll have plenty of people willing to help with translations as soon as the final build comes out. :D


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May 26, 2010
Amazing work. I tested MIUI rom and i found it really fast. Installed ADW Launcher and Morelocale2 to translate a part of text and menu in Italian. There is a slow access to market, as many of testers have reported. Some screenshot in attachment, also the results of Quadrant benchmark, more than 1600, I think it's pretty good.


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Mar 30, 2010
Flash the gapps from cyanogen thread. that will get youtube working for you and all the google apps is working for me too including maps and navigation

Thanks...maps and navigation works without gapps would try that later..thanks

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Jun 24, 2010
I need more option in camera setting, like cm6 with touch to focus when take picture and video..
This rom is fast!!! Nice work..!!

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Aug 8, 2009
You can easily notice that video runs accelerated, seems they did it to make the phone looks like it's running faster that it really is.

Watch it one more time and you'll see what I mean.

didn't seem that way to me. if the app has already been loaded once, which i'll assume they were on the video- cyanogen nightlies run this quickly on mine.

the gallery, maps, etc all seem to load the same speed on my phone (amoled model) just as quickly.

would be nice if the op didn't drive hits to a weblog and instead pasted it here. (shrug)

next !

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    I found this INSANE video on Google Nexus One blog.

    If you have a Nexus One or a Desire, do yourself a favor and WATCH THIS VIDEO:


    Has anyone heard about this ROM? Its the MOST INSANE ROM IVE EVER SEEN...It runs SOOO damn fast and smooth, and they have COMPLETELY overhauled the UI. Its INSANE. Its like they took parts of Android, IOS, added an insane Sense-like wrapper on it..and viola....PWNAGE.

    Anyone know where it comes from? I have never heard of these guys...but MY GOD its nuts. Whoever they are, these guys have SKILLZ.

    See for yourself!! I just hope to God that Gingerbread is that awesome.

    Heres a great vid from user Chididdy123 running this amazing ROM. Thanks for this!


    Omomo (dev) has also said that "We will release OTA every week. usually it is on Friday evening 8:00 PM (Beijing - time)
    I'll give you a link (today) so that you can download latest build from us. But we may delete it one day later because we don't have enough bandwidth to host many users. so please make sure your download it in time".

    UPDATE (October 4th)

    So guys, I had no idea that the finding of this video would make such MASSIVE noise in the Android community. While I think its a great idea to keep this thread open for problem solving and overall discussion, I would highly advise you to visit the excellent thread started by djmcnz for builds, language packs and changelogs. He has done a great job in keeping the beast that is MIUI accessible for all. His excellent thread can be viewed here:


    Give him and all the people who have put so much work into translations MASSIVE props, as they have done an insane job at making this wonderful ROM accessible and updated for everyone.
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