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Dec 16, 2010
From EVO 3D to One

Hello fellow Meanies....Its been a long and awesome ride with the EVO 3D and everything mikey has done. Just wanted to say a big thank you to mikey and everyone who has helped me in some way with this rom. Looking at you ramjet :)....I finally upgraded and got my blue HTC One from Best Buy. Just flashed viperROM, now to see how it goes. Never fear, cause I plan on keeping my 3VO as my backup phone. Might even get a new colored housing for it. Can't help but tinker. Peace
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Oct 15, 2010
Google Pixel 5
Saw this post by ohbuckeyeman in the blurom thread and found this one by mikeyxda in his MeanBean (JB for the the Evo 4G LTE) thread.

I don't remember mikeyxda ever giving us the official word in this thread that MeanROM ICS was dead (his last post was August 4th) but I guess most of us figured that out anyway. Looks like his development for the Evo 4G LTE is wrapping up as well. So we won't be seeing an update for the 2.95.651.5 OTA.
Yeah, I haven't been too happy with the direction that HTC has been taking, for all of the reasons that MikeyXDA gave. I'm still holding onto my Evo 3D for the time being. I don't really eat up much bandwidth and although satisfied with Sprint service I was not happy with their pricing. I went to an MVNO on Sprint (Ting), around the time that they got the Evo 3D working as a ported phone. No issues. Delightful billing. Whereas my discounted Sprint bill was $70/mo, I'm averaging about $26/mo with Ting (lowest recently was $18). Only trouble is that for new phones you have to pay full fare. So if you don't need bleeding edge, just wait a year and buy a used one. I may end up with a Samsung next time around.

Thanks again for all of your hard work, Ramjet. I've found so many of your postings very helpful. :good:


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May 18, 2009
Freedompop says they will activate a bring your own device Evo 3d.


Has anyone tried it? Is MeanROM likely to be a problem?

I am using evo 3d on freedompop and it is working fine. the rom doesnt matter since all you have to do is use sprint data and make recieve calls/texts using freedompop VoIP service with their app. I am not using their voip app for calls and texts but using google voice for both and has been testing for a week now, everything works fine besides when you are travelling and call someone the call drops or starts lagging heavily when you switch tower during driving.

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    Introducing MeanROM ICS!

    MeanROM ICS goals:
    1. To be clean: mostly stock look and feel of the ICS/Sense
    2. To be mean: apply dual core and other tweaks to run the ICS base to its maximum potential
    3. To be nice: provide cool functionality not present in the stock base

    New in 2.6 (details in changelog in post 2):
    • Added Beats Audio
    • Fixed Google+ FC
    • Fixed off-center number/name when using phone
    (New) Click to join your fellow Meanies in the MeanROM Group!

    The clean:
    • Based on official Sprint OTA (2.89.651.2)
    • Working: everything
    • Not working: nothing (that I know about... you tell me)

    The mean:
    • Performance and my awakenings tweaks
    • Dual core performance when screen is on for ultra-smooth experience
    • Single core underclocked when screen is off for incredible battery life at idle!

    The nice:
    • Full Sprint build
    • Full data roaming
    • ICS leak fix: fixed battery level reports not matching when battery <25%
    • ICS leak fix: fixed data (WiFi/3G) disconnect between 12am and 7am (my guide here)
    • ICS leak fix: fixed incorrect time on text messages received while roaming
    • ICS leak fix: fixed app associations, links, and "open with" dialogs (guide by steal25)
    • Beats Audio
    • 4-in-1 power menu w/recovery option
    • Extended Quick Settings w/GPS, Wifi on/off, and link to global settings
    • Removed recent apps from notification pulldown
    • Browser mods: up to 15 open pages, plus full debug settings w/UA string, etc. (guide by SteelH)
    • Camera mods: HDR, panorama, ISO 1250, removed focus sound, 100% JPEG quality, 1M/2M front cam
    • MHL (TV out) support
    • Exchange ActiveSync "Sync While Roaming" can now be enabled including push (update schedule) while roaming
    • HTML message format unlocked in Exchange Mail settings
    • Custom MMS mods w/500K, 1M, and 5M choices for max size (sizes in /system/customize/mns/default.xml)
    • Disabled MMS compression (guide by SteelH)
    • Accurate 1x/3G indicators (credit SteelH)
    • "Roam Only" option in mobile network settings (credit Synergy/freeza)
    • Smooth scrolling mods (credit AndroidON)
    • Circular battery w/1% increments (icons from vinchenzop)
    • Animated sync notification icon (credit eg1122)
    • WiFi Tether: use "Generic ICS" device type and check routing fix and MMS clamping
    • Flashlight
    • ES File Explorer
    • DSP Manager
    • No location/GPS icon (guide by SteelH)
    • 4x5 Rosie w/spinning top mode removed (guide by jeffsanace)
    • init.d support
    • Bloat removed
    • No CIQ, loggers, usage stats, or other spyware

