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http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=532719Hey all. I wanted a new FROYO build with apps2ext without themes and all the other mess that comes with ROMS these days. So here it is. Based off the latest CyanogenMod6 build. I'm not a dev, nor do I claim to be. I just tinker and put stuff together. Infinitybiff started a great rom which was then lifted to greater heights by RK and the BiffMod Squad, and now it's my turn and I am glad to take it over and keep this Rom alive and going strong but be under no illusion that this is and always will be a TEAM effort with everyones input from coders to end users appreciated and much love should be shown to them all. It goes without saying that if your phone blows up or otherwise breaks its not my problem and I will laugh, I'm mean like that!!!

The Team That Brings You BiffMod:


Team Leader: Shadowch31 - Welcome to 'The Reign Of Terror'
Assistant Team Lead: Currently vacant
Developer: RoyalKnight6190 (Semi Retired)
Developer: Ezterry3

BiffMod now has it's own IrC channel #Biffmod Click HERE for the web client ~ All are welcome to come along and join the channel to chat about all things BiffMod. This is a very handy tool as it allows members to interact easier and also for the BiffMod Squad to be able to help users with problems faster. You will find me in there most of the time and if I'm not then you can catch me at [email protected]

Thanks to Infinitybiff, XxKolohexX, ChromerSmith, Kingklick, Firerat, Cyanogen, HTC, Google, Dumfuq, Houka420, and of course the guy that made this all possible JesusFreke!!!! we wouldnt be where we are now if it wasnt for him.

Like I have said a lot Sharing is Caring so the Camera fix, Single Swipe of Notification and a few other minor fixes and upgrades have been done by the hard work of the CM People who work there butts off to bring us the great work they do. So to Cyanogen and his Team THANK YOU!!! Also I would like to thank Firerat to which we are borrowing heavily from his All In One Patch (1.4) to which we made the scripts from, so to you sir Thank You!!.

Release Name: BiffMod
Release Version: V2.1
Base Firmware: 2.2.1
Radio Required:
SPL Required: Death SPL
Partition Layout: FAT32/640MB EXT3 or 4/
Wipe Required: Full wipe each flash (unless otherwise stated)
Special instructions: Give 3 minutes+ to boot please,

Froyo (2.2.1) (As Plain as it gets)

This should be common knowledge by now but if you want to complain about an issue make sure you have a log cat also you should be running a log cat on every first boot. If you dont have ADB set up on your computer follow this very easy guide to set it up. It truly only takes a few minutes.

PC Users - Guide ADB,FastBoot and Nandroid for Noobs

Linux Users - How to Set up Android SDK/ADB/Fastboot on Ubuntu Linux

Install Guide By Ohsaka:
No Multi-Reboot Required Anymore!

1 - (Optional,Recommended) Perform a BART backup from Recovery
2 - Power off phone
3 - Wipe system partition using one of these 4 methods:
*Volume down, home back and power for system wipe then use amon ra to wipe the rest
*fastboot erase system -w (Boot into Fastboot by holding back and power on at same time)
*adb shell mount -a; rm -rf /system/*; (ADB via recovery)
*Or using this flashable zip - Download Here Flash in Recovery reboot into recovery after flashed, Not the preferred method!!
4 - Hold Home and power on phone into Recovery mode
5 - Wipe SD Ext and repair SD Ext partition (other wipe options are redundant due to Fastboot erase)
6 - Flash the latest BiffMod ROM
6.b - ONLY if you have a 3.22.* radio install EBI1 kernel (port) file [magic32a/rogers dreams]
7 - Flash the latest BiffMod-Gapps update
8 - (Optional) Flash a BiffMod theme
9 - (Optional) Flash the ADW Launcher installer
10 - Reboot, Let screen go black before proceeding
11 - Click Menu, finish setup wizard and skip account sign in
12 - Click Menu, go to Settings, click Accounts & Sync. Sign into Google account, wait for sync to completely finish before proceeding.
13 - Click Menu, go to Settings and click cm6-BiffMod Settings
14 - Click Application Settings and check “Allow Application Moving”, dont change install location
15 - (Optional) Click Back, click Performance Settings, check Lock Home in Memory, Change VM Heap Size to 24M
15a- You can decide if you want to use Compcache or Swap (and/or JIT). We recommend Swap only and no JIT, which are the defaults now.
16 - Enjoy 2.1 and download apps and finish setting phone up your own way.

Note: You may have noticed the new option to "Enable dex2sd" under cm6-Biffmod -> Application. This will move the dalvik-cache directory to and from your sdcard. We recommend keeping it on internal memory because it will be faster. However, if you install a large number of applications then you will need to move the dalvik-cache to sdcard. After you change the setting and restart, the initial boot will take longer than normal because it has to recreate the cache directory in its new location.

