[ROM][AOSP][JB][4.2.2][JDQ39E] SuperNexus 2.0 - I9100 - Milestone 1 [01-06-13]


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Jun 11, 2009
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The main idea behind SuperNexus is to provide Vanilla Android experience, just like on Google's Nexus devices, to non-nexus devices. SuperNexus is entirely built from Google's AOSP Source. A lot of improvements and optimizations have been done to the Google's Source Code to have the best possible Vanilla Android Experience. SuperNexus is very light too as there are no 3rd party apps (ZERO Bloatware).

Big thanks to TeamHacksung (Donate To Them) as I'm using their Device Tree and SoC related patches in my SuperNexus ROM. Thanks to CyanogenMod Team (CM) and TeamKang (AOKP) as many features are cherry-picked from their source code.

System Details:
  • Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean (JDQ39 - Android-4.2.2_r1)
  • Latest CM Kernel
  • All Jelly Bean Features and Apps (Nothing excluded from AOSP)
  • No Visual Changes!
  • Stock Jelly Bean Look and Feel
  • This will turn your Samsung Galaxy S II into a Nexus 4 :p

ROM Features:
  • Fully Deodexed
  • Zipaligned APKs
  • Rooted (Super SU)
  • BusyBox Installed
  • No 3rd Party App
  • ZERO Bloatware
  • Android Source Code vastly improved and optimized (i.e. Bionic, Dalvik, Webkit, Framework, libcore, SQlite etc)
  • Official Jelly Bean Bootanimation (From Official Galaxy Nexus Android 4.2.1 Factory Image)
  • Init.d Support
  • Rsync Support
  • UserInit Support
  • Bash & Nano Support
  • Native SIP/VOIP Support
  • OpenSSH Support (ssh, sshd, scp, stfp)
  • HSPA+ Support
  • OpenVPN Support
  • Ad-Hoc Network Support
  • EXT4 File System Optimizations
  • Large APN & SPN List
  • Framework Features:
    -Extended Power Menu (Reboot, Recovery, Download & Screenshot Options)
    -Improved Scrolling Cache
    -Tweaked Animation Values Of Progress Spinners (Silky Smooth Loading Spinners)
    -Enabled Rotation Lock Tile in Quick Settings for Phones (Previously was only enabled on Tablets)
    -Increased Lockscreen Widget limit from 5 to 9
    -Enabled Copy/Paste in Gtalk
    -Options for switching between USB Mass Storage and MTP/PTP (On Specific Devices)
  • Camera Features:-
    -Burst Shot (Up to 20 Images at once)
    -ISO Mode
    -Touch Focus Duration
    -Power Shutter (Click Power Button To Capture Image/Video)
    -Color Effects
    -Shutter Timer
    -Zero-Shutter Lag (On Specific devices)
    -Control Zoom using Volume keys
    -Touch-to-focus timeout duration settings
    -Exposure and JPEG Quality settings in Video Mode
    -HDR (High-dynamic-range imaging)
    -Ability to choose storage location (Internal SD Card, External SD Card & USB OTG)
  • Browser Features:-
    -Increased Maximum Tab limit from 16 to 64
    -Incognito Tab Option (When long pressed on an URL)
    -Option To Close All Tabs With One-Click
    -Allowed Any Type Of File To Be Downloaded
    -Enabled WebGL (Ultra smooth browsing)
    -HTML5 WebSockets
  • Phone Features:-
    -T9 Dialer Support
    -Landscape Dialer Support
    -Transparency To Incall Screen
    -Noise Suppression
  • Miscellaneous Features:
    -Allowed Installation Of Apps From Unknown Sources By Default
    -Allowed Any Type Of File To Be Sent/Received Via Bluetooth
    -Disabled Data Roaming By Default
    -Removed Google's Software Updates Option from Settings
    -Enabled Gesture Input By default
    -Hardware Information of the device (Settings>About Device>Hardware Information)

Officially Supported Devices:
Known Issues
  • Found one ? Report it.


