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[ROM] [AOSP] RevengeOS 4.0 | Xiaomi Redmi Note 7/7S (lavender) [OFFICIAL]

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Jul 24, 2018
Whenever i install this rom the recovery has issues to my storage making me unable to access it and giving me error message of (OPERATION NOT PERMITTED) whenever im trying to do something in the recovery. Did I do something wrong in the process?
I'm on the July build (sorry haven't updated!) and I'm having difficulty with fingerprint unlock. I just don't update that often because it messes with my banking apps and I don't want ot have to wipe data until there's a stable 12 rom so I would like to get this fixed.

The problem is intermittent after restarts. Sometimes fingerprint unlock just doesn't work. But the sensor does, it works in apps that use fingerprint authentication, but not to unlock. then sometimes, after a seemingly random number of restarts, unlock does work. I'm sure there has to be some variable but I can't work it out. It used to only take three of four restarts for it to work, but now it's happened and I've restarted the phone dozens of times and still no fingerprint unlock. Just to confirm, even when unlock is not working, I can still use the sensor, I've even deleted and re-added all my fingers in settings, but to unlock the screen it won't work.

Has anyone had this issue and can suggest a solution? Thanks


New member
Apr 27, 2021
No update since two months. Hope this project is not dead . We would really like to have android 12 on our phones .

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    RevengeOS is an operating system based on Android Open Source Project, built with a unique look and performance in mind. It's daily usage ready, lightweight, and elegant.

    RevengeOS exclusive features:
    - Battery health checker
    - Brand new RevengeUI, built to be different, built to be elegant
    - Brand new media controller
    - Systemwide gradients
    - New lock screen clock styles
    General features:

    - Incall haptic-feedback
    - Kill app button
    - Toggle battery percentage in the status bar
    - Resume media from Quick Settings
    - Playback control from volume buttons
    - Wake up with volume buttons
    - Quick camera launch from sleep
    - 3-button navigation system
    - Pill navigation system
    - Swipe to screenshot
    - Wake on charge
    - Proximity sensor check when waking up
    - Systemwide sensor block
    - And so much more!

    Xiaomi Redmi Note 7/7S tap herehttps://download.revengeos.com/download/lavender/https://download.revengeos.com/download/lavender/

    - Boot into your recovery
    - Wipe system, vendor, data, Dalvik-art cache, cache
    - Flash RevengeOS build
    - Optional: flash FlameGApps
    - Reboot
    - Optional: flash Magisk (if you want to root your device as well) (it's recommended to flash Magisk post first boot)

    Support this project by donating here!

    Hi guys, we're posting this message today to talk about RevengeOS. We want to talk about the developers of our project.

    There are just three developers that hard-worked every day for you, to deliver optimization, exclusive RevengeUI, media controller, etc. We want to make this project more and more exclusive, and we want to improve everything. And lastly, we want their users to be happy while using it. But there is a problem, three developers can't do much. So, we're here to ask if you - if you're a developer, and if you want to join us, you may do so. We have the following requirements:

    Knowledge of Android and Java

    Desire to be innovative

    Be mad

    Think you're good enough? Contact us via email!

    Email: [email protected]

    Contributors: Raiyan Shishir
    Source Code: https://github.com/RevengeOS
    Kernel Source:: https://github.com/raiyanbinmohsin/kernel_xiaomi_lavender

    ROM OS Version: 11
    ROM Kernel: 4.4
    ROM Firmware Required: Must be On the latest Firmware
    Based On: AOSP

    New user here. Great work, thank you!

    I just saw there is a new version (10/01/2021) available on https://download.revengeos.com/download/lavender/.

    Unfortunately the changelog still shows a 404. Can you give a short explanation of what has changed in this version?
    Thank you, wait on. Let me send it here.

    Device changelog:
    • Switched back to AOSP BT stack
    • Removed L1 support to fix Netflix crashes
    • Updated blobs from LA.UM.8.2.r1-07400-sdm660.0
    • Updated fingerprint from Redfin - RQ1A.210105.003
    • Enabled VR high perfomance options

    Source changelog:
    • January security patch
    • Added Advanced reboot
    Hi, where i can download the new update? (march) 🥺 thanks
    Here 😍
    you are the best, really taking care of your Rom and give us the update continously
    Thank you so much, buddy. I'll push it in some moment.
    Can you point the exact version I need to flash ? OldCam or NewCam version ? I'm a bit lost. I miss the ability to charge my phone since your latest update.

    Also this is my daily driver, very snappy, I really like it, amazing job.
    Thank you so much. No worries, can you wait for some more hours, please? I am planning to release an update today in some hours.