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[ROM][AOGJ][5.1.1][07/09]SIXPERIENCE 7.0

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May 8, 2014
Anyone else using a custom DPI and have issues with incallui not being sized correctly even using Xposed App Settings (it worked OK on 4.1).

Also has anyone figured out a way to turn off backlights on the recent and back keys yet?

There's an app in te play store that allows turning the keyslights off. Doesn't even need root. It's called "Galaxy Button Lights".
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Mar 4, 2015
Well i love your Rom, but if you take the init.d mods from Paget96 you can give him the credits..
Otherwise you are just stealing his work.

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Mar 27, 2013
for me GPS worked out of the box, but bluetooth was not. Fixed it by @Repulsa 's AIO fix zip. Network identification is the issue i have, have to restart the device to auto detect the network. I will check other things and update.

Gesture Awake is available in this ROM, Thank you @geiti94
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Aug 19, 2013
Nice rom....bt please did anyone else experience reboots quite often. ...after installation nd settings all done. ..i get constant reboots after some small period of usage. ....plzzz any help coz i love this rom

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Apr 11, 2014
Redmi K30 5G
Theme store is not korrekt pls fix


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May 10, 2011
Saint Etienne
Did you forget to include the 1080p 60fps youtube fix ?

---------- Post added at 05:12 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:05 PM ----------

My last problem seems to be with the Themes. I cannot add themes files in APK and put them in system/app with 0644 permission. They don't seem to work on this rom. Also theme store stopped working since last night. What can I do please?

Here let me SHARE you some of Fixes and Mod on v7 ONLY

Flash via recovery and Hit Thanks ?!? and Enjoy , Teehee...!!! :)

Download All in One Fixes From


* Reboot Option
* Black Boxes in Logs
* SHealth
* Private Mode
* Bluetooth
* Write SD Card

Enable 3minit Battery HERE

Shealth running not working ..
adding new contact the bar is transparent..

Credits and Thanks:

@geitie94 - Awesome Rom
@Albe95 - For Helping me/Permission /App
@NowenUI - Kernel
@kmokhtar79 - Tutorial
@gharrington - 3minit Battery
@ibastid - for the zip
@alemtro - For Helping me/App
@and Everyone cuz your all Awesome
@all Devs
Thank you for your fix.
I think you fix the sec-contact apk (black box) using another apk. That' why i take the V7 sixperience apk and replace the file that make black box. So no more transparency probleme because before fix there was no problem.
See my file
I will fix the oder apk report this afternoon
Sorry for my bad english
I give you the file and a flashable ZIP


  • SecContacts_L.apk
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    SIXPERIENCE ROM is a fully ported Galaxy S6 ROM for the Galaxy S5

    You are NOT allowed to use any part of the tweaks files, scripts, propriate Apps or what ever of this rom without my permission!


    -Android 5.1.1 Lollipop (5.0.2 SIXPERIENCE V4.1)



    -Light Debloated

    -S6 Framework

    -All S6 apps are ported, including Phone, Contacts and SMS exept Camera and soundalive (mixed with S6e+ one)


    -Fast and responsive

    -Battery Friendly




    1) Put the zip file in your SD Card

    2) Reboot in Recovery Mode (use Kt-twrp or Philz Recovery)

    3) Wipe Data, Cache, Dalvik Cache and format /System (If running Philz Recovery use the "Clean before install a new rom" option)

    4) Install the ROM

    5) Reboot.

    Note: First boot may take a while, that's normal. Once it booted setup your device and reboot again to ensure the full performance of the rom.



    -Brigthness dont works perfect

    -Fingerprint reader

    -Youtube Video 1080P Lag

    -Sview Brightness


    -gps and people edge works only on left side

    -Found one? Tell me with a pn!

