[ROM][AOSP][11] NezukoOS for Galaxy s9 & s9+

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You should try to first root your phone and install the JamesDSP Manager after. That fixed my problem.


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Nov 20, 2011
Since I like the S9 Samsung stock camera and I use it, I want know if the one found in this ROM is the same for quality and if there are any ways to get functions like slow motion (960 FPS and less) for other third party cameras as Google camera.


Jul 19, 2020
Magisk isn't included is that correct?
If not, can someone give me the link where to download the correct version?
And can i flash the rom with twrp

Now after replacement of a new battery on my S9 i'd like to flash nezuko rom.
Coming from Alexis 2.4 (Android 10) i only have to
- wipe system/data/cache/dalvik
- flash rom (boot up or direct flash of magisk?)
- flash magisk
- enjoy?

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Jul 19, 2020
Don't encrypt the phone, it will get stuck on a bootloop :/, gotta format my device now

sorry for asking.. how can i see if my phone is encrypted? First time i have installed a custom rom some years ago i think there were to flash .zip files called "dm-verity" and "force encryption". Does that mean my phone is encrypted or not?

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    NezukoOS for Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+

    What is this?

    NezukoOS is a fresh new ROM aiming to provide you a customisable and stable experience!

    Unlike others, we actually care about what our users think and are built upon decisions made by our future and current users!

    Whats working?

    Almost Everything! The build is very stable!

    Known issues

    Samsung stuff
    (Like VoLTE)

    Some features

    All Pixel Goodies!

    Free unlimited google photos storage because we enforce Redfin FP.

    Theming of every kind

    Power Menu customisations

    Battery saving features

    Fingerprint customisations

    Lockscreen customisations

    Clock customisations

    Quick Settings customisations

    Statusbar customisations

    Icon customisations

    Hardware keys customisations

    Power & Volume button customisations

    And much more!

    GApps included.

    Download S9+ here!

    Download S9 here!

    Stay tuned

    Device Support Group

    Wanna donate?

    Few questions:
    1. So that's based on Lineage?
    2. What Camera do we get with it? (Samsung or what)
    3. GApps included? how many of them, I am so used to install gapps/nikapps pico packages. I have no interest in other Google Apps since
    4. why is it important to deliver GApps with this ROM?
    Will there be any build of Nezuko OS 1.2 for the S9(+) Exynos?
    That would be awesome!