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Sep 29, 2012
had two restarts yesterday and a random hardfreeze had to remove battery.

is this normal with this rom? ill try updating Siyah to 4.1.5

other than this issue, it seems like a perfect rom.
was happy all day yesterday, used the phone almost 5-6 hours until battery dead first time.

second time used it on/off for about 10 hours. but then i got very sad when it restarted while listening to music and locking screen. (happened on locking screen)

then it happened one more time when putting phone to normal mode from airplain mode.
also hardfreeze later...


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May 9, 2012
I was able to reproduce the cam-flash bug and I've found a cure for it:

get it from here:

no more exit-cam-flash :cool:

I'm running Rootbox 3.0 with Dorimanx 7.4 and with stock cm kernel I still had the camera flash on exit bug. After installing Dorimanx, the problem is gone. It is confirmed with the flash set on auto. I take a picture and flash goes on. Then immediately I exit the camera and no flash on exit. Great :thumbup:

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May 3, 2009

I love this rom, but the only thing that's bugging me are the force closes in the messaging app. When it does work, the app slows down when entering someones name in a new message. Can anyone help? Thanks.


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Jun 30, 2010
Kuala Lumpur
I wish there is some update to this ROM. Went back from Rootbox 3.0 after facing severe freeze on all kernels and even the stock it came with. Tried nightlies, still the same. Maybe my phone cant handle CM10 stuffs since i dont see much people are complaining bour the freezing issues which turned up severe lately.

Long live ICS!

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Mar 29, 2012
I wish there is some update to this ROM. Went back from Rootbox 3.0 after facing severe freeze on all kernels and even the stock it came with. Tried nightlies, still the same. Maybe my phone cant handle CM10 stuffs since i dont see much people are complaining bour the freezing issues which turned up severe lately.

Long live ICS!

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did you do a full wipe?


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Jun 30, 2010
Kuala Lumpur
did you do a full wipe?

Yes i did everytime.. i also did a full internal SD format in case it was caused by leftovers. Stock kernel, dorimanx, siyahv5 all failed on me for JellyBean. Cant survive even for at least 12hrs without a freeze. Been running rootbox 1.8 now for more than 12hrs now without a crash. *good*

Is this a hardware failure that my phone cant handle the new mali stuffs or new cpu controls in JB? Tried increasing voltage from +25 to +50 on all clockspeed in hope for stability yet still failed. Anyone else facing the same?

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Mar 30, 2012
i got one problem on my phone...i been using this rom quite awhile without any problem for the pass 2-3weeks only this morning when i try to turn on my phone it stuck on the rootbox me pls


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Jun 30, 2010
Kuala Lumpur
i got one problem on my phone...i been using this rom quite awhile without any problem for the pass 2-3weeks only this morning when i try to turn on my phone it stuck on the rootbox me pls

Tried wiping cache n dalvik? If it still dosent, try flashing the same rom on top if you didnt do a backup in a while. Else (if you have a backup, eg: i scheduled titanium every 4am), Full wipe and reflash.

Take note justunbean's inverted Gapps dosent do well on ICS. Or maybe its conflicting with the ones in this rom's aroma

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Jul 6, 2009
Terni, Italy
I wanna try this rom (i'm not satisfied with latest aokp with mali driver and i'm looking for a stable aokp rom with better battery life), but i need some info.

Is there theme chooser?

installing this rom, will i have updated gapps (inverted or normal)? or i could have problem updating them in play store after flashing this rom? Need to flash another zip file for updated gapps skipping gapps in aroma?

Which kernel is adviced to use with this rom? (maybe siyah 5.0.1?)

Thank you in advance
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Mar 29, 2012
There is a theme chooser but no themes that come with it default. This one requires you to install gapps its the normal one but you can install the inverted one too don't have link right now and depending on if your gonna change dpi play store can get messed up. I am still on siyah 4.1.5+ and I just managed to get almost 5 hours yesterday and average around up to 3-4 hrs usage time depending on if i play games

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    [RootBOX ICS 4.0.4]