    Download Links and Changelog on second post



    Repusla -- for apps with note 5 icons and 5 way reboot
    NowenUI -- for compilig the modded 5.1.1 kernel from tmobile source and sms and email graphic fix
    Albe95 -- for say me that the Galaxy A8 have the same feature as s6 and for give me the SM-A800F stock rom and all other N5 icons
    Samsung -- for the Galaxy A8 software


    darkera13 -- for let me use his Note 3 S6 edge rom port
    Lord Boeffla -- for let me use his kernel in the rom
    Ktoonsez -- for let me use his kernel in the rom
    paco_1 for porting the rom with me
    Wolf80 -- for the stock BOC7 system pull
    Kilokk -- for the G860P and G900FD Kernel
    hasek and Robo3737 -- for Sview cover resize
    rrggrrg -- for the modded build.prop
    albe95 -- for the gallery fix
    Repulsa -- for the worldclock fix

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [ROM][AOGJ][5.1.1][07/09]SIXPERIENCE 7.0, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S 5

    ROM OS Version: 5.1.x Lollipop
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
    ROM Firmware Required: Newest Modem and Bootloader for your device

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 7.0

    Created 2015-05-29
    Last Updated 2015-09-07


    -G900A (SIXPERIENCE V4.0 AT&T Version)
    -G860P (no nfc)
    -Other Snapdragon 801 models try and report


    -G900F and all S5 that can use G900F kernel


    • V5.1 Release
    • Fixed Google Services
    • Added Note 5 icons and 5 way reboot by Repulsa
    • Fixed some app fcs
    • Added s6 5.1.1 launcher with paralax effect
    • Made new build.prop
    • Enabled wifi calling and voicecall recording
    • Added NowenUI email and sms graphic fix
    • Updated some apps
    • Added Shealt with heartrate sensor support
    • Removed some apps that can be downloaded from playstore
    • Added S6 floating message
    • Fixed some SystemUI bugs
    • Added OTA Updater

    • V5.0 Release
    • Ported the Galaxy A8 A800FXXU1AOG7 5.1.1 rom
    • Fixed Brightness
    • Fixed to 80% the fingerprint reader
    • More things that are not important

    • V4.1 Ota Update Release to flash over 4.0
    • Graphic bugs fix
    • Playstore and download manager fix

    • V4.0 Release
    • Fixed most of thr laggs
    • Fixed Battery drain again
    • Fixed Brightness
    • Fixed Sview cover (dont need anymore to be removed)
    • Removed again some unneeded stuf
    • Fingerprint fix is in it but disablet because of bootloader problems
    • Fixed time reset after reboot
    • And more things that i cant remember

    • V3.0 Release
    • Fixed S6 Svoice
    • Fixed Battery drain
    • Reworked complete rom
    • Fixed Some laggs
    • Removed again some unneeded stuf
    • Removed Systemui modds from aroma because are not compatible
    • Sview complete resized
    • Removed Multiuser
    • Removed G900FD and G900A from aroma at the moment
    • Flashable zip for G900A (At&t device) soon here

    • V2.0 Release
    • Updated rom to G920IUUB1AOE1
    • Updated all S5 propietary files with boc7
    • Added Aroma installer
    • Added test files for G900FD (experimental!)
    • Added viper4android (musst be selected in aroma)
    • Added Systemui modd by silentattack
    • Added camera select (S5 or note4)
    • Added CSC select (s6 one not s6 edge)
    • Added greenify (this time works)
    • Added Snote from note 4
    • Added stock kernels for different models
    • Enabled Stock kernel support (was disabled in some old versions)
    • Xposed removed from aroma (buggy)
    • Fixed clock app not showing allarms
    • Fixed lockscreen timeout
    • Fixed apn edit
    • Fixed headphone volume
    • Fixed some non visible errors that drains battery
    • Readded all Build.prop tweaks from 1.9.1 because random reboots fixed
    • Removed some apps that can be donwloaded from samsung store
    • Replaced S6 Soundalive with S5 one (s5 one full working not like s6 one)

    • V1.9.1 Release
    • Improved again the stability and performance
    • Replaced S5 camera app with Note 4 one
    • Replaced the most hw files with s5 one
    • Fixed settings icon
    • Fixed S6 soundalive
    • Updated Kernel and kernel app
    • Fixed Gps
    • Fixed some graphics gliches (hw composer replaced)
    • Replaced S5 Sms app with S6 one
    • Fixed Autobrightness
    • Fixed Some App fcs
    • Removed VIper4Android
    • Added Greenify
    • Rom is not anymore an RC version
    • Added all google apps like the stock s6 rom
    • And more hiden tweaks

