[ROM] Cassie's XtraLiteRom JELLYBEAN V14.8 LSZ "Your Rom Your Way" 24/02/2013

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Dec 13, 2011
i like center clock. so pleasing to the eyes.
@trinev - circular battery instead ? circle still an in-trend thing for me.

I am not a fan of circular battery because the space available for the number is always smaller and less readable. If you find the icons that you want It is a very easy task just to put them in so I would not mind to do it as long as you find them, the have to be black&white… or grey. there are many mods out there with circular battery in colors and it is pointless to make another one
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Only for AOSP, AOKP, AOSPA and CM! Not for TW Roms
How do I install it?
There are two 'supported' ways to install OpenPDroid:
  • mateor's auto-patcher (available for OS X, Linux and Windows) is the recommended way if you are not familiar with building from source, and have a supported ROM (CM10, CM10.1, AOKP Jellybean 4.1.2, AOKP Jellybean 4.2.1, AOSP 4.1.2, and AOSP 4.2.1).
  • Patch and build a ROM from source (see How do I compile a ROM with OpenPDroid). Patches are provided for: CM10, CM10.1, AOKP jb, AOKP jb-mr1, AOSP 4.1.2, AOSP 4.2.1

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May 13, 2012
Any new builds on there way ? Battery is misbehaving so thinking of a clean install or waiting for next version :silly:

Update: Pulled the battery and rebooted .... seems to have sorted the issue
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Aug 24, 2010
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
Any new builds on there way ? Battery is misbehaving so thinking of a clean install or waiting for next version :silly:

Update: Pulled the battery and rebooted .... seems to have sorted the issue

How olds ya battery

When mine hit 13 months it suddenly died and drained like hell.

Got a anker 2700mah and was back to normal

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May 13, 2012
I'm a bit behind so starting tomorrow may have small test build non aroma tomorrow to start with if all goes to plan.

Just mega busy at the mo

You want a smile this ad is spot on


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No problem ... Always worth the wait ....

I've just had to go back the stock rom to try to sort this battery drain issue out .... Its just updating on kies now to latest firmware. Will see if this sorts the battery problem out then i'll wait for your next build :D
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May 13, 2012
How olds ya battery

When mine hit 13 months it suddenly died and drained like hell.

Got a anker 2700mah and was back to normal

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Had the phone 12 months now ...... all of a sudden the battery just drains within an hour or two .....

Think i'll invest in a new battery ..... follow your suggestion ;)
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Aug 24, 2010
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
Had the phone 12 months now ...... all of a sudden the battery just drains within an hour or two .....

Think i'll invest in a new battery ..... follow your suggestion ;)

Yeah could be an idea if there was an issue we would all have it.

The anger is a good brand think it was about 8 pounds on AMAzon

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Dec 31, 2011
My battery died too after 11 months and I got a new one. The old one had become bloated and the battery would drain in minutes.

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    [ROM] Cassie's XtraLiteRom JELLYBEAN V14.8 LSZ "Your Rom Your Way" 24/02/2013

    Cassie's XtraLiteRom jellybean EDITION v14.8 LSZ

    You're Rom You're way

    Now the longest running Custom Rom for the Galaxy Note

    Version 14.6 onwards has a totally rewritten aroma installer giving you additional flexibility.

    Many users asked for the option to install just apps from Aroma which in previous versions was not possible. Well now it is. If you wish to go back in and install just one app you can do so now.

    You also get to choose your modem as well with several options avaliable which best suits different areas.

    Too make the rom your own select - Option 4) Create your own XLR rom to your liking - in the Aroma Installer

    This is where the magic begins. In the background you will have the Original XLR edition base, but you can select which apps and mods you want to install. It is all done in touch recovery and very easy to use. You can add only the apps you want, wethere you want 15 toggle mods etc. You can build your rom your way

    See the all new Aroma in action here:

    Why use this rom. Well its a good solid base for you to tweak how YOU want. There are many roms out there far in advance of this one however what we have here is a smooth trusty solid rom.