More Instructions To Remove Launcher after installing AfterMarket Launcher:
Remember to have a AfterMarket Launcher installed before you attempt to do this.

In Terminal Type

su <Enter>
remove_launcher stock <Enter>

Market Fix
For those with market problems try this...



WIPE!!! Full Wipe!!! For the Love of God Wipe Everything!!! EVERYTHING!!!!!

BIFFMOD V2.1: CLICK HERE to Download

BIFFMOD V2.1-EZTerry 2708 port: Click HERE to download

BIFFMOD V2.1 EBI1/32A kernel port Users:CLICK HERE to Download

BiffMod Gapps: CLICK HERE to Download!!

BiffMod ADW Installer: CLICK HERE to Download

Droid X Multi-Touch Keyboard (Thanks to punk.kaos): CLICK HERE to Download

Droid X Multi-Touch Keyboard - Black (Thanks to punk.kaos): CLICK HERE to Download


Here is the Link to the BiffMod Theme Thread enjoy and if you have a theme you want to share PM me.

BiffMod Themes Collection

See what is to come from BiffMod in Version 2.1 Here thank you jacsonmoore3 for the video: BiffMod V2.1 RC1 Video

Follow me on Twitter: My Twitter


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BiffMod V2.2 - Lets see what else we can through into this rom to make it even better

Biff Mod V2.1 - Download Now

*New and improved Boot Animation
*Fast, Stable, Smooth Froyo build
*Optimized Build
*Additional Device Properties
*Based on CM6 2.1 / OTA 2.2.1
*So new CM6 features included
*Pulled some items from the OTA also
*BiffMod Parts (New Icon)
*CPU Settings - Governer and CPU Clock Settings
*Compcache Ram Settings
*Swap Settings - On / Off Switch
*Dex2SD - On / Off Switch
*Added Wifi Tether App
*3D Gallery from ASOP (as seen in MT3G ota)
*APK Manager Script (ApkManager.sh)
*Remove Launcher Script (remove_launcher)
*Ezterry’s Kernel - (122MHZ - 614MHZ Freq)
*Bootup/Default 245MHz - 556MHz
*1MB Extra Ram Patch
Boot Scripts (borrowing heavily from pieces of Firerat’s All In One 1.4 Patch)
*Changed default wallpaper (Thanks BookCase)
*HSPA+ Hack

(If we forgot anything sorry, We did a lot)

Biff Mod V2.0.1 - Download Here G1 Users
Download Here MT3G Users


Fixed boot issues for the few that had the issue - We hope
*Added Boot.img
*Fixed Update-Script
*Updated BootAnimation to BiffMod Boot Anima - Thank you pidera
Biff Mod V2.0 -Download Here G1 Users
Download Here MT3G Users


Based On NLJ CM6 Build (Thank you NLJ)
*Notification Slide - Slide individual notification to the right and it goes away
*New Gapps (Separate Flash) - Newest Google apps from market
*Fast and stable and smooth Froyo build
*Increased battery life
*Added New and Improved CMParts.apk - (Thanks NLJ)
*Compcache on/off switch
*Disabled, 5% of total Ram, 15%, 25% default, 35%, 45% - (Idea by Wes Garner - reimplemented by NLJ)
*Linux-Swap on/off switch
*Modified bin/compcache & bin/handle_compcache to work with improved CMParts
*BiffMod.apk - (G2 wallpapers/SpeedTeam wallpapers - Thanks XxKolohexX)
*Optimized BiffModWallpapers
*Added 3D Gallery - (Labeled 3D Icon)
*Added remove_launcher script - (Thanks XxKolohexX)
*Added apkManager.sh script
*Added Pershoots kernel - boot-cm_2634.7_ds_32b-oc-uv-fp-091310
*Embedded kernel during install - (Thank you Ohsaka)
*Max defaults to 576mhz
Boot Scripts (borrowing heavily from pieces of Firerat’s All In One 1.4 Patch)
*05MountSD - (Thank you Ohsaka)
*06Bindcache - (Binds cache to sd-ext)
*08Swap - (Swap on by default)
*11bind-cache (Binds dalvik-cache to sd-ext)
*Changed default wallpaper to BiffMod wallpaper
*3G Hack

Biff Mod V1.9.2 - No Wipe Update!! - Download Here Now

-Added MountSD Script to the init.d folder
-Updated Swap Script (Swap should work now :) lol)

