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[ROM][BETA] LineageOS 18.1 for the Xperia Z5 Premium

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Nov 25, 2019
I don't want to work with Carbon. I did ask the devs to help me diagnose the camera issue a while ago and I only got ignored. On the other hand I'll try to get 17.1 updated sometime. (15.1 is already done)
Hye Joel,did rom works flawlessly without any problem,but the only problem was im unable to flash vulkan driver, n it caused to phone to get laggy in game performance


Sep 18, 2021
I installed LineageOS 18.1 with TWRP I think back in August.

And I have the following issue: The stock app for contacts and SMS crashes immediately right after opening. At first, I thought it was because I didn't use a SIM card with my phone... until today... I inserted a SIM card today with the exact same issue. And yes the SIM card was recognized by the phone because I checked mobile data and was able to access the internet via Brave.

I installed two other apps from f-droid and so far they didn't crash, but I haven't tested it with a SIM card yet.

Other issues I had so far:
  1. The right side of the screen isn't visible sometimes with white and black vertical bars when the phone is locked or when I first booted into TWRP.
  2. The colour red is way too dark and more like a wine red, probably even darker.
  3. The headphones aren't recognized.

Would updating to the last version help? Although even if it does it wouldn't explain why I had the issue in the first place.

I just tried the two new apps for contacts and texting WITH a SIM card and they crash as well, to it probably was just a coincidence that they didn't when I first started them. Although I have to say the texting app only crashed when I tried sending a text.

After that I got curious and wanted to see what would happen if I would receive a phone call and it was a mess: I couldn't get the call on fullscreen when I tried the screen would flash black and go back to the home screen. And on the phone that called me every option was grey, besides the big red phone button for ending the call.

Kind regards
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Sep 20, 2016
Santa Ana
Hello all, big thank you to dev for his work in this rom, your giving new life to z5p, coming from your own lineage 15.1 rom, i enjoy the new android features now, for me the problem with the darker screen brightnees has been fixed, i underclocked the big cores to 1500 following your advice on your latest android 8 rom to keep the device cool and it works fine, after a few days as my daily phone it behaves very well, the glitches well known in the rom as all you know remains, with a few others in my case, Sometimes the camera fc, its rare but some times happen, sometimes when i make a call the other person doesn't hear me well, i have to almost scream at the phone, may be my mic is diyng, when i answer a call everything is ok, rare, dont ask for battery consumption, screen time, or performance cause im dont play games with the phone, and it's battery is old as him. Didn't experience any problem as the post above this explains.

Keep the good work Joel16.


Sep 18, 2021
Did anyone test MHL still work?
No I haven't.

I've installed LineageOS again with the September update and used it for almost three days as my daily phone.

Something things I noticed:
+ improved battery compared to google-android*
+ Text, Contact Apps work fine with this build
+ Another App that didn't work on the previous installation works now.
+ Colors look fine on this one, especially the red looks normal again.
+ Calls work fine for the most part**

- Back camera always blurry, even with open camera***
- I still get the black and white lines occasionally when the phone is locked
- Screen flickering when the phone is connected to my PC via USB (I didn't test it during regular charging)
- I always have to make sure that the phone is charged, because once it turns off, because it has no battery, it is a pain to get to turn on again.****

* Keep in mind that the phone is about 6 years old so this is a relative measurement.
It still can get hot rather quickly especially after/while charging

**with one phone call my screen turned black and I couldn't do anything. Now this is something
that happened in the past so this isn't an issue from LineageOS, but maybe something that could
be fixed? Also my headphone jack doesn't work anymore and has to be replaced -> Phone calls on
speaker work fine as well.

***This is something that wasn't the case with the previous installation. But I do take this over the
not working text calling thing any time.

****I have to press the power button + volume down for a while and then see if the phone turns back on again. If it doesn't I have to repeat that process over and over again until it does, all while the phone is charging, which at this point isn't recognized by the phone. To be fair this was only something I tested/ran into with the previous installation and not with the current one. Since I used the phone for a few days like I mentioned, I didn't want to risk it.


Senior Member
Dec 30, 2010
Unfortunately, without a better kernel and bootloader, most ROMs for this device are not daily driveable.
The screen and camera bugs are harsh.


Sep 18, 2021
Unfortunately, without a better kernel and bootloader, most ROMs for this device are not daily driveable.
The screen and camera bugs are harsh.
I am rather new at this. What exactly would a kernel and bootloader improve, and how far could one improve this, if at all possible at this point?


Senior Member
Dec 30, 2010
I am rather new at this. What exactly would a kernel and bootloader improve, and how far could one improve this, if at all possible at this point?
The Kernel (in this case, in my idea) would need to be improved to deal with device heat and camera bugs.
The Bootloader, as far as I know, today, is responsible for the Display bug.

I am not worried about performance changes or anything else, the "improvements" that I would like is just this two Camera and Display bugs. How far can this be improved? Not a lot... but the bugs are fixeable.

Unfortunately I am a terrible Java Developer. If I had experience with low level development I could try to play with this. Too much to learn just to save a Device. But my Moto G1 is still running with me, I would really like my Z5 to be another extended time companion.
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Jul 21, 2021
It can't flash to my E6883.....>.<
Z5 P dual
Finally I flash 17.1 but no signal........>_<


May 29, 2017
I was failed in setting up the ROM, it prompted:


Aug 29, 2021
Sony Xperia Z5 Premium
Honor 5X


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    im quite late to join the party, thanks for the great work
    the phone feels brand new with your fw
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    LineageOS is a free and open-source operating system for various devices, based on the Android mobile platform.

