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Aug 13, 2010
Can you please post a mirror, I tried to dl it 2 times, but is slow and I dont have 1 and a half hr to dl this, can you consider the torrent maybe?

I know anyone can wait 2 hrs for dl something, but not always have time to wait or the connection available.


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Oct 14, 2011
Just to let everyone know using stock kernel and 6.0.0 removes the flickering screen issue. Two days on 100% brightness has cured mine :)

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may i know what for 2days 100% brightness? thanks. my poor english.

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Oct 19, 2011
Does this seem right for CID

C:\adb>fastboot getvar cid
cid: None
finished. total time: 0.005s

C:\adb>fastboot getvar mid
mid: PJ4610000
finished. total time: 0.006s


Same as my One X after HTCDEV unlock.
Download CID getter from play store for your CID

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Nov 7, 2011
may i know what for 2days 100% brightness? thanks. my poor english.

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The advice with the new ota is that after 14 days the screen will settle. If you set the screen to full brightness, it sorts quicker. Don't know the logic behind it.

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Jun 9, 2009
Hi Mike,

is it possible to integrate Bricked kernel in your ROM, since the version of the kernel 0.3er harmony / works great with your ARHD 6.0.0 ROM. Have been tested for nearly two days until now been corrected.

Thanks in advance


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Nov 19, 2009
I have a problem when trying to play videos with gallery player, the player often says that it can't play the format. When trying more often, it suddenly plays the file. I am on Franco's kernel, can this be the problem?

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Jun 9, 2009

it is already known to me, I meant integrated purely from the front or offer to flash the ROMs are still ways to flash the kernel.
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Jul 1, 2011
Ok silliest question ever, in es file explorer how do you get the settings up as theres no menu button like the htc sensation

its blaggine head and have looked everywhere


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Sep 5, 2006
Bavaria, close to Munich

Just wanted to be sure you you guys saw this, and kindly ask this file to be put into the great rom.


It's a principle of ARHD that no flashable Mods are integrated into ROM. So everybody can decide what he wants and what not.
Additionally 2-way-recording is illegal in some countries.
So, if you want it, flash it. That's the freedom of choice that is the philosophy of ARHD.


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Jul 26, 2009
Hay I have tryed to root the device, and now i have a problem that in the bootloader is written "Relocked" and "Security Warning"
on the device is no rom instaled and no recovery... so i have only the bootloader.
if i try to flash anything via fastboot the error is that the battery is to low.
but the device dosen't turn off... if it is off and i plug the usb cable in the device start into bootloader...

can anybody help me?

there are a couple disaster recovery guides out there. For myself when experiencing that problem with my first one x I plugged it into the wall charger then rebooted into HBOOT which lets it hang on the loading USB etc on bootloader screen. Then from there went to fastboot after letting it charge a little bit then reflashed the recovery. If possible assuming you had a backup which is always recommended I would say go back to that if you can afterwards then let it charge up and try again to reflash when you are at full

method I used exactly was, reboot into bootloader while plugged into the wall (it hangs then saying checking SD card update)
from there it seemed to charge enough for me to relock the bootloader
then went on to unlock again (at which point I was able to charge again) at this point you would likely flash the custom recovery so it could charge.
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Aug 4, 2010
It's a principle of ARHD that no flashable Mods are integrated into ROM. So everybody can decide what he wants and what not.
Additionally 2-way-recording is illegal in some countries.
So, if you want it, flash it. That's the freedom of choice that is the philosophy of ARHD.

Understand your point about flashable mods.

But if I understand the nature of this mod it doesn't change any functionality other than enabling the recording of the calls and has no visual changes to the look of the rom. So it's invisible to the users, unless they install call recording app. It's like changes to the kernel. And your point of the legality should not be in the discussion, no one is forced to use the functionality.

But thanks anyway :)


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Mar 18, 2012
Within the Matrix
I have a problem when trying to play videos with gallery player, the player often says that it can't play the format. When trying more often, it suddenly plays the file. I am on Franco's kernel, can this be the problem?

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have you tried a different kernel to see if that could be the issue? i am running faux's kernel and i must say it is the business so far...good kernel and with the latest rom version and rom cleaner this bad boy flies..