    • RC 2.0 Release
    • Improved more the stability and performance
    • Lockscreen effects semi fixed (look bugs)
    • Fixed 5 Way Reboot menu
    • Fixed Touchkey Light
    • Fixed Google Play Frameworks and downloader
    • Fixed some app FCs
    • Updated Boeffla kernel to 1.0 not beta and config app
    • Fixed Supersu permission ask
    • Fixed some little graphics bugs
    • Fixed Memory lack bug
    • Fixed completly hwaceleration
    • Fixed touchkey doubleclick
    • Updated some libs from last S5 tw rom
    • Updated Gpu driver with latest one from qualcom for max gpu performance
    • Added Viper4Android
    • Added like Note 3 Darklord Touckey settings

    • RC 1.0 Release
    • Updated All apps with S6 stock one
    • Fixed Heart rate sensor
    • Fixed some app FCs
    • Fixed Audio glichtes
    • Fixed some graphics bugs
    • Changed Qualcomm Framework with s5 one
    • Improved Stability
    • Improved Thermal Engine
    • Rebased rom to G920FXXU1AOD9 from G920F
    • and more

    • Beta V1 Release
    • Based on DarkLord S6 port for note 3
    • Converted the rom to G920F one (no samsung edge settings anymore)
    • Replaced all app with the one from S6 non edge



    Mod edit: Link removed.


    Mod edit: Link removed.

    V4.1 OTA Update

    Mod edit: Link removed.

    Fixes for V4.0 and V4.1
    NFC fix for V4.0 and V4.1 by Repulsa
    Build.prop modds by rrggrrg
    SEMI - FINAL Fixes and Mod for v7 ONLY

    How to?!?
    Download / Hit Thanks ?!? Flash via recovery / WIPE DALVIK/Cache then Reboot and Enjoy :)


    Download All in One Fixes From
    HERE New Update V4

    * Reboot Option
    * Black Boxes in Logs - Still Buggy
    * Private Mode
    * Bluetooth
    * SMemo
    * Video
    * Theme
    * Write SD Card
    * GPS
    * People/App EDGE - Work Both SIDE
    * Youtube 60fps / still testing
    * New Theme /store app - flash zip below if your having connection problem.
    * Smart Stay
    * Rounded Recent App and Notification

    Some MODS

    Enable 3minit ONLY Link HERE

    ENable 3Minit and Rounded Recent app Link HERE

    Rounded Recent app / No 3minit Link HERE

    Stock Recent apps No3Minit - Link HERE

    3Minit , Rounded Recent App and Notification Link HERE

    Rounded Recent App and Notification Link HERE

    Photo and Video Editor Fixed
    Link HERE

    SecContact fixed
    Download below



    Credits and Thanks:
    @geitie94 - Awesome Rom
    @Albe95 - For Helping me/Permission /App
    @darkera13 - For an AWESOME work
    @samsungViet Team - Thank you
    @thanhfhuongf - for the Patch
    @oluwaponmile - For helping me ALOT
    @NowenUI - Kernel
    @kmokhtar79 - Tutorial
    @gharrington - 3minit Battery
    @ibastid - for the zip
    @lijianjunyonghu - GPS Fixed
    @Warburnater -some fixes
    @alemtro - For Helping me/App
    @and Everyone cuz your all Awesome
    @all Devs
    Here let me SHARE you some of Fixes and Mod on v7 ONLY

    Flash via recovery and Hit Thanks ?!? and Enjoy , Teehee...!!! :)

    Download All in One Fixes From
    HERE New Update V3

    Old file incase your having a problem with the Update

    * Reboot Option
    * Black Boxes in Logs
    * Private Mode
    * Bluetooth
    * SMemo
    * Video
    * Theme
    * Write SD Card

    Enable 3minit Battery HERE

    Smart Stay Fixed HERE


    Missing Contacts and Phone app? - Download and flash Stock Contact.zip or Download All_In_OneFIXED_V7.zip

    SecContact still buggy , Do not flash the All_in_one_Update.zip when doing Clean install , Let the phone boot once and flash .

    Credits and Thanks:
    @geitie94 - Awesome Rom
    @Albe95 - For Helping me/Permission /App
    @NowenUI - Kernel
    @kmokhtar79 - Tutorial
    @gharrington - 3minit Battery
    @ibastid - for the zip
    @alemtro - For Helping me/App
    @and Everyone cuz your all Awesome
    @didou42 for the fix
    @all Devs
    so only 3 things are to be fixed for release

    1. SMemo FC
    2. SMusic FC
    3. Sview need to be ported in the framework
    and 4. when i have time complete the s6 camera port

    after that is the rom 100% working and i can release it.