Do you want ArcMini ICS for your X10 Mini???

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Mar 25, 2011

My sync icon on status bar is always on even when sync is disable.
Known issue?

Full wipe. Reinstall Rom and as good as new

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Mar 25, 2011
Does anyone have this bug?
I can't really delete messages from sms/mms application.
After I delete, they are moved to the bottom of the view, they are marked as having no subject, they have no content but they are not erased. They just keep there stating the sender.
How can I erase them?

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Nov 2, 2012
Fabulous rom!

Sorry, nothing really to say - I've been on CM7.2 forever...thought I'd try something new...annnnnnd THIS IS A FABULOUS ROM!

Well done, thanks alot.

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Jul 2, 2012
ok sorry but i must tell it... i installed 20110828 gapps... and the Market (wouldn't upgrade to Play automatically) shows just error insufficient space on internal storage

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    Only for X10 Mini
    With nAa Kernel

    If you have X10 Mini Pro
    Click Here

    Hello friends,

    ArcMini ROM which I made earlier for X10 Mini Pro is available for X10 Mini also. Now, enjoy the playfull and colorfull UI of ArcMini on your X10 Mini and please support ArcMini.

    Pranav Pandey


    * Android 2.3.7 [Based On MiniCM7-2.2.0]
    * All new Xperia S UI. [Xperia S widgets are also working]
    * Fully customizable ArcMini Themes.
    * Xperia S wallpapers.
    * Facebook inside Xperia.
    * Sony default sounds. [Notifications, alarms, ringtones]
    * Sony Ericsson default widets and apps
    * Backup & Restore app.
    * Xperia Events app.
    * Changelog included within the ROM.
    * Optimized for performance.
    * Zipaligned. [More free RAM]
    * Smooth and playfull UI.


    ArcMini NxT5 Screenshots
    Now, play with Colors





    * First make complete backup of your rom.
    * Clear dalvik cache and wipe user data.
    * Then, install
    * After first boot, goto settings ->applications -> allow install from unknown sources.
    * Reboot again.

    First boot takes time. So, please wait....

    Performance Tweaks

    * After installing select Sliding Tab lockscreen and Sliding Tab call slider from CyanogenMod settings -> Lockscreen -> Style options.
    * Select ArcMini ICS via theme chooser and reboot again to use Ice Cream sandwich UI.

    Please follow Instructions

    Text under the lockscreen is removed in this version.

    ArcMini NxT5 Update
    [For Changelog, Scroll down...]
    [Install via CWM recovery after instaling ArcMini NxT5]
    [If already installed ArcMini NxT5, then just install this Update]

    ArcMini NxT5
    [All Google Apps Included]
    [Tested and Working Perfectly]
    [Install via CWM recovery]

    Xperia S Widgets
    [Install one by one after extracting zip]
    [Clock widget force closes on touch]
    [On/Off Tools force closes on brightness & GPS toggle]

    Home With Corners
    [Install via CWM after first boot]

    Default Sony Bootanimation
    [Install via CWM recovery]


    ArcMini NxT5 Update [3/6/2012]

    * Fixed Notification LED Bug. [Now working]
    * New lockscreen clock font.
    * Some minor UI changes.
    * Re-added ArcMini ICS theme & Calendar.
    [Because some Users desnot found that in Theme Choser]
    * Added some stock Sony apps. [Playnow & ApkInstaller]
    * Change Gallery & Theme Choser Icon


    Thanks to racht, nobodyAtall, zdzihu, jerpelea, doixanh, D4rKn3sSyS, eyama, carpe-dimi, paul-xxx, dewanush94, cholopo, stelios97, and other contributors..:)..

    Thanks also goes to CyanogenMod and CyanogenMod Team..:)..

    Used for Building ArcMini

    Oficial Cyanogen relese's:
    doixanh repo:
    paul-xxx repo:
    slade87 rom GinTonic:
    nobodyAtall repo:
    knzo tweaks:

    If you liked my work, just click on Thanks button.
    About ArcMini ICS

    Thanks for your interest in ArcMini ICS.

    Currently, I am working on the ArcMini ICS-3 for X10 Mini Pro.

    When there will be the most stable version of ArcMini ICS is available for X10 MIni Pro then, I will definitely release it for X10 Mini also as I done before [For ArcMini NxT5].

    So, please wait and enjoy ArcMini NxT5.:eek:


    Pranav Pandey
    either fix this or remove the rom

    First read the other comments of harry47.

    The rom is good. All working perfectly, fast at 600 Mhz. I cant find any lags while use. Can know the battery use and system speed after dumping many apps during its use ;) Overall a good rom and an excellent work :)

    Check out the free ram of this baby. Damn its fast :)

    All bugs are fixed in ArcMini NxT5 and its working perfectly.

    And also, if you have genuine suggestions, then you are welcomed otherwise stop giving your useless advice.
    Sounds preety.....
    So exited to use on my x10 mini with Xperia UI:):)::thumbup:

    Sent from my E10i using xda premium
    The rom is good. All working perfectly, fast at 600 Mhz. I cant find any lags while use. Can know the battery use and system speed after dumping many apps during its use ;) Overall a good rom and an excellent work :)
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