[ROM][Android 6.0.1] Kushan ROM Optimized CM13 builds [STABLE BUILD 20151225]

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    Kushan's Optimized CM Marshmallow Rom​
    #include <std_disclaimer.h>
     * Your warranty is now void.
     * We're not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
     * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
     * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
     * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
     * you point the finger at us for messing up your device, we will laugh at you.

    This Rom is based on CynogenMod 13.0 (Marshmallow) with some small optimizations to achieve a fast, stable, and major bug free rom !​

    Download Links:

    Rom builds are hosted on AndroidFileHost (Select the latest build)

    Open Gaaps - Link (Select ARM and Marshmallow i.e 6.0)


    • Clean or first time install:
    • Download the ROM from the link above
    • Download GApps package for Marshmallow from the link above
    • Put the zip files on your SDCard
    • Reboot in Recovery
    • Wipe Data/Factory Reset
    • Wipe System
    • Wipe Cache
    • Wipe Dalvik Cache
    • Wipe Internal Storage if possible (Highly Recommended)
    • Select "Install zip from SDCard"
    • Choose the rom zip file
    • Choose Open GApps zip file
    • Reboot system
    First boot after install/update takes a while, wait at least 5 minutes for it to boot.

    • Ril (Calls,messages etc)
    • Microphone
    • All SD Card Now work.
    • System rw mount
    • Wifi Disconnections fixed
    • Google Now on Tap works
    • Permissions fixed
    • Root access fixed
    • Camera taking rotated pictures fixed
    • Incoming call bug fixed
    • Cellular Network FC fixed (not selection option enabled - a marshmallow feature)
    • LCD Density
    • Bluetooth - Untested

    Bugs/Not working:
    • Currently none other detected. Will update as I receive bug reports

    Device Tree available on Github

    • CynogenMod
    • Google
    • Samsung
    • Everyone who supported me!
    • PM me if I forget you.

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Kushan CM Marshmallow, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S 4

    ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
    Based On: CynogenMod

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: Build 20151225
    Stable Release Date: 2015-12-25
    Current Beta Version: Kushan-CM-13.0-20151
    Beta Release Date: 2015-11-29

    Created 2015-11-27
    Last Updated 2015-12-25
    Hey guys, a good news.... I completely fixed the annoying mic issue :)
    I dont know where but I found a anynomous commit for alsa so I just implemented the changes which initially gave error as some definations so I added some old methods that were missing and managed to fix them.
    Now almost all the issues are fixed with only one major issue left i.e of the Network selection issue and I think its beyond my ability to fix it so we will need to wait till a dev of CM or someone fixes it :)

    A new build coming in by today with lots of improvements and under the hood fixes...

    From now onwards I begin the OPTIMIZED Versions which are Kushanified and now. As all the major bugs are fixed new features will be gradually added, at the same time keeping the build almost rock solid and great as a daily driver ;)



    Fixed Many bugs 
    Fixed Bluetooth issues (Untested)
    Fix Media dir permissions issue on M
    Update for 6.0.1_r3
    core: tasks: Use KERNEL_ARCH in dt_image task
    Updated external storage configuration.
    power: Reduce interactive timer with screen off
    Remove TMO & MetroPCS entries for mcc/mnc 310/580 in apn-conf
    ril: Return static radio capability from getRadioCapability
    jfltexx: define Radio Access Family
    msm8960: publish profiling result in codec xml.
    doze: use ScreenType util from cmsdk
    Remove __DATE__/__TIME__
    VisualizerView: add ability to disable drawing
    Update support libs to 22.2.1
    Remove usage of FloatMath
    JDWP: test invocation with thread suspension
    apache-http: Get tcmiface off the boot classpath
    Display annotations and annotation values when they are requested
    follow AndroidJUnitRunner API change
    libelf: Only include features.h on linux.
    Include a local manifest to define an entry point.
    f2fs-tools: Cleanup build targets
    fmpeg: Enable the vectorizer
    libfuse: Fix cast for void* in fuse opts
    Adds the encoding module to giflib.
    gptfdisk: Switch to static lib for including in fstools
    tc: Remove Kernel headers from C Includes
    drm: add nouveau_{ioctl,class}.h for nvif
    xz: Enable crc64 support
    Added nanohttpd-webserver targer to the module
    Add python-protobuf.
    ntfs3g: Remove cruft
    fs_config: align with new explicit fs_config target_out parameter
    external/webp: update to v0.4.3
    Fix bintray upload
    Bluetooth: Fix to avoid crash during message listing due to disconnect
    cmhw: Add hooks for LiveDisplay native interface
    Hwcomposer Moorefield: Return DummyDevice for TERTIARY display
    Fix duplicated OMX.qcom.audio.decoder.aac entry

