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Jan 3, 2015
Quick question...
Been running this Rom for over a year as daily. Just got a ps4 and the controllers suffer from bad connections. Many suggest changing Wi-Fi channels to any but 1 and 11. As these are the Bluetooth channels the ps4 uses.
Anyways I've used gt tools to set Max hotspot users above 10.
Under hotspot>advanced settings. It only gives me the option to use 5ghz when available.
Think i uSed to be able to change to channels and it was always either 2.4 or 5 never both.
Pretty sure that may be because I was running ok1? Base and not the recommended base that I'm on now... Pj1

Any way to easily get that back?
Like to be able to set hotspot channel at 6


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Apr 4, 2018
All you need to do for Sprint Note 4 user living outside US is press ##72786# and "Yes". It will restart, and enable 3G for gsm by itself.
I'm using it in Indonesia, but 3G here sucks (only got 5 Mbps). At least I got signal :D
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Aug 19, 2016
bug issue?

im not sure if this is a problem im the only one having but i cannot fix the clock on the top notification bar to look like the screenshots posted in the beginning of this thread... mines dissapears and i dont know if thats a bug... heres a screenshot. if you see its blank when i access the settings.. anyone know what i can do? and thanks for the rom.. its super awesome


Aug 19, 2016
and another question (sorry about this) but how can i turn of the touch light duration on the rom? ive searched all over the settings and cant find it.. thanks in advanced


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Jan 9, 2009
and another question (sorry about this) but how can i turn of the touch light duration on the rom? ive searched all over the settings and cant find it.. thanks in advanced

Im not using this rom but it should be in the settings-->display--> scroll down to you see touch key light--> choose always off..

And if this doesnt work try searching for it via the search in the settings


Jun 3, 2015
Santo Domingo
Hi all,

I'm on QI5 and flashed the Aroma Note 7 ROM with the only issue being that I haven't been able to root it.

I was on the stock ROM rooted with CF-Auto-root before porting to Aroma. I flashed TWRP and wiped everything but sd card, then flashed AromaI with magisk and superSU with both saying "Boot Image not found" when trying to patch. I tried Magisk method where Magisk Manager patches the boot.img from the stock ROM and then I flashed it with Odin but it didn't work.

I don't know what else to do to get it to work. Other than that, the ROM works great.

Thanks for any help you can provide,


Aug 19, 2016
Im not using this rom but it should be in the settings-->display--> scroll down to you see touch key light--> choose always off..

And if this doesnt work try searching for it via the search in the settings

I did search for touch key light but the option is missing.. nothing comes up.

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Check system/vendor/lib for liboemcrypto.so then rename to liboemcryptoOFF.so, sorry bout that, and you might want to download an earlier version of Netflix...around 5.0.4 reboot after all that too

Thanks this worked


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Dec 23, 2017
hi tx_dbs_tx
thanks for your rom
i cant flash you rom on my phone with you instruction
please can you quide me step by step with file name i should download and install
im so sorry for my english


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Dec 23, 2017
i installed Ultimate Note7 Hybrid SM-N930P v1.0 and my phone after reset go to recovery and dont boot rom .
what shoud i do?
installed twrp
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Jan 26, 2011
When I swipe from the bottom left or right, a Shortcut Settings mechanism pops up. What is that called, and how may I configure/disable it?

** disregard - it is ES Swipe from ES File Explorer.
Still loving this rom on my old Note 4.



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Jun 21, 2018
Hola amigo eres un maestro

Mi pregunta es puedes arreglar que cuando pongo en modo ahorro máximo, la cámara se distorsiona se pone en zoom
y si puedes configurar en la pantalla ahorro máximo, poner la pestaña para hacer llamadas no se encuentra como realizar llamadas
gracias amigo


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Dec 21, 2007
When I swipe from the bottom left or right, a Shortcut Settings mechanism pops up. What is that called, and how may I configure/disable it?

** disregard - it is ES Swipe from ES File Explorer.
Still loving this rom on my old Note 4.

I bought the es file explorer app to get away from that free version with all the extra crap in it. Pro version even looks different with a dark material theme.

