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Thadd Valeika

Senior Member
Oct 16, 2012
I'm using mr2 8.5 and I have the latest nightly. Are those compatible? And I'm using leankernel because I heard that people are experiencing random reboots without it. With it, they are pretty much 100% stable. Not unless another kernel will work

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Jun 2, 2011
Kansas City
I got LeanKernel flashed on my phone and when I reboot, it sticks on the boot screen. I have had to factory reset my phone 4 times since yesterday. Does anyone know what the problem could be or have any way of fixing it?

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Not sure, I'm using now on the latest nightly with no problems...

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Sep 9, 2008
I'm using mr2 8.5 and I have the latest nightly. Are those compatible? And I'm using leankernel because I heard that people are experiencing random reboots without it. With it, they are pretty much 100% stable. Not unless another kernel will work

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I have no random reboots without lean kernel. The rom works perfectly.


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Dec 27, 2009
Belvidere, IL
I'm using mr2 8.5 and I have the latest nightly. Are those compatible? And I'm using leankernel because I heard that people are experiencing random reboots without it. With it, they are pretty much 100% stable. Not unless another kernel will work

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Been using kt's kernel with no issue on latest.. Just make sure your wiping everything and it should be fine

edit: sorry stupid phone is trying to correct me
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Mar 15, 2013
Loving the ROM so far! The only gripe is that i can't seem to watch Youtube videos longer than 2 minutes without having the data stop. Oh well, still amazing ROM nonetheless!

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Feb 5, 2011
This is a dumb question, but I just want to verify. This is 4.3, not 4.2.2 right?

Also, I have an old version of Carbon on my phone. Its 4.2.2 from March 26, 2013. If I update with the newest version, I'm not going to want to dirty flash that, right?



Senior Member
Jul 29, 2008
The latest nightlies are 4.3 yes. I've dirty flashed from 4.2 on but you should backup before trying just to be safe. If you can, also use titanium backup for your apps. If the dirty flash doesn't work you can restore apps and data after a clean flash. Eases the pain from starting from scratch a bit. Good luck. Very stable in my opinion. Only an occasional hiccup here and there. Only gripe I have is stripes when the stock camera is used with the flash, but that happens only occasionally.


Feb 5, 2011
Thanks! Worked great.

I do have a big issue tho. My phone cannot find the sprint network, both data and voice. Any ideas?

Edit: I adjusted the mobile network settings and it worked fine after that!

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Feb 5, 2011
Alright, I need some help. I did a clean wipe and flashed the 11-15 nightly with gapps. I couldn't get voice connectivity so I flashed the 11-17 nightly. Still no voice connectivity so I went to a backup. No voice connectivity again. I'm going to the only other backup I have on my device, but I'm not confident after the last one didn't work.

I've flashed ROMs since the original Droid and haven't had this problem before. Any ideas? Basically, I try to connect to sprint and it says it can't connect, event though I have several bars.

Help please.



Senior Member
Jul 29, 2008
In the wireless and data settings, there is an APN setting. Penn that and there are several entries. Choose an alternate one of those and that usually kick-starts data.

If you don't have LTE in your area you might want to switch the mobile data to EVDO as well.
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    best thing you guys can do is use an alternative kernel for now. i recommend leankernel.

    that said, we're working on another build that should resolve the issues us d2 folks are experiencing. to be honest we usually start working on the next build as the one we're releasing is still building.
    Why make the claim if it's not?
    If you bought a vehicle that said turbo then looked under the hood and there was no turbo then it's not a turbo. When you look at code you can tell if it is "patched" with linaro but not truly linaro. I haven't seen the code for this but I'm gonna bet that it's patched like a leaky ship!

    Question about the rom...... Does wifi tether encryption work yet? And why does browser occasionally crash?

    No more of this Linaro crap! If it has some Linaro optimizations what is the big freaking deal?
    If you build a Linaro kernel or ROM then YOU say FULL Linaro code/No patches!
    I am sick of this starting up everywhere the word Linaro is used
    None of you have a copyright on the word
    You don't believe it? Don't use it!
    If you want to discuss with the developer how to fully optimize it to Linaro then move to the developer's discussion area!
    You make accusations and admit to not even verifying them? THAT is trolling!
    Anymore of this crap will be met with infractions
    Thank you for your cooperation
    Friendly Neighborhood Moderator
    Re: [ROM][AOSP][LINARO] CarbonRom JB 4.2.1 [d2spr] » Feb 6

    Kenny, I respect you and we are familiar with each other from the OG Epic days, but everything I seen so far regarding the linaro debate been favor to the accusers. Great Offender did not start this argument, and I'm pretty sure he wasn't trolling either like many he want something to be prove to what it's said to be and not a derivative of it. BigwillyG, I think that's his name, made an accusation and provided proof for his accusation and had proof against those claiming the ROM is actually linaro, why was nothing done and the dev was favored? And another thing, how is the ROM built using Google's tool chain, but can be still called Linaro isn't that false advertisement?

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    Same to you Masaidjet. I am only going to say this once so everyone can see....XDA does not care if a ROM claims to simonize your car while you drive! It is not violating any forum rules. The users decide whether a ROM is good or not or live up to it's claims. The OP states Linaro optimizations...not fully built on Linaro. I left in the post as absurd as it was to make an accusation without even verifying. That is against the respect rule. ROMs are advertised as "flawless"yet users find bugs...should we lock those threads? Can anyone prove there are no Linaro tweaks in this at all? What I am saying is keep this bickering out of the development threads and let users report issues and get the help they need. Go to PMs, gtalk, Google +, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Joe Flacco's mom's bedroom....I don't care. Just keep it out of here. I have seen this in every Linaro titled thread and it ends here!
    Thank you all for understanding and your cooperation.

    Friendly Neighborhood Moderator
    We posted another build up on goo, newer than yesterday. This has updated blobs and was compiled properly in linaro. Yesterdays was done in gcc 4.7 accidentally.

    Please note that the kernel is not yet linaro yet, but will be as we move to the carbon kernel.
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