  • Clockworkmod Recovery (CWM)

  • Copy Google Apps and SuperNexus ROM to your internal SD Card
  • Enter Recovery
  • Do a Wipe/Factory Reset (Necessary if coming from a different a ROM)
  • Flash SuperNexus ROM
  • Flash Google Apps
  • Reboot your device!
  • Voila! :D


Latest Build:

Google Apps:
Previous Builds:

Source Code:
  • SuperNexus Source @ Github (I'm willing to add support for other devices so if you are a developer and willing to add support for your device(s), PM me)
  • CM Kernel Source @ Github

[B]SuperNexus 2.0 Milestone 1 (01-06-13):[/B]
[*]Updated source code to Android-4.2.2_r1.2 (JDQ39E) 
[*]Updated APN List
[*]Updated SuperSU to v1.30
[*]Added official device support for Samsung Captivate
[*]Added official device support for Samsung Vibrant
[*]D2TMO/D2ATT: Synced all CM Fixes (Should be in the same state as CM)
[*]I9100/I9100G/I777/N7000/I9300/I9305: Using open-sourced RIL
[*]I9100/I777/N7000/I9300/I9305: Updated Mali drivers
[*]I9100/I777/N7000/I9300/I9305: Merged smdk4412 and smdk4210 kernels into one
[*]I9100/I777/N7000/I9300/I9305: Updated bcmdhd (Wi-Fi) driver from GT-I9505 sources
[*]I9100/I777/N7000/I9300/I9305: Enabled NFS support
[*]I9305/I9300: Enabled dock support
[*]I9305/I9300: Enabled stereo recording while recording video (2 Channel)
[*]I9305/I9300: Fixed Touch2Focus crash in camera (No more FC)
[*]I9305/I9300: Fixed front-facing camera preview freeze after initial shot
[*]I9100/I9300: Fixed issue with Play Store
[*]I9100: EXIF fixes
[*]I9100G: Fixed exposure compensation & HDR
[*]I9100G: Implement noise suppression for calls
[*]GalaxySMTD: Changed Kernel to Semaphore
[*]Camera: Added support for Storage Location (Internal SD Card, External SD Card & USB OTG)
[*]Camera: Many translations
[*]Camera: Many fixes and code cleanup
[*]Dalvik: Tons of optimizations from AOSP's master branch
[*]Framework: Optimizations and minor fixes
[*]Framework: RIL Fixes
[*]Skia: Optimizations from AOSP's master branch

[B]SuperNexus 2.0 BUILD 4 (03-04-13):[/B]
[*]Updated rest of the source code to Android-4.2.2_r1 
[*]Updated APN List
[*]Updated SuperSU to v1.25
[*]Added official device support for Samsung Galaxy S (GT-I9000)
[*]Added official device support for Samsung Galaxy S III LTE (GT-I9305)
[*]Added official device support for AT&T Samsung Galaxy S III (SGH-I747)
[*]Added official device support for T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S III (SGH-T999)
[*]I9100/I777/N7000/I9300/I9100G: Applied Bionic Optimizations
[*]I9100/I777/N7000/I9300: Updated Mali drivers to r3p1-01rel1
[*]I9100/I777/N7000/I9300: Fixed keyboard graphical glitches
[*]I9100/I777/N7000/I9300: Fixed Daydream graphical glitches
[*]I9100/I777/N7000/I9300: Merged Mali r3p1 driver from Note 8's Kernel source
[*]I9100/I777/N7000/I9300: Enabled ROW I/O scheduler
[*]I9100/I777/N7000: Updated proprietary files to Samsung JB
[*]I9100/I777/N7000: Updated Camera HAL
[*]I9100/I777/N7000: Applied Samsung's JB update to the kernel
[*]I9100/I777/N7000: Fixed capacitive buttons backlight issue
[*]I9100/I777/N7000: Fixed low headphone sound issue
[*]I9100/I777/N7000: Enabled PegasusQ governor
[*]I9100/I777/N7000: Added 3-step GPU DVFS control
[*]I9100/I9300: Updated description/fingerprint in build prop to latest JB FW 
[*]I9100/I777: Updated RIL to LSJ
[*]I9100G: Fixed touch input issues
[*]N7000: Updated RIL and GPS Blobs from LSZ
[*]I9300: Updated kernel to 3.0.64
[*]I9300: Ported bcmdhd (WiFi) driver from QCom Samsung (D2) Kernel
[*]I9300: Fixed Dock Audio
[*]I9300: Fixed battery capacity in Power Profile
[*]I9300: Fixed WiFi-Tethering
[*]Framework: Lots of optimizations from AOSP's Master branch
[*]Framework: Fixed few resource and memory leaks
[*]Framework: Added Ad-Hoc Network Support
[*]Framework: Added support for DCHSPAP
[*]Settings: Added Chipset in Hardware Information
[*]Camera: Added HDR (High-dynamic-range imaging)
[*]Camera: Added Exposure and JPEG Quality settings in Video Mode
[*]Webkit: Fixed memory leak when creating SkBitmapProcShader
[*]Webkit: Implemented WebSockets
[*]Bluedroid: Set default A2DP bitrate to high-quality
[*]Vold: Added support for EXT4 media

[B]SuperNexus 2.0 BUILD 3 (17-02-13):[/B]
[*]Source code updated to Android-4.2.2_r1 (JDQ39) (Full Change log [URL="http://www.funkyandroid.com/aosp-JOP40C-JDQ39.html"]here[/URL])
[*]Bionic: Tons of Optimizations and Improvements from AOSP's Master Branch
[*]I9100G: Updated device tree and kernel from Samsung's JB Kernel Source
[*]I9300: Added support for ZH Camera module
[*]Minor other optimizations and improvements

[B]SuperNexus 2.0 BUILD 2 (09-02-13):[/B]
[*]Source code updated to Android-4.2.1_r1.2 (JOP40G)
[*]Added official device support for Asus Nexus 7 (Grouper) & Asus Nexus 7 3G (Tilapia)
[*]Added AOSP Sound Recorder (was previously disabled)
[*]Added rsync support
[*]Added OpenSSH support (ssh, sshd, scp, stfp)
[*]Updated APN Configs and CDMA-APN Configs
[*]Updated SuperSU app and binary to v1.04
[*]I9300/I9100/I777/N7000: Patched Exynos vulnerability (No more Exynos Exploit!)
[*]I9300/I9100/I777/N7000: Fixed Emergancy dialing
[*]I9300: Patched kernel with sudden death fix from Samsung's kernel update 7 sources
[*]I9300: Increased headphone volume
[*]I9300: Enabled sysfs for vsync notification 
[*]I9300: Updated camera firmwares (both GD and ZD)
[*]Camera: Fixed the settings panel freeze issue (was only present on HDPI devices)
[*]Camera: Added 5 new additional ISO modes
[*]Camera: Added touch-to-focus timeout duration settings
[*]Camera: Added volume button zoom controls to camera and camcorder
[*]Camera: Translations and minor fixes
[*]Email: Added CRAM-MD5 support for SMTP
[*]WebKit: Enabled WebGL 
[*]Webkit: Performance Enhancements & Optimizations (Browsing is ultra smooth)
[*]Framework: Enabled Copy/Paste in Gtalk 
[*]Framework: Increased lockscreen widget limit from 5 to 9
[*]Framework: Disabled touch while using stylus (for Galaxy Note series)
[*]Framework: Disabled pointer icon by default and added option to enable (for Galaxy Note series)
[*]Framework: Fixed issue with extended power menu
[*]Framework: Added support for USB Mass Storage (on selected devices)
[*]Framework: Code fixes and optimizations from AOSP's master branch
[*]Bluetooth: Fixed bluetooth losing HF connection to car-kit after 5 seconds issue
[*]Gallery: Removed "settings" item from menu (was useless on AOSP)
[*]Gallery: Added "Select Album", "Make available offline" and "Refresh" options in menu
[*]Settings: Minor fixes
[*]Libcore: Performance improvements
[*]Optimizations and minor fixes in source code from AOSP's master branch (for e.g. llvm, libpng, icu4c, jpeg, framework rs, etc)

[B]SuperNexus 2.0 BUILD 1 (01-01-13):[/B]
[*]Initial release
  • Google
  • CyanogenMod Team
  • Teamhacksung
  • Codeworkx
  • Xplodwild
  • Nebkat
  • Espenfjo
  • Pawtip
  • Chainfire
  • Thanks to all those who donated or thanked

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Sep 27, 2012
Thanks Faryaab! Can't wait to try.

Just a few clarification:
- Can I install this as a 2nd ROM?
- Is there PhotoSphere in camera?



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Apr 23, 2012
Thanks Faryaab :good:

Is there any option ar way to save specially record videos or pictures to EXternal Sd?