[ROM] BeyondROM V3.3 [12/05/2021] [DUE1] [May Patch] [A11] [G980F-G981B-G985F-G986B-G988B]

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Mar 4, 2009
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Hybrid Modpack for S20 & S21 Exynos Series with BeyondRom 13.05.2021

Current Version: 1.3

Supported Devices: SM-G980F, SM-G981B, SM-G985F, SM-G986B, SM-G988B

Supported BeyondROM Version: 3.3

Supported Firmware Version: XXU7DUE1


  • Backup your System with TWRP. I'm not responsible for any damage.
  • Flash the Modpack via TWRP
  • Make sure you have selected the correct variant.
  • If you use Xposed and xposed modules, it might create some issues with the SystemUI Mods inside of the modpack. Be warned.
  • Please save the Aroma Log at the end of the Modpack installation. It might help for troubleshooting.
  • Let me know if something is abnormal or not working.


- Debloat Google, Samsung and Misc Apps


  1. Samsung Dex Fix​


- Audio:​

  1. Viper4Android​

  2. Stock​

- SystemUI:​

  1. All SystemUi Mods​

  2. 3Minit Battery & Clock​

  3. Disable some Warnings​

  4. Stock​

- Fonts:​

  1. Modded Samsung Sans​

  2. Google Product Sans​

  3. Stock​

- Streaming:​

  1. Streaming Mod for Amazone Prime and Netflix SD​

  2. Stock​

- Multimedia:​

  1. Youtube Vanced​

  2. Stock​

- CSC_Change:​

You can change the CSC if you want to


  • Override Data Icon​

  • Enable Wifi Advanced Menu​

  • Disable AntiMalware​

  • Set Color of Days to XXXXXBR​

  • Enable Shutter Sound Menu in Camera​

  • Enable Camera during Calls​

  • Enable SMS Notification Popup in Camera​

  • Provider for unknown Number​

  • Enable LTEOnly in Network Menu​

  • Enable Realtime Networkspeed​

  • Quicksetting Toggles​

  • Enable Callrecording​

  • Enable Protection for Recent Apps​

  • Disable Knoxguard​

  • Enable eSIM Support​

  • Enable Applock​

  • Enable Data Usage on Quickpanel​

For Viper4Android how will need to activate Legacy Mode in it

Streaming Fix doesnt activate Netflix HD on rooted devices

Some CSCFeatures aren't working anymore on Android 11

If you want to download additional Battery Icon then look here:


Thanks for @gharrington for this

1.0: Initial Version

1.1: Added Support for SM-G996B
Some Script corrections
1.2: Removed BT and Safetynet Fix, not needed
Added Samsung Free to Debloat / Bloat List
Viper4Android works now with stock kernel too
1.3: Removed Option to Restore Bloatware (no one is using this)
Added 2 more Mods:
1. Disabled low Battery Warning
2. Possible to use camera flashlight on low battery level

Have Fun!
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Hello everyone, this thread it's not so active, so I recommend you to switch to the Telegram group, there are many people that can always help you, even with the smallest problem, so you don't have to be a guru on installing custom roms.
About this ROM. After 2 days of usage I can say that it's a good ROM and I recommend it. I wanted a ROM that's based on the Samsung ROM and this is what I was looking for. What's the difference between the Samsung ROM and this ROM? Well, this it's debloated and it's helping you with the battery life( let's say 10-15% more, not so much, but this it's Samsung fault, not the dev one), it's much faster than the original ROM, and overall I really like it.
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paul c

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Nov 15, 2006
Downloaded and installed the ROM, running nicely (y)

I did have a lot of issues flashing the stock ROM and TWRP/vbmeta files.

First Odin was handing on flashing super.img, but I used a different USB port and cable (as well as Odin 3.14.1_3B Patched from the Odin thread on XDA). I have been unlucky in the past with my S20+, with port/cable combinations, so I was ready for that...

The other issue was the TWRP/vbmeta files. I tried with the attachment in the OP - and others in this thread - but after flashing successfully I could only reboot to Download. That is, it wouldn't enter TWRP, despite Odin having given the OK to both the recovery and vbmeta image flashes. So I created this, making sure the files inside the .tar file werre recovery.img and vbmeta.img, and it finally flashed OK.

A poster described first compressing these files to lz4 and then tar-ing them, but that just gave me an file verification error in Odin at the beginning of the flashing process.

