[ROM][AOSP] ICS build for Nexus S - v3

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Dec 22, 2007

how do you get the rom to read my Hard drive? i mount it and see everything on there but i cant pull up my info through the phone(gallery, music, ect...) i really need help with this :mad:

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    This is a custom build of Ice Cream Sandwich AOSP for the Nexus S.

    I have only tested this on a Nexus S i9020t.

    - 3G
    - 2D/3D HW acceleration (some glitches)
    - Audio
    - Camera
    - GPS
    - Face Unlock
    - WiFi
    - BT
    - USB (v2)
    - Data usage statistics (v2)
    - Data usage limit (v3)
    - Tethering WiFi and USB (v3)
    - Camcorder (v3)

    Not working
    - Camcorder effects
    - ???

    The kernel is custom build from the aosp source (same as stock 2.3.7) with the following changes:
    - mxt224 patch to make touchscreen work (source patch)
    - pvr-driver backported from aosp tuna kernel (source patch)
    - v2: bcm4329 parameter backport, for tethering (source patch)
    - v2: android usb gadget driver backported from aosp tuna kernel, for usb support
    - v2: xt_qtaguid and xt_quota2 backported from aosp tuna kernel, for data stats
    - v3: fixes for earlier backported drivers (kernel source)

    Other kernels will not work unless they include the patches above

    - device config for this build - source code
    - pvr updated to 1.8 from omap-tuna kernel - kernel patch
    - imgtec drivers from maguro - drivers
    - mxt224-patch from syndtr - kernel patch
    - audio and camera library from beezy's ics sdk port
    - gapps from paul's leaked ICL23D dump

    Changes in v2
    - Optimized binaries (user build)
    - wpa_supplicant switched to 0.8, should fix status icon and hopefully more
    - Tethering over wifi and usb
    - USB mass storage
    - Data usage statistics
    - Updated Maps, Music and Google+
    - Updated kernel to support usb, statistics and wifi tethering
    - Note: Camera icon on home screen is not working, remove it and add it again

    Changes in v3
    - Working tethering
    - Data usage limit
    - Camcorder
    - Updated gapps
    - Tweaked device config
    Note: This is most likely going to be the final version of this rom since most of the features is working

    Download Nexus S - I902X (Use at your own risk!)
    v1: here (wifi patch)
    v2: here (calender + gallary patch)
    v3-repack: http://goo.gl/WiZL4 (md5: a471d31fd7c10f821fca999d4a551de5)
    v3-kernel-only: http://goo.gl/hfeGZ (md5: 759aed25b74332cf3436323be9f5e4c0)

    Download Nexus S 4G - D720 (Use at your own risk!)
    v1: here (wifi patch)
    v2: here (working calender + gallary from v1 included)
    v3: http://goo.gl/6qsoV (md5: 1658b3334842bfa69ccdb2d676bf6bfc)
    v3-kernel-only: http://goo.gl/f3VSJ (md5: 12728eaf04e48cdf7b3cc915f5995267)

    Note: This is my first post here at XDA so I wasn't allowed to post any links or post in the development forum.
    New build is comming in a few hours!

    - more optimized binaries (user build)
    - updated framework overlay files, disable wifi direct, storage list etc (soon on github)
    - wpa_supplicant switched to 0.8, should fix status icon and hopefully more
    - data usage statistic tagging is disabled in framework (relying on kernel driver)
    - android usb gadget backported from aosp tuna kernel (experimental)
    I guess this is why someone asked they be numbered .. I don't think they have been updated

    New version is not done yet, started backporting the xt_qtaguid netfilter

    First post will be updated with version and changelog once the new build is done
    * Nexus S 4G Users *


    If you are a NS4G user, have tried v2 of this ROM, and have had the errors that have been reported in this thread (wifi not working / causing reboots, making phone calls causes reboots, etc) You are welcome to the file I will post below. I called it v1.5 ;) , what it is, is v1 of this ROM with everything patched & fixed (Except the grey wifi icons & USB). No need to flash anything except this one file.
    If you are downgrading from v2 or flashing for the 1st time : Wipe Data, Cache, & Dalvik Cache. I also go into mounts & storage & format system/data/cache/& boot just to be safe. Up to you if you want to take the extra steps or not.
    This is what we will have to run until OP updates to v3, or fixes v2 for the NS4G. I have flashed Franco Kernel with this, & so far it seems stable.
    I am not trying to hijack the OP's thread, just trying to make things simple & clarify for the 4G users, since the thread is so long, contains info for both devices, & has become confusing, especially for someone just coming to the thread for the 1st time. Also, the patch to fix "Roaming Indicator Off" bug on the lockscreen is gone now. This 1.5 file includes that fix also. Just trying to be helpful...

    Moved to dev and boosted OP postcount above 10.