[ROM] BeyondROM V5.8 [15/11/19] [9.0 ASK1] [November Patch] [G973-G975-F/FD]

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Oct 30, 2008
Things went a bit sideways for me after trying lineageOS 18 first and then when I didn't liked it, I was like ... I do this every 2 years....but wrong with the S10.

Now it's back to stock. So I'll enable bootloader again stating from scratch.
It kept on rebooting but I missed the step after flashing the ROM 😅😅😅

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    BeyondRom V5.8

    Based on Android 9.0 - G975FXXU3ASK1

    Devices Supported: G973F(D), G975F(D)

    ROM Features

    <*>Aroma choices: full/dirty wipe, debloating, Bixby key remapping, Emoji</*>
    <*>Supports G973F(D) and G975F(D)</*>
    <*>Base SM-G975F G975FXXU3ASK1 odex/deodex November 2019 patch level</*>
    <*>CSC features (camera sound menu, call recording, LTE only mod, camera during call, etc)</*>
    <*>Knox removed, 1170 fonts by Winb33, AppLock</*>
    <*>Included the security bypass from Ian’s multidisabler</*>
    <*>build.prop tweaks: multiuser, Bluetooth Aptx driver, call ring delay, SHealth fix, WiFi and BT passwords remember</*>
    <*>Dual SIM + SD Card, allow ss in secure apps, disable sig verification, SecureFolder</*>
    <*>Reboot directly into rooted system from power menu, disable high volume warning</*>
    <*>Possibility to choose in aroma to remove the boot warning</*>

    Added/fixed in v5.8
    <*>Latest ASK1 sw level</*>


    - John Wu for Magisk
    - Ianmcd for his multidisabler
    - Ianmcd & Geiti for the TWRP
    - Winb33 for the fonts app
    - SuperR for his kitchen
    - fOmey for his smali patcher
    - Khongloi for Secure Folder fix
    - Corsicanu for his help and advises
    - Sannoc for his help and support
    - All people from Telegram group for testing (especially Nathan, Carlos, Raphael, Troy, Jay, Hayden, Alan)

    Download Link

    Google Drive
    Digi Link

    Flashable patched TWRP S10 (G973F)
    Flashable patched TWRP S10+ (G975F)

    Installation procedure for upgrade from BeyondROM v5.4 / v5.5

    - Take a full TWRP backup
    - Dirty flash or clean flash is ok

    Installation procedure for upgrade from BeyondROM less than v5.4

    If you are on stock ROM, follow the attached guide

    This ROM version needs ASIG BL and ASIG TWRP/recovery or it won't boot !!!

    1. Boot in TWRP and take a full backup before flashing BeyondRom 5.8 ROM zip
    2. Copy the ROM zip to your phone (Ext SD preferably)
    3. Download Ian’s Multidisabler v1.6 or higher and copy it to your phone
    4. Download Ian’s TWRP 3.3.1-10(11), copy it to your phone and patch it with Magisk Manager or use the patched TWRP from gdrive folder
    5. Download the stock FW for your device (S10 or S10+) – Frija is a good tool to use
    6. Extract the AP from stock FW, copy it to a temp folder on your internal SD
    7. Patch in Magisk Manager the AP
    8. Copy the patched AP to your PC and replace the recovery.img inside the AP with the patched TWRP from point 4. Rename the patched TWRP to recovery.img before replacing it into the patched AP
    9. Open Odin 3.13.1 or 3.13.3 and fill all slots with: patched AP, BL, CP and HOME_CSC. Uncheck the automatic restart and start flashing.
    10. Once flashing completed, long press VOL DOWN + POWER until screen becomes black. IMEDIATELY the screen gets black, press VOL UP + BIXBY + POWER BUTTON to enter to TWRP recovery.
    11. Once in TWRP, flash the Multidisabler v1.6 and right after flash BeyondROM v5.8. No need to reboot in between.
    12. After flashing the ROM zip, save the aroma log, go back to TWRP root menu and select Reboot --> Recovery
    13. Wait for the boot up (5-7 minutes) and setup your ROM to your liking

    Enjoy the release of BeyondROM !


    1. Clean install if you have issues with dirty flash; don't start flashing BR5 without a twrp backup of your existing rom
    2. If you have flashing issues: check rom zip MD5 hash
    3. If you consider that the modded services are the culprit for your SnapChat ban, use stock services.jar provided in the download folder
    4. If you like my work, consider buying me a coffee (PayPal link)

    Helpful links
    Telegram chat

    Happy flashing good people! :)

    Flash with TWRP, or simply copy them yourself in system/media.

    If you want to backup your stock animations first, just copy them from system/media: