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[ROM] BeyondROM V8.8 [21/10/2021] [11.0 FUI5] [Oct Patch] [G970-G973-G975-F/FD]

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Dec 26, 2017
I'm running a SM-G970F (S10e) with BeyondRom 8.7 and ThundeRStormS kernel. I'm passing safetynet and I'm also play protect certified and I'm running the SQLite3 and GPay magisk modules.
But I still can't get mobile payment to work in my banking app (ING bank). Whenever I try to enable mobile payment the operation fails. It works on stock so I know it's not the app or some temporary issue with the bank. I've also hidden root from my banking app with MagiskHide. Anyone got any ideas?
Not sure how you solved it but heard that freezing Magisk (while using the app) helps with Banking Apps


Oct 30, 2021
I followed instructions and reboot to recovery through twrp after installing the ROM, my s10 booted into the samsung logo then normal system setup instead of recovery. Is this normal?

Edit: magisk displays as installed but I cant seem to boot into twrp recovery anymore


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Dec 26, 2008
hello, thanks for this rom, I was using old android 10 beyondrom and it was quite time to update. :)
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Dec 22, 2012
Hey guys, I just bought a new S10 Plus and was reading through this OP then I noticed this in installing instructions "THE ASSUMPTION IS THAT YOU ARE ALREADY A BEYOND ROM USER ". Now I am wondering, how can I install this ROM if I am NOT ALREADY a Beyond Rom user? thanks a lot


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Dec 26, 2008
Hello Starbucks,

FIY in the current release, I'm pretty sure there is big bug with Dual Messenger.

I spent many hours reinstalling it various time, and everytime I was ending up with bootloop after reboot. I figured out thanks to these posts that it is 99% due to Dual Messenger, even if they are from different roms:

I reinstalled everything the same except I didn't install dual messenger at initial selection, and have no more bootloop.
I was connecting to samsung account, don't know if it's working without connecting like one post said.

I found another way to have dual messenger, appart from that, works flawlessly, thanks for the rom!


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Dec 26, 2008
Hey guys, I just bought a new S10 Plus and was reading through this OP then I noticed this in installing instructions "THE ASSUMPTION IS THAT YOU ARE ALREADY A BEYOND ROM USER ". Now I am wondering, how can I install this ROM if I am NOT ALREADY a Beyond Rom user? thanks a lot
I think the best is restore to stock, and format/wipe everything, then flash BR. I did this when coming from android 10 beyondrom


Jan 1, 2012
Your Roma means a lot to me and I'm sorry that there is no new version (FUJ2). Will there be an 8.9 version? I am grateful for your work!


Sep 6, 2016
i've unpacked original files from original firmware, replace in RootExplorer...
all ok now.. now i can use BixbyMapper (with single/double/long clicks...):)
also founded mod for my S10e - now i can change caller photo in apk... default, half size, full size... and more settings.
Hi, I'm looking forward to do this, and I think many others want to remap Bixby after flashing and/or don't want/cannot reflash (in my case, my phone had imeis Ng issue, had them reprinted by professional, idk if reflashing, even dirty, could screw up entire process, it was loooooong), can you please share files and tell us where to put? Permissions, etc? I have 8.8 UI5
Ok nevermind, found out this is a rather simple process that can be done with just a file editor with root access, in system/usr/keylayout/generic.kl
Around the very bottom of file there is line
# input_fw Intelligent Key for Dream
key 703 XXXXXXXX

where the "xxxxxx" is the desired function of key, default Bixby is: WINK

save and reboot

source: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/root-remap-bixby-button-w-o-an-app.3601061/

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Sep 6, 2016
Guys, s10e 8.8 here UI5, wanted to install Sky: children of light and play store says my phone is not compatible? I tried Google Play system update from ROM info screen, says I'm up to date with June 1, 2021


Dec 6, 2018
Could someone do me a favor and try an mobile hotspot to any notebook and try ipv6?

i always get "not supported" since there are no routing tables etc.
Does it work for you?

