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Dec 15, 2014
"Screen Rotation" DOES NOT WORK. I've uploaded the stock rom again not working. He didn't get a blow. Please help me. Thanks.
I did a clean installation


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Mar 5, 2019
cam2api enabled? because no one is good without it

Tapatalkkal Mi MIX 2

I actually installed Arnova's gcam port and everything seemed to work fine without cam2api enabled. Slow motion and night mode worked too, or so I thought. I have read everywhere that you have to have cam2api enabled or the gcam ports wouldn't work and would crash, so why did mine work (or seem to)? I'm just asking because I would like to learn about these gcam ports. I'm familiar with the ROMS and all that, but I don't know a whole lot about the gcam ports. Also, where can I find the latest version of cam2api? I found a v1.0 and a v1.5, but I wasn't sure if they were the right ones. I couldn't find cam2api in the Magisk repo in Magisk Manager. Thanks for your help.
@stroke55 Thanks for sharing these! Will all of them work with OmniROM and the Mi Mix 2?


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Dec 1, 2011
4 questions:
Anyone else experiencing lousy GPS accuracy?

I haven't updated the firmware for 8 months, should I?
If so which version do you recommend?

Is this Rom death? I haven't seen updates for a month or 2


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Mar 5, 2019
This ROM is not dead. It's still very much alive, and the dev pushes updates every week. I would definitely recommend getting the latest official version of the ROM. The link to download it is in the OP. Also, my GPS works perfectly. Just used it an hour ago.


Dec 17, 2017
Magisks breaks everytime I do an OTA update. Wiping dalvik fix that, but it's kinda annoying to do this every week. Does anyone encounter this?


Oct 16, 2016
can anyone explain how to flash the latest omni rom since the official stable rom has upgraded to MIUI10 pie?
which firmware and rec should I use? I have try to flash directly but failed


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any firmware newer than 9.4.25 gives trustzone error so use 9.4.25. orangefox recovery works fine.

using build 08.04, google app, gmail crashes...(it was due to removing chromium, after installing chrome it is fixed.[btw f2fs works on data partition but it is buggy, cant add google accounts after setting it to f2fs])

And battery drain is just so bad, every 3 or 4 mins while the screen is on battery drains %1 so like ever 10 mins it drains %3-4
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Nov 25, 2016
Hello All.
Last weekly tree's was updated to P blobs (from global v10.4.1.0).
All tree's was rebased on NOS P-Blobs trees. (Thanks Vol).
This is non-SAR builds. If I decide make SAR builds it will be unofficial parallel weekly builds.
You need to flash PIE Firmware for ROM, started from omni-9-20190825-chiron-WEEKLY!
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Mar 5, 2019
Hello All.
Last weekly tree's was updated to P blobs (from global v10.4.1.0).
All tree's was rebased on NOS P-Blobs trees. (Thanks Vol).
This is non-SAR builds. If I decide make SAR builds it will be unofficial parallel weekly builds.
You need to flash PIE Firmware for ROM, started from omni-9-20190825-chiron-WEEKLY!

an sar version would be pretty sweet. will you post it here if you decide to do it?


Oct 3, 2018
Is it possible to dirty flash latest build+ firmware? I'm getting an error. Thanks!

Edit: solved! All working perfectly! Thanks to the OP.
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    OmniROM: wihtout limits. More AOSP, more Google!

    What is OmniROM? | OmniROM Source | OmniROM Gerrit Review | OmniROM G+

    #include <std_disclaimer.h>
    /* Your warranty is now void .. bla-bla-bla... other non-informative text */
    OmniROM 9.0 PIE


    • OFFICIAL WEEKLY BUILDS: https://dl.omnirom.org/chiron/ (Warning: Mirgration HOMEMADE<->OFFICIAL need wipe data!)
    • OmniROM nightly unofficial builds: http://dl.nixadm.ru/omni-9-chiron/
    • Open Gapps (ARM64, 9.0, variant - what you wish, i use mini)
    • TWRP for 9.0 can be found here by Vol Zhdanov from 09/27.
    • Firmware: Firmware versions > 8.10.20 and ≤ 8.4.19 are NOT recommended for now
    • Magisk (Root) (if u need it) can be found here. Note: install magisk only after reboot to rom!

    Instructions :
    • Download TWRP, Firmware, ROM, GApps and Magisk
    • Reboot to recovery and install new twrp, and firmware
    • Wipe is recomended (especially when migrate from oreo): system, vendor, data. Format Internal storage doesnot need, but you came from MIUI it may be necessarily
    • Flash ROM and GApps
    • Reboot to ROM and finish setup
    • Reboot to recovery and flash Magisk if you need it. Note, you must boot to rom first before flash Magisk. Dont flash it with ROM at once!

    Known issues:
    • Test and find ;)

    • @andr68rus (me) - maintainer
    • @Wight554 - Kernel, Pie bringup and many more.
    • Omnirom Team
    • Sorry if i forget to mention anyone, just drop me pm

    • @Wight554 For Pie bringup
    • @demon000 and Mike for huge work on our device (and all LineageOS Team).
    • Arian, Andy Yan
    • Verevka, SheVT and thune-xiaobai for their work on Mi6
    New builld (READ NOTE!!!): omni-8.1.0-20180420-chiron-HOMEMADE
    Download: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=890129502657598901

    So historically from Oreo Bringup, we used for chiron the wrong encryption in previos builds of all custom ROMs.
    Also official lineage will use new-one. And we all need to move to working one. BUT for this you need to make few steps
    include FULL WIPE WITH FORMAT. All new roms will not work without it. (As old roms will not work with it).
    ABOUT Official WEEKLY Omni: You need to make full wipe and do this step for 04/23 build!!! No OTA for this build!!!
    So this is migrate to new ROM with new encryption:
    1. Backup your apps with TB (optional)
    2. Backup all data you need from Internal Storage to PC/USB OTG
    3. Install this TWRP and reboot recovery: https://build.twrp.me/twrp-3.2.1-0-chiron.img mirror: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=890129502657598900
    4. Format data in TWRP - WARNING! This will delete all from ur Internal Storage
    5. Wipe all
    6. Install only new ROM and reboot.
    7. You will see errors when rom start (optional).
    8. Reboot to recovery and make 3,4,5 pt again.
    9. ROM must boot without errors. Flash what u want, restore internal storage, restore from TB. Dont restore from old TWRP backup!!!
    Now you can use new roms (with encryption). No need to to this every time! Next flash/update to rom that support encryption as usual.
    Older ROM will not work, to make work rom without encryption you need to do same as in 1-8, but new rom will not work.
    NOTE2: If u use MAGISK, please flash it after reboot to ROM!!!

    ChangeLog (thats all result of teamwork, big thanks to Vol Zhdanov):
    * Fixed encryption, move to ICE
    * Kernel update to 4.4.128
    * VoLTE fixed (? need test)
    * Big init cleanup, tweek & fix
    * Many vendor fixes
    * Fully commonized with Sagit
    * Sync important changes with LOS
    Hello all. Official weekly build OmniROM Pie for chiron started!
    Download: https://dl.omnirom.org/chiron/
    Note: To mirgate UNOFFICIAL<->OFFICIAL you NEED wipe DATA!
    Hello All. From today I have started OmniROM Pie builds.
    SOURCES: (temp path): https://github.com/omni-p
    First build: omni-9-20180919-chiron
    Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1D_d7OB40Ajil2f7a6f7eYx2M5WrGPP0u
    ROM is in BETA status, but all I can check - work. Testers are welcome ;)