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[ROM] Bane of Speed Amazing Edition ~ Perfect in Every Way

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Jul 6, 2012
The main Aim of this Rom is to Provide a Rom that Can Handle Extensive Gaming while keeping a Clean UI And a Stable Rom!


BOSv2 - Smokerman
BOSv3 - SodaJumper
BOSv4 - Smokerman
BOSv7 - SodaJumper
BOSv7 (Test 2) - SodaJumper

Note this is Bane Of Speed but with their Custom Apps Installed and Services running in the Background!

QUICK NOTE - This works on Locked & Unlocked BootLoaders - Instructions Below are For Unlocked Bootloaders
➣1) Copy BOSVx.zip to your SDCard
➣2) Reboot into ClockWorkMod Recovery
➣3) Format Data And Factory Reset - Optional (Dont Complain about Performance if You Dident Do this!)
➣4) Wipe System
➣5) Install The Zip
➣6) Wipe Dalvik Cache & Cache
➣7) Reboot Android And leave it for 5 Minutes
➣8) Reboot Again
➣9) Enjoy Bane Of Speed!

✔1) Run Boost in Terminal Emulator Every Now and Then!
✔2) Install Apps To Internal Storage
✔3) After Using Your Phone for About a Day, Instead of Rebooting Run "sclean" in Terminal Emulator
✔4) Install SwipePad for better multitasking!
✔5) First Boot Takes 5 Minutes - So Dont be Worried when It Hangs at Kernel Logo
✔6) Use The Latest Lupus GB Kernel
✔7) Once Booted => Long Press Home and Select => Shortcuts => Application Grid, Then Long press that and drag it to the bottom! (Zeam)
✔8) Dont flash any other Tweaks, Or install any Other Performance/Ram mods, Because this will ruin Bane Of Speed!
✔8) Dont Remove any Init.d's or They will Destroy Battery Life (Massivly)

How To Play a Heavy Game (BlitzBrigrade, MC4, NFS MW, GTA VC):
➣1) Run AppQuarantine and Freeze all Apps (Not System Services!) Except Terminal Emulator, The Game You Want to Play & Your Launcher.
➣2) Then Open Terminal Emulator
➣3) Input the Following:
➣4) Wait for Your Device to HotReboot
➣5) Leave the Device idle for 1-2 Minutes
➣6)Then Open Terminal Emulator
➣7) Input the Following:
➣8) Open your Desired Game Preferably with the Xperia Game Launcher
➣9) Leave the Game idle for 3-5 Minutes
➣10) Play The Game and Enjoy the Unique Speed!

How To Get Out Of Turbo Mode:
➣1) Run AppQuarantine and UnFreeze all Apps
➣2) Then Open Terminal Emulator ~ OPTIONAL
➣3) Input the Following: ~ OPTIONAL
"sclean" ~ OPTIONAL
➣4) Wait for Your Phone to Reboot
➣5) Leave It For 1 Minute at The LockScreen
➣6) Leave It For 1 Minute at The Launcher
➣7) Enjoy The Battery Saving!

▷ ZepplinRox
▷ DoomLord
▷ Weddges
▷ ImaWind
▷ CosmicDan
▷ SmokerMan
▷ Johnnzey
▷ Vokal1992
▷ Spizzy01
▷ lambgx02
▷ sean.paul
▷ DikeJ
▷ Pedyvirus
▷ Lenarox
▷ My Family
▷ Please PM Me If you Belong Here...

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Jul 6, 2012

➣BOSv1: - Initial Realese!
✔1) Project Lard
✔2) Super Small (< 70MB)
✔3) SuperCharged
✔4) Total Optimization for Battery & Speed
✔5) Based off NXT Gaming 1.2
✔6) Adrenaline Boost V3
✔7) Ram Optimization
✔8) Audio Tweaks
✔9) Tonnes of Build.prop Tweaks
✔10) Telephony Working
✔11) MultiBoot
✔12) Classic Boot Animation w/ Sound!
✔13) AdrenoBooster 2.0 (Modded)
✔14) AdrenoBooster 5.0 Compatible (Quality Version) (WIP)
✔15) No GPU Rendering (Saves GPU Proccessing Power for Games + Saves Battery) (WIP)
✔16) MSAA
✔17) DoomKernel Wifi Modules Pre-Installed
✔18) A Fridge Installed
✔19) File Explorer Installed
✔20) De - Bloated 2 Hell
✔20) Over clock App installed
✔20) Xperia Active Launcher - Light and Smooth
✔21) Locked-Unlocked BootLoaders (Worked on Joeycx's Locked Play)

