[ROM] BeyondROM V9.2 [16/05/2022] [A12 HVE1] [May Patch] [G970-G973-G975-F/FD]

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Mar 17, 2013
1. Install the patched shealth from 1st post
2. Is not visible probably because your playstore is not certified. Wipe cache + data for playstore app and check again
3. Magisk issuethqnks

1. Install the patched shealth from 1st post
2. Is not visible probably because your playstore is not certified. Wipe cache + data for playstore app and check again
3. Magisk issue
Thanks. All issues were fixed


Jan 12, 2012
Samsung Galaxy S10e
Hi all. Okay I am feeling really dumb right now. I have an S10e SM-G970F On Android 11 (build RPA.2000720.0012.G970FXXSEFUL1)
I would like to try BeyondRom and stay on Android 11. I have been searching for a thread / link/ information but as I said I'm feeling dumb because I haven't found it. Can anyone please help me out with what to search for? or possibly a link to Beyondrom version 8?
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Dec 27, 2012
Hello there.

Sorry this probably a dumb question : But can I simply install Magisk Manager on my S10e?



Dec 9, 2021
Good morning, is anyone able to download it?
It is not possible to view or download this file at this time.


Dec 9, 2021
Sem título.png

Here only this message appears.

It is not possible to view or download this file at this time.

Many users have viewed or downloaded this file recently. Please try to access it later. If it is very large or shared with many people, it may take up to 24 hours to be able to view or download it. If you are unable to access the file after this time, please contact your domain administrator.


Dec 9, 2021
Sim, posso baixá-lo no link do gdrive.
Problema resolvido.
Sempre baixei os arquivos sem precisar estar logado na minha conta google, por acaso entrei na minha conta google no computador e abri o link de download.
Se alguém estiver tendo um problema semelhante, faça login com sua conta do google drive que funcionará.


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Jun 11, 2013
How can I flash the stock kernel (kernel that comes with rom) with odin, or twrp. I mistakenly rebooted through Magisk and now the phone did 3 bootloops , Thankyou


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Nov 2, 2009
I’ve made a tutorial for clean installing the ROM (9.2) to have it working properly with Magisk and to pass SafetyNet to use anything you want even Fintech, banking apps and Google Pay with biometric authentication.
It was pretty complicated now, so I do hope it helps to anyone.

Use Frija tool to highspeed download latest StockROM

Frija: https://github.com/SlackingVeteran/frija/releases/download/v1.4.4/Frija-v1.4.4.zip
Frija tutorial: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/tool-frija-samsung-firmware-downloader-checker.3910594/

Magisk: https://github.com/topjohnwu/Magisk/releases/download/v24.3/Magisk-v24.3.apk

MagiskHide Props Config: https://github.com/Magisk-Modules-R...ownload/v6.1.2/MagiskHidePropsConf-v6.1.2.zip

Termux: https://github.com/termux/termux-ap...ermux-app_v0.118.0+github-debug_arm64-v8a.apk

Riru: https://github.com/RikkaApps/Riru/releases/download/v26.1.5/riru-v26.1.4.r524.125daf3f89-release.zip

Universal SafetyNet Fix: https://github.com/kdrag0n/safetynet-fix/releases/download/v2.2.1/safetynet-fix-v2.2.1.zip


  • Clean Flash S10 Plus Tutorial.pdf
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Greate ROM Bro! Samsung Health's working again :)
Hey bro, can u reply some of my questions?

Do the payment apps like google pay work (safetynet) ?

Do all camera lenses accessible?

Do dual speakers work?

Do the multi windows work?


And what about battery? (Especially on mobile data)

Thanks in advance.
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Feb 17, 2007
Hey bro, can u reply some of my questions?

Do the payment apps like google pay work (safetynet) ?

Do all camera lenses accessible?

Do dual speakers work?

Do the multi windows work?


And what about battery? (Especially on mobile data)

Thanks in advance.
don't use it
don't know :)
don't know.
battery: phone S10+ 2 years old, dual sim, SOT: 5-6h (2 days). Tip: when i don't use LTE, change network to 2G.

My suggestion: Just flash rom, and test it your self!
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    Running into a bootloop trying to flash BeyondROM 9.2. I am coming from LineageOS 19.1 Official with Encryption disabled, TWRP 3.6.2_9-0, and Magisk 25.0, and G970FXXUFHVE1 firmware already flashed (requirement for LOS 19.1). I want to switch to this ROM for VoLTE support because of the 3G sunset/shutdown happening in T-Mobile right now.

    From within my booted LineageOS 19.1, I created a patched TWRP 3.6.2_9-0 and set it in my external SD card. I rebooted into TWRP and flashed the image file, rebooted back into recovery again (not sure how to validate running a patched TWRP?).

    Format data -> Yes, flash multidisabler again just to make sure encryption is off (was already off before). Proceed to flash BeyondROM-G97xF_HVE1_v9.2_20220516_xda.zip file.

    In Aroma, chose:
    1. Perform Clean Flash
    2. S10e - G970F(D)
    3. Install stock emojis
    4. Ok Google (remapping Bixby)
    5. Modded InCallUI
    6. Use Beyond bootanimation 2
    7. Checked all the boxes to remove all bloat
    8. => Flash success. Back out to main recovery menu, select reboot -> recovery.

    Stuck in bootloop. Any one else have success going from LOS 19.1 to this rom without flashing back to complete stock via Odin? For now I have recovered my LOS 19.1 install using TWRP backup I made before this adventure.

    MD5 checksum:

    $ md5sum BeyondROM-G97xF_HVE1_v9.2_20220516_xda.zip
    da10a3c45c310d185e325604d3464ead  BeyondROM-G97xF_HVE1_v9.2_20220516_xda.zip


    Edit: Working now. Flashed back to stock via Odin and G970FXXUFHVE1 downloaded via Frija: SM-G970F_5_20220510020400_olboeua0ey_fac.zip

    Unzipped and flashed the 4 files: BL, AP, CP, and CSC via Odin, took a few minutes. Rebooted and was presented back with stock A12.