    The following explains why people use this rom

    Jellybean Official LSZ

    Rom is very fluid. So far after a few hours of usage, its bugfree and no FC's from my end. So far i cannot tell about battery life and frankly speaking i dont care. As long as i can feel the smoothness and fluidity of things, i am a happy person. You have done a great job here. Rom is really fast and smooth. All the crap stuff that shouldnt be in there, isnt in there and that's a fantastic job.

    I would highly recommend this rom for those who intend on using it as daily drivers. No crap stuff, pure simple and a painless rom.

    Thanks @thering1975.

    There's a lot of other ROMs out there, and I've tried them all. Some had lots of
    stock crapware (slooow), some had kernel issues (baterry overheating, poor life).
    That's why I keep finding myself restoring XL6, much like a stray hubby coming back to his good wife after a romp on the side.:)

    So, thank you once again for your great work.

    This ROM is on Steroid! loving it so much.

    As always a smoking rom .... Nice job :D

    Just flashed, everything works as advertised, everything i selected from aroma installed, so everything is good. This thing is just bi-turbo!!!

    Great!!!!a new Cassie !might not be the first out ,but always the best.

    From the man in your attic...


    VERSION 14 official LSZ JELLYBEAN-Aroma Edition

    Based on officialn LSZ GERMANY ROM
    Deodexed and Zipaligned by Eyebee
    Philz LSZ kernel
    LSO or LR1 Modem
    Thunderbolt tweaks applied for smoother experience and battery use thanks Pikachu01
    Services.Jar modded for enhanced speed and ready for v6 sc
    Services.Jar modded for 24 Hour app expiry multitasking not 30min
    Services.Jar modded for DIEhardened launcher in memory
    Restored Build.Prop tweaks streamlined for Jellybean
    Working Snote with productivity
    Full stock look as standard or various mini themes in aroma
    Used preload partirion with symlinks
    Included adobe flash in system
    Added 4 way reboot option
    Added airview fix. Works in email gallery video calendar and bookmarks

    V14.8 also includes

    Mini Themes by Trinev
    Mod Pack inc mods by the people listed below
    Modem choice in Aroma
    Some apps installed to data
    Philz 4.63 LSZ Kernel

    This Rom has a stock theme, allowing you to choose a theme based on your preferences rather than mine

    As Always, make sure you make a nandroid before installing this rom, i will not be held responsible for any issues that may arise AND BACK UP YOUR EFS FOLDER before flashing ANY rom


    Test Version

    Cassies XLR V14.8 Test Build



    Cassies XtraLiteRom V14 LSZ 814mb

    Mirrors Courtesy of Bangsti

    Mirror 1

    Mirror 2 Thanks to Bangsti

    LSZ All In One Mod Pack ONLY FOR V14

    Cassies XLR Mod Pack

    This all in one mod pack contains:

    Native Call Recording
    All Apps in MultiWindow Mode
    Sms Hack to 200 recipients
    Sms Convert to MMS now set to 200
    No SMS / Email in Logs
    SMS Sent time not received time
    Lockscreen shortcuts added

    All the above thanks to Eybee1970

    Also included is the Ink Effect and settips apk courtesy of Mythtrandyr

    Also included number 2 is Camera shutter sound on or off by majdinj

    Install Instructions from ICS roms ON SAFE KERNELS OR CM10


    Download stock LSZ odin file
    Download phils LM5 root kernel odin file
    Download Rom
    Download triangleaway from xda
    Power off phone into download mode
    Open oding and select stock rom odin file in pda and flash
    Reboot once done
    Power down to download mode after reboot
    Reopen odin and flash philz kernel odin file in pda
    Copy rom and triangleaway to phone
    Reboot to recovery
    Factory data reset twice
    Wipe cache
    Wipe dalvik
    Format preload partition
    Install from zip
    Selext cassies xlr zip and follow aroma instructionw
    Reboot and set phone up
    Install triangleaway head warnings on the app thread do this at ur risk
    Run triangleaway and follow instructions


    Option 2 dirty route

    Download philz Lm5 cwm zip
    Download my rom
    Download sbl cwm file from eyebees thread
    Enter cwm and flash philz kernel
    Reboot recovery
    Follow the wipe stepa from option 1
    Install rom
    Once set up power off to download mode
    Flasy eyebees sbl file in cwm reboot and enjoy

