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Nov 19, 2008
I am using v10 and both GPS and WhatsApp notification seems to be working like it should. No issues so far.

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May 31, 2012
Redmi Note 10 Pro
I am using v10.1 and GPS work fine.
Very sad for your choice selling your Honor 7 :( but thank's a lot for your Rom who is the best of all....
it's a bad day for H7T 's users, keep your good work and thank's again.:good:


Apr 1, 2012
great rom!
but sometimes i can't start the camera "camera error - no connection to camera possible"
I need to restart the phone..


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Feb 23, 2011
Google Pixel 6
I guess everyone is moving on to a ROM with B371 as base of course.
If you want to have a little bit H7T feeling just grab the H7T theme installer I made.
It is pretty big because of the 3000+ MIUI styled icons. Install the APK, install the theme,
apply it and uninstall the theme installer to have more available storage.



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Jan 3, 2011
Hi guys, great rom. I'm on 5.7 still and loving it! Will install the latest version just have one question. Which xposed to install normal or wanam?
Thank you


Nov 22, 2014

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after installing this rom I can't get app notifications like whatsapp and line .
when i restart my phone I can get notification for few minutes but after a while I can't get them again.i checked settings about accessibilities and firewall and battery. do you have any suggestions to solve this problem?

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    H7T ROM for Huawei Honor 7 PLK-L01

    Project started April 2016 - now brought to XDA.
    Project discontinued at the end of July 2016.
    No future updates possible.

    Download the h7t Theme here LINK

    • Base B370 Android 6.0
    • modaco Kernel r2
    • deodexed
    • root / SuperSU
    • init.d support
    • busybox
    • 4G toggle
    • network speed notification
    • multi reboot panel
    • Camera 100% quality mod
    • Beats Audio mod
    • Headphone volume tweak
    • MIUI icons big pack mod
    • H7T eMIUI theme
    • Custom wallpaper
    • Resources debloat
    • Games debloat
    • Non HiSuite ISO (Windows explorer)
    • Gello Mod (Cyanogen Mod Browser)
    • Doze Mode Editor
    • SELinux Mode Switcher
    • SELinux permissive on boot
    • Google apps minimal (check out LINK to get more Google apps - you need ARM64 version)

    Setting: bootloader unlocked + TWRP + B330/B370 stock -
    dirty flash over B330/B370 stock or full wipe / factory reset installation via TWRP (if problems occur).



    H7T ROM v10.1 B370

    - Huawei Honor
    - Android-Hilfe forums
    - XDA developers forums
    - Various app devs
    - Various wallpaper artists
    - PaulOBrien (B330 base ROM @ MoDaCo & xda)
    - tung91 (MIUI icons @ xda)
    - maximax2795 (some MIUI theme resources @ xda)
    - Demeth (camera mod @ xda)
    - androidexpert35 (Beats Audio mod @ xda)
    - Ryrzy (Help @ xda)
    - Ninnix96 (Gello @ xda)
    - messer (multi reboot panel @ Android Hilfe)
    - viper4android Team
    - Duophased (MIUI 8 @ dA)

    Attention: I am not in any way responsible if you screw up your software, device or life trying to flash or using this ROM. If you got problems flashing or screw things up I will try to help.
    But mind that I a have job plus I am a quite busy and sometimes lazy guy.

    Read the thread on my blog carefully, please.
    Don't blame me if you brick your device.
    H7T v9.0 is available.
    Check t-ryder.de for the download and changelog.
    Regarding H7T Project:

    Development and support is discontinued from today.
    I will sell the Honor 7 next week, and my OP3 is on it's way.
    Thanks to all who were involved.

    See, I don't give that much about Antutu benchmark.
    I got a score of ~48000 on H7T v9.3, ~41000 on stock B370 odexed.
    On H7T B330 ~55000 and on stock B330 odexed ~47000.
    So I guess the Antutu scores just don't matter.
    If the ROM runs smooth and fast with the low/mid range SoC the device has I got what I wanted.
    I got SELinux permissive and doze mode freebee settings. But find out yourself what is best for you maybe.
    That is why I give credits to him at my website and gave kodus at various threads. Without @paulobrian no fun on Honor 7.
    And you are right, ROM cooking is not exactly ROM developing. That's what I've been saying for years now and I released some ROMs by now.
    I always said "I am not a dev, I am doing mods mostly" - still saying so.