So, if you are having difficulties with booting to TWRP after flashing in Odin, try this file in the UserData slot


  • twrp_vbmeta_patched.tar
    53.6 MB · Views: 54

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    the rom has been updated to latest DUE1 fw

    enjoy good people!
    the rom has been updated to BR32, May patch level G98xYXXU7DUDB

    Updated Modpack to 1.2
    Dirty flashed 3.1 > 3.2 - everthing's fine 😀
    Thank you very much for this update and your spirit to do that for us👍👍
    Updated Modpack to 1.3
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    BeyondRom V3.3

    Based on Android 11 G98xF(B)XXU7DUE1 firmware

    Supported Devices: G980F, G981B, G985F, G986B and G988B

    ROM Features

    <*>Supported devices: G980F (S20), G981B (S20 5G), G985F (S20+), G986B (S20+ 5G) and G988B (S20 Ultra)</*>
    <*>Base OneUI 3.3 Android 11 G98xF(B)XXU7DUE1 odex/deodex Mar 2021 patch level</*>
    <*>Stock Samsung kernel</*>
    <*>CSC features: call recording, data usage in quick panel, camera shutter sound menu, LTE Only option, real time network speed in statusbar, etc)</*>
    <*>Knox partially removed and ROM light debloated</*>
    <*>Screenshots in secure apps allowed</*>
    <*>Removed dm-verity, automatic encryption, proca & vaultkeeper services</*>
    <*>Few build.prop tweaks, SHealth fix</*>
    <*>Warning boot screen removed, custom boot animation</*>
    <*>Automatic EFS backup</*>
    <*>Safetynet patch included</*>

    Not working
    <*>Some knox related apps: Samsung Pay, Samsung AutoFill </*>

    Changelog v3.2
    <*>Updated to OneUI 3.1 May 2021 patch level </*>
    <*>Added S21 wallpapers, long press back key to kill an app</*>
    <*>Switch between half or full screen caller id (Phone app settings-Call background-Layout-Background)</*>


    - John Wu for Magisk
    - SuperR for the kitchen
    - Ian Macdonald for S20 TWRP
    - Kdrag0n for SafetyNet patch
    - aliwaris for incallui mods
    - All people who helped me with ROM testing (especially to Alan Thomas @ZonalRipper, Shauli @firefds. Carlos, Mark, Ashley and many others)

    Download Links

    G980F-G981B-G985F Link

    G986B Link

    G988B Link

    TWRP for all S20 Series (z3s)

    Installation procedure


    Dirty flash of BR 3.3 over BR 3.2 is ok.

    0) Backup ALL your important files to PC, ext drives, etc

    1) Download and copy the BR v3.3 ROM zip into your external storage or USB stick if you're encrypted

    2) Download DUE1 stock FW for your phone model and unpack in your PC

    3) Boot in download mode (Vol Up + Vol Down + plug the USB cable connected already to PC) and load up Odin on PC
    Please use standard USB to USB-C cable (not USB-C to USB-C) otherwise you will get issues flashing FW in Odin
    Turn off Auto Reboot in Odin

    4) Select files BL, AP, CP & HOME_CSC (keep data)
    **do not start flash yet

    5) Get a copy of Ian's latest TWRP (twrp-z3s-3.5.x_10-A11_x_ianmacd.img) and rename it to recovery.img. Add this recovery.img and the attached patched vbmeta.img to a twrp_vbmeta_patched.tar file using 7zip.
    **rename the attached vbmeta.img.zip to vbmeta.img (don't unzip it)

    6) Add the above twrp_vbmeta_patched.tar file containing the TWRP + patched vbmeta.img into the USERDATA slot in Odin

    7) Uncheck the auto reboot option in Odin and start the flashing

    8) When flashing completes (keep usb plugged in !!!), hold Vol Down + Power buttons and then as soon as the screen goes black hold Vol Up + Power buttons to boot to recovery
    *be warned first time you boot into recovery it will initialize and then reboot so just keep the buttons Vol Up + Power buttons pressed longer
    **if you boot in stock FW, your data will be encrypted and you'll need to wipe your data before flashing BR 3.2

    9) When boot in TWRP, wipe your data if you're encrypted, flash BR 3.x zip and then reboot to system

    10) After the first boot, install Magisk Manager canary if necessary; when you'll start Magisk Manager for the first time, reply with YES (agree to reboot) after MM have setup your root environment
    *after reboot, go to Magisk Manager settings and toggle On MagiskHide

    10) Enjoy....

    1. Backup to PC all your important files: documents, pictures, contacts, SMS, etc. BEFORE starting to flash anything
    2. If you have issues booting the ROM, try the clean flash
    3. Starting with Android 11, to boot into TWRP you need to use a USB cable connected to PC (same as DL mode) or a USB stick
    4. If you like my work, consider buying me a coffee (PayPal link)

    Helpful links

    S20 series Root and FW upgrade
    BeyondROM S20 Telegram chat
    TWRP for S20 Telegram chat
    PayPal link

    Happy flashing good people! :)
    the rom has been updated to latest DUE1 fw

    enjoy good people!
    please delete
    BR 3.0 updated to latest fw DUB5 ... enjoy!
    the rom has been updated to BR32, May patch level G98xYXXU7DUDB

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