    Speed up animations

    1)Settings>Dev options
    2) Change window and transition animations to x .5
    How to create your own custom rom for the note

    Part 1 - Setting up the tools required to build your custom TW rom

    Part 1 - Build Environment

    Part 2 - Extract Deodex and Zipalign plus build prop intro this video is split into two sections due to youtubes time limit crap

    Part 1 Deodex Zipalign

    Part 2 Deodex Zipalign

    Part 3 - Brief intro to the updater-script

    Updater script introduction

    Part 4 - Decompiling Apks (framework-res)

    Part 5 - Aroma Installer


    Q) Do you offer support?

    A) I do this for the fun of it, i wanted a challenge when i got the note back in November 2011 and there was only 1 custom rom. So i thought i would learn and see if i could produce one. I made errors on the way and in fact its great to look back at the original posts to see how far we have come. Anyways a year on and a few grey hairs later and its still going strong. But to the point in hand, yes i will support anyone as long as they have read the instrucions and reread them and then applied them. If you are courteous so will i, if you are rude i will just ignore you. Users of this rom feel free to assist anyone, however this thread has always been free of rudeness or arogance and i like to keep it that way. Too many custom rom threads degenerate into flaming or *****yness, NOT HERE though, this rom has survived because its a good solid stable twekable rom to your liking with users that actually care.

    Q) Come on wheres your donate button hidden?
    A) i did this for myself to prove i could do it, i didnt think anyone would want to use it but some seem to like it. However the true heroes are people like Philz for his kernel and Pikachu01 for his excellent tweaks, and Eyebee for his dedication to the community. If you want to make a donation then please assist them as without them our phones would never get away from stock!

    Q) Mirrors and ETA

    A), Firstly i will use two hosts Dev Host and Mega. Mega is the fastest DevHost is for those that cannot reach Mega. If you wish to provide a mirror then feel free i do not track downloads just please pm me the link so i can dd to the front page rather than posting the link direct. Also please do not ask for ETA, i always keep users informed of the progress and expected ETA if i give a date or time ill keep to it unless something goes wrong.
    Let me know how you get on its early stages but pretty stable so far. Remember to check known issues

    Sent from my GT-N7000 using xda premium
    Im working on a version 3 at the moment, and will include tb 2.1.7 scripts.

    Its going to be a complete rebuild and full wipe, the update zips seem to be playing havoc lol as market and tb were fine b4 hand (again my tb are playing as they should)

    Im looking at some aggressive scripts too ensure it wipes correctly at the mo.

    It will be percentage mod full wipe and stock full wipe.

    Not sure if i will put in crt as after the initial oo look at that who looks at it anyway.

    I will mod brightness to be lower as mentioned before in dark rooms.

    This wwill be final version so i will release once i have everything ironed out and tested and retested.

    Im going to use more aggressive LMB at 80mb rather than 60mb better for performance lower for multitasking, but tbh multi task ios great on ics not gingerbread so theres a trade off.

    Im downloading all i need now so will start building tommorrow.

    I will also leave this as default csc code which is kor. if the scripts do there job you should be able to change this to suit as this may be causing issues with market.

    As always i place link to new rom here before main page as i call it beta.

    in effects its not beta at all but as everyone has different configs i cant check them all.

    So far its smooth, stable and just works how it should.

    As always its mod free for the mo but as they come out ill do mod packages

    So the details

    Based on LRQ rom
    Uk CSC
    Notecore Version 14
    Thunderbolt removed as was having negative effect
    Tweaks ammended for smoother frame rates (still advise .5 in dev options)
    Media profiles restored to correct values ( previous tweak was actually working against the quality so IQ should improve)

    I have invcluded v14 of notecore as its been stable and smooth as hell for me, I know the omnicore/hydracore what ever its called is out so feel free to try i wanted a stable kernel with minimal fuss to ensure stable install

    Remember backup backup backup before install or for ever be ridiculed

    Cassies Xlr LRQ v8.zip - 648.16 MB