Jotha loving the blue circle mod....loving it matey thank you:D

Mike i have like 450mb ram still free:eek: you are awesome man:D

Loved all the other roms i used but nothing beats being back home to what i know and love. Great work

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Understand your point about flashable mods.

But if I understand the nature of this mod it doesn't change any functionality other than enabling the recording of the calls and has no visual changes to the look of the rom. So it's invisible to the users, unless they install call recording app. It's like changes to the kernel. And your point of the legality should not be in the discussion, no one is forced to use the functionality.

But thanks anyway :)

so many call recording apps on the market mate..use one of those;)

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    [ROM] Android Revolution HD 33.1 | High Quality & Performance | Sense 5 | 4.18.401.3


    Proudly presenting you the most popular ROM for HTC One X...



    "My phone is now perfectly smooth, fast, stable. I do not expect much more from my phone!"

    "This release is amazing! ROM feels super fast! Great job Mike & the team! (...) Never noticed any lag. 1 word: brilliant."

    "Feels a lot smoother in use - scrolling, swiping between sense screens. Much nicer feel. This is a real good one, Mike. Many thanks :)"



    System details:
    • Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) - latest official HTC One X 4.18.401.3 (WWE) firmware
    • Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) - latest *STOCK* ROMs without changes and modifications ---> click here
    • This is improved version of stock ROM - no visual changes!
    • Very fast, clean & stable!
    • Full HTC Sense 5.0 Interface
    • Multi-language (WWE)
    • For HTC One X
    • Thanks to HTC for the base firmware
    • Video Review by Flow-Wolf
    • Video Review by oddyZR

    Included kernel details:
    • Stock kernel (the most stable)

    ROM details:
    • Removed software (CPU) rendering - full nVidia Tegra 3 (GPU) rendering
    • Fully optimized and tweaked
    • Root access
    • Unsecured boot.img
    • Newest BusyBox
    • RAM optimizations
    • System signatures check enabled for system security and safety
    • Improved virtual memory management
    • Speed optimizations
    • Enabled GPU UI rendering
    • Data, cache and system partitions mounting tweaks
    • Bloatware applications removed
    • All /system applications updated to latest available
    • All /data applications updated to latest available
    • Improved CPU governors performance
    • Most optimal system scheduler
    • Disabled kernel debugging for better performance
    • Zipaligned (Improved RAM management)
    • Zipalign on boot (for user applications on data partition)
    • Fully de-odexed
    • init.d scripts (BusyBox run-parts) support
    • Auto init.d permissions set on boot
    • sysro/sysrw commands support
    • Excellent battery life!
    • Improved EXT4 performance
    • OpenVPN support
    • Most up-to-date system files permissions
    • Adobe Flash Player support
    • Support almost 24h a day
    • ...and many more!

    You need:
    • HTC One X unlocked with (S-ON) or S-OFF
    • Custom recovery
    • Firmware package from here
    • Proper HBOOT version for Jelly Bean based ROM - How To change Hboot

    How to flash:


    Android Revolution HD 33.1
    --- release date: 14 January 2014 ---
    • Re-based using latest 4.18.401.3 update (Thanks @Daekin for the system dump)
    • Updated Sense Launcher, Sense Camera and HTC Backup applications
    • Updated PureXAudio to latest v4.0 ReMiX'ed Edition
    • Added option to Disable Bytecode Verification in AROMA
    • Possibility to choose between SuperUser and SuperSU in AROMA installer
    • Updated Sense 5 Toolbox to 2.6.1
    • Updated Xposed installer to the latest 2.4.1
    • Zipaligned using SDK r22.3
    • De-odexed using newest smali/baksmali
    • Other minor changes and fixes
    • Included and updated applications:

