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|ROM||AROMA||----- Jedi-X20----- || Viper4Android Audio || MULTICARRIER ||4.1.2| 10|24!!

What Themes Do You Use In Aroma For Jedi?

  • Jedi Black&White

    Votes: 22 19.3%
  • Jedi Blue

    Votes: 13 11.4%
  • Jedi Red

    Votes: 6 5.3%
  • Jedi Purple

    Votes: 2 1.8%
  • Jedi Orange

    Votes: 2 1.8%
  • Jedi S4

    Votes: 57 50.0%
  • Deviant Jedi

    Votes: 9 7.9%
  • Hydro Green

    Votes: 3 2.6%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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duck man

Senior Member
Dec 14, 2011
El Paso Tx.
How do I go about doing that?

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Go into SETTINGS-then MORE SETTINGS-then MOBILE NETWORK then ACCESS POINT NAMES then just click on the apn that says T-MOBILE US

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Senior Member
Oct 26, 2011
XDA Developer Forums! ;-)
This is definitely fast. ..2 thumbs up ptmr3

Latest Jedi X
Latest Saber Kernel

Amen! This is definitely the best my phone has ever seen on 4.1.2 TW...I'm not even wanting to bother with the AT&T 4.3 leak on its' own, as curious as I may be about it, because I know that when it gets Jedi-fied it will continue to blow the stock experience out of the water!

Nice work ptmr3 and crew! :D


Senior Member
Nov 20, 2008
Los Angeles
X20 is the best to date. Super fast and responsive. And I don't know if it's the rom or Saber kernel, but my cell signal at my house has improved since flashing X20. Very nice work ptmr3.

Since flashing Jedi ROM I'm more confident, my sex life has improved, I'm making more money at work, and all traffic signals change to green as I approach.

Great job @ptmr3!

Jedi Master ( 18 ) - Galaxy Note 2 ( T889 ) - Saber ( 46 )

The force is with me.


Senior Member
Mar 7, 2008
Is there a way to change the icon colors for the statusbar? Example, voicemail, text message etc. I only ask because I like using the transparent statusbar and when the background is a certain color its very hard to see some of those notification icons. Thankyou

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Senior Member
Feb 8, 2008
Marlboro NJ
Can someone please verify that holding down the home button isn't going to task manager. Did a clean install didn't work. I dirty flashed and it's still not working.

I'm a jedi master

I just jinxed myself, its going straight to S voice now. =( not the task manager, idk what happened. Also, i lost the expandable audio manager

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Senior Member
Nov 26, 2010
Stockton (cali)
Is there a way to change the icon colors for the statusbar? Example, voicemail, text message etc. I only ask because I like using the transparent statusbar and when the background is a certain color its very hard to see some of those notification icons. Thankyou

Sent from my SGH-T889 using Tapatalk 2

If you are comfortable using terminal this is a very powerful xposed mod. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2400369

It's fairly easy, just follow the directions in the op, and figure hour the color code you want to use which can easily be found online.

Sent from my Jedi powered Note 3


Feb 5, 2009
BBM not working

Hi... Anybody can help me ? After i install this Jedi everthing is smooth. But the Blackberry Messenger cannot connect. It said, "no connection found". I try the other custom rom and the BBM working fine. any idea how to solve this one ? Thanks before.


Senior Member
Dec 28, 2012
Unable to locate all the recorded calls. Can anyone direct me the directory.

They would be in app drawer in voice recordings

I'm a jedi master

Edit I stand corrected. There is no longer a voice recording app.

---------- Post added at 06:00 AM ---------- Previous post was at 05:52 AM ----------

I just jinxed myself, its going straight to S voice now. =( not the task manager, idk what happened. Also, i lost the expandable audio manager

Sent from my SGH-T889 using XDA Premium HD app

Did you change dpi for floating apps?

I'm a jedi master
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    |ROM||AROMA||----- Jedi-X20----- || Viper4Android Audio || MULTICARRIER ||4.1.2| 10|24!!


    Image By AddisG

    Threads Combined! Please Specify Your Device Variant In Your Questions!
    This ROM now supports TMO 889 & Canadian 889v variants, ATT 317 & Canadian 317m variants, VZW 605 , International 7105... More coming soon

    READ, READ, READ before downloading, flashing, or posting questions INCLUDING Frequently Asked Questions


    Built From Official 4.1.2 7105 Base
    -Hacked to Support All Apps
    Partially Debloated
    Bravia Engine 3
    Network speed tweaks
    Performance Tweaks
    Battery Tweaks
    Custom Boot Animations
    Removed PowerOn/Shutdown Audio
    RAM Management Tweaks
    Fully Functional 4-Way Boot
    "The Force" performance:) 
    SaberKernel [URL="https://github.com/ptmr3"] Source[/URL] [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2111228"]Thread Here[/URL]
    Framework modifications
    23 Toggles!
    Ink Effect with Finger
    Jedi ROM Tricks App
    -Custom Ink Color
    -Keyboard Switcher
    -Xposed Framework
    -Per App DPI [URL]http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2072081[/URL] Go Here To Learn!
    -Icon Changer
    Voodoo Control for use with Saber
    Trickster Mod for use with Saber
    Much More...
    Call Recording
    CRT Off
    Floating Notifications
    Viper4Android Audio!!