    Credit where credit is due:
    As with any open source stuff, some of this work is my own, most of it comes from other sources. So in addition to my own work (mostly in the "mean" category), here's a quick thanks to those of you who contributed knowingly (thank you) and not-so-knowingly via open source 5 finger discount (thank you just the same: your stuff is good and that's why I used it). :) Sometimes it's not entirely obvious where the source started so if I missed someone, please let me know and I'll add you. Also, I'm careful to only include other work where the author does not specify any usage restrictions or has given approval. If you believe, however, that I've included something that shouldn't be in this ROM, please just PM me.

    Thanks: JoelZ9614, aamikam

    Installation instructions:
    First, the usual disclaimers. I supply the ammo, you use it. ROMS don't kill phones, n00bs do. :D Use this ROM at your own risk as I won't be responsible for bricks or any other untoward happenings. I spent a lot of time ensuring that the stuff in this ROM is fast, smooth, and compatible. But... it always helps to have some familiarity with flashing ROMs to keep yourself safe.

    Before you Install, prepare:
    1. This ROM installs as the full 2.89 base except for the kernel: the default kernel is the 2.17 kernel so that it will boot for everyone
    2. Included 2.17 kernel will work for s-on (HTC unlocked) and any hboot from 1.4 up
    3. If you want 100% 2.89 base, the 2.89 kernel is included in the MeanROM-ICS folder on your SD card
    4. Do not flash the 2.89 kernel unless you've upgraded your hboot to 1.58 s-off or you will get boot loops!
    5. To upgrade to 1.58 hboot, see the OP in this thread and yes, if you're 1.4 s-off you'll stay s-off but with 1.58
    6. If you have any trouble at all, do a super wipe and then install the above firmware and this ROM
    7. Go to "Menu", "Settings", "Power" and UNcheck "Fast Boot". When you reboot or power off the phone, you really want it to reboot/power-off. This can save you a lot of headaches.

    How to flash

    If you're coming from a non 2.89 base ROM (2.17 or prior), a full wipe is recommended. A factory reset is typically enough, then just flash the ROM via your recovery.

    Problems after you flash?:

    PLEASE DO NOT REPORT PROBLEMS IN THIS THREAD UNTIL you've done a super-wipe and fresh install to see if that cures it. I know I should really just do like most devs and proclaim REQUIRES FULL WIPE/FRESH INSTALL on every version. That saves me a lot of headaches but I know what a PITA a fresh install can be even with MyBackup or Titanium at your disposal. So it never hurts to try just a flash without a full wipe, but if you run into any HINT of a problem... anything at all... don't report the problem in this thread until you've tried a super-wipe and fresh install first to see if that cures the problem!

    Note regarding BOTH of the above options: don't flash tweaks or themes on top unless you KNOW the tweak/theme is compatible with the ICS framework (as of this writing, most are NOT compatible - ask the developer.

    See post #2

    Android File Host links
    Dev-host link to latest 2.6

    Click to Donate
    Donations are greatly appreciated to keep this project going as it is taking a lot more time than expected: even a few bucks helps! So if you're struggling to make it, just take it... but if you can spare it, please share it. ;)



    • Added Beats Audio
    • Fixed Google+ FC
    • Fixed off-center number/name when using phone

    Files updated:
    1. \system\build.prop
    2. \system\app\HtcListen.apk
    3. \system\app\HtcStreamPlayer.apk
    4. \system\app\HtcVideoPlayer.apk
    5. \system\app\Phone.apk
    6. \system\etc\soundimage\srsfx_trumedia_movie.cfg
    7. \system\etc\soundimage\srsfx_trumedia_music.cfg
    8. \META-INF\com\google\android\updater-script
    9. \system\app\PlusOne.apk (removed)
    10. \system\lib\libhtcqxdm2sd.so (removed)
    11. \data\app\com.google.android.apps.plus-1.apk (added)
    12. \META-INF\com\android\metadata (added)

    Although you could probably get away with a dirty wipe to this base, a full wipe is recommended


    • Updated to 2.89 base

    Files updated:
    Too many to list

    Although you could probably get away with a dirty wipe to this base, a full wipe is recommended


    • Camera and Music mods incl. Beats Audio, SRS, Dolby, and more (thanks go out to coolexe!)
    • Fixed one remaining (2%) battery discrepancy when battery < 10%
    • Slight adjustment to CPU for better battery life
    • Updated core apps: Super SU, Facebook, and Minimalistic Text