    Used browser and downloaded Magisk Manager Canary APK via Github. Selected Install and patched my TWRP file. Grabbed the patched img file and combined it with the vbmeta-disabled.img, renaming them to recovery.img and vbmeta.img respectively, and stuffing them into a .tar file.

    Opened up Odin again and flashed this new .tar file in the AP slot in download mode. Reboot to recovery using 3 button method and was presented with TWRP (presumably patched).

    Went through same steps again, format data -> yes, flash multidisabler.zip, flash BeyondROM-G97xF_HVE1_v9.2_20220516_xda.zip and picked same options. This time upon Reboot -> Recovery no more bootloop and system is now sitting at Welcome Screen.

    Verdict: Not possible to go from LOS 19.1 to this ROM without going back to complete stock first via Odin.
    Battery life is like stock A12. Worse than A11
    Thanks for letting me know. Can you join our telegram group and see 8f other people experience the same issue?

    Fixed it by just reflashing the rom and keeping the edge app instead of removing it
    Hey sorry to bother you but what do you mean by vbmeta image? I tried installing twrp but i can't do it because it said somenthing about custom recovery not allowed maybe i missed this step but i didn't read anything about it. Can you teach me how it is done if it doesn't bother you?

    Read the last part of this post #2 on official TWRP thread for S10e:

    What is VBMETA?

    Your phone has a partition for storing cryptographic hashes to verify the validity of the flashed software to all the partitions on your system. This is called Android Verified Boot.

    In order to flash a recovery.img you need to replace the VBMETA image with a custom image to disable the checks. You can find a vbmeta-disabled.img here.
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    logo (3).png

    BeyondRom V9.2

    Based on Android 12 - G97xFXXUFHVE1

    Devices Supported: G970F(D), G973F(D), G975F(D)

    ROM Features

    <*>Aroma choices: full/dirty wipe, debloat, Bixby key remapping, Emoji</*>
    <*>Supports G970F(D), G973F(D) and G975F(D)</*>
    <*>Base Android 12 G975FXXUFHVE1 odex/deodex May 2022 patch level</*>
    <*>Stock Samsung kernel</*>
    <*>CSC features (camera sound menu, call recording, camera during call, etc)</*>
    <*>Knox partially removed, AppLock,</*>
    <*>Included the security bypass from Ian’s multidisabler</*>
    <*>build.prop tweaks: call ring delay, BT passwords remember</*>
    <*>Allow screenshots in secure apps</*>
    <*>Reboot directly in rooted system from power menu (modded services)</*>
    <*>Possibility to choose in aroma to remove the boot warning</*>
    <*>Modded IncallUI with app (add Phone tile - long press for settings)</*>

    Changelog v9.2

    <*>Updated to the latest HVE1 OneUI 4.1 FW May 2022</*>
    <*>Updated modded InCallUI</*>
    <*>Updated twrp into rom zip</*>


    - John Wu for Magisk
    - IanMacd for multidisabler
    - IanMacd and Oleg for the libbluetooth fix
    - Corsicanu for the TWRP
    - SuperR for the kitchen
    - WinB33 for the FontPack
    - aliwaris for incallui mod
    - adil192 for some shealth mods
    - dutchman89 for the new awsome beyond bootanimation
    - All people who helped me with ROM testing (especially Alan, Claude, Raphael, Matthias, Samir and others)

    Download Links for G970F(D)/G973F(D)/G975F(D)

    Gdrive Link
    Digi Link


    Dirty flash BR 9.2 over BR 9.1 is ok but could have bugs. Is recommended to be on latest HVE1 FW !!!

    Installation procedure

    1. You need to be already on Android 12 fw before attempting to flash BR 9.x
    2. Flash latest TWRP (3.6.x_9-x or newer patched with Magisk Canary or Alpha, not stable Magisk) in Odin (AP slot), reboot the phone in TWRP using combo keys and the USB cable connected to phone and PC
    3. Wipe your data in TWRP (type YES when asked), flash Ian’s latest multidisabler (v3.1 or newer) to disable the encryption at the next reboot then flash BR 9.x


    If your /data partition is encrypted, flash Ian’s latest multidisabler (v3.1 or newer) and format your data in TWRP after flashing the multidisabler (Wipe data, reply YES when asked in TWRP). Beware that your ENTIRE internal SD will be wiped.
    After the first boot, when you start Magisk Manager for the first time, reply with YES (agree to reboot) after MM have setup your root environment. Toggle ON the magisk hide toggle in magisk manager.

    You can experiment also flashing full stock HVE1 fw + patched twrp+vbmeta with Odin using HOME_CSC to keep your data then reboot immediately in twrp and dirty flash directly BR9.x. It could work but no guarantee.


    0. DON'T START FLASHING BRx WITHOUT A FULL TWRP BACKUP !!! Backup to PC your important files: documents, pics, contacts, SMS, etc.
    1. Is advisable to clean flash if coming from A11. You can try to restore your previous saved data with TWRP but you can experience problems
    2. If you have error 1 while flashing the ROM - usually bad ROM zip download; wipe cache + dalvik and try to flash the ROM again
    3. If you like my work, consider buying me a coffee (PayPal link)

    Helpful links

    Telegram chat
    PayPal link

    Happy flashing good people! :)
    BR 6.9 updated to Aug 2020 patch level in OP.

    Happy flashing good people! :)
    the rom is updated to march fw ... enjoy!
    Added S10e support. Link in OP.
    BR has been updated to latest dec 2021 fw. Enjoy !