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    Ultimate Note7 Hybrid aka UN7
    The next generation ROM for the Sprint Galaxy Note 4!

    About ROM
    Warning: This ROM is ONLY for the Sprint SM-N910P!!! DO NOT FLASH THIS ROM ON ANY OTHER MODEL!!! If you do then please don't ask for help in this thread. You are on your own! Know what you are doing before flashing and modifying your phone!!! Yes this is an amazing rom BUT it is for the Sprint network model SM-N910P ONLY!!! Please resist the urge to flash this rom on any other model. This is your fair warning.

    Initial Release: v1.0
    This is a "stock" build with no custom mods other than unlocked native hotspot
    Fully deodexed framework and system apps
    I built the entire rom and made underhood adjustments as needed. There is way too much work to list here!!!
    Root by @Chainfire
    Init.d support
    100% Sprint Note 7 framework and system apps.
    100% Sprint Note 4 system files for hardware & feature dependecies.
    This rom is guaranteed to bring new life into your Note 4 and make you love it again!

    Software version: N930PVPU1APGC
    Kernel: Official Samsung N910PVPS4DPJ1 modified to support Samsung UX software

    This is a mostly stock rom running the stock Samsung kernel. Although there are no major problems in the rom, I do plan to continue making fine adjustments in order to make this rom as perfect as I can. However, it is a port and many things have been done precisely for the smoothest and most trouble-free operation. Expect minimal issues. Currently this rom is amazing. In the future it will be even more amazing. The ROM includes all working features of the Sprint Note 7 software version N930PVPU1APGC excluding items listed below.
    (other than iris and fingerprint scanner and fm radio)

    All stock Samsung and Google apps as well as the main Sprint apps like Visual Voicemail and Sprint Zone
    Native Hotspot unlocked
    Disabled High Volume Warning
    5-way Reboot mod for convenience
    Removed Itson
    Removed/Disabled Knox and related apk's & libs/modules
    Removed Sprint bloat installer and Sprint ID
    Removed WhatsAppDownloader
    Removed Facebook and facebook feature apps (can be downloaded from Google Play)
    Removed Samsung Pay and Payment Framework (they are useless on rooted roms since they don't work if you have a rooted system or have tripped knox flag)
    There are a few csc tweaks as well as build.prop tweaks. The usual. Nothing far from stock.

    Added the following apps:
    Peel Smart Remote ( Why not? The Note 4 has a IR blaster unlike the note 7 :) )
    GifMaker app (is an add-on feature for the stock Samsung photo gallery and can be found in the stock gallery's menu)
    Samsung fonts package (can be accessed from fonts settings. There's a lot so it takes a few seconds to load them all. When you open fonts settings be patient, they will load)
    S7 Edge Nougat TW Launcher
    Chinese Smart Manager because it's prettier!

    Added Features:
    None at this time

    Known issues:
    This is the list of known minor issues upon initial release.
    • Always On Display aka "AOD", Edge Lighting and Night Clock are obviously not gonna work properly.
      (I have it turned off by default. You can enable it and play with it as well as try different "AOD "fixes" that may be available)
    • Fingerprint Scanner not working (Workaround added)
    • No Iris Scanner (I removed instances of Irus scanner in setting because obviously the N4 has no Iris scanner module)
    • FM radio is broken (I plan to fix this in the future as time permits. (I simply did not make this a priority )
    • WiFi calling is impossible to fix. (The IMS versions of N4 and N7 are very different. No way to fix this with the N7 dialer)
    • Update PRL and Profile is not working yet. I plan to fix this when I have more time. Fixed by @jc.m !!!
    • Launcher swiping left and right has a glitch where it sticks if you press to swipe between home screens
      (use short "flicks" instead and there's no issue swiping left & right)
      Fixed! Flashable zip fix is in post #2
    • Lockscreen pin/password entry causes reboot.. Fixed by @carlosggb !!!
    There are probably a few more minor things that i'm forgetting so I will work on a more precise bug list as I get to them.
    ***Please report any issues or bugs if you find something. Also PM me so your report doesn't get overlooked in the thread***

