[ROM][CM-12.1][5.1.1_r24][i9300][M440S][E210S/K]Dokdo-Project 7.3.2 [10/12/2015]

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Dec 2, 2014
I'm so happy to find a new (for me) rom for flash on my two device's s3 and note 3.
But after I have take a look on the website, sadly, again a cm based.


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Sep 4, 2008
Sorry, I still didn't install the rom. Can someone help me answer pls ??

Does this rom have theme engine support ??
Can boeffla kernel be used ??


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Oct 8, 2014
i hope it can be flashed via recovery coz i want to retain my f2fs. i ain't going back to using ext4. anyway i subscribed to this thread and see how this rom develops.

Sir, As I have experienced when flashing by Odin, data partition remains formated to f2fs.
Thats why after flashing when I booted up and after optimization it doesn't open, but prompt to erase data.
I had to format data partition for ext4 in recovery and flash again by Odin. It worked fine this time.

I think u can try one thing, don't format data partition. Just flash with Odin and go in recovery and flash Devil kernel and then u can use this rom f2fs. As on my before rom, I was using Devil kernel with f2fs, it was working awesome. Maybe it will work. I haven't tried it, but just an idea.
Right now I'm using this rom with Devil kernel on S3 SHV-E210K.

Hope this helps. I'm still learning sir, if I have written something wrong then don't be mad at me.
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Aug 7, 2012
nice.today i try your rom
i have ask if posiable
at the note4 rom like belokta rom call popup is really nice and usefull.at the that rom if i be on the game and recive call its show small popup for answer reject or onspeacker.and matter than is when we answer the call call still is on backgruand and dont go to phone app interface.
if you could do that.be very nice and usefull.thanks for hard working

tested.every thing is ok.call/bluetooth/gps/call...
not seen any fc
thanks for dev now i stay on this nice rom
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Oct 8, 2014
Dokdo project has been updated to 6.2.1
This version is not compatible with the previous versions of gapps so please download gapps which is compatible from our homepage
Check Change log here: http://en.dokdo-project.com/changelog.php

As delta update support is available from 6.2.0, so we will get push update or we have to manually download and flash whole rom again with Odin.
Thanks again for this awesome rom.
Sep 18, 2014
battery consuming ?

latest changelog 6.2.1 : Battery consuming problem
Nice, this means a must try.. Kamsahamnida!

I've tried the new version and the old version but still
I'm not happy with the battery consuming
But everything else is perfect and smooth
BTW I'm using also the L Speed mod for the battery !!

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    Dokdo project has been updated to 7.3.1
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    Check Change log here: http://en.dokdo-project.com/changelog.php
    Dokdo project has been updated to 7.2.0
    Check Change log here: http://en.dokdo-project.com/changelog.php
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