    It is your decision to install this software on your device. Neither LineageOS developers nor I take any responsibility for any damage that may occur from installing this software on your device.


    This rom does not come pre-rooted or bundled with any modifications or apps. The device tree is heavily based off of sumire's lineage 18.1 device tree with only the device specific modifications required for Satsuki (Z5 Premium).

    Android File Host: ROM | 80cf7abfe8b6e04bba5037ffca7e8247

    - Make sure you're coming from firmware 32.4.A.1.54 before flashing this rom.
    - Bootloader needs to be unlocked.
    - Ensure that you have TWRP recovery from here.

    1) Reboot into TWRP Recovery.
    2) Select Wipe -> Swipe to factory reset -> Advanced Wipe -> Dalvik /ART Cache, System, Cache and Data -> Swipe to Wipe.
    3) Go back to TWRP's main menu -> Select Install -> Locate and choose lineage-18.1-202XXXXX-UNOFFICIAL-satsuki.zip file -> Swipe to confirm flash.

    Bugs/Not Working:
    - A few camera related issues (laggy front cam recording and qr code)

    If you encounter any other bug that are not mentioned in this list please provide a logcat and the steps necessary to reproduce the bug in detail (if necessary).


    Device Tree (Satsuki | kitakami-common)

    XDA:DevDB Information
    LineageOS 18.1, ROM for the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium


    Joel16, tarkzim
    ROM OS Version: Android 11
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x

    Version Information
    Current Beta Version: 20210811
    Beta Release Date: 2020-12-27

    Created 2020-12-13
    Last Updated 2021-08-11


    - Upstream lineage 18.1 sources.
    - August security patches.
    - Updated sdcardfs (may fix Play store app with .OBB installation issues)

    - Upstream lineage 18.1 sources.
    - May security patches.
    - LiveDisplay is now fixed.
    - FM Radio is back.

    - Upstream lineage 18.1 sources.
    - April security patches.
    - WiFi mac address and tethering fixes.
    - Switch to AOSP finger print HAL 2.1
    - Fixes "failed to find /misc partition" when trying to reboot to recovery.

    - Initial Release

    - Updated to lineage 18.1 sources.
    WEEK 1:

    All right, now i used this LOS 18.1 as a dayly driver.
    Of course there are issues to fix BUT we are close to stable.

    The biggest priority is probably to fix the camera problem. Cause you cant use the original app. You must install another camera app. I used the app "open camera" on play store.

    Major issues:
    > Front cam: video recording is super laggy
    > Back cam: zoom makes the live view of camera lagging a lot (for picture or video)
    > Heat: I dont know if it is because of the current hot summer season that the phone heats easier.
    By the way, you will feel more oftenly that the phone is hot in your hands and in your pocket, but compared to stock you can still use all features on the phone without a message "the phone is hot, you cannot use this app".

    Minor issues:
    > battery drain: I feel like the device lose battery quite faster than before (with a new battery) while using it.
    But when you dont use it, you experience the opposite, very less battery draining when not used.
    > Little unstabilities when device is hot (notification bar scrolling is sometimes laggy)
    > Sometimes i experience (twice today) that the screen brightness goes down to 50% (so the screen look darker from 100%) but the settings shows that you are at 100% and you cannot play with it to refresh.This setting works only under 50%, higher it becomes useless. To fix it, you need to reboot.
    > Sometimes you can experience the audio recorder not to work. To fix it, you need to reboot.
    > Sometimes you can a toast message "Error I/O.....". To fix it, you need to reboot.

    Works well:
    Wifi, 4G, Bluetooth, audio jack, SMS, MMS, GPS, fingerprint sensor, proximity sensor.
    I havent tested all sensors but i believe they work.

    With that build:
    For now you should take videos and pictures without zooming with back cam (or it would be laggy)
    By the way Zoom featur is like cropping the big picture since it is not a physical lens zoom.
    IT DOES everything you need in your day so enjoy and dont be scared to install this rom.

    My recommandation:
    On front camera: You should stick with only selfies. (video recording is laggy).
    On back cam: Never zoom

    Globally i'm happy from this build, i feel the purpose of Lineage OS (Privacy) on my 5 yo device !
    With the latest Version of android (design, live display and dark mode) benefits.

    NO GAPPS AND NO ROOT. Just Lineage OS 18.1

    I'm happy that we can live without google nowadays !
    New Release 20201227


    - Updated to lineage 18.1 sources.

    Another thing I noticed is that the snap camera isn't as bugged as it was in the previous 18.0 release. This release seems more towards the "stable" side of things for me although I didn't extensively test it (do let me know if you come across any issues). I'll wait for reports of any other issues before marking it as stable. Lineage also hasn't started rolling any official builds for 18.X either, so I would like to wait on that as well.

    New Release 20210930


    - Upstream lineage 18.1 sources.
    - September security patches.
    - Read model name from /lta-label instead of its block device

    For those having issues with getting this ROM to run on certain devices, please try this build.

    Download | 80cf7abfe8b6e04bba5037ffca7e8247