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May 8, 2013
Not booting at all!!!

I have SM-N9208 Note 5 DUOS i downloaded the non MM theme one im currently on stock MM firmware,
i did a full wipe and flashed the rom through aroma and chosed the correct variant from the options and then the device displays the bootloader splash screen and then the screen went off!!!!! no sign of any thing?!!


I have SM-N9208 Note 5 DUOS i downloaded the non MM theme one im currently on stock MM firmware,
i did a full wipe and flashed the rom through aroma and chosed the correct variant from the options and then the device displays the bootloader splash screen and then the screen went off!!!!! no sign of any thing?!!
You are on stock 6.0.1 MM meanz your on marshmallow bootloader and this rom is based on 5.1.1 firmware so to use the rom, you have to either downgrade your firmware to 5.1.1 or atleast flash lollipop bootloader on your device through odin..You can find both lollipop bootloader as well as how to downgrade to lollipop from marshmallow threads in forum..Check those

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    Welcome to AryaMod ROM Serries
    Proudly present you AryaMod ROM Lollipop for Galaxy Note 5



    Big thanks @tdunham, @rompnit, @filchi756, @xperiacle, @gharrington, @daxgirl, for their support, help, guides and their amazing contributions. You guys are wondeful. Without you guys this ROM would never reach to this phase of customization. And also following people who have directly/indirectly helped me:
    @Chainfire for SuperSu
    @amarullz for Aroma Installer
    @SuperR. for his amazing Kitchen
    @Ticklefish for his cool tool
    @Morningstar for his amazing mod [MOD] [GUIDE] Statusbar Network Traffic (Separate In/Out)
    @Goldie for his help and guides please thank him here
    @majdini for sharing golden comprehensive tutorials with us
    @not-i for his helps and being a great developer inspiring with his Sweet Rom
    @jovy23 for SMS Hack tutorial
    @zhuhang for ViPER4Android Audio Effects
    @AlMaghraby for Sound volume Headphone Boost
    @sshafranko and @stu5797 for N5_Surroud Sound
    @intxeon for edge screen notification fix
    Alliance team
    developers from http://samsungviet.vn/
    And everybody using this ROM :) Please let me know if I am missing your name on credit section.


    General Fetures
    Based on N920IDVU2AOL2Official Firmware
    Rooted, Deodexed, Zipaligned, De-Knoxed
    Installed Busy Box, su, sqlite
    Init.d Support
    ROM Control
    Slightly debloated
    Extended Power Menu
    Disabled Signature checks
    Enabled "Choose app to complete action"
    Enabled Private mode on customer kernels (tested on arter)
    Enabled outdoor mode toggle in Settings>Display
    Enabled Touch key light duration option in Settings>Display
    Added Torch light in Settings>Display
    Added Startup manager in Settings
    Added LED indicator in settings
    Added Application permissions (App Ops Permissions) in Settings
    Added OTA Update (Compiled for AryaMod ROM) Thanks @MattBooth
    Modded Launcher
    Modded Messaging App
    Added Edge feature (app, people and notification: miss calls, message, email)
    Disabled Volume Warning on Headphon
    Added Toolbox apps supporting up to 12 apps
    Network traffic (in/out)
    Device status set to "Official": Syscope dependencies removed
    Removed the indents in the notification panel on the left and right
    Added Floating message
    Added Slide Key Panel
    Added Omini switch, amazing multitasking app
    Added S-Memo
    Added MW App Manager
    Added Popup Browser
    Added UPSM Manager
    Enabled dual smart manager
    Stock Theme
    Original Sound quality
    And maybe more that I cannot remember now...

