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Feb 28, 2014
@Cpasjuste, @dpeddi

I have updated the KFire repositories in order to support apollo.

Cpasjuste, could you check that the patch is in a format that the script will understand?
I used diff I think it's ok.


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Apr 4, 2007
Samsung Galaxy Watch 4
I've made a strange discovery regarding my issue with 5GHz wifi disconnecting/reconnecting every 10 seconds:

If i go into another room (adjacent to the room with the router), the 5ghz wifi will work just fine, but if i am in the same room as the router, it will disconnect/reconnect all the time. So maybe something is "upside down" regarding signal strength on 5ghz in this rom?

(note that 5ghz worked fine in the same location on hdx nexus & stock roms, as well as on countless other devices)


Nov 4, 2012
San Francisco
I have to say, this ROM has given my HDX 7" some new life! I was looking at the Samsung Tab S 8.4, but no need now - this rom rocks.
Can't wait for CM12 :)


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Mar 15, 2011
CM11 in HDX7 support micro usb to HDMI ? Or usb otg ?

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Jun 20, 2013
Safe to update

I'm still in the January build, can I safely flash in twrp to latest? (clearing cache and dalvik of course)


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Mar 15, 2011
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Sep 4, 2012
[GAPPS][4.4.x] OFFICIAL Up-to-Date PA-GOOGLE APPS (All ROM's) [2015-03-01] - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2397942

[GAPPS][4.4.x] OFFICIAL Up-to-Date PA-GOOGLE APPS (All ROM's) [2015-03-01]
I use pico ..

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I did clean install of this rom + stock pa-gapps - but when i'm entering play store or google setting (to switch on google now) an 'server error' occurs?
Can somebody help?

Seems that there is a problem accessing my google-account??

I also can't access google server on my mobile too??? Something messed up the google-account! After restoring old backup on my kindle - everything works again (also on phone)
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    Here is CM-11 (Android 4.4.4) for the kindle fire hdx 7" (THOR). You need a rooted hdx 7" (Thor) device with a firmware < 3.2.4 ( ideally) and a signed recovery.

    • Bluetooth not working
    • Wifi won't correctly load when disabled at boot, a reboot is required
    • Minimal headphone volume too loud -> fixed
    • Incorrect color format in some scenario's ? (YouTube) -> fixed

    • cm-11-20150226-UNOFFICIAL-thor.zip
      • Updated to amazon 4.5.3 binaries
      • Fully disable radio for now (thanks Andy-Voigt)
      • Fix twrp fstab (enabling twrp was breaking system rom to boot)
      • CM sources updated to 20150226
    • cm-11-20150219-UNOFFICIAL-thor.zip
      • CM sources updated to 20150219
    • cm-11-20150219-UNOFFICIAL-thor.zip
      • fix minimal video/media volume too high (youtube...)
      • switch back to tablet build
      • CM sources updated to 20150110
    • cm-11-20150108-UNOFFICIAL-thor.zip
      • Fix thermal engine (should give better battery life and performances)
      • Fix a lot of proprietary services (proprietary logs, acdb-loader, ril loading ...)
      • Set media volume steps to 100 instead 15 (allow finer volume control essentially for jack output)
      • Lowered minimal screen brightness
      • CM sources updated to 20150108
    • cm-11-20150107-UNOFFICIAL-thor.zip
      • Build without "hacks" (add Cuber signing and custom updater-script generation)
      • CM sources updated to 20150107
      • Enable telephony (will probably not work)
    • cm-11-20150101-UNOFFICIAL-thor.zip
      • use patched boot/recovery, thanks to @vortox
      • fix wrong color format ! (major bug resolved)
      • switch to kernel sources
    • cm-11-20141218-UNOFFICIAL-thor.zip
      • minors fixes
    • cm-11-20141217-UNOFFICIAL-thor.zip
      • fix wifi not reloading
      • fix overlay/rotation screen tearing
    • cm-11-20141216-UNOFFICIAL-thor.zip
      • updated binaries to amz 4.5.2
      • properly use precompiled kernel and headers (amz 4.5.2)
      • fix minimal audio volume too high
      • add safestrap compatibility


    CM12 on it's way :) (still a lot of work to do: no audio, bt, wifi..)
    Hahahahaha ! Look at that guys :D


    just updated main post with latest version which mainly fix the minimal media volume too high. I'm working on BT, did made a few progress (better understanding) but could still take some days/weeks..

    Here's the changelog :

    • fix minimal video/media volume too high (youtube...)
    • switch back to tablet build
    • CM sources updated to 20150110
    Ok... So if there IS a possibility to unlock the actual fireos, please give some hints, instead of publishings Roms that one or two users can install, the rest is completely helpless...

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    Sharing hundreds of hours of work is helpless/useless for you ?

    You know what ? I actually spent the whole day on porting cm-10 to current exploitable kernel for YOU :/