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Jun 11, 2009
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F1 GalaxyNexus is a ROM built entirely from Google's ICS source code. The main idea behind this was to give users the experience of pure ICS as it is on the Galaxy Nexus with no visual changes and ZERO bloatware or any 3rd party app. F1 GalaxyNexus is just plain AOSP ICS with under the hood tweaks, optimizations and the features to make AOSP a little bit better.:p Big Kudos to Teamhacksung as without them this ROM was not possible. This ROM will be updated on a daily basis and will be also updated whenever Teamhacksung improves the device tree or patch new stuff.

System Details:
  • Android ICS 4.0.4 (IMM76I - Android-4.0.4_r1.2)
  • Latest CM Source Compiled Kernel
  • Multi-Language
  • All ICS Features and Apps (Nothing excluded from AOSP)
  • No Visual Changes!
  • Stock ICS Look and Feel
  • This will turn your Samsung Galaxy S2 into a Galaxy Nexus :p

ROM Features:
  • Fully Deodexed
  • Zipaligned APKs
  • Rooted (Superuser)
  • BusyBox Installed
  • No 3rd Party App
  • ZERO Bloatware
  • Official ICS Bootanimation (From Official Nexus S 4.0.4 Firmware)
  • Extended Power Menu (Reboot, Recovery & Download)
  • Galaxy S II Settings In The Launcher (Device Settings)
  • Tweaked Scrolling Cache (Smooth Scrolling)
  • Huge APN & SPN List (Thanks To CM)
  • Patched Settings with F1 Version
  • EXT4 File System Optimizations
  • SD-Card read ahead Tweak
  • Init.d Support
  • Fully Working Mass Storage
  • T9 Dialer Functionality
  • Landscape Dialer Support
  • Notification Toggles (Press and hold the settings icon in the notification bar to reveal them)
  • 180 degree rotation enabled
  • Both MTP/UMS Support (Settings>Storage>Press Menu>USB Computer Connection)
  • Video Recording in MP4 with higher bitrate and Stereo Audio Recording
  • Storage Option In Camera (Internal SD Card, External SD Card & USB Storage)
  • Full NFC Support


YouTube Videos: (Big Thanks To ZedoMAX)

Known Issues

  • Clockworkmod Recovery (CWM)/Any custom recovery
  • Wipe if coming from any other ROM

  • Copy GAPPS and F1 GalaxyNexus to your internal SD Card
  • Enter Recovery
  • Do a Wipe/Factory Reset (OPTIONAL:If already on F1 GalaxyNexus skip this step but it's always recommended to Wipe your device)
  • Flash F1 GalaxyNexus ROM
  • Flash GAPPS
  • Reboot your device!
  • Voila!


Latest Build:

Google Apps:
Source Code:

[B]F1 GalaxyNexus (05-06-12):[/B]
[*]Initial Release
  • My Dad (For giving me his beast machine to compile the ROM:D)
  • Netchip
  • ZonyX
  • liquidvampz (For these Awesome Banners)
  • Codeworkx
  • Gokhanmoral
  • CyanogenMod (99% of patches and features in this ROM :D)
  • Pawitp
  • Teamhacksung
  • Dastin1015
  • Sixstringsg
  • Koud
  • Thanks all beta testers
  • Thanks to all who donated or thanked

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If you like my work please consider a donation as it will help me keep this development alive and it will be contributed in my MacBook Pro fund which I have reached half way.

Donations Contributors:
  1. Dan Verwoert
  2. Aykal Toker
  3. Jonathan Chelton
  4. Glenn Thomas
  5. Rafael Santos
  6. Arno Lips
  7. Ionut Stefanescu-Sturz
  8. Lennart Visser
  9. Patrik Auwers
  10. Michael Hamers
  11. Andre Peters
  12. Arnoud Snijder
  13. K David Lapsley
  14. Abdul Majeed
  15. Bruno Purim Niehues

Add-ons and F1 GalaxyNexus Signature Banners is 2nd post!
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