    Aroma Setup
    Wipe data
    Debloating Option: remove 28 apps more than of what are removed from previous version from Google Apps, Samsung Apps, Other bloats and apps
    Device Support
    • Added IOIO Conversion tool and enabled dual sim compatibility in AryaMod SystemUI so that users on dual sim phones need only flashing a compatible kernel after flashing the ROM zip. Thanks @ravian29 and @dadimon29
    • Added Audio Fix for T-mobile users. Thanks @-Mr. X- for the patch
    • Added Audio Fix for Korean K/S users.
    CSC Mods
    • Data Icon type for mobile data: 4g/LTE
    • Enable/Disable Sub Symbol on Keyboard
    • Enable/Disable Exiting Browser Confirmation Pop-up and menu
    • Enable/Disable Home Button in Browser
    • Enable/Disable Manual Call Recording
    • Enable/Disable Call Button in Contact List
    • Enable/Disable Call/Message Block Menu in Settings


    ROM Control app is freshly built from a project shared here [App][Code project][5.0+]Rom Control app for devs by daxgirl and you can find my source code here

    Project characteristics:
    1. The project is a source code project. Meaning we are not providing an application and you will not be using it by decompiling it with apktool. There are so many reasons for that that I don't know where to start. Mainly - it's bad enough samsung has made hackers out of all of us and we need to decompile and backdoor their system apps to mod them. What we can provide in source code - we will. We strongly believe in the freedom of code and we share it unconditionally (almost).
    2. Now what is that "almost? part? Simple... You do NOT need to credit us in any of your work, you do NOT need to thank us, you do NOT need to ask permission to use this project in your rom, you also do NOT need to donate to us (you also can't, we don't have a donate button). YOU DO NEED TO RESPECT THE FREEDOM OF CODE! That means that this code is given to you under the GNU GPL (General Public License). You can review it fully here.

    The most relevant part to our discussion is as following:

    That being said, the only thing that is required of you is that you keep sharing the code. We are not going to run around xda and "police" people using the code and not providing source. We rely on your word, that by agreeing to use the open source, you will keep it public and provide your sources as well for others to use. This VOIDS xda rule number 12, stating that each dev owns their work. Becasue the rule also states that work that is provided by a lisence that negates exclusivity, is therefore not exclusive. Any work based on this code is not to be held exclusive. And if another developer wants to use an app you built based on this code, you have an obligation to provide your sources.

    Thread rules and disclaimaers:
    1. The code is 100% original and written by us (myself and @Wuby986) for this specific project. All the classes imported from public open source repositories are annotated with original developer signature and our modifications are annotated and dated as well.
    2. To answer most asked question so far - we don't know how it is different from a custom settings app by ficeto. We have never used it in our roms and we have nerver seen it's code (neither have you). Both apps share the same idea of integrating preferences into settings db using content resolver. You are free to use any app you like. We are not saying which app is better or worse. This is seriously not a competition. To further this disclaimer, it is clear that all apps of this kind will have the same idea of operation. There are features that exist in custom settings apk by ficeto that were requested and included in our project. We have programmed them ourselves, using our own (limited) abilities. We will not engage in any discussion about it any further - you have our word of honor that all our work (ever) is original and a fruit of countless hours of study and programming. We might not be the best (far from it) but we are very honest. If anyone has any question about it, remember that whatsapp and skype can both make internet calls. We rest our case here and now. If anyone has any doubt about the authenticity of our work, it's between you and your god from now on.
    3. This project requires extensive knowledge in android development. As mentioned above, if you don't know how to mod system, this app is of no use to you. We will not be answering questions about smali mods.
    4. This project requires basic knowledge in operating android studio. You need to have it installed and operational in order to work with the code. You need to have android sdk and all the support libraries updated.
    5. This project requires SOME coding expirience or AT LEAST an open mind to getting a crash course. You will not be required to do heavy java lifting to use this app, but it would help if you knew alittle bit.
    6. We cannot teach you how to use android studio, debug problems related to it and so on. We will provide basic instructions as to how to add items to the navigation drawer list, how to add preference fragments with ease, we will explain the idea of out code and different preferences to you. Beyond that - it's on you. We cannot and will not teach you to be a programmer. If you want to know more - the web is wide and google is your friend.
    7. We cannot debug your code problems. This thread is for development discussion related to the project itself. If you need some requests, questions regarding exsisting code, remarks, improvements, you're more than welcome to join a github project and commit your code for everyone's benefit.

    What's it control?

