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Rom Black&Blue v4.0 Touch Flo editor version

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Sep 29, 2006

PDAVIET Black&Blue v4.0 TOUCH

ROM WM6 for Artemis
PDAViet Black&Blue v4.0 Touch

SPECIAL thanks to :
www.PDAVIET.net forum
www.xda-developers.com forum
www.4pda.ru forum

PhamQuang from pdaviet
Cloudyfa from pdaviet
SiperX my best friend
[email protected]
minhlamdr from pdaviet
K0ster for new build
DADy from 4pda
And all people donated to me....:D

Sorry all people i forgot..!

Some qualities:

- Change system icons
- Office 2007 full (with OneNote)
- ArcsoftMMS
- Camera 4.11 from Touch
- HTC HomePlug 1.5.620.722 (6 tabs)
- CommManager 1.72 (10 button with Beam button)
- SIM Manager 6.18
- NetWizard 1.0.29982
- X-Button 1.51.30229
- VoiceSpeedDial 1.2.070612
- Hibernate 1.40
- Audio Manager 1.02.614.712
- Bio Touch Setting v0.41
-Synchro Time 0.94
-Pocket CM
- 8Mb PagePool
SPECIAL: TouchFLO and 3DCube !!!


Basic operation:
Press Button1(message) (left side):
- Lift right (or left): turn 3D Cube around
- Lift up (or press End Call): exit 3D Cube
When not Press button Touch Flo:
- At all applications, lift up, down, left, right to scroll
(Ex: Programs, File Explorer, Internet Explorer, Audio Manager,...anywhere had scroll bar)

Link Download :


Mirror 4pda.ru :


Megaupload mirror :


Thanks rendark for B&B mirror :

If like my Rom and want help me..?
>>>>Click to Donate<<<<<

Donate thanks k0ster for new build:
WebMoney Z273972692117

All this and Already availability ???
Black & Blue v4.0 Touch Flo release test now.........!

For all people FRE used M650 :
GPS fixed by Kulbut0r
----> Here<-----

If u don't like SplashScreen 02 ??
SplashScreen HTC Here

Want Set Pocket CM to default contacts ?? ----> HERE<------

Want PhonePad v3.7 ?? ----> HERE<-----

Want new icon for Touch Flo ?? -----> HERE<-----

Fixed problem with Auto Sound ------> HERE<------

HTC Home Tabsetting -----> HERE<------

Startup Splash in v3.7 B&B -----> HERE<------

Comm Manager 8 button for all people have T-mobile driver ( without IR )
------> HERE <-------

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Jun 18, 2007
in front of your monitor
Tom is making History!

Heya...i'm just flashing. Donation for Tom is on the way !
Thank you very much !
Oh no...my battery is under 50%...now i need to wait until it's loaded enough :eek:
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Jul 18, 2007
Thanks Tom,
downloading and my htc is red hot waiting...
you rock man, after all the pressure and rudeness (you know who I am talking about), you stayed cool and got the realease out...
you'r the best

thanks thanks thanks


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Jun 14, 2007
......first issue?

.....might have found a little prob.

I upgraded to the new o2 rom - and have tried the uspl but al of a sudden it will not work.....

might just be me - anyone else?