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[ROM][Beta][in-development] jMod 2.2/AOSP 2.2 - Android for the rest of us - 08/05/10

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Mar 15, 2009
Release Name: Android 2.2 AOSP Master for Dream/Sapphire
Release Version: AOSP080510-master, jMod080510-master
Release Date: 08/05/2010
Credits: AOSP. dferreira for the help fixing many, many issues. CyanogenMod for kernel/wifi module (from CM6RC2, only purpose being to get camera/camcorder working), Dream/Sapphire prelink map, libcamera2, and the huge APNs list. ChainsDD for SuperUser. XDAndroid Project for HW3D files. HTC for the sounds and some of the drawables on the theme (.9 drawables are mostly my work), and 25 wallpapers.
Base Firmware: 2.2 AOSP
Radio Required: or higher (tested with
SPL Required: Any (tested with ENG SPL and Death SPL)
Partition Layout: Any/none, Ignored
Wipe Required: Yes

These are AOSP builds from master branch with the goal of having as complete an Android system working under regular SPL as possible.

None of these builds include Google Apps. They share the Gapps package system that CM6 uses, so, if you want to add them, look at Cyanogen's CM6RC2 thread for the download link.

There are now two builds, one called AOSP which is pretty much a fixed AOSP build that's as close to ADP1 builds as possible, and the other is jMod, themed and has a few of my personally liked additions.

You can expect both builds to have:
-Live Wallpaper support (none included)
-rosystem/rwsystem so you can easily mount/unmount system from terminal
-Cyanogen's huge APNs list

Additionally, jMod has:
-HTC Legend theme
-HTC Audio Package (small, to fit regular SPL)
-HTC IME (jMod, supports only en_US and is 1/4 the size of the regular HTC IME
-Over 50 wallpapers from HTC and AOSP

On top of that, you get jm-master.zip. What is it, you ask? It's a patch to build your own jMod. Download AOSP master branch to your computer, merge the contents of the zip into the downloaded AOSP code, then:

cd device/htc/dream
. unzip-files.sh
cd ../../..
. build/envsetup.sh
lunch (select a version from the list, these releases are based on options 9 (AOSP) and 12 (jMod))
make installclean && make -jx otapackage (where x is the number of your processor cores x2)

After a few minutes/hours, you should have your recovery flashable ota package, plus your fastboot flashable images (only need system and boot) at out/target/product/dream.

===Current issues/To Do list:===
-Only en_US locale currently supported. This was done deliberately to cut down on size and, the Dream being so limited in storage, I don't think I can add some more. I'm sorry, but if you want more languages, try CM6 instead.

-Gallery fixed in landscape position. This is due to a bug that causes graphical artifacts when changing orientation. Will re-enable orientation once it's fixed.

-Video recording issues. Video recording works, but just sort-of. Recording never finishes cleanly, so the file ends corrupted. It will play, but it will end in an error. Also, when finished recording, you get no preview until you either exit the activity or start recording again. To exit the activity, either press back or switch the button to camera and then back to camcorder. Also, recording quality is very, very low.

-On Settings>About Phone, System Tutorial does nothing. This is done deliberately to avoid a force-close when Google Apps are not installed. I'll figure out a way to check for gapps, if it's there, button appears, if not, it disappears. Until then, option does nothing.

Once all these are fixed, I'll release a patch update.zip along with the completed v1 with all patches applied for new users.

===These issues are specific to building from AOSP with my patches:===
-No SuperUser. This is temporary until I can build su and set it's permissions (04755) at build time. In the mean time, use the attached root patch below.

-Busybox available at /bin, but not linked tools at xbin, so make sure your scripts call busybox tool.

-The OTA Package might not flash to your phone from recovery. This is due to the updater scripts checking for radio and SPL versions. Specifically, it needs spls (0.95.0000, 0.95.3000, 1.33.0004, 1.33.2004) and radios ( and With some SPLs and radios, the build will refuse to flash. There's nothing wrong with your phone, it's just those useless sanity checks. I'll modify the lists of acceptable hardware based on user experience, so tell me if build works for you on your SPL and radio (let me know which). For the time being, you can flash system and boot from fastboot (remember to "reboot -w" for a wipe).

-Due to a change that was made for my the themed version, the clock display in the status bar is white. I added the drawables in the patch zip for a black statusbar for mdpi and hdpi devices so that you can see the clock regardless if your build is themed or not, you'll always have a black taskbar, but, if you wish to have none of that, omit merging /core and /services from /frameworks/base into your AOSP build.

Report back on any issues that I haven't come across. Don't ask for a2sd hack, or features not found on stock roms. If you want those features, use CM6 instead. This build is supposed to be as close to stock, but with root, as possible.
Also, I take hints, so, if you know how to fix some of the current issues (and it indeed fixes it), PM me and I'll add your name to the credit's list along with your contribution.

