[ROM]BOOTLEGGERS 4.2 Shishufied for zuk z2 plus [9.0] TREBLE [VNDK] [Official] ENFORC

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Oct 9, 2013
Guys i am facing battery drain issue.
Battery drain over night it suck 25-30% battery over night.
Any solution?:confused:
I don't have this problem. With nameless 2% overnight and with bubble wrap 4%.

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If I add this in buildprop for volume increase do you thinking thats gonna work?

Prop Entries:


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Oct 9, 2013
I have some problems with the last build. Pls report if you have the same.
Dolby is Force closing.
Night sight with gcam Force close the app.
I can not update some apps manually. It says app is not installed. Its done only when the previous version is unistalled.
Didn't have this issues with the previous version of bootleggers.
The truth is that in my first flash of this rom I had many bugs. This the second flash. I always do a clean flash.
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Mar 9, 2019
Good morning everyone. First of all, I would say that the ROM is excellent. I'm using the latest version and I get an excellent score on Antutu (193K) and get a good performance on a daily basis.

There is only one bug in the wifi hotspot. When turning on the hotspot the phone has a soft reboot. If this is fixed, the ROM will be perfect!

Waiting anxiously for the correction in the next versions.:cool:


Dec 2, 2018
Why I got 154k score on antutu ??

There are many people are getting 194k score so whats the prob ? I face here is the SS of the score !! Pls help !


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    Bootleggers ROM is an aftermarket firmware based on AOSP with some patches and fixes from LineageOS and various other projects. The idea is to bring custom features and some of the most useful apps on your device, with the goal of Making you feel like 家.

    With an almost stable source, this ROM is also packed with some custom wallpapers (avaliable on ShishuWalls), ringtones, fonts, and themes to bring to your device into a more fresh look and give you always a good experience.

    Also, we got our Telegram Group to talk about the ROM, share some love, ideas or even have fun with us!


    Some of the features that are included on this ROM are:
    * QS Rows and Colums 
    * Volume Keys: Wake up, skip tracks and switch according to rotation 
    * Show song album cover, visualizer and battery info on Lockscreen 
    * Power Menu Items 
    * Battery LED light settings 
    * Suspend Actions: Make your device disable GPS and switch to 2G when you're not using it 
    * AppOps: Manage your apps permissions in an advanced way 
    * Recent Styles: Dig the new Pie Quickstep recents, go back to the classic layout or use the Android Go layout 
    * Network icons: Show or hide the cross, switch between 4G or LTE, use the classic icon layout before Pie or toggle roaming icon too!

    Also, you can check a full list of Features available here.

    Thanks to this people, this ROM could be possible, so, i have to give a big thanks to:

    * Shishu (For being there) 
    * Ground Zero ROMs Team 
    * AOSPExtended 
    * ABC ROMs 
    * NitrogenOS 
    * AICP 
    * DirtyUnicorns 
    * Lukas Koller (Camera Roll dev) 
    * fxckingdeathwish (for the amazing photos for wallpaper/headers) 
    * OmniROM 
    * CyanogenMod/LineageOS 
    * PixelExperience * PureNexus * merothh * Resurrection Remix * AOSiP * CrDroid * CypherOS * PureKat * theimpulson * MatiHalperin * Project Xtended * Pixeldust Project 
    * AquariOS 
    * Alejandro Ponce (Quetzal/Calypso dev) 
    * PixysOS 
    * The Memedo Testers team 
    * Every maintainer who decided to give our project a shot * You for your interest on our project

    Also if you got some ideas,bug fixes, stability improvements or want to help to support features for your device, you can do it by sending a Pull request on Bootleggers Github (check downloads and sources part) or tell us on our Telegram group (Check about us section), will be really appreciated. Got some questions about some terms we use? Check our FAQ or feel free to ask us. We appreciate your feedback and help.



    DOWNLOAD FROM Source forge

    GApps: Opengapps


    Device Sources:
    z2_plus tree
    msm8996-common tree
    Kernel tree
    Vendor tree

    ROM Sources
    Bootleggers Github

    Special Thanks to ;


    All of my testers

    Contributor : @aswin_a_s

    ROM OS Version: 9.x Pie
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.4x
    Based On: Aosp

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Security Patch: june 2019
    Created 2018-11-14
    Last Updated 2019-06-13
    Bootleggers 4.0 STABLE


    • Major Major ROM source revision to 4.0 Stable (No longer Beta Builds)
    • Cleanups and couple of features have been thrown in like

    - Launcher3 with At a Glance (Actually i Quickspace by CypherOS)
    - Midscreen Lockscreen shortcut
    - Full nav gestures
    - Statusbar logos
    - Recents icon pack
    - Gesture Anywhere
    - Flashlight blink on calls
    - Incall vibration
    - Brightness Slider at bottom toggle
    - Increase / Decrease toggles for brightness bar
    - Ringtone setting for muti sim
    - Signature spoofing
    - Lockscreen shortcut improvements

    Device Specific :

    • Updated thermels from daisy_sprout
    • qti_telephony blobs from daisy
    • Updated Powerhal
    • Airtel & Vodafone Volte

    • Improved Audio*

    * Organize a bit
    * Revert digital headphones volume to stock ZUI levels (from 87 to 84)
    * Max out analog headphone volume level (from 12 to 20)
    * Change headphones amp class from CLS_H_LP to CLS_H_HIFI
    * Change Slimbus 0 to Slimbus 6 for headphones
    * Add some missing headphone device entries
    * Make earpiece to work as a secondary speaker and set its volume level to 90
    * Disabled companding for headphones
    * Make ringtone to play through speakers only when headphones are inserted
    By @xvlad113x

    Ps : for testing and bug report join this telegram group for z2_plus https://t.me/z2plus_testers

    Bootleggers Pie Change log


    • Navbar pulse added
    • long press power for torch while screen off
    • Volte icon toggle
    • Added squircle & teardrop Qs styles
    • Added cpu info switch


    • EAS
    • Updated Power off alarm blobs
    • Tweaked EAS values
    • Updated Power hals & Graphic Blobs from. Jasmine
    • Import msm_irqbalance from sailfish
    • Gps fixed
    • Data/APN issues fixed
    • Nameless as Prebuilt
    • Updated some thermels..,etc ,.
    • Fixed android auto
    • Fixed USB tethering in windows also

    Here are some screenshots
    Treble | 4.4 EAS

    Device ;

    • full vndk enabled
    • fixed dark gcam video
    • added vectors for zuk doze
    • added spectrum support
    ** Latest Nameless as prebuilt
    • kernel merged latest aosp common
    • fixed mic less headphone issues
    • fixed wechat issues
    • updated thermels from zuk-devs
    • switched to /factory instead of renaming it
    • updated SDM blobs
    • major souce updates from zuk devs
    • fixed charging issues
    • fixed Encryption
    • speaker gain
    • fixed some dirty lags on games
    • improved sot :D

    ROM ;

    • February security patch
    • OTA updates
    • QS headers
    • improved laucher ( many more stuffs check git )
    • more bugfixes and improvements check git for more

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