➣BOSv2: - Cleaning Update
➣ MSAA On High (Yes Im Mad)
➣ Adreno_Config Tweaks For Performance
➣ No Frills CPU Control included
➣ Terminal Emulator included
➣ Xperia Active Launcher
➣ init.d Tweaks
➣ Even Better Ram Managements
➣ Bug Fixes
➣ UI Tweaks
➣ Fixed Camera Not Working
➣ Fix Reboot into Recovary
➣ Removed SuperCharger

➣BOSv3: - Performance, Fixes, Cleaning
➣ MSAA Removed - Obviously Was a Lagg Causing Element
➣ AdrenoBooster Removed - Caused 2D Lagg and Scrolling Lagg
➣ Lots Of Performance Tweaks
➣ Build.prop Dalvik Tweaks Fixed - Wasnt in Effect
➣ Xperia Active Launcher Fixed
➣ Clock Speeds Set to Default at 1.2 Ghz
➣ Bug Fixes
➣ New Battery Percentage Icon - Possible
➣ Removed SuperCharger TombStone Files
➣ Xperia Play Launcher
➣ Made LockScreen Initiate After 2 Seconds (If you click Lock button u can quickly click it again and your App will be resumed without any lagg, This is helpfull For Games)
➣ Walkman - Music
➣ Compressed To Ultra
➣ SD Card Read Ahed Tweaks
➣ Boot Tweaks
➣ Init.d Tweaks
➣ Best Ram Management Added
➣ Rom is 85MB
➣ Re Added BusyBox
➣ Fixed BusyBox Bug

➣BOSv4: - UI & Bug Fixes Update
➣ Build.prop Tweaks
➣ Replaced KeyBoard with Gin2JeallyBean Keyboard
➣ New Fonts! - Looks The Same as Before, but Compressed and Takes Up Less Ram!
➣ No Frills ReAdded - Bug Occurred
➣ Customized Ram Managements - Still havent Found the Best!
➣ Fixed Bug - Apps Not Disappearing for App Drawrer when uninstalled because of use of App Quarantine
➣ Added Die Hard Launcher + Oom Grouping Priority Fixes - Supercharger V6 - These are the Best Settings...
➣ Added SuperClean Script - SuperCharger V6
➣ Bug Fixes in System/Bin
➣ Bug Fixes in SD Card Mounting
➣ UI Loading Animation Smoother
➣ Removed Useless Files
➣ Cleaned up TombStone Files
➣ Removed Boot Animation - Rom Boots up in About 3-4 Seconds With Following my Full Guide on How to Install the Rom!
➣ Removed Xperia Active Launcher
➣ Added Zeam Launcher
➣ Completely Removed Adreno Booster

➣BOSv5: - Ram Optimization Update!
➣ Rebuilt From V3 Soruce & Up
➣ Back To Xperia Active Launcher
➣ Hosts File Optimized to Block Ads!
➣ Removed Useless init.d's
➣ All Apps Zipaligned by Default & Zipalign on Boot Removed
➣ Default Govenor At Boot Changed to Lulzactive - Best Performance/Battery Ratio
➣ Pro-Tuned ADJ 1.2 by LENAROX
➣ Out Of Memory Values Turbo Boosted!
➣ Removed Rubbish Background Services!
➣ Browser Optimized for Use!

➣BOSv6: -Sound & Tweaks
➣ XLoud Libs Borrowed from Gin2jeallybean
➣ Fixed Launcher Redrawing When Jumping From Settings To Home Sometimes
➣ Misc Tweaks to Build.prop
➣ Added Bane Of Speed Gaming Mode Script
➣ Removed Adrenaline Boost Script
➣ New BootAnimation!
➣ Removed Xperia Active Launcher
➣ Added Zeam Launcher Modded
➣ Google Play - OCD Tweaked + Modded

➣BOSv7: -Ram & Performance
➣ New Ram Managements
➣ Added VM Lagg Tunner Modified - Lenarox
➣ Fixed 2 init.d's That were Broken due To Typing Errors...
➣ Tweaked Bane Of Speed Gaming Mode Script
➣ Fixed 1.2Ghz OC By Stock not Working on DoomKernel v14
➣ Added Xperia Active Launcher
➣ Added Some Build.prop Misc Tweaks
➣ Fixed Music App FC
➣ Zipaligned Everything!
➣ Added A BootAnimation
➣ Removed Battery Tweaks for Full Performance