      --- Data partition ---
      Adobe Flash Player (Android 4.0+)
      Adobe Flash Player (Android 2.0+)
      Adobe Reader 11.1.3
      Dropbox 2.3.12
      ES File Explorer
      Twitter 5.0.9
      --- System partition ---
      GmsCore 4.1.31 (Android 2.3+ / SDK 9)
      Gmail 4.7.2 (Android 4.0+ / SDK 14)
      Gmail 2.3.6 (Android 2.2+ / SDK 10)
      Google Play 4.5.10
      Push Service 1.1.14 (Samsung devices)
      SuperSU 1.89
      --- Aroma installer ---
      Google Hangouts 2.0.217 (Android 2.3+ / SDK 9)
      Google Maps 6.14.4 (Android 2.2+ / SDK 8)
      Google Maps 7.5.0 (Android 4.0.3+)
      Google Plus (Android 3.0+ / SDK 11)
      Google Street (Android 2.2+ / SDK 8)
      Google YouTube 5.3.28 (Android 2.2+ / SDK 8)
      Google TalkBack 3.5.1 (Android 2.2+ / SDK 8)
      Google Chrome 31.0.1650.59 (Android 4.0+ / SDK 14)
      Google Music 5.3.1317M.940995(Android 2.2+ / SDK 8)
      Google Keep 2.1.01 (Android 4.0+ / SDK 14)
      Google Drive 1.2.484.18 (Android 2.3+ / SDK 9)
      Google Search (Android 4.1+ / SDK 16)
      Google Search (Android 4.0.3)
      Google Search (Android 2.3.5)

      Changelog since latest Jelly Bean 4.1.1 release:
    • Android 4.2.2 with HTC Sense 5.0
    • HTC BlinkFeed (available under Settings)
    • New Lock screen style widget
    • Show battery level in status bar
    • Add sleep mode option in Power settings
    • Quick settings panel: 12 default settings by new touch gesture
    • AE/AF lock feature: Lock Exposure/Focus on view/finder screen
    • Video Highlights: Create 30 seconds show in 12 different themes
    • Music channel: Visualization with live lyrics
    • Greatly improved UI performance
    • Improved Wi-Fi performance
    • Tweaked CPU settings for the best batter life
    • Super-smooth scrolling
    • Optimized Tegra 3 performance and power consumption
    • Many more amazing improvements for HTC One X
    - If your current firmware version doesn't match ROM firmware version, wiping data inside AROMA is highly recommended!
    - HBOOT update is required. Read more here - Jelly Bean firmware collection for different Carriers ID (CID)


    Android Revolution HD 33.1 + boot.img for 33.x
    --- MD5 Checksum: D5C0DB004EC126AD24306A3042E42A5F ---




    Important notes:
    1. If you want to say "Thanks!"

    There are many ways to show your support to the developer. You can:
    • Press the "Thanks" button.
    • Hit the donation button and "buy me a beer".
    • Share your opinion about my work and write some feedback in respective thread.
    • Advertise my work to your friends.
    • Rate my thread with 5 stars.
    Every way of support is highly appreciated, but it's not expected!

    2. Sharing policy

    This forum is about sharing. If you want to use any part of my work, please feel free to do it but remember about some simple rules:
    • Inform me about using my work by sending me a message. You don’t need my permission, just inform me.
    • Include link to my thread from where you took particular files.
    • Give proper credits for what you used.
    • When it comes to using my ROM as a base you are free to do it only if I don't have "Stock ROMs" thread available for particular device. If such thread exists, you are
      obligated to take ROMs from there instead. These threads with "Stock ROMs" are usually updated within 24 hours from the moment when I release my custom ROM.

    Sharing is one thing, but please respect some areas of my work like:
    • ROM name - "Android Revolution HD", "Android Revolution", "Revo HD", "AR HD" etc.
    • Graphics used in my threads, especially head-banners designed exclusivity for me.
    • Other parts of my work that are not supposed to be used by others without proper permission.
    Please let me keep my threads design unique. I’m sure you can do something even better yourself!

    3. Support

    If you have any issues or questions, please feel free to post them in the respective thread. Due to my commitments in real life I can't answer every PM, tweet or facebook post.
    If you want to get the fastest and the best answer - ask the question in the thread. Every month I need to remove about 1.000 new messages from my XDA inbox. I’m sure it’s better if I spend this time cooking new ROMs.​

    4. Signature banners for users

    Due to the increasing number of users flashing my ROMs we introduced some time ago 3 special groups of members.
    • Android Revolution HD Recognized User – every user might get this rank with proper banner by being active in my thread (or threads).
      Helping users to solve problems, answering questions or preparing threads with add-ons for Android Revolution HD are the most common ways to gain this rank. Just be active and we’ll contact you!

