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Nov 1, 2009
Great Rom. Thanks to all involved !

I have a question about security updates : Zimperium's stagefright app shows a critical vulnerability, which Google already fixed.


Will CandySix get an update as well ?


Sep 28, 2016
I flashed the ROM but at the setup screen I keep getting "Google play services has quit or stopped working," it won't let me get passed anything because of this. Any suggestions on what I did wrong? Trying to flash the international version.....
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Dec 12, 2012
I flashed the ROM but at the setup screen I keep getting "Google play services has quit or stopped working," it won't let me get passed anything because of this. Any suggestions on what I did wrong? Trying to flash the international version.....
Which build did you install? ( is it the 3.2 0905) Please be aware also there was a problem with the September 24 Gapps builds. Use an older or newer build. ;)
I installed this international build wothout any problem :)


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Nov 1, 2009
my phone (t6ul international) reboot after receive incoming call
is there any solution?
thanks in advance

Make and receive phone calls, try to reproduce the problem. if you succeed, wipe everything and reinstall the rom.

While I do get reboots very rarely, I never got one during a phone call (except once).

The rom is stable enough for daily use.
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Aug 18, 2008
thanks for your reply msegmx
I can't make phone call - my phone acts weird sometimes I receive no sim sometimes emergency only
by the way, my phone is hot even in sleep mode and battery drain from 90% to 10% after about 2 hours without any work. seems something in background works hard

let me explain my situation:
my emmc chip was broke and after replace it I flashed this rom
my question is which rom is ok for me (android version doesn't matter)
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Nov 1, 2009
To be honest if I had a problem like that I wouldn't even try to fix it. It's not worth your time.
Just try to sell it for a good price and get a new (second hand) phone with up to date rom support.

My phone has an overheating and / or battery drain problem as well, but only sometimes. That's the weird part. Also I guess the battery is getting old (slow charge, fast drain).

Most of the time everything works perfectly fine though.

One thing you can try is to install stock rom (Android 5.0.2) and see if the problems are still there.

Good luck!
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    This is CandySiX. Built straight from source with commits from a variety of different Sources/ROMS. We wanted to give the users a fun, fully customizable ROM. We aim to add more features as this project progresses.

    Check us out on the web @The-Candy-Shop


    @matthew0776 @mar5hal @gimmeitorilltell @Cuzz1369 @rc420head @Flashalot @Venomtester @Darknites @javelinanddart @calebcabob @NoSpamDan



    Disclaimer: We here at The CandyShop are not responsible for any bricks you may obtain. Please follow the thread rules and steps and everything will be gravy. Remember, backing up before flashing is always recommended.

    Battery bar
    LCD denisty options
    Status bar customization
    Quick setting customization
    Quick setting pull down options
    Force expand notifications
    Time context headers in panel
    DarkUI switch
    Advanced power menu
    Extra IME options
    Lockscreen shortcuts
    -Power menu
    -List view
    Navbar customization:
    -Navbar button color
    -Navbar DPI
    -DT2S on Navbar
    Buttons settings:
    -Long-press/double-tap actions
    -Volume rocker
    More to come, we are never done...



    Coming from another rom
    1) Download CandySiX.zip
    2) Download 6.0 Gapps (optional)
    3) Boot into recovery (either twrp or cwm)
    4) Full wipe (Dalvik Cache, Cache, System, Factory Data Reset)
    5) Flash CandySiX.zip
    6) Flash Gapps
    7) Reboot

    Updating from previous CandySiX release
    1) Download CandySiX.zip
    2) Boot into recovery
    3) Flash CandySiX.zip
    4) Reboot


    Bank's GAPPS

    -Please give first boot a good few minutes
    -Still in alpha stage with new additions and fixes being added constantly

    Special thanks to CyanogenMod, SlimRoms, Omni and all the rest who make their source open. We can't do this on our own.

    XDA:DevDB Information
    CandySix, ROM for the HTC One Max

    ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
    Based On: CyanogenMod, SlimRoms, Omni

    Version Information
    Status: Testing

    Created 2016-01-31
    Last Updated 2016-09-05
    Folks I have recently remodeled our new house & finally have gotten moved into it. Sorry for my absence lately but my home is always my priority. Now we have our internet back on & have moved into the home so I will start updating my roms soon. I do have some more minor work to complete around here but I'll make time to get your devices back on track. Thanks for being so patient.

    This is still a WIP as with most 6.0 roms. The camera is a known issue and data may be an issue as well. I will post other variants as I compile them.
    Use the Beta version. Sim works and Rom is great too.

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