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[ROM][BETA] PrimeOS: Android for Laptops/PCs - V0.4.5

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New member
Apr 27, 2021
HELP!!! WIFI not working.
this is my wifi adaptor.
May 6, 2020
Does anyone know why to press os and phoenix to turn off my notebook even with mod it turns off when appears android x86-64 notebook turns off, my notebook Positivo s1991 intel 1007u 1.5ghz dual core ram 8gb ssd 240 hd 500gb, windows 10 specter lite 😢😢😢


Sep 8, 2013
Hello, I installed Prime OS on my Sony Vaio laptop today and it works wonderfully and hasn't affected Windows at all. My problem is when I try to install an app, it says I need to uninstall an app to have enough memory. When I look at the memory it says 569gb of 569gb of memory used. When I boot into Windows and open disk manager everything appears normal. I installed it on its own partition like the instructions stated. Does someone know how I can fix this? Thank you!


Sep 2, 2019
any ways to fix this?
specs are:
intel i5 2450m
nvidia gt540m (Optimus Technology)
8gb ram
already Classic, Standard, and Mainline but screen is always distorted


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New member
May 8, 2021

I did follow your advice and installed PrimeOS as Dual Boot for now.
Works wonderfully!

Still, there seems to be a memory issue.

As you can see in the attached windows screenshot I have three NTFS partitions which are less than 50% full on my 256Gb SSD.

When I boot into PrimeOS, I am suddenly faced with the issue that after installing 3 small additional apps I should free up more space to be able to install another app.
Android says it uses 238Gb for its system. That can not be right. The SSD has only 256Gb available and the Android partition is 15.3Gb large.

Do you see why this happens? Looks weird to me.

I am now attach another image from within PrimeOS. What is Main Storage? Should that not be located on the PrimeOS partition?
Uups, can't attach it here anymore. Will attach it a few posts down.

Thanks for any thoughts on this.

Got the same problem (system says it's taking 200Gb), and google playstore cancels any downloads due to low storage. How did you fix this?
Thank you very much


Dec 6, 2013
Anybody. How to configure dual monitors.
If i have laptop with hd ready and tv with fullhd. I want to turn off laptops screen, close the lid and turn on only the tv with 1920x1080 resolution.
Please help


New member
Mar 7, 2013


Dec 17, 2020
Friends this has been more than few months that I'm using prime os 0.4.5 classic in my laptop.
Laptop specs.
Dell Inspiron 1545
Intel Pentium t4400 processor
4gb DDR2 ram
Intel 4 series mobile graphics...
No see 4 support.
So in this specs prime os classic runs too smooth no bugs yet except THE SCREEN RECORDER DON'T WORK.
Any one have fix please help I need it because of my online project things.


New member
May 14, 2020
i have standard version it work fine for a week but when i entered in setting>gestures it freeze and no longer i can use it
everytime i boot it freeze after 2secends
Help Please i don't want to lose my DATA
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New member
Jun 7, 2021
Hello, I have an old HP Pavilion x2 Detachable 10-n106nl

Intel® Atom™ Z8300 with graphic card Intel® HD (1,44 GHz, 2 MB cache, 4 core)
2 GB of SDRAM DDR3L (onboard)
32 GB eMMC (soldered on board) - no expansion slot, no SATA slot, no SSD slot.
HD Intel Graphic card, Touch screen.
Bang & Olufsen PLAY audio with 2 loudspeaker.
Webcam HP TrueVision HD (frontal) with mic. dual-array digital integrated
Accelerometer; Gyroscope; Ambient Light sensor; eCompass; Hall sensor; Temperature sensor
USB port + USBC (power) + mini SD card slot.
Mini headphones jack.

Due to his specs, it was almost obsolete when it went on the market (early windows 10 was barely fit on this hardware due to very limited disk space, and very few ram)
After that the latest 20H2 Windows 10 upgrade failed due to lack of disk space, and Microsoft told me that they do not support 30GB disk machine any more, it was time to change OS or go in waste bin.
I tried first XUBUNTU 20.04 LTS, and almost worked. Then I discovered PrimeOS and I tried it.

Now I installed the Mainline_0.4.5.
It seems a good idea to use as Android, since it has the touch screen, and it can be removed by the keyboard, so it can be used like a tablet.
It almost works. It is fast, and it seems reborn.


° The Integrated camera DOES NOT WORK
° The Integrated Bang & Olufsen audio does not work
° The Microphone does not work (I suppose, not sure)
° No idea if the Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Ambient Light sensor, eCompass, Hall sensor, and Temperature sensor are really working.