➣BOSv8: -Tweaks, Performance & Bug Fixes
➣ Removed Custom Ram Managements
➣ Added Nitro Lagg Nullifier
➣ Added TMGS - See "How To Play a Heavy Game (BlitzBrigrade, MC4, NFS MW, GTA VC)(V8 & Above):" in OP
➣ Removed Gaming Mode Script
➣ Removed All Init.d Scripts
➣ Fully Zipalinged Everything
➣ Fixed 2 FC's
➣ Updated Some Apps
➣ Re Added some Important Sound Drivers
➣ Modified Internet Tweaks
➣ Modified Dalvik VM Heapsizes for Best Performance
➣ Persistent xLoud
➣ Lots Of Build.prop Tweaks
➣ Lots of Bug Fixes in Build.prop
➣ Clean Boot Up - 3-4 Seconds
➣ Tonnes Of Build.prop Performance Tweaks
Officially Optimized for Daily Use & Gaming!

➣BOSv9: -Ram, Cleaning Up & Bug Fixes
➣ Edited Ram Managements Heavily
➣ Edited Turbo Mode Gaming Script Heavily
➣ Added Light Ram Xperia Active Launcher Modded
➣ Turbo Mode Gaming Script Actually Works Fully!
➣ Edited Turbo Mode Gaming Script Ram Managements for Gaming
➣ Modified ADJ's
➣ Modified Mem Values
➣ Removed Internet Tweaks
➣ Modified Dalvik VM Heapsizes
➣ Fixed Persistent xLoud
➣ Lots of Bug Fixes in Build.prop
➣ Lots Of Performance Tweaks
➣ Zipaligned Everything
➣ Added Some Init.d's
➣ Removed Some Init.d's
➣ Added an Init.d Script to Set My Custom Multitasking MinFrees
➣ Added Zipalign in Xbin

➣BOSv10: -Performance, Bug Fixes, Optimization
➣ Heavily Tweaked Ram Managements
➣ Added Some Init.d's
➣ Added Loopy Smoothness Tweak
➣ Optimized Loopy Smoothness Tweak for Zeam Launcher
➣ Edited Turbo Mode Gaming Script Further
➣ Tweaked build.prop Values for Multitasking
➣ Added SD Speed Tweak
➣ Added Some VM Tweaks for Battery/Multitasking Ratio
➣ Fixed Laggy Status Bar
➣ Readded Persistent XLoud
➣ Fully Zipalinged Everything
➣ Lots Of Performance Tweaks Added
➣ Added SoundEnhancements.apk
➣ Optimized SoundEnhancements.apk for Minimal Ram Usage
➣ Modified Sound Drivers & Libs for Clear Audio + Loudness
➣ New Music Player App
➣ Lightened Framework
➣ Optimized Lulzactive Govenor for Performance & Battery
➣ Optimized Fonts for Smoother Scrolling
➣ Added HotReboot Terminal Commad - Type "su" then "hotreboot"
➣ Added New Super Slick Browser

➣BOSv11: -UI, Apps, Performance
➣ Build.prop Tweaks
➣ Added Adrenaline Boost
➣ Build.prop Multitasking ADJ's Modified
➣ Dalvik Heapsizes Changed
➣ Dalvik Tweaks
➣ Dalvik Min & Max Sizes Optimized
➣ Changed Theme of Rom
➣ Modified Easter Egg (Spam Android Version)
➣ Modified Default Wallpaper
➣ Lowerd Extreme Bass from SoundEnhancements.apk
➣ Lightend Framework Files
➣ Rebuilt All Framework Files
➣ Added Bios Boot Animation - Optimized for Xperia Play Specs
➣ Modified LockScreen Clock
➣ Optimized Fonts

➣BOSv12: -GPU, Performance, Ram
➣ Turbo Mode Gaming Script Overhaul
➣ Build.prop Tweaks
➣ FPs Stabilizer Added
➣ FPs Tweaks
➣ Render Tweaks
➣ GPU Rendering Tweaks
➣ GPU Tweaks
➣ Framework Optimized
➣ Compressed Zip Heavily
➣ Battery Tweaks
➣ Init.d Tweaks
➣ Cache Cleaner at Boot Added
➣ Cache Cleaner at Boot Optimized
➣ Reduced Stock Ram Settings to Be Less Aggressive
➣ Optimized Ram Managements for Multitasking
➣ Optimized Ram Managements in Turbo Mode Gaming Script for Extremely Hard Core Gaming
➣ Optimized SystemUI.apk
➣ Compressed JPG's

