[ROM][apollo, thor] Lineage-14.1 [17 MAR 2022]

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Jul 23, 2022
Really impressed with the status of this rom. It's working well on my Kindle Apollo and seems pretty stable. However, I'd like to attempt to compile a signed build of this myself with the latest security backport. I don't suppose someone could share me the device manifest for the purposes of compiling this myself?



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Sep 26, 2016
Thanks for still supporting this device. Great ROM, feels more fluid and with zram I get to play underlords w/o crashing. Bluetooth feels worse. Speaker asks for pin now and won't accept the usual. WiFi seems better tho, less DC on sleep for me.
Magisk still works for me from previous ROM. Would like to install bromite through it but that requires system api 26 (Oreo) so I guess I got to do it manually.
My microg is missing last spoofing support checkmark: "System spoofs signiture". That's probably on me for flashing dirty.
After all great experience so far. Many thanks.

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    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war,
    * or you getting fired because the alarm app failed.
    * Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included
    * in the products you find here before flashing it!
    * YOU are choosing to make these modifications.

    - Please search the thread before asking questions
    - The old thread is linked below - a lot of good information there.
    - Please try to stay on topic, I know it's not always possible
    - Report only one issue per bug report
    - When reporting bugs please post a logcat and/or dmesg where possible

    Fresh Installation
    - Backup your existing ROM first
    - Wipe the /data partition (but you can keep the media storage)
    - Flash the ROM File
    - Flash Open Gapps: use an ARM 7.1 version smaller than the "full" size to make sure it fits
    - Reboot
    - Enjoy!

    Old Thread
    - https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/rom-05-jul-2020-lineageos-14-1.3517481/

    Downloads AFH
    - LineageOS Builds for Thor
    - LineageOS Builds for Apollo

    Downloads Google Drive
    - LineageOS Builds for Thor
    - LineageOS Builds for Apollo

    Source Code
    - Kernel Source
    - Common Device Tree
    - Thor Device Tree
    - Apollo Device Tree

    - LineageOS
    - Cyanogenmod
    - CodeAurora
    - ggow
    - Hashcode
    - Cpasjuste
    - dpeddi
    For the next release I wanted to have enforcing selinux but still getting the odd crash which I'm still looking at.
    I got zram working, bit more work than I thought. I'll do another release tomorrow, this will be the only change as I want to tell what impact it's had.
    ℹ️ New Build is Up

    Dated: 17 March 2022
    - Add zram support

    Download from Google Drive link on OP.
    Its a Rom Problem install old Version works.

    Maybe our dev will release a fix with the next update.

    Any plans @ggow ?

    An update is definitely on the cards when I have the time.