    Files updated:
    1. \data\app\de.devmil.minimaltext-1.apk
    2. \system\app\Facebook_Client.apk
    3. \system\app\HTCCamera.apk
    4. \system\app\HtcListen.apk
    5. \system\app\HtcStreamPlayer.apk
    6. \system\app\HtcVideoPlayer.apk
    7. \system\app\Superuser.apk
    8. \system\app\SystemUI.apk
    9. \system\framework\services.jar
    10. \system\xbin\su
    11. \system\etc\soundimage\srsfx_trumedia_movie.cfg
    12. \system\etc\soundimage\srsfx_trumedia_music.cfg
    13. \system\etc\init.qcom.post_boot.sh
    14. \system\etc\media_profiles.xml
    15. \system\build.prop
    16. \system\etc\soundimage\srsfx_trumedia_voice.cfg (new)


    • CPU: more emphasis on performance, less on battery = more snap and less lag
    • Updated Super SU and su binary

    Files updated:
    1. \system\app\Superuser.apk
    2. \system\xbin\su
    3. \system\etc\init.qcom.post_boot.sh
    4. \system\build.prop


    • Further memory tweaks to reduce ICS background task killing
    • Tweaks to reduce app load time and system startup time
    • Removed USB debugging icon from notification bar
    • Fixed problem with MMS app sorting multi (split) SMS messages
    • Updated Minimalistic Text app

    Files updated:
    1. \data\app\de.devmil.minimaltext-1.apk
    2. \system\app\Mms.apk
    3. \system\framework\services.jar
    4. \system\etc\init.qcom.post_boot.sh
    5. \system\build.prop

    • Dirty wipe from prior MeanROM ICS version OK
    • As always, if you run into problems, super-wipe and re-install first


    • Updated Google Maps and Facebook apps: should fix problem reports re: maps
    • New "mean android" boot and down animations

    Files updated:
    1. \system\app\Facebook_Client.apk
    2. \system\app\Maps.apk
    3. \system\customize\resource\Sprint_bootanimation.zip
    4. \system\customize\resource\Sprint_downanimation.zip
    5. \system\build.prop


    • Fixed all app links, associations, and "open with" dialogs (thanks Steal)
    • Enabled accurate 1x/3G indicators
    • Opened advanced settings in messaging app
    • Memory tweaks to reduce killing of background tasks
    • New MeanROM boot animation (thanks Lrod!)

    Files updated:
    1. \system\build.prop
    2. \system\app\HtcLinkifyDispatcher.apk
    3. \system\app\Mms.apk
    4. \system\app\SystemUI.apk
    5. \system\customize\resource\Sprint_bootanimation.zip
    6. \system\etc\init.qcom.post_boot.sh


    • Fixed boot script so WiFi is not turned on automatically if you have it turned off
    • Adjusted tweaks for better screen-on battery life
    • Modified HtcLinkifyDispatcher: should improve link-app associations
    • Updated apps: Facebook, Maps, Minimalistic Text

    Files updated:
    1. \data\app\de.devmil.minimaltext-1.apk
    2. \system\app\Facebook_Client.apk
    3. \system\app\Maps.apk
    4. \system\app\HtcLinkifyDispatcher.apk (added)
    5. \system\etc\init.qcom.post_boot.sh
    6. \system\build.prop


    • Fixed MMS bug that was causing (image) compression to still occur
    • Removed HtcLinkifyDispatcher.apk so that app associations like YouTube work again
    • Added zanfur's Facebook photo-link fix to the boot script

    Files updated:
    1. \system\app\Mms.apk
    2. \system\etc\init.qcom.post_boot.sh
    3. \system\build.prop
    4. \data\MeanROM.1st
    5. \system\lib\libncurses.so
    6. \system\xbin\sqlite3
    7. \system\app\HtcLinkifyDispatcher.apk (removed)


    • New WiFi monitor script: prevents dead (null) WiFi connections
    • FM Radio Widget
    • New browser from latest Sensation RUU fixes issues
    • Minor build prop tweaks

    Files updated:
    1. \data\app\de.devmil.minimaltext-1.apk
    2. \system\build.prop
    3. \system\app\Browser.apk
    4. \system\app\com.htc.FMRadioWidget.apk
    5. \system\etc\init.d\99wifiwatcher
    6. \system\etc\init.qcom.post_boot.sh


    • Rebased to 1.13.652.2 update
    • Updated apps

    Files updated:
    Too many to list here (107 files): see attachment


    • WiFi driver update
    • Unread message bubble for mail icon now matches SMS and phone apps.
    • Updated Google+ app

    Files updated:
    1. \system\app\Mail.apk
    2. \system\app\PlusOne.apk
    3. \system\bin\wpa_supplicant
    4. \system\bin\wpa_cli
    5. \system\build.prop


    • Animanted sync notification icon
    • Memory tweaks
    • Updated Minimalistic Text app