    Base sammobile.com
    LegendK --- Multi-Window Control See Here
    Eugene373---- Sleeper script
    AWESOME---- Beats
    SeriouslyCrazy--- Wallpapers
    Wanam/Lidroid----- 15 Toggles Mod (Add Ons)
    AddisG---- ALOT of testing and Dedication
    This Extremely Generous/ Supportive Community
    Wanam AGAIN for 23 Toggles MOD-- See Thread HERE!!
    LegendK for Keyboard Switcher App
    mythtrandyr for Ink Color App
    Der Teufel
    ernest33 NCB1 Module
    Anyone that I may have missed!

    Thanks To- psycho4us4


    Thanks to ViPER520 and zhuhang

    Known Issues


    Viper4android Audio!!
    - IRS Starter pack inckuded
    APN addition for tmobile
    - EPC && Fast apns availabe in mobile networks settings
    Awesome animations added as an option in Aroma
    TricksterMod updated
    Updated Per app dpi settings
    Updated Xposed Frameworks
    Build prop updates
    N3 ringtones/notifications
    Keyboard Switcher update
    SaberKernel 47!!
    -Updated to (EOL) Linux Version 3.0.101
    -GPU and CPU stability
    -- All system/apps updated to XXDMG1 Firmware
    -- Now LTE Option in Mobile networks (for those that were confused about the LTE abilities of this ROM)
    Aroma Edits
    -Added exfat swap
    -Call record now optional
    -CRT now optional
    -Removed all themes except for S4 to cut size of zip. Themes are all available in Themes section of this forum
    -Added Systemui options
    -- VZW
    -- Tmo
    -- ATT
    -- 7105 (H, H+, 4G, Etc)
    Verizon Users
    -- Signal Bars now visible
    -- GPS "instantaneous"
    -- Thanks to Sir-Lancelot for insane amounts of flashing and testing
    Carrier file permissions allocation method edited
    Polaris Office 5! (thanks apen)
    Boeffla Sound App to replace Voodoo
    TricksterMod update
    Nexplay Music update
    ES file explorer update
    Xposed Installer Updated
    SuperSU updated
    SaberKernel 43!
    - Complete rebase from 7100 update 2 sources
    - GPU scaling fixed
    - 3.0.96
    - Now built with GCC 4.7 toolchain
    - Zen default sched
    Removed Sony Walkman 
    Added Nexmusic
    Move to data for easy removal:
    -- TricksterMod
    -- Voodoo
    -- Nexmusic
    -- Beats
    -- Hangouts
    Floating Notifications!! 
    --(Because of a Samsung bug with this app, I removed TTS apps. If you use functions such as "Briefing" in clock, Please download this and flash --> [URL="http://d-h.st/4gX"]Google TTS[/URL]
    Team edit!
    -- Congrats markbencze!
    Add VZW support
    Add 7105
    (Sprint && 7100 in progress)
    4.3 Camera Added into aroma
    Changed Permission method
    Changed apn.conf syncing
    init.d edits
    Removed ascending ringtone
    Added nartive call recording
    Fixed errors when using swap
    CRT Off
    Gmail updated
    Hangouts updated
    Trickster updated
    LMT pie Updated
    SUperSU Updated
    SaberKernel 38.1!!!
    -- ZZMOOVE updated to v0.7 (ZaneZam/Yank)
    -- LulzactiveQ added in (Gohkanmoral)
    -- Upgraded to Linux 3.0.91
    -- Wifi driver edit for reduce wakelock
    -- All sources Merged!! 
    -- More.. see git
    Aroma Edits
    - Added Apen83's new Black & White theme to Options
    - Removed Modems
    ---- All modems are available via the sticky in this Dev Thread and have proven to be dangerous if users accidentally flash one when they shouldnt or dont read the OP
    - Added a beginning to Multi Carrier Support from aroma
    --- Att
    --- Bell
    --- Mobilicity
    --- Rogers
    --- SaskTel
    --- Telus 
    --- Tmobile
    --- Videotron
    --- Wind
    ------(No need to flash Carrier Package for 317M variants anymore)
    - Added new Swap Script that has been tested to work on SaberKernel32.2 +
    Updated LMT to Version 1.9.10 with new features and GUI
    Updated SuperSU
    Reworked/Re Evaluated Init.d
    -- Removed CPU Sleeper
    ---- Most Govs Used By Kernel 'Hotplug' which shuts off unused cores... rendering this script/app unnecessary and less than beneficial
    -- Removed Scripts
    -- Modded Remaining
    SaberKernel 35.7!!!
    -- Upgraded to Linux 3.0.87
    -- Added ZZMOOVE
    ---- zzmoove edited to support more frequencies
    -- Edits to WIFI handling for less wakelock issues/performance
    -- Some Peg gov Edits
    -- Edit to I/O que
    -- Edits to kernel/module.c in hopes of further work on exfat later on
    Much Smoother and cleaner over all feel
    ROM Tricks Edits
    - Xposed Section
    Xposed Framework Update
    Added NCB1 Module
    -Custom notification background
    Live wallpapers fixed
