[ROM] BeyondROM V5.2 [21/01/2023] [GWA7] [Jan Patch] [G980F-G981B-G985F-G986B-G988B]

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Sep 9, 2010
Hello, can anyone help me. Rom clean installed, Magisk, shamiko and universal safety net fix installed. Gplay and GSM hidden in the magisk. Application memory cleared. There is no Netflix in gplay. What to do?


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zigzag turned on without list. safetynet fix 1 also enabled. netflix appeared in the store but it only has sd quality

If you check with DRM info, you will prolly find Widevine L3 which means SD only Netfix, welcome to life with an unlocked bootloader...

Ive never (and i mean never, they gave me a month free, like everyone, i couldnt find anything i hadnt seen or was interesting on it, free month went by unused...) used Netflix, so i really couldnt care less


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No idea, Samsung was starting the rollout on Nov 7, but no set timeframe for all devices on the list

So unfortunately no point asking for an ETA on an A13 BeyondROM if the stock ROM its based off hasnt rolled out yet....

Best guess a week or two after stock A13 rolls out, if theres no bugs and it tests well
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Nov 13, 2022

I have S20 Ultra 5G Which sim card is notworking after Update from android 10 U11 to Android 12 U15, IMEI STATUS SHOW: NG, i need patch cert for binary 15 can someone help please.


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Feb 4, 2015
Dirty flash from 4.8 worked fine here. =)



Sep 10, 2012
Hello. Thank you for this rom. Really good fast stable. Really good work thank you very much.
One little question Google Wallet work ? By me I can't use it. But all other work really fine

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    BeyondROM v5.2 has been updated to latest Android 13 GWA7 Jan 2023 FW.

    Happy flashing good people! :)
    As I mentioned in OP, remove your actual magisk app, reboot and install magisk alpha I shared in OP as a regular app.
    I shared in OP the magisk alpha 25205. Please try to install that version then update through magisk app to latest version.
    Don't forget to uninstall your actual magisk app and reboot before installing magisk alpha.
    Magisk alpha not installable.
    Old Version doesnt work aswell
    well, but I'm confused. that recovery and vbmeta... do I flash them seperately (with auto reboot ticked off) or do I make 1 tar file from them?

    and I also don't understand "wipe your data if you're encrypted". I don't mind wiping data. or will it fail if I do wipe it while I'm not encrypted? Am I encrypted? :p sorry for the noob questions but I have flashed the stock ROM for 10 times before I got the root and TWRP to work :p now it's rooted and I have booted in TWRP but I can't seem to boot in it anymore. If I'm correct I have to flash the TWRP tar (and VBMETA in CL?) each time I want to go in recovery?
    i have been flashing firmwares and custom recoveries & roms for 10 year or longer, every time when i find a rom i like i stick to it until i get another phone and then.. -> what you said happens to me also :) i need to read everything 3x and still i forget things or don't get what i have to do or simply do things wrong lol -> Good thing samsung phones can take a lot.
    ohja, van waasmunster ofwa ? lol, i used to live in dendermonde, i am happy to see there is at least 1 more person in Belgium who enjoys XDA
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    logo (3).png
    BeyondRom v5.2

    Based on Android 13 G98xF(B)XXSFGWA7 firmware

    Supported Devices: G980F, G981B, G985F, G986B and G988B

    ROM Features

    <*>Supported devices: G980F (S20), G981B (S20 5G), G985F (S20+), G986B (S20+ 5G) and G988B (S20 Ultra)</*>
    <*>Base OneUI 5 Android 13 G98xF(B)XXSFGWA7 deodex Jan 2023 patch level</*>
    <*>Stock Samsung kernel</*>
    <*>CSC features: call recording, camera shutter sound menu, real time network speed in statusbar, etc)</*>
    <*>Knox partially removed and ROM light debloated</*>
    <*>Screenshots in secure apps allowed</*>
    <*>Removed automatic encryption, vaultkeeper services</*>
    <*>Few build.prop tweaks</*>
    <*>Warning boot screen removed, custom boot animation</*>
    <*>Automatic EFS backup</*>
    <*>For Safetynet use kdrag0n patch v2.3.1-mod2.1 or v2.4.0</*>