    Statusbar Settings
    Statusbar Clock Options>Potato Clock Mod
    Battery Icon Settings
    • Battery Icon type Stock/3Minit.Hide
    • Battery color/alpha
    • Battery bolt icon color/alpha
    • Display Percentage
    • Percentage color/alpha
    • Battery Bar: Show/Hide, Animation, style, Thickness, Color
    Toggle Statusbar Gradient
    Configure Gradient Style
    Statusbar Icon color
    • WiFi Icon Color
    • Signalbar Global/Individual Icon Color
    • Data Icon Color
    • Notification Icons Color
    • Ticker Text Color
    Hidden Buttons
    • Right(Lockscreen)
    • Center(Home Button)
    • Left (Recent Apps)
    Statusbar Icon Toggle
    • Max Signal Icons (4/5/6 bars)
    • WiFi Arrow icon
    • Statusbar Ticker
    • Toggle Heads Up Notifications
    • Statusbar View (show/Hide)
    Notification Panel
    • Visible toggle shown 3 to 6
    • Enable Extra Toggles
    • Restore Toggles
    • Notification Panel Carrier Text
    Display Panel
    • Brightness Slider
    • Memory Cleaner
    • Memory Cleaner Color
    • Square/Round UI for Notification and Recent Apps boxes
    Phone and Call Settings
    Phone and InCallUI Mod
    • Enable/Disable Increasing Ringtone
    • End Call Delay
    • Add Call/Record Button
      Automatic Call Recording
    • Incoming call record
    • Outgoing call record
    • Advanced Function Menu
    Launcher Settings
    • Infinite scrolling
    • Toggle Icon Shadow
    • Toggle Launcher Dark font
    • Homescreen Transition Animation
    • Lockscreen Transition Animation
    • Google apps Icon style: Material/Stock
    Framework and General
    Power Menu Options
    • Display/Hide Power off
    • Display/Hide Data Mode
    • Display/Hide Airplane Mode
    • Display/Hide Restart
    • Display/Hide Recovery
    • Display/Hide Download Mode
    • Display/Hide Flashlight
    • Display/Hide Screen Record
    • Display/Hide Screenshot
    • Display/Hide Emergency Mode
    • Display/Hide Sound Mode
    Customize Buttons
    • Toggle Extra Haptic Feedback
    • Enable/Disable Home Wake
    • Home Button // Set doubletap, tripletap, and long press actions // Choose from: 9 Assignments/Any Application
    • Left Capacitive Key Set short press, long press actions // Choose from: 9 Assignments/Any Application
    • Right Capacitive Key Set long press actions // Choose from: 9 Assignments/Any Application
    • Power Button Set doubletap actions // Choose from: 9 Assignments/Any Application
    Assignment list: Disabled, Application, Flashlight, Kill App, Recent Apps, Screenshot, Screen Record, Google Now, Voice Command, Lock Phone
    • Enable/Disable 360 degree screen rotation
    • Enable/Disable USB Plug/Unplug Wake Screen
    Sound and Notifications
    System Sound Level
    • Viper Sound Mode
    • Boost Sound
    • Surround Sound
    • Stock Sound
    *** Installing one would uninstall the others
    Music Control
    System Sound toggles;
    • Boot sound,
    • Volume Slider sound
    • Full Battery Notification (screen on/off after full charge)
    • Low Battery Notifications (sound and pop up)
    Lock Screen
    • Enable/Disable Lockscreen Rotation
    • Lockscreen Unlock Effect: Note/Brilliant ring/Stone skipping/Sparkeling bubbles/Coloured Droplets
    • Toggle Lockscreen Clock custom font style
    • Lockscreen Clock font style 10 fonts
    Lockscreen Clock
    • Lockscreen Clock Global/Individual Color
    • Lockscreen Clock AM/PM Color
    • Lockscreen Date Color
    • Lockscreen Weather and Owner Info Color
    • Carrier Text Color
    Show/Hide Lockscreen Elements
    • Use Custom Carrier Text
    • Carrier Custom Text
    • Add Clock Second in Lockscreen
    • Show/Hide Camera Shortcut
    • Toggle Phone shortcut in lockscreen
    • Toggle Charging dialog at the bottom of lockscreen
    • Toggle Low battery warning at the bottom of lockscreen
    • Show/Hide All Lockscreen info
    • Show/Hide Date
    • Show/Hide Clock
    • Show/Hide "Swype to Unlock" Text
    Others Mods
    • Toggle Email Exchange Security
    • Mokee Listview Animations: Listview animation, Listview interpolator
    • Calibrate Battery(A simple script to calibrate your battery after flashing the rom)
    • AdBlocker
    • Screen Mirror fix
    • Enable/Disable Edge screen
    Backup and Restore System Settings
    Useful Apps
    • Toolbox Settings
    • MW App Manager
    • UPSM Manager
    • Omini Switch
    • SuperSu
    • OTA Updates
    About ROM
    Set Theme for ROM Control app


