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Mar 18, 2009

SIXPERIENCE ROM is a fully ported N5 ROM for the Galaxy Note 4 N910C

You are NOT allowed to use any part of the tweaks files, scripts, propriate Apps or what ever of this rom without my permission!

-Android 5.1.1 Lollipop



-Light Debloated

-N5 Framework

-All N5 apps are ported


-Full Spen support with Note 5 Aircommand, Screenwrite etc

-Fast and responsive

-Battery Friendly

-Working S6E+ People Edge


1) Put the zip file in your SD Card

2) Reboot in Recovery Mode (use Twrp or Philz Recovery)

3) Wipe Data, Cache, Dalvik Cache and format /System (If running Philz Recovery use the "Clean before install a new rom" option)

4) Install the ROM

5) Reboot.

Note: First boot may take a while, that's normal. Once it booted setup your device and reboot again to ensure the full performance of the rom.

Stable V6.0

-Front Camera Resolution select and some modes like Manual Focus in pro mode and some other small modes

- Adapt Sound

-Drop down color when apply theme (change it manualy in rom controll to match theme)

Fix found on youtube. thx to the one that maked that video

-Found one? Tell me with a pn!

Download Links and Changelog on second post

Stable V6.0

Albe95 for some of his MM Themed apps and files from his rom
googy_anas for let me use his kernel :D
E-Team for Snote,Camera apk and new QMG fix
Sac23 for help with rom controll and mods for it
Samsung -- for the Galaxy N5 software

Kernel Source: https://github.com/geiti94/Googy-Max-N4-TW511-Kernel

XDA:DevDB Information
[ROM][AOJD][5.1.1][16/01]SIXPERIENCE N5 PORT STABLE V6.0, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

ROM OS Version: 5.1.x Lollipop
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
ROM Firmware Required: Newest 5.1.1 Modem and Bootloader for your device

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 6.0
Stable Release Date: 2016-01-16

Created 2015-09-18
Last Updated 2016-01-16
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Mar 18, 2009

Stable V6.0

-N910U (only with fixes and kernel for it)

  • Stable V6.0 Release
  • Fixed led settings
  • Fixed mute/sound/vibrate in settings
  • Fixed some frameworks error
  • Themed SystemUI and some apps like Marshmallow one
  • Removed some unneded apks
  • Removed S4 Airgestures and Glanceview (drains battery and slows the phone)
  • Added Marshmallow animations
  • Added fullworking Marshmallow SBrowser
  • Changed all icons with Marshmallow one
  • Added New launcher themed like Marshmallow
  • Added Lockscreen theming in rom controll
  • Added Pedometer to lockscreen (dont update shealt!)
  • Removed Sixperience Kernel and added Sunemax 1.4

  • Stable V5.0 Release
  • Fixed green screen for videos in browser
  • Fixed Glance View
  • Fixed Scroll Capture (now all N5 spen features works)
  • Added some battery optimization
  • Added Theme Store from N5 Android 6 dump
  • Updated some apps
  • Removed af focus and raw photos from camera settings
  • Changed some apps icons with the one from n5 android 6 dump
  • Modded a little the launcher (not visible but smother)
  • Added back airwakeup
  • And more that i dont have at the moment in mind

  • Stable V4.0 Release
  • Skiped V3 (was internal build)
  • Reworked the complete rom
  • Glanceview with new ui added
  • Added Air Gestures (not completly ported yes but glanceview and some other works)
  • Added TwSwipe by daxgirl
  • Added rom controll with over 40 tweaks
  • Rebased rom to newest N920I one
  • Fixed Completly Edge features
  • Fixed Live Video Broadcast
  • Fixed Slow Motion in gallery
  • Fixed N5 Photo Editor
  • Fixed some graphic gliches
  • Fixed Stagefright Exploit
  • Fixed some little lags
  • And more that i dont have at the moment in mind

  • Stable V2.0 Release
  • Reworked the complete rom (Ported again from scratch)
  • Fixed Weather on Lockscreen
  • Fixed Smusic
  • Fixed Battery drain by removing N5 Power Profile and add N4 one
  • Fixed N5 Sound Alive
  • Fixed Slow Motion in Camera app
  • Fixed High Ram managment (i needs longer to be full like old version)
  • Fixed First Boot for some phones
  • Removed Stagefright exploit fix because makes some problems with smusik etc
  • Fixed some little lags
  • Added most off the modds from 5.0.2 S6 port
  • Enabled all N5 Animation in Statusbar and Multitasking app close
  • Optimized the complete rom for ram and speed
  • Removed Knox Completly (no more apks from him are here)
  • Removed unneeded apks and stuff (rom is only 942Mb with all features!)
  • And more that i dont have at the moment in mind

  • Stable V1.01 Release
  • Updated Frameworks and Apps to last N5 one (AOI3)
  • Fixed all sensors like Proximity sensor
  • Fixed Autobrightness
  • Fixed Hotreboot when standart keyboard menu was selected
  • Fixed all Snote bugs
  • Fixed Photo editor by replacing it with n4 one
  • Fixed LVB in Camera
  • Fixed Private mode
  • Fixed Stagefright exploit
  • Fixed some hiden errors that was in logcat
  • Enabled some Feature like Screenshot direct edit etc
  • Enabled all Languages aviable in the rom
  • Rom is not more in Beta stage
  • And more that i dont have at the moment in mind

  • Beta V1 Release

MEGA: Mod edit: Link removed.
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