[ROM][AROMA] FreedomOS 1.3 [7.0][OOS][4.0.3][11/2][STABLE]

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Sep 6, 2010
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Yes you need to use magisk, stay tunned ;)


The OnePlus 3 & 3T threads will be unified in the unified section.
Two threads, one stable the other one CE builds based OPEN BETA builds.

EDIT: By the way, i need more OP3T testers :p

Does that mean there will be only one build for oneplus 3 and 3T, or seperate builds under one thread? :)
Thanks for the effort on maken builds based on the beta!


Jan 20, 2009
Regarding Viper4Android/Viper4Arise on FreedomOS 1.3

I've had problems getting it to work after having unchecked "SuperSU" and having checked Arise, Viper4Android and V4A Presets/Kernels, then flashing Magisk for root instead. It wasn't working and driver showed as abnormal.

I've managed to get it to work by checking SuperSU and unchecking V4A presets/kernel. Maybe it will also help others!


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Mar 10, 2014
I'll gladly be a tester. Let me know what you are looking for, and any guidelines you would like followed (IE: stock kernel, custom kernel, certain things enabled, etc etc). Shoot me a message if interested!

If you need testers for OP3T, you can count me in and PM me in French :)

Same for me in French too.[emoji6]

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Just send me your email in pm, i'll send you an invitation.

Yeah the threads will be unified but the builds..

The builds will still separate for now.
I don't want to manage 4 threads.

Regarding Viper4Android/Viper4Arise on FreedomOS 1.3

I've had problems getting it to work after having unchecked "SuperSU" and having checked Arise, Viper4Android and V4A Presets/Kernels, then flashing Magisk for root instead. It wasn't working and driver showed as abnormal.

I've managed to get it to work by checking SuperSU and unchecking V4A presets/kernel. Maybe it will also help others!

Just wait a little bit ;)


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Mar 16, 2010

Sorry, I had to :crying: :silly:

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Jan 27, 2012
Why is possibile istall xposed and substratum, i think is not support right?

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Dec 13, 2010
I'd be down for testing! Hey Neva is it possible to add the option for center clock and battery percent in the icon in the next build?
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    FreedomOS allows you to debloat your ROM smartly.
    Everything is customisable, you can install the most minimalistic rom, like a fully modded rom.
    So basically, it install the untouched stock rom and install and remove all the functionality you have selected in the aroma.

    Features :

    Install/Uninstall Google apps:

    - Android Pay
    - Calculator Google
    - Calendar Google
    - CallSync
    - Camera Google
    - Cloud Print
    - Contatcs Google
    - DialerFramework
    - Dialer Google
    - DMAgent
    - Google Drive
    - Exchange Google
    - FaceDetect
    - FaceUnlock
    - Gmail
    - GoogleTTS
    - Hangouts
    - Hotword
    - Keyboard Google
    - Messenger
    - Package Installer Google
    - Pixel Icons
    - Pixel Launcher
    - Photos
    - Play Games
    - Print Service Google
    - Search
    - Speech
    - Storage Manager Google
    - Tag Google
    - Talkback
    - Wallpapers
    - YouTube
    All the others apps have been removed

    Install/Uninstall system apps :

    - AntHal
    - Android Pay
    - Basic Dream
    - Bluetooth Midi Service
    - Bluetooth Test Mode
    - Desk Clock
    - Document (File Manager)
    - Download
    - EngineeringMode
    - EngSpecialTest
    - Facelock
    - Galaxy
    - Holospiral
    - Animated wallpaper
    - LogKitSdService
    - Music
    - Noise Feild
    - OemAutoTestServer
    - OEMLogKit
    - OnePlus Camera
    - OnePlus Gallery
    - OnePlus OTA
    - OnePlus Setup Wizard
    - Phase Beam
    - Protips
    - SensorTestTool
    - SwiftKey
    - Tags
    - WifiRfTestApk
    - Dive Icons
    - Rifon icons

    - Enforcing kernel
    - SuperSU | systemless 2.79 STABLE
    - Xposed Installer Material | Flash the Xposed zip after the AROMA installation
    - Adaway + hosts file
    - Android Debugging Bridge
    - Substratum Theme Engine Legacy
    - Google DNS
    - EmojiOne
    - MultiWindows
    - Patched Stock Kernel, disable force encryption and some tweaks.
    - ARISE Sound System
    - Google Assistant

    Instructions :
    You need an unlocked bootloader with TWRP.