    Not working
    <*>Some knox related apps: Samsung Pay, Samsung AutoFill</*>

    Changelog v5.2
    <*>Updated to latest GWA7 Jan 2023 OneUI 5 patch level</*>
    <*>Removed the restriction of flashing on older FW (flash it on user risk)</*>
    <*>Netflix HD (to be tested)</*>
    <*>Added unlimited storage for Google Photos</*>
    <*>Half screen / full screen InCallUI option from phone app itself</*>
    <*>Switched to magisk Alpha for better banks apps compatibility - remove your actual magisk app and install latest magisk alpha app or you won't see the root</*>

    <*> </*>


    - John Wu for Magisk
    - Mr. Waehere for CRB kitchen
    - corsicanu for S20 TWRP
    - aliwaris for incallui mods
    - dutchman89 for the new boot animation
    - Alan Thomas for sammy disarm script
    - LeeXDA18 for some fixes
    - Nguyenxuanhoa for Netflix tip
    - All testing team

    Download Links

    G98xFB BR52 GWA7 Link

    Official TWRP thread for S20 Series

    Installation procedure


    Dirty flash of BR 5.2 over any Android 12 BR will brick your device !!!

    0) Backup ALL your important files to PC, ext drives, etc

    1) Download and copy the latest BR ROM zip into your external storage or USB stick if you're on stock fw encrypted

    2) Download GWA7 stock FW for your phone model using Frija or Samfw and unpack it on your PC

    3) Boot in download mode (Vol Up + Vol Down + plug the USB cable connected already to PC) and load up Odin on PC
    Don't use USB adapters otherwise you might get issues flashing FW in Odin
    Turn off Auto Reboot in Odin

    4) Select files BL, AP, CP & HOME_CSC (keep data)
    **do not start flash yet

    5) Download latest compatible TWRP for your specific device from the official TWRP xda thread (link above), rename it to recovery.img. Download the patched vbmeta.img file from below. Using 7Zip app add the 2 files (recovery.img and vbmeta.img) into a .tar file.

    6) Add the above twrp + vbmeta patched.tar file into the USERDATA slot in Odin

    7) Uncheck the auto reboot option in Odin and start the flashing

    8) When flashing completes (keep usb plugged in !!!), hold Vol Down + Power buttons and then as soon as the screen goes black hold Vol Up + Power buttons to boot to recovery
    *be warned first time you boot into recovery it will initialize and then reboot so just keep the buttons Vol Up + Power buttons pressed longer
    **if you boot in stock FW, your data will be encrypted and you'll need to wipe your data before flashing BR 3.x

    9) When boot in TWRP, wipe your data if you're encrypted, flash BR 5.x zip and then reboot to system

    10) After the first boot, install Magisk Manager if necessary; when you'll start Magisk Manager for the first time, reply with YES (agree to reboot) after MM have setup your root environment
    *after reboot, go to Magisk Manager settings and toggle On Zygisk

    10) Enjoy....

    1. Backup to PC all your important files: documents, pictures, contacts, SMS, etc. BEFORE starting to flash anything
    2. If you have issues booting the ROM, try the clean flash
    3. To boot into TWRP you need to use a USB cable connected to PC (same for DL mode) or a USB stick
    4. If you like my work, consider buying me a coffee (PayPal link)

    Helpful links

    S20 series Root and FW upgrade
    BeyondROM S20 Telegram chat

    PayPal link

    Happy flashing good people! :)
    the rom has been updated to the latest nov 2021 fw DUJ5 ... happy flashing !

    don't forget to take backups before flashing!
    The rom has been updated to the latest july patch DUF9.

    please delete