Development [ROM] BeyondROM v2.3 [22/01/2023]-[BWA2]-[EXYNOS]-[SM-S908B-S906B-S901B]

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Aug 7, 2014
Hello there, first I wanna say thanks to development secondly I have this connection is very good I tried everything "force stop clean data/cache/ accept or without this problem remains. Thanks


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Mar 22, 2015


Jun 26, 2012
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
Had Dr. Ketan ROM for a couple of months, and battery life was short (6h sot), and couldnt install revanced, other than that it was pretty good. (s908b)

Installed your beyondrom, everything works flawlessly. Battery also improved alot (i get about 13h sot now)
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Extract vbmeta.img from vbmeta_disabled_R.tar
Extract recovery.img from twrp-3.7.0_12-1_afaneh92-b0s.tar
Make new tar file (name it for instance vbmetaRecovery.tar) with these two extracted files and put that vbmetaRecovery.tar in USERDATA slot.
Hello at all,
the first thing I do was flashing my 908 B to the newest level of firmwares. No my phone is stock running on BVL 1.
I do this correctly and build the .tar file from the two other files.
After several trys I am looking for an mistake I probably do. But I can´t find nothing doing wrong.
I download the files some times, control there behavior and so on.....
Odin is also new version.
I am sitting here for about 5 hours and ODIN stopped flashing at the end of the green bar, switche to red and over and out.
I am not new in this job and flash some years and it worked like a charme. But now not !
Could it be that there is a little bit help for me? Please and thank you.

Best regards Tommy

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    The BR23 has been updated to the latest fw BWA2 Jan 2023 patch level.
    Please read carefully the rom changes regarding magisk and flash magisk alpha from OP or you won't see the root.

    Happy flashing good people ! :)
    The BR23 has been updated to the latest fw BWA2 Jan 2023 patch level.
    Please read carefully the rom changes regarding magisk and flash magisk alpha from OP or you won't see the root.

    Happy flashing good people ! :)
    s906b flashed
    best rom mate, thanks for your hard work
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    Latest Version v2.3 [22/01/2023]

    ROM Maintainer: Andrei @starbucks2010

    ROM Info:

    Supported devices:
    [SM-S908B] [SM-S906B] [S901B]

    ROM Base: S90xBXXS2BWA2 (Android 13) Jan 2023 Patch Level

    ROM Features:

    • Stock Samsung kernel
    • All partitions RW

    CSC features:
    • Call Recording
    • Camera shutter sound menu
    • Real time network speed in statusbar
    • AppLock Enabled

    ROM Disarm:
    • Light ROM debloat
    • Disabled Encryption
    • Patched Samsung SmartWatch pairing
    • Disabled stock recovery-from-boot

    Modded Settings/Services
    • Screenshots in secure apps allowed
    • Phone status: Official
    • Software Info ROM Details

    • Galaxy watch pairing
    • SafetyNet Patch (must enable Zygisk and install SN kdrag0n magisk module)
    • Secure Folder

    Other Tweaks/Mods:
    • Warning boot screen removed, BR custom boot animation
    • Automatic EFS backup
    • Various build prop tweaks
    • Pre-rooted with Magisk Alpha (needs magisk alpha app install after flash)
    • Netflix playback HD (tbc)
    • Unlimited storage for Google Photos

    ROM constraints:

    • Needs to install Magisk Alpha app after rom flash or you won't see the soot
    • For Safetynet and Wallet use latest kdrag0n v2.4.x magisk module

    Not working
    • Knox related apps: Samsung Pay, Samsung AutoFill



    - Based to latest firmware [BWA2] OneUI 5.0 **You must be on BWA2 firmware to flash BR2.3 ROM zip**
    Switched to magisk alpha patching
    - Updated InCallUI (same app for half/full screen picture caller)


    - Based to latest firmware [BVL1] OneUI 5.0 **You must be on BVL1 firmware to flash BR2.2 ROM zip**


    - John Wu for Magisk
    - Mr. Waehere for the kitchen and support
    - afaneh92 for S22 TWRP and endless help
    - LeeXDA18 for help with knox/VK removal and more fixes
    - the elite team of ROM testers (Mark, Nuno, Kuba, Ashley and many more)
    - dutchman89 for Beyond boot logo
    - nguyenxuanhua for the Netflix tip
    - If you like my work and want to support me, consider buying me a coffee (PayPal link)

    Download Links

    SM-S908B ROM Download BWA2 [BR2.3]
    SM-S906B ROM Download BWA2 (BR2.3)
    SM-S901B ROM Download BWA2 (BR2.3)

    BeyondROM S22 Group [Telegram]
    S22 TWRP [XDA]
    S22+ TWRP [XDA]
    S22U TWRP [XDA]
    If you like my work, support me and buy me a coffee (PayPal link)


    **Note: These steps will trip Knox and possibly void warranty on your phone**
    **Note: Following these steps you will lose data on your phone, so back-up before continuing**