    ***v1.0 Initial release (rom features listed above)***​
    ***v1.1 Aroma Update***​
    REBOOT UNLOCK ISSUE FIXED!!!! @carlosggb
    PRL UPDATE FIXED!!!! (Thanks @jc.m!!!!)
    3minit Battery and Clock Added!!!
    Default DPI changed to 560 (from 640)
    MTP Dialog removed
    Call Recording (With auto call recording to all numbers or specific numbers!)
    AOD Tweaks added (Including custom brightness)
    Added Fingerprint workaround (Instructions Detailed on Post #5)
    Gestures and TWSwipe added to Stock Launcher
    Launcher flicker fixed (Thanks @tx_dbs_tx!!!!)
    Added Viper4Android
    UHQ Modded Camera
    DolbyAtmos added
    Camera Flash mod under 15%
    Added Extra Toggles!! (Thanks @ianmb!!!)
    All apps multiwindow and multi-instance
    USB Plug/Unplug disable wake up
    Installing app older versions over newer allowed
    A Couple of bootanimations included
    Fixed Gallery bug (Thanks @ianmb!!!)
    Fixed Calendar bug (Thanks @ianmb!!!)
    Fixed Keyboard bug (Thanks @ianmb!!!)
    Added Updated PhotoStudio (Thanks @ianmb!!!)
    Added RomControl
    Home button Wake via romcontrol
    Inmersive Mode via RC
    Permanent Notifications Removable (Toggle in RC)
    IME Notifications Removable (Toggle in RC)
    Custom Screen Off Timeout added to RC
    Added DBeditor, Adaway and Texdroider DPI Changer apps
    More Csc tweaks
    And a few things more i don't remember

    Flashing instructions:
    Before you flash this rom you absolutely MUST be running the latest N910PVPS4DPJ1 firmware for the Sprint Note 4. Specifically the bootloader and modem. Your phone needs to be fully activated prior to flashing any custom rom to ensure a trouble-free transition to this rom. Before you flash this rom, while on a stock Sprint N4 rom, go to Settings/System updates and update PRL then update Profile. Reboot your phone and then go to Settings/Activate this device and launch it to properly activate your phone on the Sprint network. Once this completes, make sure data, calls messaging/mms and gps works as it should. Once everything is activated and working, then proceed with the flashing instructions below. If you ignore this requirement please expect issues and don't ask for help until you do these initial steps.

    If you are running software older than PJ1 then you can either take the ota updates in order on your phone via OTA updates, or use odin to flash the software in order of release until you are fully updated. OTA updates on your phone are installed differently than odin packages therefore you may only have to take one or two updates to become current. The OTA updates run scripts to patch your current rom unlike odin tar packages that completely write the entire partition replacing everything clean. I will not go into great detail about that here. I have covered this many times in my other threads so if you aren't sure then do some searching here in the Note 4 forums. If you already updated your software past the PJ1 version then you can try to flash the rom BUT you could possibly have hardware issues with wifi, etc. So if you want to play it safe, revert to the official PJ1 firmware which can be done by odin flashing the stock N910PVPS4DPJ1 software on your PC or a custom firmware only package that can be packaged for this purpose. Just ask if you need help finding it there's a couple of people here that can help with that. My advice is to run this rom with the PJ1 firmware for the best results since the kernel, modules and hardware specific software is based on version PJ1.

