[ROM] BlazingDragon v2.3a - Fast and Furious

64mb hack or Game stability?

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Jan 1, 2011
This ROM is based on MCR with a few tweaks and mods of my own. It's meant to be light and fast and yet stable as possible. The changelog might show newer versions but it might not be out yet. Usually i will update the changelog to let people know what to expect in the next release. v2.3 will convert to EXT4 automatically for you. It's not recommended to use PP or any tweakpacks because it might interfere with the tweaks currently in the rom.
- Gingerbread 2.3.4
- Custom Boot Animation
- Ice Cream Sandwich Theme
- Most GAPPs
- Battery Percentage Mod
- Notification Bar Toggles
- Notification Bar Music
- Modded Google Maps Navigation to work anywhere in the world (Please uncheck "Auto-Update" for maps)
- LG Keyboard
- LG Music
- LG Widgets
- LG Live Wallpapers
- LG Calendar
- LG Dialer/Contacts
- Adobe Flash Player
- Screen Capture
- Memo
- Home Selector
- Fonts
- Titanium Backup
- 20MB Ram Hack
- And many more!
1. Ensure your phone is rooted and have CWM installed.
2. Download the ROM and place it on your EXTERNAL SDCARD
3. Boot into recovery by holding [Power] + [Volume Down] buttons until you boot into recovery.
4. Navigate using the volume buttons and select using the power button.
5. Select "Wipe/Factory Reset" if coming from another ROM or from versions prior to v2.1b. (Not needed for previous version of BlazingDragon ROM)
6. Navigate to the external SD card and select your ROM.
7. Wait for it to finish flashing and reboot from CWM.
v2.3b - Attempt to improve performance/Reduce Lag.
v2.3a - Updated Modded Google Maps. Fix issue with apps not being able to update via market.
v2.3 - More attempts to fix bootloops. Added EXT4 support. (Updated)
v2.2b - Attempt to fix issues with bootloop. Updated all included apps. 20mb Ram hack. Toggle 2G.
v2.2a - Based on v20o. Removed Smartshare. Slightly themed with Battery percentage.
v2.1b - Fix random freezing. Added GetJar market. Added stability. (Must convert to ext3 before installing)
v2.1a - Based on EXT4 on MCK. Fixed "CRT-effect". Added Cyanogen APN.
v2.1 - Based on Official Gingerbread 2.3.4 v20L. Added Modded Google Talk, Added Recovery Reboot, Updated Modded Google Maps.
v2.0b - Based on Gingerbread 2.3.4 v20j. Ice Cream Sandwich's "Roboto" font. Improved Stability. Improved Battery Life. Updated Google Maps. Increased GPS locking speed. (Must convert to ext3 before installing)(Require full wipe)
v2.0a - Added MCK Custom Kernel (EXT4). This will auto convert to EXT4 for you.
v2.0 - Updated base to Gingerbread 2.3.4 (GR1). Added Sim Toolkit. Updated Google Maps. Updated Market. (Wipe Recommended)
v1.9b - Added Google Email, removed LG Email, updated Google Maps. Based on 0622. Increased Stability.
v1.9a - Added LG Music, LG Widgets, LG Email, LG live wallpapers, removed Google Music, removed 64mb ram hack, removed PimpMyCPU. Improved battery life. Increased stability.
v1.9 - Based on FR19 (Must convert to ext3 before installing)(Require full wipe)
v1.8b - Improved battery life and a few minor tweaks.
v1.8a - Added 64mb ram hack. Updated Google Music. Updated Google Maps (Modded). GPS Improvement. Added HTC IME Keyboard.
v1.8 - Updated base to FR17. Added PimpMyCPU for OC/UV. Tweaks to GPS.conf. Reverted to LG Dialer/Contacts.
v1.7 - Based on FR16. Reverted custom theme. Updated most system apps. Tweaks to the GPS.
v1.6b - Minor update in attempt to fix GPS lock.
v1.6a - Changed to stock dialer in attempt to extend battery life. Attempt to speed up GPS lock. Added Google Music 3.0.
v1.6 - Fixed video problem. GPS config file edited to suit a variety of users. Updated Modded Google Maps to 5.4.0.
v1.5b - Some tweaks and adjustments to the theme.
v1.5a - Added Custom Theme with Custom Animations.
v1.5 - Update base to FR15. Added LG Calendar. Attempt to fix music lag.
v1.4 - Fixed live wallpapers problem. Attempt to fix gallery lag. Fixed LG PC Sync problem.
v1.3b - Added Honeycomb Battery Percentage mod. Disabled "Fully Charged" Popup. Changed boot animation.
v1.3a - Faby71's statusbar mod is removed for stability. You can add it yourself if you want.
v1.3 - This version will be based on FR14. I will be testing this rom more strictly and will only be publicly released once Paul gives the green light.
v1.2 - Modded Google Maps Navigation to work anywhere in the world.
v1.1 - Changed to Custom Theme. Battery Percentage Added. Notification Bar Toggles Added.
v1.0 - Initial Release
Recommended Baseband

Baseband 0725 v20m

Download Rom

Stable Version - v2.1b (EXT3)
Current Version - v2.3a
LG - For Optimus 2x
Paul - For doing a great job in MCR
djmcnz - For 20mb ram
modgkostadinov - For ICS theme
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Mar 21, 2006
Downloading :) Most people are waiting for CM7 I think.

But I will try this, because this one is available now :D

All downloads failed for me, have to wait 15min again to get another chance to download :s
Can't you use multiupload.com?
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Nov 25, 2009
I got a couple of Force Closes so far, the Quadrant results are "normal", around 3000 points. The theme is standard Gingerbread.
I really wish those controls on the notification window. I don't know why removing them is considered a good idea. Also the LG stock music player seems very good compared to the standard Android.
Anyway, it seems to be a great rom. Thanks.

LE: the Eternity Project kernel 1.5b works without problems with this rom.
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