[ROM] BeyondROM v1.8 [18/06/2022]-[FVG1]-[EXYNOS]-[SM-N986B]-[SM-N985F]

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Jan 23, 2013
Hi if I want to install the original android 12 firmware for my phone using odin. Can I root my phone and what would the steps be which twrp to use. Thank you
phone n986bxxs3dukb n986boxm3duh5 n986bxxs3dukb


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Mar 24, 2011
You need to flash the stock FW in Odin and use the TWRP supplied in the first post in the user data slot in Odin.
After flashing the FW you need to boot directly to TWRP and wipe data "yes", flash multidisabler and the flash the latest canary magisk zip file.


Mar 8, 2014
Hey guys is anyone knows if this rom fixing samsungs game sound problem? I think most of us knows that when we open any game device sound gets worse since ONE UI 1.0.

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Mar 24, 2011
I'm not a gamer and I've also never heard of this on the N20 either and because of that I can't help unfortunately mate.


Mar 28, 2008
Excellent ROM

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    BeyondRom V1.8

    Based on Android 12 N986B N985F XXS4FVG1 firmware

    Supported Devices: Note 20 Ultra N986B N985F

    ROM Features

    <*>Supported devices: N986B N985F (N20 Ultra)</*>
    <*>Stock Samsung kernel</*>
    <*>CSC features: camera shutter sound menu, real time network speed in statusbar, etc)</*>
    <*>Knox partially removed and ROM light debloated</*>
    <*>Screenshots in secure apps allowed</*>
    <*>Removed dm-verity, automatic encryption, proca & vaultkeeper services</*>
    <*>Build.prop tweaks</*>
    <*>Warning boot screen removed, custom boot animation</*>
    <*>Automatic EFS backup</*>
    <*>For Safetynet use kdrag0n patch v2.2.x</*>

    Not working
    <*>Some knox related apps: Samsung Pay, Samsung AutoFill </*>

    Changelog v1.8
    <*>June 2022 patch level N986BXXS4FVG1 </*>
    <*>Updated magisk to 25101</*>

    Changelog v1.7
    <*>June 2022 patch level N986BXXS4FVEA </*>
    <*>Updated magisk to 25001</*>

    Changelog v1.6
    <*>May 2022 patch level N986BXXU3FVC5 </*>
    <*>Updated magisk to 24309</*>

    Changelog v1.5
    <*>April 2022 patch level N986BXXU3FVC5 </*>
    <*>Updated magisk to 24306</*>

    Changelog v1.4
    Updated to ONEUI 4.1 </*>
    <*>March 2022 patch level N986BXXU3FVC5 </*>
    <*>Updated magisk to 24303</*>

    Changelog v1.3
    <*>March 2022 patch level N986BXXU3EVB1 </*>
    <*>Added all CSC mods by default</*>
    <*>Added a few more debloat options</*>
    <*>Changed caller mod to fix call recording</*>

    Changelog v1.2
    <*>February 2022 patch level N986BXXU3EVA9 </*>
    <*>Updated magisk to 24101</*>

    Changelog v1.1
    <*>February 2022 patch level </*>
    <*>Added Secure Folder </*>

    Changelog v1
    <*>Initial release January 2022 patch level </*>
    <*>Added Secure Folder </*>


    - John Wu for Magisk
    - Superr for kitchen
    - Ian Mcdonald
    - corsicanu
    - anan1211 for watchdog fix
    - aliwaris for incallui mods
    - dutchman89 for the new boot animation
    - Alan Thomas for sammy disarm script
    - All people who helped me with ROM and testing (especially to @starbucks2010 @ZonalRipper and @aaatso)

    Download Links

    N986B N985F ROM Link


    Telegram live group

    Installation procedure


    0) Backup ALL your important files to PC, ext drives, etc

    1) Download and copy the latest BR ROM zip into your external storage or USB stick if you're on stock fw encrypted

    2) Download latest FVG1 stock FW for your phone model and unpack it on your PC

    3) Boot in download mode (Vol Up + Vol Down + plug the USB cable connected already to PC) and load up Odin on PC
    Don't use USB adapters otherwise you might get issues flashing FW in Odin
    Turn off Auto Reboot in Odin

    4) Select files BL, AP, CP & HOME_CSC (keep data)
    **do not start flash yet

    5) Download Android 12 compatible TWRP (twrp_FVEA_vbmeta.tar) from above link.

    6) Add the above twrp + vbmeta patched.tar file into the USERDATA slot in Odin

    7) Uncheck the auto reboot option in Odin and start the flashing

    8) When flashing completes (keep usb plugged in !!!), hold Vol Down + Power buttons and then as soon as the screen goes black hold Vol Up + Power buttons to boot to recovery
    *be warned first time you boot into recovery it will initialise and then reboot so just keep the buttons Vol Up + Power buttons pressed longer
    **if you boot in stock FW, your data will be encrypted and you'll need to wipe your data before flashing BR 1.x

    9) When boot in TWRP, wipe your data if you're encrypted, flash BR 1.x zip and then reboot to system

    10) After the first boot, install Magisk Manager if necessary; when you'll start Magisk Manager for the first time, reply with YES (agree to reboot) after MM have setup your root environment
    *after reboot, go to Magisk Manager settings and toggle On Zygisk

    10) Enjoy....

    1. Backup to PC all your important files: documents, pictures, contacts, SMS, etc. BEFORE starting to flash anything
    2. If you have issues booting the ROM, try the clean flash
    3. Starting with Android 11, to boot into TWRP you need to use a USB cable connected to PC (same as DL mode) or a USB stick
    4. If you like my work, consider buying me a coffee (PayPal link)

    Got another link to download the ROM? Google (of course) is throwing a tantrum because "Too many people have viewed the file".
    This is why I root. :ROFLMAO:
    If you sign into Google on Chrome you should be able to download just fine. (y) (y)
    v1.1 released with Secure Folder added and January security patch!
    First post update with v1.2 EVA9...