    ***Before you flash this rom, please make sure your battery has at least 30% charge***

    OK... Lets begin!
    1. Download the rom
    2. Check the MD5!!! Use a MD5 checksum tool on your pc or phone (Google is your friend)
    3. Copy the downloaded rom to your phone's internal storage or micro-sd card
    Note: It has become apparent to me that if you are coming from another custom rom, especially another port rom, that you MUST also wipe your internal storage. Left over data from other roms DO cause major problems! So if you want the best trouble-free experience with this rom, I highly recommend that you backup anything you need from you internal storage and wipe it in recovery. You should do this before placing this rom on your internal storage or else put the rom zip on your micro-sd card.
    4. Backup anything you need to backup from your internal storage and copy it to your pc or sd-card (DO NOT RESTORE BACKED UP APPS! INSTALL THEM FRESH FOR THE BEST TROUBLE-FREE EXPERIENCE!)
    5. Reboot to TWRP custom recovery. Press "Wipe". Do the "Factory Reset" several times then go into "Advanced Wipe" options and wipe Dalvic-Cache, System, Data, and Cache several times.
    6. Go to recovery home screen and select "Install" and select the rom zip that you have already copied to your phone in step 3 above. Install the rom and the script will prompt you to reboot system when it is finished flashing.
    7. The initial boot process will take around 12 minutes. Please be patient. It WILL boot.
    8. Once the phone has booted and you will see "Installing Applications". The phone will reboot once during this process then continue installing upon reboot.
    9. Once you reach the setup wizard ...
    10.Reboot to Recovery and Flash Modset, pick your options in the Aroma!!
    11.Once you are back to the Wizard Proceed as usual and setup your phone. At the very last step when allowing the weather location access the phone will reboot one more time. Upon reboot you will be at the home screen.
    12.If you picked Magisk as your root method, go to the Download folder and install MagiskManager apk or you wont have root access!
    13.That's it! You're done! You are now going to smile as you experience the best ROM for the Sprint Galaxy N4 to date.
    Note: Immediately upon reaching the home screen you may notice some lagginess. This is due to Google and Samsung accounts syncing all of their respective account features at once. I highly recommend that you first go to cloud/sync settings and set these account options right away to conserve battery and data usage Uncheck the things you don't want or need.
    Enjoy the official Note 7 port ROM for the Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 4! Please feel free to post rom feedback and support questions.

    Without the following people NONE of this would be possible. Period.
    @Chainfire for root and SuperSU. Thank you!​
    @iBotPeaches for the continued development and support of apktool. Thank you!​
    @JesusFreke for smali/baksmali tools! Thank you!​

    ROM Development

    Modset Development

    Hybrid ROM Testing & Troubleshooting Team
    The following XDA members contributed to the success of this ROM
    (in alphabetical order... more people will be added)​

    Follow me on my google hangouts for current and up to date discussions on current and future rom projects! We have fun and talk about anything! Just PM me your gmail address and I can add you to my Hangouts. Don't forget to introduce yourself with your XDA username so other people will know who you are. See you there!

    (Click the paragraph below or the orange "donate" button below my avatar from any of my posts)​
    P(lease enter your XDA username in the "Notes" section of you PayPal transaction)​

    Top Supporters

    ( MD5 checksums are provided below. They are the same regardless of link used )​
    MD5: F44AB6C8CB762CD912FDA26610233293

    MD5: 65ABD93452608DD53B91EE18F8A34AD9

    Alternate links​

    XDA:DevDB Information
    ULTIMATE Note 7 Hybrid [N930PVPU1APGC], ROM for the Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 4

    tx_dbs_tx, carlosggb
    ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
    ROM Firmware Required: N910PVPS4DPJ1_N910PSPT4DPJ1_N910PVPS4DPJ1_HOME
    Based On: AP_N930PVPU1APGC_CL8706608_QB10377011_REV00_user_low_ship_MULTI_CERT_meta

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 1.1
    Stable Release Date: 2017-05-12