    • Android Revolution HD Advanced User – every user might get this rank with proper banner by doing some amazing modification, application, theme etc. for Android Revolution HD.
      Creating simple bootanimation might not be enough, but you never know! Having Recognized User status before is not needed!

    • Android Revolution HD Supporter – every user who shared some server space with us (with proper bandwidth) will get this banner. Please keep in mind we can't use DropBox shared folders.
      What we can use is minimum 20 GB of space and 10 Mbit upload speed. If you want to donate some server space to us, please contact me via private message.
    Apart of those special banners, every user might use one of our amazing user banners collected in this thread.

    Finally, thanks for using my work! I hope you will enjoy Android Revolution HD!


    --- User banners prepared by KID_1194, adsamcik, sigeltek, jotha, Super-Veloce & D3VICE ---









    Q 1: After flashing Android Revolution HD my battery drains much faster. What can I do?
    A: Please charge your battery to 100%, boot your device in ClockworkMod Recovery and go to Advanced ---> Wipe Battery Stats. Also see Question 7.
    Also please read this ---> [GUIDE] Enlarge your battery life : an attempt to fix the battery drain
    And this ---> [How to] Brilliant Battery Life 100% working!
    For more details about wiping battery stats please read this

    Q 2: My Premium Navigation doesn't work correctly. What should I do?
    A: Your Premium Navigation may not work correctly for many reasons. Most of them are not ROM related. You can try the following things:
    - reinstall your Locations under "Settings" ---> "Locations"
    - remove /sdcard/.data/navigator/Data/Temporary from your SD card
    - re-download Google Maps from the Android Market
    - clear data from Google Maps in system software management

    Q 3: When recording HD video, the playback of the clip keeps freezing. How to fix it?
    A: This is probably SD card problem. Format your SD card (FAT32 recommended) to gain silky smooth playback.

    Q 4: After I reboot my device, mp3 ring-tone is back to default. What should I do?
    A: Go to Ringtones > Menu > More Ringtones > Create new ringtone > Select the one you want (Thanks to kill4l)

    Q 5: Is there any alternative for SetCPU? I think it slows downy my phone.
    A: You can application called No-frills. Remember to check "Allow on boot" option.

    Q 6: After flashing Android Revolution HD my SD card is being mounted as ready only. What should I do?
    A: Connect your SD card to your PC and do defragmentation process. If you still have some problems with SD card, please read this.
    Mac users can use the repair function of the MacOS disk utility to solve the read only problem (Thanks to Calimero1205).

    Q 7: My CPU load is all the time nearly 100% and in most part it's used by system. What is the reason of that high CPU usage and how can I fix it?
    A: Delete your account. It takes A LOT of your battery and CPU usage.

    Q 8: Do I need to wipe data partition when upgrading from old version of Android Revolution HD?
    A: I always recommend wiping data partition but it's absolutely necessary only if I mention that in the changelog. But normally you can live without it.
    Wipe data partition if you experience any issues.

    Q 9: I have some strange issues with my ROM that nobody reported before. What should I do in first place?
    A: In first place you should check, if the MD5 Checksum is correct. Then flash ROM again and see if the issue is gone. A lot of strange issues can be solved this way.

    Q 10: I had SetCPU installed on Android Revolution HD, then I flashed new version of AR HD and SetCPU doesn't work any more. How to fix it?
    A: Please reinstall SetCPU.

    Q 11: I can't send/receive MMS or I can't connect with mobile data connection. How can I fix it?
    A: Please check your MMS settings or mobile data connection APN settings.

    Q 12: My phone got random freezes or reboots. How can I fix it?
    A: Every CPU is different. It seems that your CPU doesn't like OC or UV (undervolt). Set your CPU to default 1GHz.
    If it doesn't help, then you need to flash default kernel from the second post.

    Q 13: When I listen to music from HTC stock player it accidentally pauses for short time and then keep playing.
    A: Turn OFF fastboot in settings.