    - Install the latest official TWRP
    - Download and copy the zip file in your OP3T
    - Reboot into TWRP
    - Make a nandroid backup (optionnal)
    - :good: Clean flash Wipe data/system/dalvik/cache | Dirty Flash: Wipe System/Cache/Dalvik :rolleyes:
    - Install > Select FreedomOS zip file
    - Enjoy aroma installer
    - Done

    "Can i dirty flash this rom ?"
    Please, read the second post and the thread :cowboy:


    Keep in mind, i do not have this device on my side.
    OnePlus has stopped offer the OnePlus3T to the devs.

    nevax one (Mirror 1) | AFH (Mirror 2)

    Don't forget to put md5 file in the same directory of the the rom zip.
    Like that TWRP will chack the integrety of the rom.


    GitLab | Github (Mirror)

    Enjoy what I do? Want to show your appreciation? You can donate HERE.​

    Special thanks to :
    People who have donated to me to support ongoing development,
    to all contributors ,
    and of course all the beta testers.

    Credits :
    OnePlus for everything.
    @Chainfire for SuperSU.
    @amarullz for aroma project.
    @rovo89, @DVD android for Xposed Installer.
    @kickoff for the new aroma theme,
    @xpirt for the python script.
    @A.R.I.S.E. Sound Systems,
    @xpirt for the python script
    @YashdSaraf for the busybox binaries,
    The Open GApps Project,
    jcadduono for no-dm-verity script,
    Maybe more people, tell me!

    XDA:DevDB Information
    FreedomOS for OnePlus3T, ROM for the OnePlus 3T

    Source Code: https://gitlab.com/Nevax/FreedomOS

    ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
    ROM Firmware Required: All included!
    Based On: OxygenOS

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 1.3
    Stable Release Date: 2017-02-11

    Created 2017-01-15
    Last Updated 2017-02-27
    New update :)
      UPDATE: OxygenOS 4.0.3
        - Added Wi-Fi IPv6 Support toggle
        - Optimized Smart Wi-Fi Switcher, if turned on, device will switch to data connection if Wi-Fi signal is consistently poor
        - Fixed crashes for Line
        - Optimized exposure when taking night time photos
        - Increased stability of the Camera app
        - Updated Audio Parameters and improved the quality of audio recordings
        - Updated APN settings for select carriers
      FIX: Enforcing state, latest hotfix is no more needed
      FIX: DeskClock and OPFilemanager installation
      FIX: Clean older ARISE installation to avoid conflicts
      REMOVE: ATV bloatware apk (Amazon bloatware)
      REMOVE: Kindle bloatware apk (Amazon bloatware)
      REMOVE: mShop bloatware apk (Amazon bloatware)
      UPDATE: ARISE Sound System Deuteromony 2.71b
      UPDATE: Core Google Apps
      UPDATE: YouTube
      UPDATE: WebViewGoogle
      UPDATE: Google Search
      UPDATE: Messenger
      UPDATE: Gmail
      UPDATE: Drive
      UPDATE: Chrome
      UPDATE: Google Calendar
      UPDATE: AndroidPay
      UPDATE: Text-to-Speech
      ADD: Sony Music Player (with TrackID) in aroma
      ADD: Option to use older version of Viper4Android
      ADD: Arkamys option
      ADD: Deep buffer option
      ADD: icepower option
      ADD: Permissive option
      ADD: Traditional Chinese language, special thanks to @clyang
      ADD: Simplified Chinese language, special thanks to @clyang
      ADD: Fallback fonts with support of arabic, chinese and much more
      NOTE: As always, all the changes are available on gitlab.
      NOTE: I have added some instructions to help translation.
            Feel free to fork the project, all contributors are credited as it should.
    Faq - readme


    If you can't find the answer here, use the search function!

