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    I like a simple OP so ...

    Just like the title says this IS and WILL be a CLEAN AOSP rom built from source, I really just build for myself but I don't mind sharing with the community.

    You ask why share a basic AOSP rom?, well there are some people here that like a AOSP rom but don't have the time or the resources to build, also at one point I felt that Android in its infancy needed a lot of customization, but now its a lot better, plus with the invention of Xposed there's not enough reason to code in features when you can just download them.

    This does not come with Google Apps installed you will have to install the ones you desire just make sure they're compatible with Android 6.0, and also this rom is not rooted so you will need a compatible root solution if you need root.

    There is no screen shots since the is a non-themed AOSP rom, which will look like any other AOSP rom so please do not ask, and please be friendly to one another, and also please report anything broken I will try to fix it as I can.


    ooo im first( NOPE 2ND) thanks for the upload ill give it a spin :good:

    Yes testing out some things and trying to decide if I should build the whole system since no one does anymore for reference to a true aosp build.
    I don't think there is an AOSP messaging app available.

    Yeah it is you can just pull it from your phone or extract it out of the update zip.

    However its just the same as the Google Messenger app just green instead of blue and doesn't have the extra Google added crap.
    Just a heads up to whoever is using this, there is going to be another release shortly that is much "cleaner" it won't have any of the debugging tools added nor will it have anything that can be found in the PlayStore. This next release is pretty much just barebones and you will need to get a internet browser, camera, gallery app, music app, well you will see whats not there. At any rate I feel that this gives the user more freedom on what they want installed, so this is the new format for this rom and it is complete, the only thing that will happen now is updates to make it better. Also I will be releasing my source for this too if anybody wants to rebuild and add their own spin on it or contribute to the pre-existing rom.