    • Enable Developer Options: Settings > About Phone > Software Information > Keep clicking 'Build Number'
    • Enable OEM Unlock: Settings > Developer Options > Click 'OEM Unlock' to enable it
    • Turn of phone
    • Hold Volume Up + Volume Down, plug in USB cable (PC to Phone)
    • You’re now in download mode (Blue Screen)
    • Press and hold Volume up (bootloader unlock screen)
    • Pres Volume up to confirm
    • **Warning** This will now wipe your phone and restart and couple of times but this is normal
    • When the phone is booted, connect to internet, skip the initial setup, you don't need to sign in to anything
    • Unlock should be enabled now and greyed out
    • Congrats you've unlocked your bootloader !


    • OEM Unlock should be enabled now and greyed out
    • Download TWRP and patched vbmeta for your device from above links
    • ]Boot phone into download mode (from power off Volume Up + Volume Down and plugin USB cable)
    • Press Volume up to continue
    • Load up ODIN
    • Go to options and turn off auto reboot
    • Select USERDATA slot and select the TWRP+Patched VBMETA file tar you built (Device Specific)
    • Click Start and wait for Odin to complete with a PASS message
    • Now Keep USB cable plugged in, hold Volume Down and Power and as soon as the screen goes black press and hold Volume Up and Power
    • You should now be in TWRP

    • Do a full wipe (wipe > Format Data > type 'yes' when asked and confirm)
    • Reboot phone back to recovery (Reboot > Recovery)
    • Download ROM and copy either to the phone (PC to Phone) or to a USB OTG device


    • In TWRP click 'Install'
    • If using OTG click 'select storage', select 'USB OTG'
    • Browse to the location of the ROM zip on the USB device, Select and wipe to confirm
    • Follow on screen options
    • When flash is complete, click 'save logs' (in case you have any flashing issues)
    • Click finish
    • Reboot to System
    • After flash and setup download and install Magisk Canary app from Magisk github and install, when you run for the first time the magisk will need to do some setup and will then automatically reboot the phone
    • After reboot you're all set, congratulations !

    Please take note of the changelog as it will mention if you need to be on a certain version to flash this version or if dirty flash from previous version is ok

    When upgrading FW to flash the latest these are the recommended steps.

    It is assumed that you are already on BeyondROM.

    • Download the latest/required version of the firmware (Samfirm, Frija etc...)
    • Unzip the ROM
    • Boot phone into Download mode
    • Load up Odin, turn off auto-reboot
    • Insert the relevant files into their slots (BL = BL, AP=AP, CP=CP, CSC=HOME_CSC) **It's important to use HOME_CSC to keep your data intact**
    • In the USERDATA slot insert your TWRP+PatchedVBMETA tar file (Device Specific)
    • Start Flash
    • When flashing completes, keep USB plugged in, hold Volume Down + Power, as soon as the screen goes black hold Volume Up + Power pressed to enter TWRP
    • When in TWRP, flash latest BeyondROM
    • When complete, save logs, reboot to system
    • Enjoy!

    Enjoy flashing good people ! :)
    The BR23 has been updated to the latest fw BWA2 Jan 2023 patch level.
    Please read carefully the rom changes regarding magisk and flash magisk alpha from OP or you won't see the root.

    Happy flashing good people ! :)
    The rom has been updated to the latest BVKB fw Nov 2022.

    Happy flashing good people! :)
    The BR22 has been updated to the latest fw BVL1 Dec 2022 patch level.

    Happy flashing good people ! :)
    How exactly did you achieve the rw? Can you please give me step by step tutorial? Thanks (y)

    So are you trying to tell me that I've been basically wasting my time by doing 1 on 1 customer support in private with you for over 12 pages since July trying to get my rw script to work for all Samsung devices? :unsure:
    I am a little bit disappointed. I was honestly expecting more high quality feedback and a little bit more enthousiasm from you as well as a little bit more honesty. :(
    You could've told me back in July that you cannot or do not want to help me make my rw script to work on ALL devices out there but you only want to make YOUR device rw... Isn't that a little bit egoistic on your part? :unsure:
    Speaking of honesty. Didn't you tell me the other day that you're not a developer yet here you are publishing a ROM that's fully rw in a thread with a [DEVELOPMENT] tag... :unsure:

    What is dubious about my rom?
    I always had options to make my rom from many other sources: twrp backup after running afaneh rw script, offline manual creation of rw images but I chose to help you hoping to automate the rw image creation with your script.
    I had the willingness to help you making the script working over 12 pages of discussion as you say and countless tests but you never listen to my advises.
    Honestly, no point of washing our laundries in public.

    And this is the end of this topic from my point of view.

    Guys guys guys, is it really the best place to have such a discussion?

    I highly advise you to use the 13th page of your long discussion to clear things out. It's not like you're new to XDA ... 😉