    Want to report an issue, a problem?
    Please report it HERE, it much more handy compared to the forum.
    Provide as much information as possible, the installation logs or logcat are important.
    You can also suggest your ideas :)

    What is the Google Dialer issues?
    For now Google Dialer + Contacts still at his experimental state.
    IMPORTANT: If you are perfoming a dirty flash with Google Dialer and your previous dialer was OnePlus Dialer, you will get issues with databases (force close, unable to access to some settings)!
    Same if your previous was Google Dialer and want OnePlus dialer, do not mix different dialer.
    So if you wan to switch your dialer, clean flash.
    Read more here

    Can i dirty flash this rom ?
    Yes you can, but you need to do a wipe system, cache and dalvik.
    Obviously, if you can make a clean flash do it, it's better.
    Don't dirty flash if your previous rom was not FreedomOS or OxygenOS.

    I got a bootloop caused by a incompatible/bad layer.
    Boot into TWRP.
    Go to Mount.
    Select System.
    Return to Home.
    Go to Advanced.
    Go to file manager.
    Go to /system/vendor/overlay/ and remove the bad overlay apk.

    Where is my SwiftKey?

    Swiftkey icon is hidden with the OnePlus launcher,
    Go to 'Settings > Language & input > Actual keyboard > Select keyboard'.

    My installation is stuck at XX%.
    Wait one or two minutes and touch two times at the bottom right of your screen.
    The installation will end correctly.
    If you got nothing, reflash the rom.

    I'm stuck on boot logo after flashing stock kernel by myself
    Flash SuperSU with unpatched kernel (provided in the zip file) or re-flash the rom with SuperSU.

    I have unselected SuperSU in the aroma and now i want it.
    Reflash the rom or flash the unpatched stock kernel available in AFH, and flash the latest SuperSU zip.

    Tips :
    For reducing the battery usage, i recommend to disable Viper4Android for the phone speaker for everyday usage.
    The economy will minimal but we don't need an audio treatment for a simple *ding* notification.
    New update :)
      FIX: SELinux contexts, it's now fully compatible with Enforcing state. Read commit: a9032628
      FIX: OnePlus Wallpapers uninstallation
      ADD: Save installer logs in sdcard
      ADD: apt-x support, thanks to @dh.harald for the lib files
      ADD: Turkish language, thanks to @topcu.mevlut !17
      ADD: Option to remove OnePlus OTA app
      ADD: Clean temporary files after installation
      UPDATE: System apps uninstaller
      UPDATE: Google Play Store
      UPDATE: Google Calendar
      UPDATE: Google Call Sync
      UPDATE: Gmail
      UPDATE: Google Keyboard
      UPDATE: Google Photos
      UPDATE: Google Search
      UPDATE: YouTube
      UPDATE: Put substratum in Advenced Settings
      REMOVE: DMAgent from Google apps
      REMOVE: Hangouts from Google apps
      REMOVE: DownloadProvider option, required by some apps
      REMOVE: Galaxy4
      REMOVE: HoloSpiralWallpaper
      REMOVE: NoiseFeild
      REMOVE: PhaseBeam
      REMOVE: Protips
      REMOVE: Google Package Installer from Google apps
      REMOVE: Google Storage Manager from Google apps
      REMOVE: "Complete installation" option for Google Apps, it will avoid unconscious installation of Google Dialer.
      REMOVE: Permissive workaround, the kernel is now booting in Enforcing mode

    NOTE: Battery drain with custom kernel is now fixed! (it was not due of the kernel itself)
    To be more accurate it was due of a wrong SELinux contexts which blocking the pm-service to get/send informations from/to the ipc router bind (i supose with the modem).
    Just a small update, i'm just trying to fix some battery drain with Arise Sound System.
    I'll not come back to an older version, simply because a lot of important issues has been fixed in the latest update.
    On older versions, some music players aren't correctly supported (poweramp, google play music,..) and the sound is distorted!
    If i can't fix it, i'll simply disable ARISE until it was fixed!
    I trully want to give the best experience to the user.

    Anyway, if you can't wait, you can build the rom from my source code! :)
    You just need a linux box, and type the given commands on gitlab.