    • AOKP Based ICS 4.0.4 IMM76I (Built from Source - RootBox Sources)
    • Kernels: Fluxi ICS Kernel, Siyah ICS Kernel, CM ICS Kernel, Dorimanx ICS Kernel & Dark Knight ICS Kernel
    • Launchers: Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, LG Launcher (240DPI +SGS3 Theme), TouchWiz UX Launcher (180DPI and 240DPI)
    • File Manager: ES File Explorer, Solid Explorer
    • Music Player: Google Play Music, Sony Walkman Music Player, Apollo Music Player
    • Music Enhancement: Beats Audio & DSP Manager
    • Camera: AOKP + cherry picked CM9 features (ISO support & Burst Shots)
    • Unread Notification Count for Missed Calls and Messaging (LG Home Launcher)
    • Multi Waves Lockscreen (Multi Waves Style + 2-8 Target Apps)
    • Tweaked build.prop (Phone, Battery, WiFi, GUI & Network tweaks)
    • Modified host file (Block ads)
    • CM9 Messaging App (With break line, Enter or Smileys)
    • CM9 Browser
    • Sense 4 Task Manager
    • Lockscreen Vibration Option
    • Default or Dark Theme Google Apps
    • ICS or Jelly Bean Animations
    • OTA Update (Rom, Kernel and Apps)
    • ExTweaks & xxTweaker integrated in Settings
    • Init.d Fix applied
    • Fully functional HSPA+ (HSPAP:15)

    Recommended Installation Steps

    Coming from another Custom ROM:
    1. Wipe Data/Factory Reset (This does not affect your Internal/External storage)
    2. Format /System (This does not affect your Internal/External storage)
    3. Flash ROM
    4. Follow Aroma Instructions (Uncheck Reboot Device when Aroma Installation is complete)
    5. Wipe Cache
    6. Wipe Dalvik Cache
    7. Reboot

    Coming from Stock Samsung ROM:
    1. Root Phone - Get CWM Recovery (Refer to How to root your Samsung Galaxy S2)
    2. Wipe Data/Factory Reset (This does not affect your Internal/External storage)
    3. Format /System (This does not affect your Internal/External storage)
    4. Flash ROM
    5. Follow Aroma Instructions (Uncheck Reboot Device when Aroma Installation is complete)
    6. Wipe Cache
    7. Wipe Dalvik Cache
    8. Reboot

    Aroma Options

    Customized Installation

    Kernel Options
    • Fluxi XX ICS Kernel
    • Siyah ICS Kernel
    • CM9 ICS Kernel
    • Dorimanx ICS Kernel
    • Dark Knight ICS Kernel
    Launcher Options
    • Nova
    • Apex
    • LG UI 3.0 (240DPI +SGS3 Theme)
    • TouchWix UX
    File Manager Options
    • Solid Explorer
    • ES File Manager
    Music Player Options
    • Google Play Music
    • Apollo Music Player
    • Sony Walkman Music Player
    Music Enhancement
    • Beats Audio
    • DSP Manager
    Keyboard Option
    • Stock Keyboard
    • Dark Theme Keyboard
    Toggles Option
    • Stock Toggles
    • RootBOX Toggles (made by Cyberboob)
    Lockscreen Vibration Option
    • Default
    • Disable Lockscreen Vibration
    Jelly Bean Animations
    • ICS Animations
    • Jelly Bean Animations
    GAPPS Themes Options
    • Default GAPPS
    • Dark GAPPS (Except Play Store+GTalk)