    MD1 Modem added into aroma
    Hangouts Update/fix 
    Trickster Update
    SuperSu Updated
    SaberKernel 30.2
    - 3.0.84
    more... see saber thread
    AROMA Added
    ---Aroma Options---
    -Wipe/No Wipe 
    -EFS backup
    -Modems ( Only tmobile modems added. Canadian Variants be sure to select 'Retain Modem'
    -Stock Layout/5x5/or 5x6 Jedi TW Launchers
    -Stock/S4 or No Accuweather
    -Mem Swap Script
    Edits to init.d
    Google Hangouts
    --Rom Tricks Edits
    -Faster Fix (GPS)
    -Fast Dormancy toggle
    --ROM tricks now has icon in app drawer
    Edits to default workspace on clean flash
    SaberKernel 25.
    -GPU OC all set
    -Jedi Blue -apn83
    -Jedi Orange -apen83
    -Jedi Purple- apen83
    -Jedi Red- apen83
    -Jedi S4 Style- apen83
    -Deviant Jedi- markbencze
    -Hydro Green- VerifiedSub
    --If at any time aroma freezes, battery pull and go from there (either reinstall or boot)
    Edits to SytemUI (thanks for the info DJ)
    - Android Manifest Edits
    - 2 finger swipe down back to normal
    - Docking Fixed
    New Boot Animation Thanks To APEN83!!!
    Trickster Mod Added (CPU/Voltage/TouchWake Etc)
    Updated LMT Pie Launcher
    --Voltage Edits
    --TouchWake! (thanks to ezekeel & Derteufel)
    --Voltage Control Edits
    --fsync edits
    Removed ROM Toolbox From Settings
    Clean Settings
    Added Voodoo Control App For Use With SaberKernel
    Jedi Rom Tricks App
    - Meet My Team
    - Keyboard Switcher
    - Custom Ink
    - Toggle Settings
    - Xposed Framework Installer
    - Per App DPI
    - LMT Pie
    - Icon Changer
    Negative Colors Widget
    Updated SuperSU
    -Voodoo Sound Support
    2|25 X11 --
    Removed Auto-Correct Keyboard (Goodybag)
    Old Samsung IME back in
    Jellybean AOSP Keyboard Issue Remedied
    Settings Edited For Cosmetic Purposes
    Updated SuperSU
    Build.prop Edit to Remove GPU Render Default
    Ram Management Script Edit
    Smoother UI
    Pro Settings Updated
    - MHL Out Audio Fixed
    - Further Audio Updates
    - Updated to Linux 3.0.64
    2|6 XX --
    Added Custom Ink To Settings
    Added Keybord Switcher to Settings
    Cleaned Up Settings
    Removed AM/PM From Statusbar
    New Semi-Transparent Drop-down
    5X6 Modded Jedi(TW) Launcher
    Updated ROM Toolbox
    Updated SuperSU
    SaberKernel_12.11 (Not Yet Released) [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2111228"]Thread Here[/URL]
    1|15 X9 --
    Fixed MW issues
    Switched out Gmail Apps
    {-Jedi Settings Section-}
    - Moved SuperSU to Settings 
    - Moved Lidroids 23 Toggle Settings to Settings
    {- Rom Toolbox Settings-}
    - Update ROM Straight From Settings
    - App Manager (Back Up & Restore)
    - Root Browser
    - Cpu Control
    - Kernel Tweaks
    - SD Booster
    - Boot Animations
    - Font Chooser
    Overclock to 1800 While Retaining Battery Life
    Voltage control
    ZEN Scheduler
    1|7 X8 --
    Rebuilt From DLL4 Base
    Updated SuperSU
    Gmail 4.2
    Bravia 2
    Removed Tmo Modem from Flash
    New Unlimited MW Method
    Includes ROM ToolBox
    Future Releases Should OTA From Rom ToolBox
    23 Toggles fixed
    12|8 X7--
    BEATS Audio Fixed
    SystemUi Recoded
    -No more annoying Red Box
    -GPS icon fixed
    -Ability too Add or Remove Brightness Slider
    Ink Lockscreen Edit
    Skinny As Ever!! (Just Over 600MB)
    Saber Pen Sounds :D
    12|7 X6--
    REBASE!! 4.1.2
    Very Lightweight
    12|3 X5--
    Volume Wake
    Module Edits
    Force GPU Redering Off By Default
    23 Toggles MOD by WANAM
    ***Use AdvanceS app to edit or add toggles! !!
    11|27 X4--
    5x5 Launcher (You May Have to re-place Widgets After Flashing Due To New Layout
    15 Toggles
    New HandleBar
    Faster UI/ Scrolling
    Build.Prop Edits
    11|19 X3--
    SaberKernel_01 ([URL="http://github.com/ptmr3"] Github [/URL]
    Much Faster
    Lightning Fast Scrolling
    Network Tweaks in build.prop
    The Coveted Symbols On Keyboard
    Alphabetical Sorting in App Drawer
    Updated SuperSU
    Shutter Sound Option In Camera 
    11|14 X2--
    Perseus Kernel ([URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1960935"]Thread Here[/URL]
    Replaced 4.2 Keyboard With Stock 889
    Added Multi Window Control App (  [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1953705"]Thank Dev Here[/URL]
    Added Light Manager (LED Control)
    Added Visualizer In Walkman
    Included Missing Bravia Files
    USB Debugging On By Default
    11|12 v1--- 
    Initial Release


