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May 15, 2012
Another confirmation: OTA from Dec to 17th Jan build went fine.

Haha. At least with fussing around with the partly broken (OTA not; clean yes) 3rd Jan build, I updated the firmware over all partitions files. ;)

Arrow ist such a great ROM. And many thanks to our device maintainers!


Jan 15, 2020
Concerning Magisk.
Is there a specific Magisk version for the Xiaomi Pad, or can i use the current version of Magisk (25.2) and everything is fine ?


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Jun 28, 2018
OnePlus 8 Pro
Xiaomi Mi Pad 5
Yep. You'll have to pull the boot image, patch and push it in again every time.
You can flash magisk via adb sideload from the recovery and the Tablet stays rooted (not sure if this is the reason but mine stays rooted). Boot into recovery -> "adb reboot sideload" -> adb sideload -> on the tablet use the vol+/- buttons to select install anyway (you have to do this blind...) -> you are rooted


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Sep 25, 2008
Updated from 6 January to 17 January without issues.

Finally native face unlock!!! 🎉 Thank you!

I have one issue (with previous builds too), when I boot the system the screen cast it's automatically enabled with the icon in the status bar, but it's not because my TV is off. I previously enabled the wireless display and connected to my TV.

PS. It's funny that each build changes the camera app :D


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Jan 7, 2007
Google Pixel 7 Pro
OK, so I have just updated from 3rd Jan version to 17th Jan version via OTA successfully (GAPPS version).

1. If rooted, backup all apps + data onto PC (just in case)

2. Download and flash latest rom via OTA *DO NOT REBOOT*
3. Open magisk and choose 'install to inactive slot (after OTA)'

optional... *I rebooted direct to bootloader using ADB cmd 'adb reboot bootloader'
4. Wipe cache using 'fastboot erase cache'
5. Reboot using 'fastboot reboot'

All was well. NOTE: I said 'optional' above because A. I don't know if this makes a difference and B. I got an error message that said 'failed' when deleting cache (maybe this cmd doesn't work with A/B devices??)

Also NOTE: @Jordanrnd, DRM reports as L1
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    Is there a solution for the high pitched sound in call apps like Google meet?
    Some people do sideload and some flashed the magisk patched boot.img

    Sry i can't tell you and/or find the thread for that, but im pretty sure a lot of people already made a tutorial about it in this forum

    I personally dont know what does it do. I just followed this guy's post

    I dont know, never tried it but i've tried some experimental cusrom on another device before and my experience wasn't so great

    Sry man, im just another casual user. I can't help you much in technical case
    After rebooting 5 times I got a version of Dolby Atmos (seems to be old) and the bug disappeared after an hour. Magisk Modules needs to reboot to apply but luckily I think there aren't any which I want because I don't need anything I think except if you highly recommend something.
    Try to find a solution to root! It seems like it's successfully flashing magisk 15.2 but it does not root the system!
    My device is already rooted via Sideload
    when i check fastboot version with: fastboot --version. This is the result instead of the new version: C:\Android\fastboot.exe: unknown option -- version. So i just deleted it and add the new platform tools into the env variable. And That's all
    Hmmm, that's too complicated for me... I'm back on latest Global MIUI and I'll wait until an update us out which gives that problem. Bit thanks anyway.
    Did anybody test if this ROM also works on "elish" (Mi Pad 5 Pro M2105K81AC)?
    This is only for Mi Pad 5 (NABU). Any other devices will get a bootloop. Maybe you can find an unofficial ROM.
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    ArrowOS for Xiaomi Pad 5 (nabu)(sm8150)

    * We are not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
    * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    * you point the finger at us for messing up your device, We will laugh at you.
    * It is your fault because you chose to do all the modifications on your device.
    * Remember projects like these and the work done on them is a hobby to the
    * contributors and the team members, no one is working for you nor is getting paid for it
    * have some respect for the work done by them since it is done purely on interest or a hobby

    is an Android Open Source Project based Android mobile operating system started with the aim of keeping things simple, clean and neat.

    Telegram: Channel | TG Portal/Links
    Code Review:
    PayPal: Donate to us

    Checkout more documentation at (maintainership/contributing): Check this out

    • Almost everything (including Xiaomi Stylus/Mi Pen and Xiaomi Keyboard) except proprietary features like Mi Pen (they will likely not work in AOSP, but we aim to make it work in the near future if we get the time and pen)

    • You tell me
    Be sure to include a log : check how to

    supported versions:
    - arrow-13.0 based on android13
    - arrow-12.1 based on android12L

    Click here to Download
    Select "nabu" from Xiaomi tab
    Tip: Select OEM -> Device, choose Arrow version, and choose the build type: "GAPPS" or "VANILLA" to download.


    Firmware: MIUI android12 firmware but any fw from MIUI a11 to latest will work!

    GPL compliance:
    ROM Source
    Kernel Source-

    Contributors: kubersharma001, ganeshi4u, LynnrinChan

    Read our blog article/post about:
    * HOW-TO report a bug
    * GAPPS and VANILLA variants
    * Checking build integrity

    UPI: [email protected]

    I guess you all might wanna check out:

    Mi Pen now works w/ palm rejection just like MIUI in official ArrowOS!
    hoorah! :D


    1. ArrowOS 13.0 (android13) is here for Xiaomi Pad 5 (nabu) | OFFICIAL
    2. New Update of ArrowOS 12.1 / 12L is here for Xiaomi Pad 5 (nabu) | OFFICIAL


    - Supports Xiaomi Stylus/Mi Pen
    - Latest MIUI Android 12 odm,vendor base (you can use latest a12 fw but a11 fw will work fine too thanks to vendor_freeze)
    - Ships with custom-kernel/source-compiled ArrowOS kernel
    - Lots of other misc changes

    How to flash?:

    Donate: [email protected] | PayPal
    Latest ArrowOS 13.0 update is here for Mi Pad 5 (nabu) By kubersharma001, LynnrinChan and ganeshvarma

    Mi Pen and Mi Keyboard both work
    High pitched audio issues on voice should be fixed
    Other improvements and changes

    Have any issues flashing? Read the goddamn instructions post

    What firmware to use? Any that works for you if you can't decide to use whatever your region 's fw is. I see a lot of people blindly flashing CN fw.

    Support: kubersharma001chat and Lynnrin_group (on telegram)

    PS: When downloading select arrow-13 and OFFICIAL tabs not experimental🤦‍♂
    Do not flash stupid mods that break system and come back to me complaining. If you wanna mod, learn to deal with it.

    [email protected] |

    Hello, guys. I have been super busy so I may not be posting anything on XDA and hardly anything over my TG channels. OTAs will keep releasing/builds will be up on the website.
    I do not own the Xiaomi Keyboard, it seems the latest changes broke it for some users which should be fixed in the latest release.

    A lot of people are asking me if this is a good tablet for art or not. I am a simple man and have very basic tablet needs. I do not own a pen (too expensive) nor can I draw something good. Please, can someone with a pen or knowledge of apps which works best for artists give their short insights so I can refer people here?
    Planning to buy a Mi pen to support it
    if anyone is donating, please mention "nabu" or "mipad5" in the payment description
    Gonna save for it, those donations will help

    UPI: [email protected] | PayPal

    edit: Mi pen is now supported from 14/oct builds :D