    RootBox Sources


    JellyBean 4.1.1 Vanilla RootBox JB 4.1.1 Thread

    v1.8 Final ICS Version (20120904)
    • Removed Dorimanx - Aroma Options
    • Removed Dark Knight Kernel - Aroma Options
    • Updated Siyah ICS Kernel v4.1.2
    Project name: platform_manifest
      •Bajee11 - Track CM zlib to fix fopen64
    Project name: vendor_aokp_ics
      •Bajee11 - Change RootBox version V1.8
      •Bajee11 - Fix product name for build.prop
      •Bajee11 - Update OTA app Update Me 1.3.4
      •Bajee11 - USB Tether fix
      •Bajee11 - Add Galaxy Note (N7000) support
    Project name: proprietary_vendor_samsung
      •chris41g - update
      •Robert Burns - Fix toro/d2vzw coexistence
      •Daniel Bateman - vibrantmtd: done goofed
      •PierPP - galaxys2: updated blobs from LPT this should let us get back HSPAP:15 - thx bajee11
      •Scott Warner - Update d2 blobs
      •Scott Warner - Update d2spr to match jellybean
      •Daniel Hillenbrand - n7000: use opensauce sensor hal
      •Daniel Bateman - vibrantmtd: original gps libs
      •Bajee11 - Use LPS RIL
      •Shareef Ali - Fix camera
      •Chris41g - Update epic4gtouch/
    Project name: android_bootable_recovery
      •Daniel Bateman - recovery: fix up key repeating
      •Koushik Dutta -
      •Koushik Dutta - First pass at fixing up the threading issues in ro.cwm.enable_key_repeat.
      •David Ferguson - recovery: support for more than 1 sdcard in USB mass storage
      •Koushik Dutta - allow customization of the backup format
      •Koushik Dutta - add nandroid menu extension
      •Koushik Dutta - cleanups
      •Koushik Dutta - rename dedupe_gc to nandroid_dedupe_gc
      •Koushik Dutta - rename dedupe_gc to nandroid_dedupe_gc
      •Koushik Dutta - Add minizip tool.
      •Koushik Dutta - Rename Nandroid to backup/restore. Allow configuration of default backup handlers.
    Project name: frameworks_base
      •rodries - Fix compiling errors in
      •Phil Tunstall - Fix ring/notification volume not restoring correctly on headset (dis)connect
      •Phil Tunstall - Sound preference: Safe volume restore when plugging in a headset (1/2)
      •Phil Tunstall - Fix ring/notification volume not restoring correctly on headset (dis)connect
      •Emilio López - Turn off "too slow" logs.
      •rodries - Fix 100% cpu usage with no early suspend Fom,2431
      •codeworkx - Smdk4210RIL: swap voice privacy and video
      •Bajee11 - Add xhdpi RootBox ressources
    Project name: packages_apps_Camera
      •rodries - Fix compiling error
      •Ricardo Cerqueira - Camera: Prevent double-stops on preview for some HALs
      •Jorge Ruesga - Fix 5914: Reset Camera to Defaults Crashes Camera App
    Project name: AOKP_Backup
      •Roman Birg - add initial Parse compatibility
      •Roman Birg - add parse lib, some cleanup
      •Roman Birg - fix index issue
      •Roman Birg - initial split of ICS & JB settings. 1.5
    Project name: android_packages_apps_Mms
      •Romuald Brunet - MMS app: fix crash when MMSC setting is NULL
      •Jorge Ruesga - Fix 5872: (Mms) Phone doesn't vibrate on receiving texts unless on vibrate only
      •Andrew Jiang - Mms: Updated Simplified Chinese Translations
      •pvolkov - Update Russian Translation-Mms-CM9
    Project name: android_packages_apps_Trebuchet
      •Rajulu Ponnada - Launcher: increasing the lower bound and upperbound of loaded pages to avoid stutter in applist scroll
    Project name: android_packages_apps_Superuser
      •Björn Lundén - SuperUser : New xhdpi icon
    Project name: android_packages_apps_Browser
      •Marco Brohet - Browser: Update search engines
    Project name: android_device_samsung_galaxys2
      •PierPP - extract-files: new shared lib for LPT ril blobs
      •Bajee11 - SGS2 Hardware Info + RootBox Tweaks
      •Francesco - GalaxyS2_DeviceSettings - Updated Italian translation
      •syman - Added missing translation for vibration settings
    Project name: android_kernel_samsung_smdk4210
      •codeworkx - kang touchscreen values and bcmdhd driver from siyah
      •codeworkx - samsung opensource ics update 6
      •codeworkx - samsung opensource ics update 5
    Project name: android_external_zlib
      •Koushik Dutta - minizip: fix up erroneous fopen64 usage.