    Q 14: My GPS signal is very weak or GPS is not working at all. How can I fix it?
    A: There are some solutions:
    1. You can download and install FasterFix to improve your signal strength.
    2. You can download and install GPS Status & Toolbox to manage your GPS settings.
    3. Turn off "Fast boot" under "Settings" ---> "Power" and reboot your phone.
    4. Read this, this, this & this
    5. [Trick] Speed Up Satelite Fix for GPS on Android

    Q 15: My clock/weather widget doesn't show my location. How can I fix it?
    A: Please clear data from Google Maps, Clock Widget, Weather, HTC weather sync provider and Weather Provider.

    Q 16: My Quadrant score is not as high as on different ROM. What does it mean?
    A: It means absolutely nothing. Benchmarks on Android System are more or less lottery and they are not showing the real system performance.
    There are many settings that can force Quadrant to show more then 3000 points but it's faked performance, that actually can slow down your phone in some circumstances.
    What I always emphasize is a real performance, the one you can feel under your fingers. Remember that I/O has some limit and surpassing it shows just a numbers without true ratio.
    Also keep in mind that Quadrant has support for Android Gingerbread only in version 1.1.7 and higher.

    Q 17: I have process force close few times a day. How can I fix it?
    A: It's because you have removed HtcTwitter.apk (HTC Twitter application). Please restore it.

    Q 18: My screen-lock sound and keypad sound while dialing numbers is very low. How can I fix it?
    A: Download "Quick Settings" application from Android Market and check system volume slider.

    Q 19: When I open up the call screen (where I see the recent calls and callers), the calls won't appear in the list. What to do?
    A: Probably you are using 3rd party launcher. Remove the dialer shortcut and re-add it.

    Q 20: My Wi-Fi doesn't reconnect automatically after boot. How to fix it?
    A: Disable fastboot in settings or check this solution.​


    You think you're addicted from flashing ROMs, checking forum the whole day and you feel like "Android" should be your second name? Well, here's something for fun :D

    preacher65 said:
    Okay, now I'm getting my world news from XDA. I had no idea this had happened until I read this. Something tells me I'm spending too much time on here!
    Whiskey103 said:
    Well i have some similar experience. I just found out my wife is pregnant for 6 months already... Lol.
    And the first thing I asked was : When will you release it?

    So I guess i spend to much time here also.
    Still a had some spare time it seems. Otherwise the baby is not mine!
    DarkAdrien said:
    My wife is pregnant for 4 months, ETA October 22nd (her upload speed is not so good). If only I could do a nandroid backup of my current life to be able to restore it after :D

    Mods, Add-Ons and additional Links for ARHD on HTC One X

    Before I start we need to thank Jotha for all the time and effort he gave to the ARHD team before taking on his role as a moderator. It's because of him that this post exists, not because of me.

    I will maintain the official Mod-, Theme, Add-on-List in this post.
    If you have made something interesting for all users, inform me via PM with a link (to the OP, not a simple download link, I want to read abit before I test it/include it), not here on thread.
    If you want to hint me to smth that you haven't made yourself, I will only include it if I can assure that the OP is fine with that inclusion.
    If you find a dead link or if you think you should be credited for something published here, please inform me via PM, not here on thread.

    I try to include only mods and animations that either the ARHD-Team or I tested or for which there are positive reviews on XDA.
    Mods that are tested by the Team or me are marked with an asterisk *.
    Sometimes however I may link to an untested or beta-version. I'll mark such a mod however.
    Mods that are installed by flashing in recovery are marked with a F.
    For all other links the installation method is described in the linked post or in description here.


    1. Flashing some mods may partially or completely erase other mods that you have already flashed. This is because they may include the same files with different modifications and overwrite each other. In some cases you can avoid that by flashing in a different order, sometimes you cannot avoid it and you only can have one of them.
      Please do not post any complaints like: This-or-that mod deleted my xyz-mod
    2. Do not flash mods in same run as ROM. Let ROM always boot once completely after flashing before applying any mods.
    3. Most mods cannot be deinstalled without reflashing ROM. So always make a nandroid-backup before flashing unknown mods. In case of emergency you can revert to the state before.
    4. Every problem with some mod/Add-On should be discussed on the corresponding thread, not on ARHD-Thread. An exception are mods that are provided by mike1986 in his OP.
    As there is may be more than one ROM-version on this thread at a given time, the mods and add-ons are ordered corresponding to the ROM they are made for.
    Do NOT flash a mod that is not made for your ROM version. It will not work or may even render your phone unstartable.