- Is there a way to install the additional drivers ?

Best Regards.



New member
Jun 14, 2021
Hi, I'm having an error trying to use the Created / Partition modifier.
When entering, I get the error:

FATAL ERROR: bad primary partition 0 partition ends in the final partial cylinder

I have tried using the .exe, but I also have a problem.

I need help, I don't know what to do anymore.
Board: N68C-S UCC.
BIOS: Legacy

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    Team PrimeOS is pleased to present you
    PrimeOS: Android For Laptop/PCs
    PrimeOS is an Android-x86 based OS which provides desktop experience on any x86 based device providing user top of the line features like multi-window, taskbar and deca-pro key mapper for gamers.​

    Warning: PrimeOS is a free to use software in it's beta version and is constantly under development. We are not responsible for any kind of damage, data loss or anything else that happens to you or your device due to PrimeOS. Please feel free to report bugs and other suggestions, we will consider them if they seem important for many users.

    Feature Highlights

    Desktop Experience
    • Multiple features to give desktop experience like start menu, taskbar etc.
    • Multi-window support with maximize, minimize, close, resize etc.
    • Option to disable multi-window for any app in case you need.
    • General keyboard shortcuts like alt + tab, alt + f4, win + d etc.
    • Close to AOSP experience with only necessary desktop features.
    • Taskbar with ability to pin apps, show notification and system icons.
    Android Gaming
    • Decapro key mapping tool to play games with keyboard and mouse (Press F10).
    • Pre mapped some popular games like PUBG, Freefire, Subway surf etc.
    • PrimeOS Gaming Centre available to browse recommended games.
    • Opengapps included, no need to install them manually.
    • Feedback app is available for you guys to share your thoughts.
    • OTA support is available in settings -> about device
    • Up-streamed kernel to Linux 4.19.x / 4.14.x.


    Note: Use PrimeOS installer exe program for installing in windows systems. Download link is below. For non-windows systems ,you can download our iso image and follow the steps below to install PrimeOS.

    USB stick / Flash Drive guide:

    1. For this method, you need Etcher / Rufus, PrimeOS iso file. We recommend you to use a decent speed USB drive (8GB or larger).
    2. For flashing PrimeOS to the USB drive, plug in your USB drive and launch Etcher / Rufus. Now select PrimeOS iso file, create the bootable USB.
    3. Note: Be careful with the steps below and backup your data if you're not sure about what you are doing.
    4. For installing PrimeOS on your HDD/SSD/SDcard, first create a new partition for PrimeOS ( suggested minimum size is 16GB ).
    5. Turn off secure boot of your device and then boot up the PrimeOS USB by pressing Esc or F12, depending on your bios menu key and selecting the PrimeOS USB to boot from.
    6. Select the ‘Install PrimeOS option from GRUB menu.
    7. The installer will load, and you will have an option to choose which partition you created earlier. Choose it, and select Ext4 for formatting the drive.
    8. When it asks if you want to install Grub, select YES.
    9. When finished, the installer will then ask if you want to run PrimeOS, you can just reboot here, and make sure you remove the USB drive.

    Do you already have PrimeOS and want to update manually ? Read post #2851

    Known Bugs:
    • Hardware specific bugs like trackpad, sound, wifi may come on few devices
    • Please share bugs or suggestions if you have any, we will try to fix them

    This wouldn't have been possible without Android-x86 project, please thank them before us.
    Kernel source: github

    Other information:
    Base android version - Nougat 7.1.2


    Please read this post before deciding if you have to install mainline, standard or classic.

    PrimeOS Mainline (For newest systems) -
    PrimeOS iso
    PrimeOS exe

    Base kernel - Linux 4.19.x

    PrimeOS Standard (For newer systems) -
    PrimeOS iso
    PrimeOS exe

    Base kernel - Linux 4.14.x

    PrimeOS Classic (For older systems) -
    PrimeOS iso
    PrimeOS exe

    Base kernel - Linux 4.14.x

    Please do not mirror without permission.
    Changelog, Bug reporting, Feature requests and Screenshots

    Feature requests and Bug reports : Please make sure you specify your hardware specification like device model, cpu, ram, gpu etc. when reporting any problems, and for feature suggestions, please explain the reason why you need a particular feature.

    PrimeOS changelog : google doc

    Screenshots : taken from PrimeOS 0.4.0 BETA attached below.

