[ROM-AOSP GRJ22 2.3.4] DevNull-1.0.3 (100% clean and 100% stock Android, 48mb)

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Jun 14, 2007
What is this ROM?
It's a personal ROM that has been made and developed by myself, _thalamus and schiznik. This is stock Android 2.3.4 R1 aka GRJ22, there is no dirty hacks or trickery and we really have tried to keep as close to stock Android without modifying it too much whilst gaining maximum compatibility for the HTC Desire.

What mods are in this ROM?
Well as we wanted to keep this ROM as close to stock as possible we didn't include many modifications to the actual framework and or applications, a list of what we did include is listed below,

Adhoc wifi support
Fix for LED notifications
Fix for switching between wifi & 3g
Minimal google apps

There are also quite a number of other minor tweaks and enhancements we have made to the build system.

Did you remove anything?
Foreign languages
Live wallpapers

Obvious things you won't find in this ROM...
Things we didn't want was FMRadio, busybox and A2SD support

What makes this ROM special?
This ROM is NOT de-odexed that means that upon your initial install of this ROM, it will not use much of the available space in the /data partition, recommended HBOOTs are CM and Oxygen, this also makes your initial boot much faster reduces memory usage and gives you a nice fast user experience.

This is a personal ROM, if you don't like it then don't use it, we are not accepting feature requests PERIOD!

Kernel source is available here for the moaning myrtles

**A full wipe is 100% needed coming from any other ROM**

Where can I download this ROM?
Downloads are available here!
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Jun 14, 2007
Added picker for live wallpapers
Changed auto brightness values to same as HTC roms
Fixed GoogleBackupTransport
Updated camera libs from GRJ22
Updated to latest sound package
Updated build.prop to GRJ22

Added Gmail and GenieWidget back
Added missing 3D library
Fixed enhanced widget selector
Reverted leaked htc libraries

Fixed USB mount notification
Updated google apps to GRJ22
Updated kernel, see [URL="http://thalamus.ineige.org/kernels/2.6.35/CHANGELOG"]here[/URL] for changelog
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