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    hello, thanks for this rom, I was using old android 10 beyondrom and it was quite time to update. :)
    I need android 10 beyondrom, link?
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    BeyondRom V8.8

    Based on Android 11 - G97xFXXSDFUI5

    Devices Supported: G970F(D), G973F(D), G975F(D)

    ROM Features

    <*>Aroma choices: full/dirty wipe, debloat, Bixby key remapping, Emoji</*>
    <*>Supports G970F(D), G973F(D) and G975F(D)</*>
    <*>Base Android 11 G975FXXSDFUI5 odex/deodex Oct 2021 patch level</*>
    <*>Stock Samsung kernel</*>
    <*>CSC features (camera sound menu, call recording, LTE only mod, camera during call, etc)</*>
    <*>Knox partially removed, AppLock, SafetyNet fix included</*>
    <*>Included the security bypass from Ian’s multidisabler</*>
    <*>build.prop tweaks: multiuser, call ring delay, SHealth fix, BT passwords remember</*>
    <*>Allow screenshots in secure apps, mock location</*>
    <*>Reboot directly in rooted system from power menu (modded services)</*>
    <*>Possibility to choose in aroma to remove the boot warning</*>
    <*>IncallUI half/full screen caller id (Phone app settings-Call background-Layout)</*>

    Changelog v8.8

    <*>Updated to the latest FUI5 FW Oct 2021</*>


    - John Wu for Magisk
    - IanMacd for his multidisabler
    - IanMacd and Oleg for the libbluetooth fix
    - Corsicanu for the TWRP
    - SuperR for the kitchen
    - WinB33 for the FontPack
    - kdrag0n for safetynet fix
    - aliwaris for incallui mods
    - dutchman89 for the new beyond bootanimation
    - All people who helped me with ROM testing (especially Alan, Claude, Raphael, Matthias, Samir and others)

    Download Links for G970F(D)/G973F(D)/G975F(D)

    Gdrive Link
    Digi Link


    Dirty flash BR 8.8 over BR 8.7 is ok.

    Installation procedure

    1. You need to be already on Android 11 fw before attempting to flash BR 8.x
    2. Flash latest TWRP (3.5.2_9-x or newer patched with Magisk Manager) in Odin (AP slot), reboot the phone in TWRP using combo keys and the USB cable connected to phone and PC
    3. Wipe your data in TWRP (type YES when asked), flash Ian’s latest multidisabler (v3.1 or newer) to disable the encryption at the next reboot then flash BR 8.x


    If your /data partition is encrypted, flash Ian’s latest multidisabler (v3.1 or newer) and format your data in TWRP after flashing the multidisabler (Wipe data, reply YES when asked in TWRP). Beware that your ENTIRE internal SD will be wiped.
    After the first boot, when you start Magisk Manager for the first time, reply with YES (agree to reboot) after MM have setup your root environment. Toggle ON the magisk hide toggle in magisk manager.


    0. DON'T START FLASHING BRx WITHOUT A FULL TWRP BACKUP !!! Backup to PC your important files: documents, pics, contacts, SMS, etc.
    1. Is advisable to clean flash if coming from Q. You can try to restore your previous saved data with TWRP but issues can arise.
    2. If you have error 1 while flashing the rom - usually bad rom zip download; wipe cache + dalvik and try to flash the ROM again
    3. If you like my work, consider buying me a coffee (PayPal link)

    Helpful links

    Telegram chat
    PayPal link

    Happy flashing good people! :)
    BR 6.9 updated to Aug 2020 patch level in OP.

    Happy flashing good people! :)
    the rom is updated to march fw ... enjoy!
    Added S10e support. Link in OP.
    I am getting issue. Can you pls explain it in details how to flash the new twrp into recovery? This will help other users as well.


    for those who can't get camera work, I will explain how I did;
    I have a s10 plus and I did everything with my phone.
    - I downloaded ianmacd's twrp 3.3.1-103 from this address.
    - I moved twrp-beyond2lte-3.3.1-103_ianmacd.img file to sdcard via My Files app. It downloaded to Internal Storage's Download folder.
    - I did run Magisk Manager and I did tap first INSTALL button. I selected INSTALL. Then I selected 'Select and Patch a File'. Then I selected twrp-beyond2lte-3.3.1-103_ianmacd.img file.
    - Don't tap 'Reboot' button, tab '<-' back button and return the Magisk Manager app.
    - Move 'magisk_patched.img' file from Internal Storage's Download folder to Sd Card with My Files app.
    - Power off the phone.
    - Enter Recovery just pressing Power + Volume Up + Bixby button combination. (Release power button and keep pressing volume up and bixby till you get the twrp)
    - Select 'Install' (left top). Then select 'Install Image' (right bottom). Select 'Select Storage' then select 'Micro SD card' from pop-up menu.
    - Navigate and select 'magisk_patched.img'. Then select 'Recovery'. Swipe 'Swipe to confirm flash'. And TWRP will flash new patched TWRP into Recovery partition.
    - Go Back to main TWRP screen. Select 'Reboot' and then select 'Recovery'.
    - Phone will boot now and hopefully everything will work.
    Thank you.