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[ROM]Candy7 G3-d85x, ls990, vs985 AOSP-Caf

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Mar 9, 2016
This is still my favorite rom for the D850. I cant deal with all the tiny bugs in Oreo anymore. Any chance this will ever get a security update?


May 14, 2018
baseband g3 no service

is that rom can fix my baseband unknown,imei null issue on d855 is there anybody knows ?

do i need to flash modem etc before flash rom ?


Oct 31, 2018
Well, it will work, But only on Amoled displays the power consumption is significantly reduced. On regular displays also black pixels are powered if the screen is on and use power in that state. On Amoleds thr black pixwls are completely switched off.
Ok thanks for the reply. Btw is it worth it to flash this rom? Im currently using latest lineage os official for d855, with powerbear 6500mAh battery. And my SOT is good but not that good as I wish for. Usually I get 7h sot. Do you guys think it will be better on candy?


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Sep 24, 2014
Baldwin Park
Ok thanks for the reply. Btw is it worth it to flash this rom? Im currently using latest lineage os official for d855, with powerbear 6500mAh battery. And my SOT is good but not that good as I wish for. Usually I get 7h sot. Do you guys think it will be better on candy?
Hmm, can't say really. I was running the ROM just recently on my D851. Always liked the ROM but this time around I was using it with LineageXTD R7 kernel. Was suffering from lag, stutters, and the occasional reboot. Finally got it tweaked right (maybe). Was running smooth and snappy but still got hit by the reboots. But that's all kernel related I think so I'll be starting over soon.
I say give Candy a shot. It's a good ROM. I'm currently on PureFusion doing some NanoDroid testing but will be back on Candy.

ZTE Axon 7 A2017U, /e/ v0.1 ROM, microG (NoGapps), Multiboot, XDA Legacy
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    This is Candy7. Built straight from source with commits from a variety of different Sources/ROMS. We wanted to give the users a fun, fully customizable ROM. We aim to add more features as this project progresses.


    @gimmeitorilltell @NoSpamDan @kdp162 @CertifiedBlyndGuy @axxx007xxxz @Flashalot @rohitporoli @Venomtester



    Disclaimer: We here at The CandyShop are not responsible for any bricks you may obtain. Please follow the thread rules and steps and everything will be gravy. Remember, backing up before flashing is always recommended.

    • Recents:
      • Multi-window
      • OmniSwitch
      • Immersive mode
      • Clear all button
      • Memory bar
      • Slim Recents option
    • Advanced power menu:
      • On The Go Mode
      • Screen record
      • Adjustable dialog background shade
      • Sound panel
    • Expanded desktop
    • Lockscreen:
      • Battery charging current overlay
      • Adjustable shortcuts
      • Weather (OmniJaws)
    • Statusbar settings:
      • Ticker (disable heads up when in use)
      • Weather panel
      • Clock/battery configuration
      • Traffic indicators
      • Quick settings tile config
      • Immersive messages
      • Force expanded notifications
      • Carrier label
      • Tap to sleep
    • Buttons settings:
      • Long-press/double-tap actions
      • Volume rocker
      • Playback control
      • Volume key answer
      • Disable HW keys
      • Pie control
    • Navigation bar:
      • Adjust colors
      • Smartbar/fling
      • Pulse
    • Screenshots:
      • 3 finger
      • Adjust framing
    • LawnChair
    • OMS/Substratum support
    • Dialer/calls:
      • Proximity speakerphone
      • Call blocking
    • OnePlusDoze:
      • Pick up mode
      • Hand wave mode
      • Pocket mode

    More to come, we are never done...

    Flashing Steps:

    Coming from another rom
    1) Download Candy7.zip (See Post #2)
    2) Download 7.1.2 Gapps (optional - See Post #2))
    3) Boot into recovery (TWRP)
    4) Full wipe (Dalvik Cache, Cache, System, Factory Data Reset)
    5) Flash Candy7.zip
    6) Flash Gapps
    7) Reboot

    Updating from previous Candy7 release
    1) Download Candy7.zip (See Post #2)
    2) Boot into recovery
    3) Flash Candy7.zip
    4) Reboot

    If you have issues, I need the following:
    1. Logs from you (logcat, last_kmsg, dmesg) linked to on pastebin.com or hastebin.com, showing the failure.
    2. A clear description of the steps that I need to take to exactly reproduce the problem.
    Please DO NOT complain about problems and offer nothing to help fix it. I reserve the right to ignore you for not following insructions...


    * See Post #2 for Downloads

    * See Post #3 for FAQ/Known issues

    -Please give first boot a good few minutes.
    -Still in Beta stage with new additions and fixes being added constantly...

    Special thanks to LineageOS, SlimRoms, Omni, TeslaROM, and all the rest who make their source open. We can't do this on our own.

    Looking to become a Device Maintainer for Candy? Read more about the requirements of Device Managers HERE.
    OK guys, first off I would like to apologize for leaving this Rom in a sort of disarray for the past couple couple weeks. We have been busy with some major features, setting up a gerrit, I have a new job and will be starting school in a couple weeks(yes I'm 35 but better late than never when it comes to a college education)

    With a that said we are working hard to squash the few major bugs like dialer on the 851, no button settings on g3, and most importantly the random reboots some are experiencing.

    Now I have some good news and some bad news(or good news and better news depending on how much you dislike me) I am retiring as the official g3 maintainer, now I will still be heavily involved with CandyRoms, will still build the official releases for g3 and will poke around the thread still.

    I am handing things over to @Yoshi_Guy you may have seen him around lately or remember him from TurboRom. He joined the candy team a little while ago and has been a great addition. So any concerns or questions you have can be directed to him from this point on. Anyways it's late and I'm tired. I'll see you guys around.
    Lots of goodies for next release., lockscreen wallpaper/blur, soft key coloring, unlink notification volume. Few other small things. I'll probably release early in the weekend.

    Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk

    See Post #3 for a list of what is working or not if you have concerns. Thanks!


    NOTE: You need to use GApps that are compatible with your Android version (7.1.1, 7.1.2,etc.). Beans Dynamic GApps are recommended for now.
    Beanstown106's Dynamic GApps
    Open GApps (Pico recommended due to included packages)
    ( DEPRECATED: "Normal" BaNks Dynamic GApps)
    Flashed Resurrection Remix today... Skype works fine.. No issues whatsoever.. I don't know if anyone else in CandySiX is having the same issues,, but I had no luck with Skype.. RR seems to be working well with Skype and other video calling apps.. Hope the dev will fix it.. Miss CandySiX..
    Most likely because we haven't updated this in a few weeks. The source this ROM was built from is dead in a way. We have been working super hard to bring something a lot more stable. And easier to work with.

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