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Mar 26, 2014
I set up this ROm from the beginnig. try all bootloaders and kernels. Always full wipe. I tried on 6 different Note4 - 910C and there is only one but major BUG - noise during answering calls. It is like louder voice for 1-2 second when You answer incoming call. I tried all availabel fixes for this. This is only one but very irritaiting bug. Some of You wrote that Yoy have 910C and do not have this problem. How You do that? What fixes? Me and my friends here and in other android forum all have this noise problem. Please @geiti94 or someone else to fix this and then ROM will be perfect. Maybe someone can see in erobot rom because there is without this bug and erobot v11 is free of this bug.
This problem is only in sixperience (from first note5 rom) and Ditto Note.


I switched to erobot rom.If anyone found a fix for this problem I will definitely switch back to this rom because I love this rom very much.Thank you geiti for your great work.


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Sep 21, 2014


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Jun 30, 2012
Just took this scroll capture.
Make sure you are selecting screenwrite.

I dont get scroll capture error on samsung site either, broaden your test field, a lot of sites end up with errors, look at the screenshots.

Test those sites yourself.


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    SIXPERIENCE ROM is a fully ported N5 ROM for the Galaxy Note 4 N910C

    You are NOT allowed to use any part of the tweaks files, scripts, propriate Apps or what ever of this rom without my permission!


    -Android 5.1.1 Lollipop



    -Light Debloated

    -N5 Framework

    -All N5 apps are ported


    -Full Spen support with Note 5 Aircommand, Screenwrite etc

    -Fast and responsive

    -Battery Friendly

    -Working S6E+ People Edge





    1) Put the zip file in your SD Card

    2) Reboot in Recovery Mode (use Twrp or Philz Recovery)

    3) Wipe Data, Cache, Dalvik Cache and format /System (If running Philz Recovery use the "Clean before install a new rom" option)

    4) Install the ROM

    5) Reboot.

    Note: First boot may take a while, that's normal. Once it booted setup your device and reboot again to ensure the full performance of the rom.


    Stable V6.0

    -Front Camera Resolution select and some modes like Manual Focus in pro mode and some other small modes

    - Adapt Sound

    -Drop down color when apply theme (change it manualy in rom controll to match theme)

    Fix found on youtube. thx to the one that maked that video

    -Found one? Tell me with a pn!

    Download Links and Changelog on second post


    Stable V6.0

    Albe95 for some of his MM Themed apps and files from his rom
    googy_anas for let me use his kernel :D
    E-Team for Snote,Camera apk and new QMG fix
    Sac23 for help with rom controll and mods for it
    Samsung -- for the Galaxy N5 software

    Kernel Source: https://github.com/geiti94/Googy-Max-N4-TW511-Kernel

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [ROM][AOJD][5.1.1][16/01]SIXPERIENCE N5 PORT STABLE V6.0, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

    ROM OS Version: 5.1.x Lollipop
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
    ROM Firmware Required: Newest 5.1.1 Modem and Bootloader for your device

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 6.0
    Stable Release Date: 2016-01-16

    Created 2015-09-18
    Last Updated 2016-01-16

    Stable V6.0

    -N910U (only with fixes and kernel for it)


    • Stable V6.0 Release
    • Fixed led settings
    • Fixed mute/sound/vibrate in settings
    • Fixed some frameworks error
    • Themed SystemUI and some apps like Marshmallow one
    • Removed some unneded apks
    • Removed S4 Airgestures and Glanceview (drains battery and slows the phone)
    • Added Marshmallow animations
    • Added fullworking Marshmallow SBrowser
    • Changed all icons with Marshmallow one
    • Added New launcher themed like Marshmallow
    • Added Lockscreen theming in rom controll
    • Added Pedometer to lockscreen (dont update shealt!)
    • Removed Sixperience Kernel and added Sunemax 1.4

    • Stable V5.0 Release
    • Fixed green screen for videos in browser
    • Fixed Glance View
    • Fixed Scroll Capture (now all N5 spen features works)
    • Added some battery optimization
    • Added Theme Store from N5 Android 6 dump
    • Updated some apps
    • Removed af focus and raw photos from camera settings
    • Changed some apps icons with the one from n5 android 6 dump
    • Modded a little the launcher (not visible but smother)
    • Added back airwakeup
    • And more that i dont have at the moment in mind

    • Stable V4.0 Release
    • Skiped V3 (was internal build)
    • Reworked the complete rom
    • Glanceview with new ui added
    • Added Air Gestures (not completly ported yes but glanceview and some other works)
    • Added TwSwipe by daxgirl
    • Added rom controll with over 40 tweaks
    • Rebased rom to newest N920I one
    • Fixed Completly Edge features
    • Fixed Live Video Broadcast
    • Fixed Slow Motion in gallery
    • Fixed N5 Photo Editor
    • Fixed some graphic gliches
    • Fixed Stagefright Exploit
    • Fixed some little lags
    • And more that i dont have at the moment in mind

    • Stable V2.0 Release
    • Reworked the complete rom (Ported again from scratch)
    • Fixed Weather on Lockscreen
    • Fixed Smusic
    • Fixed Battery drain by removing N5 Power Profile and add N4 one
    • Fixed N5 Sound Alive
    • Fixed Slow Motion in Camera app
    • Fixed High Ram managment (i needs longer to be full like old version)
    • Fixed First Boot for some phones
    • Removed Stagefright exploit fix because makes some problems with smusik etc
    • Fixed some little lags
    • Added most off the modds from 5.0.2 S6 port
    • Enabled all N5 Animation in Statusbar and Multitasking app close
    • Optimized the complete rom for ram and speed
    • Removed Knox Completly (no more apks from him are here)
    • Removed unneeded apks and stuff (rom is only 942Mb with all features!)
    • And more that i dont have at the moment in mind

    • Stable V1.01 Release
    • Updated Frameworks and Apps to last N5 one (AOI3)
    • Fixed all sensors like Proximity sensor
    • Fixed Autobrightness
    • Fixed Hotreboot when standart keyboard menu was selected
    • Fixed all Snote bugs
    • Fixed Photo editor by replacing it with n4 one
    • Fixed LVB in Camera
    • Fixed Private mode
    • Fixed Stagefright exploit
    • Fixed some hiden errors that was in logcat
    • Enabled some Feature like Screenshot direct edit etc
    • Enabled all Languages aviable in the rom
    • Rom is not more in Beta stage
    • And more that i dont have at the moment in mind

    • Beta V1 Release


    MEGA: Mod edit: Link removed.
    people wait for v3 its almost finished i am only having problem with aroma. in v3 are all edge feature except night clock working
    so little update to what is done for nev version:
    -fixed green screen in videos
    -fixed glance view
    -added some battery optimization
    -fixed scroll capture
    - removed af focus and raw photos from camera settings
    -updated some apps
    -changed some apps icons with the one from n5 android 6 dump
    -tryng to get keyboard from n5 android 6 dump working
    -modded a little the launcher
    -removed volume rockerz because i dont have time to fix it
    -added back airwakeup
    -and more
    Good job bro

    edge lighting is working too
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