     Android 6.0.1 is here
     Fixed the newtwork selection bug 
     Update for 6.0.1_r3
     Updated external storage configuration.
     jf: build libdivxdrmdecrypt
     jfltexx: update blob list
     doze: use ScreenType util from cmsdk
     Add gradle project for the antlr runtime for Doclava.
     libcap-ng can compile out of the box now."
     libnfnetlink: Add Android.mk to make libnfnetlink library"
     Remove ENABLE_TIMESTAMPS to ensure reproducible builds.
     minizip: Clean up the code
     Add Android.mk for building Zopfli
     Update core.jar to r2864 in google3.
     nuplayer: PCM offload fixes
     Status bar: Add HSPA+ icons
     Restore missing min and max API.
     make mclinker able to link arm object on x86 (fugu)
     merge in mnc-release history after reset to mnc-dev
     Fix bintray upload
     Merge "Camera2: Support waitForSurfacePrepared in BlockingSessionCallback" into mnc-dev
     Bluetooth: Fix to avoid crash during message listing due to disconnect
     am 8d85c6c7: Split EXDATE with a Newline Delimiter
     Also activate default UICC apps once after SIM presence.
     Performance: Fix importing vcard slowly problem
     correct path of cpu.notify_on_migrate
     fix random SEGV issue which is caused by wild pointer in libmix
     Add dummy symlinks to actual implementation
     mm-video: Calculate average fps to update refresh rate
     msm8x74: update kernel headers
     Add Mips MSA feature to android_getCpuFeatures"
     AudioFX: Sync with AOSP translations
     Use ScreenType util from cmsdk
     InCallUI: Move CAF strings
     Add glibc2.15-based host toolchain."
     dpm: Get tcmiface off the boot classpath

    OPTIMIZED BUILDS now begin
    Kushanified Rom
    Added Kushan Kernel v.1.0
    Fixed the mic issue
    Fix quick pull down
    Fix protected app
    Many under the hood bugs fixed
    Updated external storage configuration.
    Include init.usb.configfs.rc into rootdir
    jf: remove unused ril props
    audio: Switch back to legacy alsa drivers
    jfltexx: update blob list
    qcom: cleanup packages
    Fix crash on invalid channel config
    tc: Remove Kernel headers from C Includes
    Merge "bionic has strlcat and strlcpy."
    Enable neon optimization for 32bits.
    Fix bug causing crc error in region decoder
    mksh: Fix default execshell issues
    nfacct: Enabling compatibility with libnl2.0
    Merge "Suppress clang -Wc++11-narrowing warnings."
    7z: Install to xbin
    Update Roboto font files
    skia: Enable optimization library for 8974
    ffmpeg: video: Check if the codec is still open before flushing
    Build a static strace utility
    Merge "Camera2: Support waitForSurfacePrepared in BlockingSessionCallback" into mnc-dev
    audio: Reduce low latency buffer size
    BluetoothExt: Clean unknown uses-feature field
    Terminal: add runtime permissions
    Mark missed calls as read in calllog restore
    Fix mounting of non-FAT formatted SD cards (2/2)
    Fixes for the PartnerBookmarksProvider test.
    Telecomm: Forward port phone_type switch support
    Telephony: reload CarrierConfig based on changes to build display version
    audio_route: fix unsupported control types in audio_route_update_path

    Added SuperSU kernel support
    Completely fixed /system rw mount issues present in Marshmallow
    AdAway and similar apps now work (Give SDcard permission from app info to apps like AdAway)
    Set Selinx to permisisive
    Fixed Wifi disconnection issues
    jfltexx: update blob list
    dex2oat: Increase timeout to allow slow CPUs to finish compilation
    Add appcompat dep to base template
    Add support for per device bluetooth configuration.
    Updated external storage configuration.
    Include init.usb.configfs.rc into rootdir
    sepolicy: perfd: fix signull permission
    ril: add some extra reads to fix CDMA caller ID
    init: use LD_SHIM_LIBS to load libsamsung_symbols only for libril
    clatd: Fix compilation warnings
    busybox: Disable build with Clang for static executable
    ProxyBuilder.getMethodsToProxyRecursive() was not returning list of methods in deterministic order.
    Add change to also make .so for dhcpcd
    Properly initialize struct irec pointers after malloc()
    ffmpeg: Don't use Clang's integrated assembler
    libfuse: Cleanup code and update build configuration
    Improve F number precision
    Enable neon optimization for 32bits.
    Fix build breaks on M
    Update libvterm to upstream revision 619.
    Wrap RuntimeException into ParseException when parsing SIP URLs.
    Suppress clang -Wc++11-narrowing warnings.
    fs_config: align with new explicit fs_config target_out parameter
    stagefright-plugins: Relax component role check
    stagefright: Support hardware codecs with FFMPEG extractor
    hwc: Fix compilation issues with clang
    sepolicy: Allow recovery to create links in the rootfs
    time-service: Compilation for C++ compiler

    Initial Release
    Guys, I completly fixed the /system rw mount issue present in Marshmallow...
    Now each and every file is writable including build.prop and similar files...
    I have implemented this in the default CM root access which can be enabled by developer options so no need for supersu now...

    Also now every SD card is supported and detected + wifi fixed .....

    New build coming with many bug fixes and with more stability...
    ETA 1-2 hours ;)

    "Hey guys, can Someone Tell me what laucher use this rom? it is possible to use it on tw rom?"

    This rom uses trechbuchet by default and if you install gaaps then google launcher is also included...
    If you want a similar launcher on tw then please download google launcher from playstore...

    Also this is for everyone that I too have a personal life and I cant reply or respond to each and every query on this thread so if you get annoyed at that time just remember one thing that we devs do it for free and not taking any money and spending our precious free times into these projects...
    I would really like to thank all the helpful people on the thread who helped new users by answering their queries...
    Thank you
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