    -Download ROM & AddOns
    -Backup your apps with preferred method(app2zip is great)
    -Wipe data ( factory data reset)
    -Wipe system (Format system (in mounts/storage) if on CWM)
    -Flash ROM
    -Aroma will guide you through your installation (If installer freezes for any reason, oull battery and start over)
    -Boot system and DO NOT TOUCH FOR 10 MIN
    -After the 10 min, reboot phone and enjoy the Force
    * Check Addons Before Reporting Anything Missing GoodyBag (Thanks AddisG)
    - - Questions? Visit The Jedi Academy
    Before posting in thread

    Please See Q&A section before posting issues

    Jedi X20 --
    Mirror-- http://forum.xda-developers.com/devdb/project/dl/?id=1306
    MD5 - 11c811c10d2f30416e01b63190085b74


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Questions? Visit The Jedi Academy
    Before posting in thread

    Why dont functions like "Breifing" in clock package work?
    I removed TTS apps that were interferring with the floating notifications. If you use functions such as "Briefing" in clock, Please download this and flash --> Coming soon

    How Do I Use TouchWake?
    In TricksterMod App enable Touchwake and set delay to 0

    Why are my widgets messed up?
    You need to pull the widget off of the screen and re place it to let it resize to the new Layout

    Why cant i see my 64GB (exfat) SD card?
    You are apparently using SaberKernel which does not yet support exfat. Please Format To Fat32

    Why cant i see "xxyourapkherexx" app in my app drawer ?
    Bloat or anything i see as extra or not needed by everyone or available on the market was removed!! See link to GoodyBag <
    Goody Bag> or find in the Market

    Jedi Council's Guide to Thread Participation":

    "A Jedi trusts the Force and first seeks other ways to resolve problems: patience, logic, tolerance, attentive listening, negotiation, persuasion, and calming techniques."

    Generally speaking, we are a pretty calm group of people, but as with so many other things in life, there are those that evoke a negative response from the very start. THAT is why we are such believers in maintaining a polite, respectful thread. Most everyone here is eager to help, and the only thing we ask is (despite the associated tedium) read the entire thread, it can only help. If and when you are still stuck, feel free to ask questions, we're all here to help one another.


    XDA:DevDB Information
    |ROM||AROMA||----- Jedi-X20----- || Viper4Android Audio || MULTICARRIER ||4.1.2| 10|24!!, a ROM for the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note II


    Version Information
    Status: Stable

    Created 2013-09-21
    Last Updated 2013-10-24
    Just sayin... back to work now lol

    Sent from my SM-N900T using xda app-developers app
    Jedi MasterX V1 4.3 Multicarrier is uploading for testing. Possible release tomorrow if everything goes smooth in testing

    Sent from my SM-N900T using xda app-developers app
    Here is 45.3 http://d-h.st/MkN

    Sent from my SGH-T889 using xda app-developers app