    Created 2017-01-14
    Last Updated 2017-08-25
    I want some of you to understand the massive amount of time and work that went into this rom for a few months. I am long overdue for a break. I understand there is a few issues with the lockscreen but I don't know when or if I will be able to solve the lock screen issue. If people keep complaining this rom and the thread goes bye bye along with all future public work from me. Period. I don't do this for me, I do it for other people. I'm sorry about the few minor issues but I'm having to take a break and my personal life comes first. I know most of you understand this. In the future I can decide to not release public roms and only make them available to fellow XDA friends here instead. I have no problem with that. So please have some patience and understanding. If you need a perfect functioning rom then look for a stock based rom, not a port rom. Remember, we at XDA do NOT have the proprietary tools that Samsung uses to build their software. We use custom modified tools such as ApkTool (which by nature is a "hack" to decompile apk's that where never meant to be decompiled in the first place) and manual modifications to the software to fix incompatibilities, etc. So there will be issues and it's unavoidable. Making software from a completely different device function fully on a different device takes a lot of time and work. It is the most difficult challenge when it comes to building ROM's. But for older devices to have updated features like TouchWiz, this is the ONLY way we will see these new features on older devices because Samsung does not usually update TouchWiz on their older devices in order to promote sales of theit new devices. So this is my thoughts on all of this. Thank you to all of you who made a kind donation. It really means a lot to me.
    Fixes and Additional Files

    During testing a few people had issues with sms/mms not sending after a reboot. The guys figured out a fix for this problem so I created a flashable fix which will be copied to your sd card upon flashing the rom. If you definitely have a problem sending sms/mms and it becomes a constant thing then you need to flash this fix. It's a simple edit in one xml file in csc. Simply flash AlternateSmsMmsSendingFix_UN7_Hybrid_by.txdbstx.zip
    and reboot. That should fix the sms/mms sending problem.


    Root & SuperSU after a factory reset
    The original SuperSU root package will also be copied to your sd card during the rom flash. You will need this if you do a factory reset because you will lose root. Simply flash SR1-SuperSU-v2.78-SR1-20160915123031.zip in recovery AFTER you have done a factory reset AND rebooted your phone at least once.


    Samsung Gallery
    If your photo thumbnails disappear in Samsung Gallery then wipe the data and cache for Gallery in "Applications" section of Settings. This should fix the problem. :good:


    The Notorious TouchWiz Launcher Swipe Glitch
    Flash this UN7-TW-Launcher-Fix-by-tx_dbs_tx.zip and the bug will be gone. You can use any compatible TW launcher without worrying about the launcher swipe glitch. Remember, this fix took me a while to figure out. It should work on other N7 port roms that have the same issue. But please do NOT reupload or post other links to my fixes in other rom threads. Instead, direct people here to this post and make sure people understand that there is a real fix for this problem and I am the one who took the time to fix it 100%. Thank you and enjoy!
    I highly recommend that you NOT flash kernels from other N4 variants. They likely have different configs for those models. It's not worth it. If you didn't listen to this advice and flashed a different kernel and need to flash the original kernel, check out the recovery flashable kernels here.
    Original Ultimate Note7 PJ1 Kernel
    This is the original PJ1 kernel that is specifically modified for this UN7 Hybrid ROM. (Includes original root package)​
    BeastMode r61 PJ1 Kernel exclusively for Ultimate Note7 Hybrid ROM
    This is a custom tweaked Samsung PJ1 kernel that is specifically modified for this rom by none other than @freeza.​

    BeastMode r61 PJ1 Kernel "ZEROLEMON" exclusively for Ultimate Note7 Hybrid ROM
    This is the exact same kernel as above except it supports ZEROLEMON and other extended capacity batteries.​

    For kernel source & details on BeastMode Kernel vist freeza's THREAD
    Rules for this thread

    I want to keep this thread 100% positive with zero negativity. So I ask that everybody here please treat others with respect and don't post rude or insulting comments towards other people. Nobody here is perfect and I know for a fact that everybody has something to offer so never underestimate the other girl/guy. I have learned that the best people are those who have not been given the chance to shine. Trust me. Thanks for keeping the thread awesome!!! :highfive:

    My fellow dev friends will help out as much as they can. So if you ask a question and I haven't replied, most likely someone here will see your post and try to lend you a hand. So just know that the guys who are part of my private dev group are patrolling these forums and they have my permission to offer advice etc in my absence. They are familiar with the rom and it's progression from the beginning so you can trust their input. Thank you. And don't forget to rate this thread at the very top!