    Thing we are doing for future updates :
    • Reusable keys in decapro keymapping, one key at multiple places (available since 0.4.0)
    • Better gamepad support in decapro keymapping
    • Better use of right click and keyboard shortcuts everywhere (ongoing)
    • Simulation of zoom in and zoom out gesture using ctrl + mouse wheel (available since 0.4.5)
    • Better installer with legacy support(available since 0.3.5)
    • More hardware (wifi, trackpad etc.) support
    • More stability and features
    Important announcement (Updated on Feb 16 2019)

    Hello everyone, we will soon release PrimeOS 0.4.3, as you all know, we normally release both 32 bit and 64 bit variants, but starting from PrimeOS 0.4.3, this has changed, we will now have three variants depending on hardware, please read below very carefully and decide which one suits you best.

    Note - We are not releasing OTA for 0.4.3 since we want every user to install the correct variant for their hardware.

    1. PrimeOS Mainline 64 bit (for newest systems 2014+) -
      Use this variant only if you have a cpu which was manufactured in or after year 2014, For example -> [ Intel Core i series 5th gen or above OR Intel celeron N4000 OR AMD A8 7410 etc. ] Also make sure that your CPU has SSE 4.2 instruction support, just enter your cpu model on google and you can find all this info easily. This variant of PrimeOS will work well for both Intel and AMD GPUs, however, if you use a desktop and have a Nvidia GPU, you should not use this variant as it will cause lockups and will lead to freezes, but if you have a laptop, your Intel gpu will work well instead of Nvidia. In case you get any graphic glitches on this variant, you should switch to PrimeOS Standard.
      This variant of PrimeOS will be using 4.19 kernel and 18.1.0 mesa, once you install this variant of PrimeOS, you will always get OTA of this variant only, in case you want to switch to the other variant (for older systems), you must re-install PrimeOS.​
    2. PrimeOS Standard 64 bit (for newer systems 2011+) -
      Use this variant only if you have a cpu which was manufactured in or after year 2011, For example -> [ Intel Core i series 2nd gen or above OR Intel celeron N3350 OR AMD A8 5550M etc. ] Also make sure that your CPU has SSE 4.2 instruction support, just enter your cpu model on google and you can find all this info easily. This variant of PrimeOS will work well for Older Intel, AMD, Nvidia GPUs.
      This variant of PrimeOS will be using 4.14 kernel and 17.1.10 mesa, once you install this variant of PrimeOS, you will always get OTA of this variant only, in case you want to switch to the other variant (for older systems), you must re-install PrimeOS.​
    3. PrimeOS Classic 32 bit (for older systems) -
      Use this variant if you have a cpu which was manufactured before year 2011, For example ->[ Intel Core i series 1st gen or below OR Intel Pentium dual core OR Intel Pentium G620 OR AMD Phenom II X6 1100T etc. ] Just enter your cpu model on google and you can find this info easily. This variant of PrimeOS will work well for all Old Intel, Old AMD and Old Nvidia GPUs. This version will also work on 32-bit systems, In case you cannot boot this variant of PrimeOS, you should try using PrimeOS standard or mainline.
      This variant of PrimeOS will be using 4.14 kernel and 17.1.10 mesa, once you install this variant of PrimeOS, you will always get OTA of this variant only, in case you want to switch to the other variant (for older systems), you must re-install PrimeOS.​
    Pubg Blackscreen Fix on some devices:

    Starting from v0.3.0 everything is automatically done.

    Old method for v0.2.2 or older

    • Go to Settings > PrimeSettings
    • Go to GPUTools
    • Select PubgMobile from apps list (make sure it is already installed)
    • Select Pubg Blackscreen fix from the option
    • Enjoy playing PubgMobile on PrimeOS

    Make any app open fullscreen by default
    • Go to Settings > PrimeSettings
    • Go to MultiWindow
    • Uncheck the app for which you want to disable the multiwindow.
    • Enjoy the app in fullscreen
    Hey guys,

    Thank you all for giving us the support and love. Upon a lot of requests we are thinking about releasing an official 32 bit image.
    Also there will be a new experimental build which will be coming with latest cutting edge linux mainline kernels i.e. it will be having the latest up to date device drivers.
    The experimental build will not be inline with the current stable-BETA releases but will follow a different release pattern.

    It will be coming with the following differences:

    • Latest PrimeOS system patches
    • Latest mainline kernel
    • Any new experimental PrimeOS system features

    This will also help us making the OS stable in a faster and efficient manner.
    Stay tuned