These builds are an ongoing work. Don't expect reliability or a "daily driver". Flashing is done under your own responsibility. If you don't like test releases, then go build it yourself and get out of my thread.
As always, feel free to take these builds and use as you please, even re-distribute as your own.

===Current Builds===

08/05/10 AOSP beta:
Download: AOSP080510-master
MD5 Sum: e05f2c24ffc463adb23ae093740dedd7

08/05/10 jMod beta:
Download: jMod080510-master
MD5 Sum: a56580b2b557588ffcb0f0fc1629790f

08/06/10 jMod beta proof-of-concept: build with odexed framework, with a "light" version of Google Apps already included (do not install CM Gapps on top of this), 60 MB free in /data at boot with regular Dream SPL.
Download: jMod080610-master-odex-gapps_lite.zip
MD5 Sum: 108c835a946dfaa8a070ae453d35b538

08/05/10 jm-master AOSP patch:
Download: jm-master.zip
MD5 Sum: f274701352c19788a27aeb0749b74334

06/23/10 root patch for AOSP (flash from recovery):
Download: root.zip
MD5 Sum: b86ba3ed1f39d56a2eeba17274ac8811

===Previous Builds===

6/23/10 Test Build:
Download: AOSP062310-master.zip
MD5 Sum: be60d79da3a88c2146108bed5a70cecf


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Aug 18, 2009
It fails at verifying for me, running RA recovery 1.7.0, dumps this on the screen:

Installing update...
assert failed: getprop("ro.bootloader") =="1.33.2004" ||
getprop("ro.bootloader") == "1.33.0004" || getprop("ro.bootloader") == "0.95.3000"
E: Error in /sdcard/full_dream-ota-eng.jubeh.zip
(Status 7)

Any help? I believe it is searching for bootloader version 1.33.2004, which is probably a typo of 1.33.2005, which is the engineering SPL I use.


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Aug 26, 2009
I'm Up There Eh?
I love living life on the edge. Will flash this since it is an AOSP :p

Hope a dev looks at this :3

EDIT: Same problem as other guy

Installing update...
assert failed: getprop("ro.bootloader") =="1.33.2004" ||
getprop("ro.bootloader") == "1.33.0004" || getprop("ro.bootloader") == "0.95.3000"
E: Error in /sdcard/full_dream-ota-eng.jubeh.zip
(Status 7)
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Apr 30, 2009
It fails at verifying for me, running RA recovery 1.7.0, dumps this on the screen:

Any help? I believe it is searching for bootloader version 1.33.2004, which is probably a typo of 1.33.2005, which is the engineering SPL I use.

It doesn't know about Danger/Death SPL, replace the assert getprop line in updater-script with the one from CM's update.zip & you're good.

I see it's missing the htc proprietary binaries, and seems to have both a update-script and updater-script. Calls probably wont work on this, does anyone one know if the eclair gapps are going to work for this? Otherwise, we're dead in the water till the mytouch(or other msm7k) froyo release


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Mar 15, 2009
updated first post, no longer flashes recovery and it should install just fine now on all SPL.
As I said, the previous one was completely unmodified for ADP devices.


Jun 17, 2009
Alright, I edited the original zip and got rid of the ro.bootloader and recovery stuff. I signed it, flashed it, and it does work.... well, parts of it.

Let's go over what does work:

It boots.
You can open applications (And as stated before, no gapps)
You can go into the settings menu and change.. um.. settings
Bluetooth works (It at least loads, I have no Bluetooth device to try it with)

Here is what does not work:

No wifi (No firmware, needs to be added)
No phone (Does not get signal)
No 3d
No gapps
No Camera
And probably many more.

Should you flash this? Probably not, unless you are willing to hack away to get everything working again.
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Mar 5, 2009
Camera does not work, it says could not connect to camera. Calls and Data and wifi do not work either. Sound works, no 3d acceleration.


Apr 30, 2009
Lots wrong but I got it working nonetheless.. It's going to need to be recompiled with the binary files extracted, without it the music app and mediascanner will crap out(mp3s aren't recognized, etc). Don't forget to include the Superuser.apk, su and busybox binaries.

Gapps from 2.1 dont seem to work with it, major roadblock.

Wifi doesn't work because firmware in /etc/firmware isn't there, and apparently needs to be rebuilt because the old firmware didn't work.

The camera app displays what looks like an opengl test, then FCs, I'll give the old one a try.


Apr 30, 2009
Calls work if you install the libhtc_ril.so and libhtc_acoustic.so in /system/lib/ and the Audio* files in /system/etc/

Audio isnt working on my setup, did you do anything to make it work sidroc?

Also, disable pinyin and Japanese IMEs in keyboards & layout.


Sep 11, 2009
I have extracted some of the relevant files from my htc magic using the .sh scripts that are included in the source tree, but I don't want to flash what I've got for fear of overwriting my recovery.img. Does anyone know how to build a system.img that won't do that?
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