➣BOSv13: -GPU, Performance, Launcher
➣ Modified Build.prop Heavily
➣ Modified UI Performance
➣ Tweaked Scrolling
➣ Added Lots of Performance Tweaks
➣ Added Hardware Acceleration
➣ Optimized TouchPads
➣ Optimized GPU Rendering Further
➣ New RoseMary Font
➣ Added Xperia Launcher Light
➣ Optimized File Sizes

➣BOSv14: -Screen, Networking, Performance
➣ Rebuilt on The V12 Bane Of Speed Rom
➣ Bravia Engine 3
➣ New Custom Boot Animation
➣ Lots of Touchscreen Tweaks & Optimizations
➣ Project Butter From ICS Optimized for GB
➣ Networking Mods
➣ Build.prop Tweaks
➣ Init.d Tweaks
➣ Battery Tweaks
➣ Removed Stock VM Tweaks
➣ Modified LMK's
➣ New Wallpaper
➣ Less Ram Free By Purpose (-2mb)
➣ Removed Cache Cleaning on Boot
➣ New UI Sounds
➣ FPs Cap at 60 FPs
➣ Removed FPs Stabilizer

➣BOS Final Edition: -Performance, Ram, UI
➣ Removed Seeder
➣ Modified Build.prop
➣ Modified Init.d
➣ Fixed Ram Leak
➣ Fixed Small UI Lags
➣ Removed some Build.prop Tweaks
➣ Added some Build.prop Tweaks
➣ Added FPs Booster
➣ Branded Final Edition
➣ Added New! Turbo Mode Gaming Script 7.8
➣ Changed LMK Settings
➣ Removed Battery Tweaks
➣ Defualt Govenor is Lulzactive
➣ Tweaked Lulzactive Govenor
➣ Tweaked Project Butter
➣ Built in a Linux Enviroment
➣ Compressed in a Windows Enviroment Using Ultra Compression Via 7zip
➣ Added Rapid Boot Technology
➣ Added Pizza Engine 1.2 - To Execute Run "su -c PEngine" in Terminal!
➣ Removed Total Commander, No Frills & App Quarantine
➣ Added Root Browser Free With Full Functionality of Pro - INFO
➣ Modified Framework
➣ Changed Defualt Wallpaper
➣ Changed Boot animation
➣ Bug Fixes
➣ New Touch Sound

➣BOS Amazing Edition: -Cleaning Up, Major Bug Fixes, Performance
➣ Added VMLT 2.2
➣ Fixed all "~" Init.d Files
➣ Removed LMK File as The Minfrees File Had the Same Content
➣ Added Small Apps from The xStronger Rom
➣ Added some Lib Files for Better Rendering in Games
➣ Modified Multitouch Permissions for Smoother Pinch-to-Zoom
➣ Added Rapid Boot Technology 1.1
➣ Added TMGS 8.1
➣ Removed some Bloat Apps that Run in the Background
➣ Removed PEngine
➣ Added Droid-Sans Fonts
➣ Added zRam
➣ GOptimized All Apps without Breaking Home Button Functionality
➣ Added some Wallpapers
➣ Added some Sounds
➣ Added SemcGallery3D in Place of QuickPic
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Jul 6, 2012
No information about android version or phone model, and yeah, placeholders are not allowed.
I see, I dident really know this wasnt allowed,:C, If we can just have some time we promise a good rom thats made for speed & Pretty ness

Added the INFO - Section , Tells you bout the stuff you wanted,C:
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Aug 10, 2012
Venado Tuerto
Ooh this I smell great!! ;)
A small request @Pizza_Dox, try to be as light as possible the rom ...
I mean no applications like (energy saving, weather widgets) and all that stuff ..
ah! without AdrenoBooster, because in my opinion, cause lags in very many games .. then users have the opportunity to set you all that later if you want .. ;)


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Jul 6, 2012
Me and joey ar totally making this as a super light Rom,C;,but with only necessary features and I and Joey will make addons for things so their optional, probably going to use Aroma installer...

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Mar 15, 2012
Me and joey ar totally making this as a super light Rom,C;,but with only necessary features and I and Joey will make addons for things so their optional, probably going to use Aroma installer...

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Great!! Aroma is very good for choose a customization, i don't know why other devs don't use it... :confused: :D
Waiting for the release!! :good: