[ROM][AOSP+CAF][14/09] halogenOS 7.1 for OnePlus 3/3T

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Mar 31, 2015
And we're up


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Jun 18, 2017
Hello my friend .. I want to update the latest OnePlus 3 There is an old site update in the month of 6 Is there other.?

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Jan 4, 2013
Hopefully you don't leave that small bug and release a final N build. Wishing you the best of lucks with Oreo tho, looking great so far

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    I've been pretty much dead on this thread, but LOTS of work has been going on in the background. Unless I actually end up dying, XOS-7.1 build tomorrow for sure.

    Android, Reimagined.

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      * The modifications performed to your device are
      * performed by yourself, thus you must perform the
      * leap of fate and accept the inevitable outcome, the
      * responsibilities of what to do with your device are passed to you.
      * We are of no responsibility for any damages, data loss
      * or results of unexpected outcome, if you have **SERIOUS**
      * problems with this software, do not hesitate to contact
      * the developers or maintainers of your device port.
      * We are not liable for anything that happens with your
      * device. Shall you somehow screw up and take the leap of faith
      * you may find that some companies may do indeed still honour
      * warranties, although we cannot give one ourselves.
      * Don't be stupid and bet on that generosity of companies though,
      * please be responsible for what you do with your device.
      * Do not try overclocking up to glorious 1337 GHz thinking an OEM
      * would replace your glorious space heater only matched by the GTX480 etc.
      * We recommend you to take the advice above regardless.

    XOS is a new generation Android-based cutting-edge OS based on the Android Open Source Project and Code Aurora Forum releases.

    What is XOS?
    halogenOS, also known as XOS is a new Android ROM which ships with the global aim to
    become a modular ROM which keeps as high as potentially possible operating
    performance on your mobile device while still maintaining a sufficient feature
    base of nice, small and minimal features that would not be available via any
    external feature base, extension, mod or plugin.

    We hope you have a truly halogenified experience!

    Internals of XOS
    At core, the ROM is composed mainly of components from the
    Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and Code Aurora Forum (CAF),
    with extremely minor set of components from LineageOS (LaOS or LN) which
    have been added to source in order to allow for better cross-device compatibility.

    Our LOVE to others
    A huge thanks goes to those behind the AOSP and CAF, the LineageOS Project and all of its
    contributors for the sources used in the development of the base ROM which we
    started with inclusive of all the work and dedication their team puts in order to
    keep us updated on the awesome contributions that they make.

    We will be keen on ensuring that we be up to date with the code from our base sources,
    with regular ROM updates hopefully coming from time to time.

    Please do not ask for ETA's (else you shall be spooked by Mr Skeltal). Almost all of us are
    students, and with the current lifestyles and routines we have, it is not that easy to acquire
    time to develop the ROM, though we'll be sure to keep you updated and release OTAs as
    soon as they are available and ready for publication. If you want to be really updated quick,
    then join us on Telegram: http://telegram.me/halogenos

    Visit our website for features such as: Downloads, Information etc.


    Although no data should be lost or damaged by the flashing process,
    we advise you to follow the following steps if you are coming from another ROM:
     * Please take a full [I]Nandroid[/I] backup!
     * Please copy your back up to an external device.
     * Backing up your [I]Internal Storage[/I] is also recommended.
     * When completed, [I]clean flash[/I] the build!

    Although you usually may dirty flash halogenOS over other ROMs, considering the other
    ROM is built upon the same Android version, it is not guaranteed.
    In case of performance issues or crashes please do a clean flash.


    Overall as a ROM, XOS is very stable. Our mission statement has always been of maintaining a clean and properly maintained ROM.
    We take proper priority with ensuring that performance and stability are put first, features are considered an extra topping on the cake.

    More details are marked by square brackets [x] and listed below

    All Builds/Devices/Maintainers
    Substratum Theming Support
    Custom Button Backlight Implementation
    Custom Lockscreen Visualizer
    SuperUser Capable
    Various Battery Optimizations
    Dexpreopt Enabled
    Offline Gesture Recognition
    Upstream Security Patches
    Support for `addon.d` and `init.d`
    Equipped with latest Busybox
    Application Signature Spoofing Toggle
    Support for 3rd Party Webviews
    Various Kernel Optimizations
    Support for Modern Services e.g. Google Assistant
    Long Press Home for Assist
    Custom Hotplugging
    (DEV) Full KeyHandler & KeyDisabler Support
    Enhanced Booting Speed [1]
    System UX & Performance Optimizations [2]
    Minor Audio Tweaks [3]
    Enhanced Media Support [4]
    I/O Tweaks [5]

    Select Devices/Maintainer Dependent
    KCAL Support
    Functional Vulkan API Implementation [6]
    OnePlus Camera
    Alert Slider Support

    [1] Performed via implementation of additional multi-threading on boot etc.
    [2] Tweaked [I]`surfaceflinger`, `inputflinger`, `System Server`[/I] & more...
    [3] We do not ship 3rd party EQs or other [I]crap[/I] you may sometimes find.
          Our sound system is completely clean and thus provides great soundmod
          support if that's what one really wants.
    [4] Enabled via FFMPEG & additional codecs.
    [5] Example: Disabled Access Time
          | Waste of write cycles and impacts I/O performance on random writes.
    [6] Vulkan is available if the chipset/SOC's GPU supports Vulkan.


    Installing for the first time
    * Download the current version of XOS for your device.
    * Reboot into a compatible Android Recovery solution. (Note: We recommend TWRP)
    * Wipe [B]'/system', '/data' & '/cache'[/B].
       [I](Optional: For `Dirty Flash`, do not wipe anything)[/I]
    * Select the appropriate ROM zip and flash the current ROM build.
    * Want Google Apps? Obtain and flash the latest GApps from http://opengapps.org/
    * Flash any other system modifications you may want e.g. SuperSU/phh's SuperUser.
    * Reboot.

    Manually updating the ROM
    XOS ships with an OTA updater built-in which should automate the downloading and flashing process,
    however should your wish be to manually update the ROM, you should be our guest.
    * Download the current version of XOS for your device.
    * Reboot into a compatible Android Recovery solution. (Note: We recommend TWRP)
    * [b]Please do not[/b] wipe anything, including Cache/Dalvik/ART, the ROM has you covered.
    * Select the appropriate ROM zip and flash the current ROM build.
    * Reflash any system modifications e.g. SuperSU/phh's SuperUser.
    * Reboot.

    You do not need to wipe Cache/Dalvik.
    You do not need to flash Google Apps again*.
    You do not need more than 5 minutes.

    * Just make sure that you don't wipe system before flashing.



    halogenOS will only include the stock Android theme.



    Download Links
    Download XOS Here
    halogenOS (All Builds) | Our server
    ROM Sources
    All Sources | ROM, Kernel, Trees etc. @ XOS GitHub Organisation.

    OnePlus 2
    Kernel source
    Device tree
    Vendor tree



    Code Aurora Forums, LineageOS
    And everyone else who contributed and helps us!
    In case you feel left out here, please contact us!


    No such thing as too much power menu.

    Yes it's fixed but I found it kinda funny so shared it. Release is very close:laugh:
    New update

    New release: halogenOS 7.1 - 2017/05/13

    • Update blobs
    • Good stuff by sultanxda
    • Button backlight upgrade
    • Changes to halogenOS, includes:
    • NFC tile
    • Many fixes
    • AOSP upstream merge
    • CAF upstream merge
    • OMS updates
    • Sepolicy fixes
    • and more
    • Fixes
    • Optimizations

    Download here
    Alternative download