Biff Mod V1.9.1 - No Wipe Update!! - Download Here Now

-Moved SDExt Mount to Update-Script
-Improved Firstboot.sh
-Removed OC Kernal (Flash OC from provided D/L link)
-Added improved 08Swap Script (Swappiness set to 30) (First checks for CC)
-Added 3D Gallery (Back by Request)
*2D Icon Changed
*3D Icon Changed
-Updated to Newest CM
*md5sum: 5b2b408ac0da5378988e683378189a4b
-3G Hack (3G Hack XDA Thread)
-Hopefully all issues reported are fixed

Biff Mod V1.9 - Download Here Now

- Added new and improved firstboot.sh
*Shadows Renice Script
*Firerat Patch 1.4.0
*SDEXT Mount
*Live Wallpaper Patch
*Dalvik-Cache will be bound to SD-ext
*Fix Permissions
-Moved boot animation to /data/local/
*New and Improved BootAnimation
-Added Dumfuqs 614 OC Kernal (Thank Dumfuq for all your hard work)
-Added 08Swap Script (Swappiness set to 60) (Swap on by defualt)
-Added 09Zipalign Script
-Changed defualt Wallpaper to Biff Mod’s
-Removed Bloatware (All G2 and extra apps are gone)
*2D Gallery only (3D was removed)
-Boot Time drastically decreased
*3-5 min first boot
*2-4 min reboots
-Performance Tweak
-Cleaned up APK’s

Biff Mod 1.8 - Download Here Now

All New Scripts - Thanks XxKolohexX for some help with this.
New and Improved Apps2EXT
Not using Firerat Patch anymore just straight Scripts
Cleaned up APK's
Performance Tweaks
Everything Zip-Aligned on First Boot
Based on Nightly cm_dream_sapphire-09012010-001832.zip
Added a Few G2 Apps
Cut Down on Boot Time - Sorry took out the boot animation
Other Stuff I forgot.....

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Feb 28, 2010
Awesome, trying this right now... I've been waiting on a Froyo rom with Apps2sdExt without a theme. Themed roms are not to my liking. Anyway, thanks man.


Senior Member
Mar 29, 2010
Las Vegas
is 1.1 just an update or a full rom because i dont like flashing on top i would rather do a clean whip and flash so can i just flash the 1.1 by it self or do i need 1.0 base

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    or do something smart like customMTD
    but you are not smart enough, so forget I mentioned it

    tech support is a job for people who read flash cards

    That's a F'd up bunch of things to say dude.

    Just because most folks don't see the world in "Matrix Vision" code like you do, doesn't mean we're all a bunch of morons. I do tech support in my free time and have never once been to school for it and have never used "flash cards".

    I understand that you have an extremely solid grasp on the inner workings of things here, but your next priority should really be to work on installing that brain to mouth/keyboard filter.

    I've pretty much lost all respect for you with that crappy attitude of superiority you constantly throw around.
    Try supersparks 1.6.3 then and tell me if you feel the same you've tried it

    hate to break it to you , but
    SuperSparks 1.6.3 is CM 6.1

    these are the only files which are different
    ( excluding the Kernel modules , which is just an other Kanged CM Kernel )