    [B][COLOR="Red"]v1.7 (20120721)[/COLOR][/B]
    [*]Updated Fluxi ICS Kernel XX.03-beta3-s2w
    [*]Updated Dorimanx ICS Kernel V4.9
    [*]Updated Siyah ICS Kernel v3.4
    [*]Updated Dark Knight ICS Kernel V1.9.2
    [*]Updated Solid Explorer Beta 2
    [*]Updated Update Me 1.3.3
    [*]Using OpenSource Sensor Hal
    [*]Fixed HSPA+ behaviour 
    [*]Fixed init.d - Thanks to users for pointing it out
    [*]Fixed Location showing multiple times in camera settings
    [*]Fixed Date not showing up in dropdown menu
    [*]Added New Bootanimation - Thanks to BigDenn
    [*]Added Burst shots (up to 20 shots) - Camera
    [*]Added Fast Dormancy app - Aroma Option
    [*]Changed Lockscreen wave count from 5 to 3 - Looks better this way
    [*]Changed Lockscreen position - Lowered it as stock
    [*]Changed default wallpaper
    [*]Changed File Explorers extract location to /data/app (easier for user update)
    [*]More to come...
    [B][COLOR="Red"]v1.6 (20120710)[/COLOR][/B]
    [*][URL=""]Milestone 6[/URL]
    [*]Updated Fluxi ICS Kernel XX.03-beta1
    [*]Updated Dorimanx ICS Kernel V4.4
    [*]Updated xxTweaker 0.4.0_beta1
    [*]Updated Siyah ICS Kernel v3.3.3B
    [*]Added Dark Knight ICS Kernel V1.8
    [*]Fixed DSP Manager issue
    [*]Fixed Jelly Bean Animations
    [*]Fixed "recents" Opening When Waking Device With Home Button 
    [*]Fixed keypad lighting up when screen backlight auto-adjusts - CM Kernel
    [*]Fixed Samsung Volume Bug (Headset/Music/Notification) - Thanks to Codeworkx
    [*]Fixed Automatic Timezone Failing - AOKP
    [*]Added Camera ISO Support - Merged from CM Camera
    [*]Added OTA - Update Me (requested by users)
    [*]Added OTA in Settings
    [*]OTA: ROM, Kernel, xxTweaker & Phone DPI.
    [*]Reverted Lockscreen Handle - Removed RB
    [*]Removed Dark Background option - Aroma  
    [*]Noise Suppression - AOKP/CM
    [*]Extend Reset Touch Focus Delay to 15 seconds from 3 seconds - Merged from CM Camera
    [*]Configurable Touchkey Backlight Timeout - CM Kernel (Device Settings)
    [B][COLOR="Red"]v1.5 (20120704)[/COLOR] - FULL WIPE or Uninstall xxTweaker/ExTweaks before flashing[/B]
    [*]Minor Fixes
    [*]Updated Fluxi ICS Kernel XX.02-beta10
    [*]Updated Dorimanx ICS Kernel 4.0B
    [*]Updated Dark Theme GAPPS (Thanks to Team ICEmods)
    [*]Added xxTweaker to Settings (Only shows if you have xxTweaker installed in /system/app)
    [*]Added ExTweaks to Settings  (Only shows if you have ExTweaks installed in /system/app)
    [*]Added CM Browser -
    [*]Added CM Mms - Option to change the soft keyboard type when composing in default Mms (Smiley, Enter to a new line or Enter to send)
    [*]Added [URL=""]Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) Animations[/URL] - Aroma Option (thanks to hikarugo)
    [*]AOKP/CM Upstream as Always
    [B][COLOR="Red"]v1.4 (20120626)[/COLOR][/B]
    [*][URL=""]Build 40 AOKP[/URL]
    [*]Added Dorimanx 3.9B Kernel
    [*]Updated Solid Explorer
    [*]Updated Fluxi Kernel ICS XX.02-beta9
    [*]Updated xxTweaker0.3.9_rc2
    [*]Modified Aroma Installer - Avoid installation of GAPPS
    [*]Modified Aroma Installer - Avoid installation of DSP Manager & Beats Audio
    [*]Minor Bug Fixes
    [B][COLOR="Red"]v1.3 (20120621)[/COLOR][/B]
    [*]Merged remaining updates from B39 (Including weather refresh bug)
    [*]Redesigned Aroma Installer - Easier to select options
    [*]Added CM9 Kernel - Compiled from source
    [*]Added Back Apollo Music Player
    [*]Added Google Play Music
    [*]Added Beats Audio
    [*]Added TouchWiz UX Launcher
    [*]Added Toggle Option
    [*]Added Background Option
    [*]Added Lockscreen Vibration Option
    [*]Added 3G tweaks in build.prop
    [*]Upgraded Fluxi Kernel ICS XX.02-beta6
    [*]Upgraded xxTweaker0.3.9_rc1
    [*]Removed LG Memo App
    [*]Fixed Battery Drain Issue
    [*]Many more AOKP/CM [URL=""]merges[/URL]
    [B][COLOR="Red"]v1.2 (20120614)[/COLOR][/B]
    [*][URL=""]Build 39 AOKP[/URL]
    [*]New Installer: Aroma
    [*]Added Siyah Kernel ICS v3.3.2
    [*]Added ExTweaks (Will install if Siyah selected in custom installation)
    [*]Added xxTweaker0.3.9-beta5 (Will install as default if Siyah not selected)
    [*]Added Sony Walkman Player
    [*]Upgraded Fluxi Kernel ICS XX.02-beta4
    [*]Upgraded DSPManger V2.0
    [*]Upgraded Nova Launcher
    [*]Removed Apollo Player
    [*]Tweaked Hosts File
    [*]Tweaked build.prop (Media, Phone, Battery, WiFi and GUI)
    [*]Modded Dark Theme Messaging app keyboard to display enter key instead of smiley (Thanks to aceofclubs)
    [*]Minor upstream upgrades from AOKP
    [B][COLOR="Red"]v1.1 (20120611)[/COLOR][/B]
    [*][URL=""]Build 38 AOKP[/URL]
    [*]Fixed USB Connection Type
    [*]Fixed Internal Storage Option (Internal=SDCard External=emmc)
    [*]Added New Lockscreen Waves/Handle Implementation as default
    [*]Added New RBOX Wallpapers (Thanks to BigDenn/Hospital349)
    [*]Added S2 Device Settings
    [*]Changed Contacts (People - Black&Blue)
    [*]Changed Keyboard (Black)
    [*]Changed Toggle Icons (Toggles made by Cyberboob)
    [*]Changed File Manager - Solid Explorer
    [*]Changed Holo Background to Full Black
    [*]Lots of minor improvements
    [B][COLOR="red"]v1.0 (20120605)[/COLOR][/B]
    [*]Added New Bootanimation (Thanks to BigDenn)
    [*]Added Sound to Bootanimation
    [*]Added Latest Fluxi Kernel XX.02 Beta1
    [*]Added SGS3 Theme for LG UI Launcher (Thanks to XaToR91)
    [*]Added RootBOX Wallpapers
    [*]Ported Memo app from LG (Thanks to XaToR91)

    - A Simple Thanks is enough for the download
    - Read "Recommended Installation" and "Aroma Options" above before flashing

    RootBOX v1.8 (245.07 MB - MD5 Sum: bc204e5ed211ebcca3f3b3879ac0d00d )

    If you require immediate support, try catching me on IRC #rootboxics

    Donation Thanks

    1. drdoulittle
    2. malavan
    3. drdoulittle
    4. pelpa87
    5. Spyder Networks
    6. Rashidkhan
    7. Bauke
    8. deepo75
    9. drdoulittle
    10. Mike

    If you like my work and wish to donate, here's the link :)


    • Only 240 DPI for LG Launcher
    • Only 180/240 DPI for TouchWiz UX Launcher
    • Nav Bar Not Compatible With LG Launcher
    • Phone.apk for DPI Changes - Download Fix Here

    Huge Thanks To:

    • AOKP Team
    • CM Team
    • FrozenAOKP Team (Support)
    • gokhanmoral (Siyah Kernel)
    • Fluxi (Fluxi Kernel)
    • Amarullz - Aroma Installer
    • Team ICEmods (Inverted Gapps)
    • Rodries (Support)
    • Luminoso (Support)
    • XaToR91 for LG launcher and SGS3 Theme
    • BigDenn for Logo, bootanimation and wallpapers
    • bluefa1con
    • Hospital349 for Wallpapers
    • GalaxyS2Root (Video Review)
    • Rueben_ (Video Review)

    Special Thanks to FrozenAOKP TEAM





    RootBox F.A.Q

    Q: I changed my DPI and my phone crashes when I make or get calls

    A: Flash DPI Phone Fix Posted on OP​

    Q: Where is my external SD Card?

    A: /emmc = External Storage
    /sdcard = Internal Storage​

    Q: I have duplicate media files.. What do I do?

    A:You can unmount SD Card and mount it back or Clear Data for Media Storage and reboot.​

    Q: How can I disable fast dormancy?

    A:Use this app

    Q: Where are the Samsung stuff in this rom?

    A:I will never bloat this rom with Samsung. Here's a thread you could check out.​

    Q: I don't like RootBox toggles, can I get the stock ones?

    A:I already included stock ones in Aroma.​

    Q: What's the different between this Rom and all the other AOKP out there?

    A:It's neat, clean, MANY cherry picked CM fixes and features, very hassle free and of course: my presence​

    Q: Where are the Google apps (GAPPS)?

    A:It's included in Aroma​

    Q: What it Aroma?

    A:It's a unique installation process that allows you to choose the things you want to install before flashing. You can keep the rom pure and bloat free or add as much as you want. The user decides everything!​

    Q: What modem comes with this rom?

    A:This rom does not come with any modem and does not modify your current one, because that's how it should be! Modems are region specific and it is really unwise to include modems with a ROM.​

    Q: I just flashed the ROM but I get no data connection?

    A:Reboot once and you should be fine​

    Q: I flashed Default GAPPS but I don't see Gmail, Youtube or Maps?!

    A:Latest GAPPS package (20120429) does not include these. You have to get them in Play Store.​

    Q: There's no FM radio in here?!

    A:Yup.. Get one from the Play Store. AOKP doesn't support FM radio.​

    Q: What's the best kernel?

    A: Best Kernels

    Q: I keep having wlan_rx_wakelock. How can I fix this?

    A: Read Post by burgess_boy​
    Hall of Fame
    Submit your awesome battery life and bench mark results and they will be displayed here
    send them via pm​



    submitted by: vivmar
    submitted by: TonyK2005

    Battery Life


    submitted by: yabadabadooo
    Here you go guys.. This is why I've been busy lately. Gotta fix mounting points, and we're good to go! Camera works.. Mms works.. Google Now works.. Basically Everything works! Just to clear some doubts.. This is built from my sources and not CM's repo . I started working on JB a while ago ever since sources were released, but the release of device specific source from Codeworkx speeded things up and helped me a lot. So here I am with RootBOX JB. By the way, the same rule still applies, Do not ask for release date. I will not release until I'm satisfied with everything. You guys all know I have high standards when it comes to releases, so be patient.






    [Solution] wlan_rx_wakelock


    I have been searching for a solution to the wlan related wakelock, specifically the wlan_rx_wakelock, since using AOKP. After much searching I gathered that the cause of the wlan_rx_wakelock was as a result of the phone being awoken from deep sleep to send or receive date over wifi. This is thought to be specifically related to dynamic IP addresses.

    I have been getting the wakelocks whilst using various kernels on both HydrogenICS and RootBox and after using a data packet sniffer Shark I was able to find some help.


    I realise that there is a solution in the form of disabling IPv6 and various other services in the network properties from a computer essentially trying to disable ongoing traffic but unfortunately there have been accounts where this is only temporary. This solution would also be out of my hands in the case of using a wifi connection at work or another persons house. So essentially I was looking for a solution I could use from my phone, rather than turning wifi on and off each time i wanted to go on the internet.

    Anyway whilst randomly googling I stumbled accross the thread of the Fluxi kernel for AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II SGH-I777 and in particular this post.

    Steps For Manual Disabling of IPv6

    1. Install GScripts Lite

    2. Download attached txt file and rename extension .sh

    3. Place file in sdcard/sl4a/scripts

    4. Open GScripts Lite, add script, name the script, tick need SU, press load file and select and press save.

    5. Select script from screen and script will run.

    NB I get a force close when GScripts auto closes but the script itself works.

    You can check if the script has worked by going to proc/sys/net/ipv6/conf/wlan0/disable_ipv6 - open the file as a text and you should see 1 if its ipv6 is disabled and 0 if it isn't.

    Unfortunately you will have to run this script everytime you go out of wifi range or turn the wifi toggle on and off as it reverts back to being enabled when either of these events occur. There seems to be a permanent disabled option included in the xxtweaker app over in the forum but I don't have the skills to even start looking at that.

    Steps For Automated Disabling of IPv6

    1. Download Tasker from Play Store

    2. Create New profile > State > Net > Wifi connected
    Leave Wifi Connected Settings blank

    3. Create New Task > Misc > Run Shell

    command: echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv6/conf/wlan0/disable_ipv6
    Check Use Root


    Anyway I have tested this out on both my home and work wifi networks and have noticed considerable improvements in reducing wlan_rx_wakelocks and ultimately improving battery life. There are also many success stories over on the original thread.

    I hope this can be of use to anybody suffering with similar wakelocks.

    All credit goes to the original poster of the script and method, stone_ship.
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