    Files updated:
    1. \data\app\de.devmil.minimaltext-1.apk
    2. \system\app\SystemUI.apk
    3. \system\etc\init.qcom.post_boot.sh
    4. \system\build.prop


    • WiFi and data connectivity tweaks for more solid/continuous connection
    • No more Beats Audio: brings back SRS, equalizer, etc. for better sound!
    • If you want Beats, flash it from the MeanROM ICS folder on your SD card
    • FM Radio mod: headset requirement removed (with no antenna, you'll only get strong/close stations)


    • ICS leak fix: Fixed incorrect time on text messages received while roaming
    • Added FM Radio


    • Fixed battery level mismatch below 25% (status bar vs settings): issue found in ICS leak and all ROM's based off the leak
    • Updated CPU tweaks: now third-party-kernel-friendly


    • Data (3G/WiFi) will now stay connected after midnight. No more disconnects between 12am and 7am!
    • Beats Audio notification on status bar
    • New status bar w/smooth gradient for cleaner look


    • Updated WiFi settings: hopefully this will eliminate intermittent WiFi dropouts
    • Updated sound config to allow DSP Manager to work on non-music apps (notifications and ringtones)
    • Eliminated the "You have lost data connectivity" notification warning when roaming
    • Flash included in MeanROM-ICS folder on SD card to add beats to leedroid tweaks: see readme file in the same folder


    • Beats Audio
    • Camera mods: pictures now save @ 100% JPEG quality
    • DSP Manager
    • Updated ES File Explorer
    • Updated tweaks (SD card tweaks)


    • Updated CPU tweaks: noticeable increase in snappiness
    • Camera mods: HDR, panorama, ISO 1250, and removed focus sound
    • Flashable ZIP in MeanROM-ICS folder to restore recent apps to notification pulldown


    • Extended Quick Settings w/GPS, Wifi on/off, and link to global settings
    • Removed recent apps from notification pulldown
    • Reverted GPU drivers to original VM leaked drivers (eliminates video glitches)
    • Updated core apps and fixed a cross-linking error w/Play Store and Maps
    • Modified startup so that WiFi is available (turns on) earlier in the boot process


    • 4-in-1 power menu: now with "Recovery" option
    • Updated browser: up to 15 open pages, plus full debug settings w/UA string, etc.
    • Disabled MMS compression
    • Updated kernel flashing method: may work better for those on hboot 1.5


    • Updated WiMax realm settings from virginmobile.sprintpcs.com to sprintpcs.com
    • Added "Sync when roaming" checkbox to Exchange Mail
    • Added "Roam only" option in mobile network settings
    • Fixed bug WRT data roaming checkboxes being disabled after changing from "Sprint only" to "Automatic"
    • Update apps: Google Maps, Street View, Minimalistic Text


    • Full Sprint data roaming
    • Complete Settings menus w/mobile data settings
    • MHL (TV out)
    Anyone hear anything from Mike yet? I am so excited we finally got the official update and I cannot wait for him to tune it to perfection!!!

    Sent from my PG86100 using xda app-developers app

    I'm on the job. I'll be taking a look at everything today and I'll update everyone as to whether the porting job looks like a major job (lots has to be redone) or a minor one (not much changed). I'll know more later.

    With the recent GSM ICS release, I'm hoping the official Sprint release is due soon. Given that, and seeing that 2.4 has hit the sweet spot on performance and battery, I'm going to wait for the Sprint ICS to drop before I do more work on the 3D. With the Sprint ICS looming large, it just doesn't make sense to do more work on the ICS leak because the more I do now, the more I'll have to go over and REdo when the Sprint version hits.

    I never use old files when a new base is released as that's like mixing stale and fresh potato chips into one bag. I always review all changes when a new base is released, porting my mods and fixes to the new base. Even when the leak went from 652.1 to 652.2, I spent two days reviewing every code change to see what it does and redoing all my changes on the new base. And 652.1 to 652.2 was a minor change! So we'll wait and see what Sprint brings us. My guess is that it's due in a week or two at most.

    Mikey, how much different is this base from the vm one?

    Not a whole lot, but there are some Sprint "extras" that the VM version didn't have. I'm going through all those this afternoon: looking good for a release late tonight. When looking at the changes in important files like the framework files, Settings, and SystemUI, the changes look mostly minor. Reminds me of the second VM base when that came out. Remember there was the leak and then the update to the leak? Kinda like that. In fact, a few files like SystemUI and Rosie are identical when decompiled and diffed which makes my job easier since I have some mods in those files. Otherwise minor changes plus Sprint icing. Yes a new kernel but I don't know how it differs because no source. It's basically done now but gotta wait until later to fully test it, update all the core apps via the Play Store and bake those in, test out the tweaks, etc.