    2a86ca97ef7cb200f1361ca2907ab4a6  ../CM6.1/system/fonts/DroidSans.ttf
    c401c3f1c74ede0fab61f7efb3d37acb  ../SM163/system/fonts/DroidSans.ttf
    14a38022f582ef53f856830b54c91f23  ../CM6.1/system/fonts/Clockopia.ttf
    541a4bc622a869ed604208666f6cd774  ../SM163/system/fonts/Clockopia.ttf
    c7dcdd72afbe4bf88d39ac23e0308c5f  ../CM6.1/system/fonts/DroidSansMono.ttf
    3922dfe38a36da7d6edfb1fe77b276fb  ../SM163/system/fonts/DroidSansMono.ttf
    40f135e92d6f5d0a078762e5efac2078  ../CM6.1/system/fonts/DroidSans-Bold.ttf
    3b127bc0ac751fc4c4d80d51d67f5615  ../SM163/system/fonts/DroidSans-Bold.ttf
    2f44545d939bc7b2e55a7d79a054197f  ../CM6.1/system/fonts/DroidSerif-Bold.ttf
    849a92990a80cbb665bfc74fd03743bd  ../SM163/system/fonts/DroidSerif-Bold.ttf
    745dee92355fea1c8921249b15156962  ../CM6.1/system/fonts/DroidSerif-Italic.ttf
    a2e7305a0ba8bb7091124f4cd1485fc9  ../SM163/system/fonts/DroidSerif-Italic.ttf
    9415f74a477e86575b4bd1e15f48deca  ../CM6.1/system/fonts/DroidSerif-BoldItalic.ttf
    a062025df92affc1331a05b7c07793fc  ../SM163/system/fonts/DroidSerif-BoldItalic.ttf
    5931b08bba8127286c06ea0061df0088  ../CM6.1/system/fonts/DroidSansFallback.ttf
    4caeadd734f4be9973163bdf02ea6cf5  ../SM163/system/fonts/DroidSansFallback.ttf
    41cb6da5dbd0d9b21b937bef05d7cdc3  ../SM163/system/lib/libandroidterm.so
    d615b4c4140e6cae38dbd7fcbe1a73b8  ../SM163/system/lib/libjni_latinime_moo.so
    974ae5f3c1dec7835e29f9982b63b437  ../SM163/system/bin/ApkManager.sh
    974ae5f3c1dec7835e29f9982b63b437  ../SM163/system/bin/apkmanager.sh
    7514f2d99b8450505e48bd96c953d3dc  ../SM163/system/etc/fr-patch141-BETA3.txt
    4021c3026242c1965d779708aa4018cb  ../CM6.1/system/etc/init.d/05mountsd
    23b54a14437b7ecad688a0b511c42aa9  ../SM163/system/etc/init.d/05mountsd
    c03a5091cf3b9db7b40f17094bd18ccd  ../CM6.1/system/etc/init.d/20userinit
    d1ce2646c1077dde0c923befe68b877f  ../SM163/system/etc/init.d/20userinit
    3e7e35bf63f5389fdab72d368f83cd69  ../CM6.1/system/app/LatinIME.apk
    a72765c1890b898664ae34f48b672838  ../SM163/system/app/LatinIME.apk
    1fb037ed7726293581c44a97d267c3df  ../SM163/system/app/androidterm.apk
    c9272007a02d6993e31a278e50c2f988  ../CM6.1/system/app/CMWallpapers.apk
    d302f4425784e99602c5ce5f06571da6  ../SM163/system/app/CMWallpapers.apk
    b5b54bbb240b87e283fb132433be6f6b  ../CM6.1/system/app/Contacts.apk
    654f0a498ffb44f4975117900c519e0d  ../SM163/system/app/Contacts.apk
    891dd44f74d19d3570f370114dafeb4b  ../CM6.1/system/app/Settings.apk
    4d124214f4bf743e2a77772c1e8f0162  ../SM163/system/app/Settings.apk
    5cf57078a46bc1cadca458be113c6c52  ../CM6.1/system/app/Gallery3D.apk
    ee4cc3b8a761b17613ad572b487d0b16  ../SM163/system/app/Gallery3D.apk
    01b4fbc4c47873ee0be1ebe510c20291  ../CM6.1/system/app/SpareParts.apk
    4a1c1748693de0024388982acd937470  ../SM163/system/app/SpareParts.apk
    596a6b82a3f3b0e0dd2c7214f8f1d12b  ../CM6.1/system/app/Phone.apk
    d6841caad0626fe502c88a519eb9f9ef  ../SM163/system/app/Phone.apk
    7364d136ab44eefd5bbfe3e88cf4c517  ../CM6.1/system/framework/framework-res.apk
    0a4d10534b7a1ad26faa603d8a5667f0  ../SM163/system/framework/framework-res.apk
    005e5510391cc6450f91b5f05aba226e  ../CM6.1/system/build.prop
    b148c2fe79bfe8d2ec1c73587c231d32  ../SM163/system/build.prop
    68cd495750996fa9419cafa6a7fac7ca  ../CM6.1/system/media/bootanimation.zip
    ac574c122077a8a2b9bee64f2b5776bc  ../SM163/system/media/bootanimation.zip

    Its a Theme, nothing more nothing less

    Full diff here

    now go away before I really take the P out of you
    but the majority of the community consists of

    • moron whiners
    • morons who can't search
    • morons that write poor guides
    • morons that try to help but just reiterate crap from poor 'guides'
    • morons who post about problems that don't exist
    • self-righteous morons

    why should I do anything for it?

    Actually, morons are only the vocal minority, like in any system. I think the majority of the community is silently appreciative of the hard work devs do. We should show our appreciation more, at least with a kind word; I suspect most of us don't because we see all the posts made by those listed above and don't want to add to the general noise level.

    I'll say it now, though: The only reason I updated to CM 6.1 was because of Magpie, and I'm thrilled to have my G1 working well enough to make the wait for a new phone/contract bearable. You still don't owe us anything, but we're grateful for all you do.
    It lives! Biffmod lives!!!!

    BIFFMOD will continue! Developers have come forward with plans to release an update to BiffMod, re-based to CM 6.1 and including other goodies they've been working on. See you in the New Year!
    Just overclocked using setcpu... BiffMod runs even faster now!

    Try the tips linked in my sig as well. My phone pretty much runs itself.