    • Performance Tweaks for Android Revolution HD
    • Mods and Add-Ons for all ARHD versions
    • Mods and Add-Ons for one/some ARHD-version(s)
    • Boot- and Down-Animations, Splash-Screens, Themes, Lockrings
    • Useful Posts on this Thread (Tips, Tricks, Fixes)
    • Additional Useful Links to other Threads(Kernels, Scripts ...)

    Performance Tweaks for Android Revolution HD

    • Android Revolution HD EXT4 Tweaks v.0.1 * F -First HTC One X working data_writeback journalism for /system, /data and /cache partitions. This mod will turn ON data_writeback for all 3 partitions - system, data and cache. This will drastically improve I/O performance (mostly on write operations) at the expense of file system integrity in certain situations, like unexpected system shutdown. The risk is not extreme, but still bigger then regular. Use this to improve your system performance, but you flash it at your own risk!
    • Android Revolution HD GPU Rendering v.0.1 * F - Force GPU rendering on 2D operations. This mod is working similar to "Render GUI with GPU" option in Development Settings. Flashing this will force whole system to use GPU rendering (instead of CPU) for all kind of 2D/3D operations. This might improve 2D operations performance, but keep in mind that some apps are not working correctly with GPU rendering. After using this mod you no longer need to tick "Render GUI with GPU" in settings. Even if un-ticked it will be still working. Flash it at your own risk!

    Mods and Add-Ons for all ARHD-Versions

    • ARHD Kernels Depository * F - for ALL ARHD-Roms and versions, be sure to download the right one for your phone and version
    • Minimalistic Font * F - for ALL ARHD-Versions, look here for preview, tested on 1.2.x
    • Repacked Kernels for ARHD * - 3rd Party Kernels, repacked for ARHD by GuyAdams. See his thread for installation procedure and post eventual problems there, please.

    Mods and Add-Ons for ARHD 18.x

    Mods and Add-Ons for ARHD 9.x (and all others on base

    Bootanimations, Splashscreens, Themes, Lockrings

    Additional useful links for ARHD Users

    • ROM-Cleaner- * F - by Patrics83. ROM-Cleaner is the tool of choice before and after flashing ROM. Backup your settings and apps, remove bloatware and automatically restore your settings after flashing.
    Other helpful threads

    • Everything HTC One X - by Sybregunne. The sticky link collection to everything around this Phone. A must-read
    • How to root OneX - by Paul O'Brien. Method of choice for rooting as long as there is no S-Off. With links to preliminary recovery and SuperSU.
    • WaccoPedia - the definite Wiki about technical background of Android phones. Highly recommended, not only, but especially for Noobs ;).

    Other ROMs than ARHD
    • are you kidding me??

    10.02.2013: Thanks added, ARHD 18.x section added.
    30.03.2012: Initial Post
    03.04.2012: Added Font mod, tested Boot-Animation
    05.04.2012: Added Menu-Button-Mod
    07.04.2012: Updated Menu-Button Mod
    08.04.2012: Added Battery%-Mod
    09.04.2012: Added LeeDrOiD Tweaks
    15.04.2012: Added HD-Camera Mod, Performance Tweaks
    20.04.2012: Added mods for ARHD 3.0.0
    29.04.2012: Edited some texts
    30.04.2012: Added mods for ARHD 5.0.0
    02.05.2012: Added info about mod-flashing
    09.05.2012: Added link to ARHD kernel-depository, added APM and EQS
    15.05.2012: Cleanup and added GuyAdams' Repository for repacked kernels
    16.05.2012: Added Ultra Smooth Rosie mod and 6.0 compatibility
    28.05.2012: Added supercharger-ready services.jar
    17.06.2012: Added mods for ARHD 7.0.x
    16.07.2012: Added EQS for 7.x
    13.08.2012: Updated to base 2.17/ARHD 9.x
    14.08.2012: Added some user-suggested mods