    Root permission and Custom recovery is required for flashing any custom rom so make sure you are done this part.
    Make sure your phone is fully charged to 100%.
    Now follow as below:

    Before Booting to recovery
    1: Skip this if have already unlocked OEM Unlock otherwise follow as below
    Turn on developer mode, enable USB debugging and OEM Unlock
    Settings>about device> go to bottom and tap build number 8 times
    go back button once and tap developer options...
    Toggle on both USB debugging and OEM Unlock.

    2:Skip to this if you are on a custom recovery / TWRP, Philz
    Install Custom Recovery with Odin
    Download Odin & custom recovery tar
    Power down the phone
    Open Odin on pc
    Boot phone in Download Mode (press and hold Home + Power + Volume Down buttons)
    Connect phone and wait until you get a blue sign in Odin
    Add the recovery file to AP / PDA (depending on version of Odin)
    Click the start button and let the Odin flash complete

    3:Boot the phone into Recovery Mode by holding volume down+power to reboot and as soon as the phone screen flashes, press and hold Home+Power+Volume Up buttons
    Do a FULL wipe: Dalvik Cache, Cache, Data, System
    Flash rom
    After Flashing ROM zip is done flash a kernel as it is not included in the zip.

    Dual sim users need flashing the patch attached to post 4 after flashing the rom zip


    If you don't follow the instruction and post an issue you got do not expect any respond. And if you keep posting your issue you would be reported due to spamming and misleading other users.
    Please read and search before asking any question that hasn't been asked before and keep this thread clean.
    I am not responsible for any damages on your device.​


    Downoad ROM
    AryaMod Premium Sound Control: Supports Lollipop and Marshmallow Android Versions

    To keep this project alive

    XDA:DevDB Information
    AryaMod, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5

    ROM OS Version: 5.1.x Lollipop

    Version Information
    Status: Stable

    Created 2016-02-04
    Last Updated 2017-03-17
    OTA Update

    Supports Lollipop and Marshmallow Android Versions

    Presenting "AryaMod Premium Sound Control" an advanced sound controller for those who like to have a full control on their phone's sound

    All in one app:
    • Beats Audio
    • Viper4Android
    • Dolby Atmos

    Thanks @zhuhang and @worstenbrood

    Stock Theme




    Marshmallow Theme




    AryaMod V1.4


    General Changes
    • Fixed white gradient in lockscreen (only for Marshmallow theme)
    • Added LED indicator in settings
    • Updated Note 5 style icon theme

    ROM Control Changes
    • Enable extra toggles>Added missing multi window toggle
    Lockscreen Mods
    • Fixed Weather toggle
    • Toggle Phone shortcut in lockscreen
    • Toggle Charging dialog at the bottom of lockscreen
    • Toggle Low battery warning at the bottom of lockscreen
    Other Mods
    • Enable/Disable Edge screen

    Aroma Changes
    • Debloating Option: remove 28 apps more than of what are removed from previous version from Google Apps, Samsung Apps, Other bloats and apps


    Mirror 1 by ROMHUT
    Mirror 2 by AFH
    MD5: 3fdac469213fcf20922d5b6f2f96bc39

    Mirror 1 by ROMHUT
    Mirror 2 by AFH
    MD5: 54eb462e1e1168973119718aa485529d
    Stock boot Logo

    Only Marshmallow Themed version is available in OTA Update, download stock theme from here

    11 March 2016
    AryaMod V1.4 (MM and Stock Themes): See here

    23 February 2016

    19 February 2016
    AryaMod V1.2: See here

    14 February 2016
    AryaMod V1.1: See here

    02 December 2015
    Initial release
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