[ROM][AOSP] RevengeOS 4.0 | Android 11 | Redmi Note 8/8T(Ginkgo/Willow) [OFFICIAL]

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Apr 11, 2015
Minor bug that happen on my ginkgo is this:
- Bluetooth text is not marqueed (the h letter is alone)
- Wifi icon is truncated, I think settings icon too.



Oct 24, 2018
Could someone please tell me how to enable NFC on willow ?I have followed the installation guide as mentioned at the top but still end up with no option of NFC(According to the rom page changelog the nfc has been fixed)I use the unified twrp (the one can flash miui eu willow not being recognized as ginkgo) which worked with no error,and I have flashed the newest firmware zip during the installation.
The ROM works very smooth,Im okay with no NFC but since the changelog has mentioned I just want to ask how I can make it work , thanks a lot!


Senior Member
Jul 12, 2011
5GHZ wifi network is not detected and even if detected it doesn't gets connected. Latest version of Revenge OS - Clean flash - tried Gingko China Firmware Stable and Weekly ( 11.0 )


New member
Jun 23, 2008
Fail to mount the SD as internal memory, when you give it format it fails. Only as an external it works. Already tested with many SDs, different sizes and brands.

Falla en montar la SD como memoria interna, cuando le das formatear falla. Solo como externa funciona. Ya probado con muchas SD, diferentes tamaños y marcas.

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    RevengeOS is an operating system based on Android Open Source Project, built with an unique look and performance in mind. It's always ready for daily usage, lightweight and intuitive.​


    Our features:

    RevengeOS' exclusive features:
    - Battery health check
    - Brand new UI, designed to be more immersive.
    - Brand new volume panel
    - Gradients. Everywhere.
    - New clock styles
    General features:
    - In call alerts
    - Kill app button
    - Hide/Show battery percentage
    - Resume media from QS
    - Playback control from volume rocker
    - Wake up with volume buttons
    - Quick camera opening from sleep
    - 3-button navigation system
    - Pill navigation system
    - Swipe to screenshot
    - Wake on charge
    - Proximity sensor check when waking up
    - Full sensor block
    - And many more...


    Download for Ginkgo/Willow: Ginkgo/Willow
    Additional downloads: Firmware
    Kernel Source : Here


    Clean flash steps:

    - Boot into your recovery
    - Wipe data, cache, ART/Dalvik cache
    - Format data, then reboot to your recovery
    - If needed, flash firmware zip file for your device
    - Flash RevengeOS zip file
    - Re-wipe cache and ART/dalvik cache
    - [OPTIONAL] Flash GApps zip and/or Magisk zip
    - Reboot!

    Dirty flash steps:

    - Boot into your recovery
    - If needed, flash firmware zip file for your device
    - Flash RevengeOS zip file
    - Wipe cache and ART/dalvik cache
    - [OPTIONAL] Flash GApps zip and/or Magisk zip
    - Reboot!


    *No Bugs*​


    You can donate to us here!

    Hi guys, we're posting this message today to talk about RevengeOS. We want to talk about the developers of our project.

    There are just three developers that hard-worked every day for you, to deliver optimization, exclusive RevengeUI, media controller, etc. We want to make this project more and more exclusive, and we want to improve everything. And lastly, we want their users to be happy while using it. But there is a problem, three developers can't do much. So, we're here to ask if you - if you're a developer, and if you want to join us, you may do so. We have the following requirements:

    Knowledge of Android and Java

    Desire to be innovative

    Be mad

    Think you're good enough? Contact us via email!

    Email: [email protected]
    A smooth and good looking Rom, thanks

    Some Screenshots:
    Added Now please see if it works
    can we have a fix for legacy app scaling ???
    Will try to fix sir :)
    I tried. So far everything works fine for me.
    I found a bug
    Cast Screen is not working Properly.
    Yes it's broken and will be fixed in next update
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