    E x p e r i m e n t a l
    B u i l d s

    This is a place where I will post early versions of Jelly Bean and/or HTC Sense 4.5 UI builds. Once those version will be stable enough, it will be moved to the first post.
    Those builds are suppose to have issues, that's why they are called "Experimental".​

    Experimental Build 4 [22.09.2012]
    • Enabled more languages/locations
    • Turned off bugs report
    • Removed much more HTC test/logging stuff (Thanks to shnizlon)
    • Other minor changes and fixes

    Experimental Build 3 [20.09.2012]
    • Based on 3.00.999.7 HTC test base (Thanks to HTC for the leak and football for cracking it
    • All Android Revolution HD tweaks
    • Many build.prop fixes
    • Cleaned from more debugging stuff
    • Rooted etc.
    • Mount USB and WiFi should be working
    • Radio still not working, no time yet to fix it

    Experimental Build 2 [10.09.2012]
    • Many build.prop fixes
    • Removed HTC Get Started process
    • ES File Explorer updated to latest

    Experimental Build 1 [08.09.2012]
    • Based on 3.00.771.2 CL89995 test-keys (thanks to Kingwolf for the leak)
    • Early version of HTC Sense 4.5 UI
    • Android 4.0.4
    • Rooted & de-odexed with usual Android Revolution HD tweaks
    • %battery icon

    Revised instructions for flashing JB ROMs

    Added: 6 Jan. 2013
    Since I originally wrote this guide, a number of CIDs not listed here have received OTA updates from their provider that also have the new hboot. If you are one of these users you now probably have hboot version 1.36, you can go ahead and flash ARHD JB ROMs.

    Prerequisites: Have these files ready, if your CID is good, you will need them.
    Unlock_code.bin <- You got this from HTC Dev when you first unlocked your device [If you lost it, you can get it again from HTC Dev using the same credentials you originally used or do the unlock process again from the beginning on HTC Dev.] (hboot 1.28)
    ARHD 11.1 ROM <- Copy this to your SD card
    cwm recovery
    {For v14.1, replace the following files listed above with these ones:
    ARHD 14.1 ROM (hboot 1.31)
    Go into fastboot screen and check your current hboot version. If (and only if) you have hboot version 0.43, you need an additional step: Others please continue to step 1.

    {Do the following only if you have hboot version 0.43.
    Download this ROM. You need to flash this RUU after you relock but before you flash firmware. Your hboot version will say 1.12}

    1) Before you start, make sure your CID is on the list, if not

    How to learn your CID: fastboot oem readcid

    If your CID is any one of the below go to step 2, otherwise forget about JB until further notice.

    Added 3.12.2012: (Since I wrote the original post, some CIDs not listed have received OTAs (which includes the new hboot). If your hboot has been upgraded to 1.3x by an OTA, you may go ahead and flash ARHD JB ROM)

    cidnum: HTC__001
    cidnum: HTC__E11
    cidnum: HTC__203
    cidnum: HTC__102
    cidnum: HTC__405
    cidnum: HTC__Y13
    cidnum: HTC__A07
    cidnum: HTC__304
    cidnum: HTC__M27
    cidnum: HTC__032
    cidnum: HTC__016
    cidnum: HTC__J15

    Your CID has to be HTC_xxx. Please don't even ask about O2_xxx, VODAxxx, TMOBxxx, only HTC_xxx works.

    2) Make sure you have your Unlock_code.bin file.
    Relock your device using fastboot: fastboot oem lock
    Enter OEM flash mode using fastboot: fastboot oem rebootRUU
    On your phone you will see a black screen with silver HTC written in the middle

    Flash firmware: fastboot flash zip
    (You need to do this immediately twice)
    When you see a full green bar below, you are done.

    3) Manually boot into fastboot on your device. Power off -> Power+ volume down
    4) Unlock device: fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin
    5) Flash cwm recovery: fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-touch-
    6) fastboot erase cache <- Maybe not required but certainly doesn't do any harm
    7) Get the boot.img from inside the ROM and flash: fastboot flash boot boot.img
    8) Enter recovery and flash ROM

    This is as baby proof as I can get it :p
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