[ROM][CM10.1][AOKP][PA][07/19/13] PAC-Man v23.0.0 - Official [JB][AOSP 4.2.2]


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Jun 28, 2011
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Team PAC is proud to present
Pa+AOKP+CM = PAC-Man v22.1.0

CyanogenMod, AOKP, and Parnoid Android all have great features. Can't decide which one to choose? Now you don't have to. PAC-Man is a hybrid ROM that contains all of the features of all three. All the stability of CM10.1, with the customizability of AOKP, and the tablet mode options of PA, PAC-Man really is the one ROM that has it all.

Warning: If using LunarCmdline, do not set a hotplug governor, it *might* cause a softbrick.

  • CyanogenMod 10.1 base
  • AOKP customizations and apps
  • Paranoid Android tablet mode hybrid options

Read the FAQ in post two before posting questions

PAC-Man Download (via pac-man-rom.com)

Google Apps Download
md5: b7e53e96e1c8b1a1c4865bf29418c8e0

Thanks go to:
szl.kiev: Team PAC-Man team lead.
IAmTheOneTheyCallNeo: For answering my questions and encouraging me to get involved.
synisterwolf: For being a daily sounding board, and for counting all of the potatos.
dsb9938: Original author of Rezound Cubed kernel.
Snuzzo: His royal Funky-ness.
chad0989: For making AOSP on the Rezound a reality.
Flyhalf205: For being an absolute beast on the AOSP fixes.
MaulingDeOso: For all the contributions to bringing Jellybean to the Rezound​
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Jun 28, 2011
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  • Switched to Flyhalf stock CM10.1 kernel
  • Added HALO [Sniper & gs2usr]
  • Updated PA to 3.6
  • Removed MDPI/HDPI PA Preferences Hack
  • Updated to CM-10.1-RC5
  • TRDS 2.0

  • Updated all CM commits to RC4[szl.kiev]
  • Updated PA commits[singhdd93]
  • Fix Pie & Tablet Date View[singhdd93]
  • Update AOKP Ribbons[xLaMbChOpSx]
  • Fix 3-dot Menu Button[xLaMbChOpSx]
  • Packaged with Funky Kernel
  • Updated all CM commits[singhdd93]
  • Setting layout redone, New header for PAC In Black[blindndumb]
  • Dark Calculator[TRDS/kufikugel]
  • Statusbar auto collapse is back[g2usr]
  • Calendar now work on 960p[PA/beerbong]
  • Phone layouts for Tablet/Phablet UI[PA/beerbong]
  • Email FC Fixed[Sniper-]
  • Lockscreen shortcuts for now[Langes72]
  • CM's lockscreen slider shortcut is back[g2usr]
  • View PAC-man contributors in Settings > About phone[Sniper]

Old Changelogs:

  • Pac-In-Black Toggle
  • updated AOKP Sources to Milestone1
  • Fixed: navbar rings 90° rotate in landscape
  • Lockscreen Theming support
  • New Battery Styles
  • AOKP Ribbon
  • Lockscreen SOD Fixed
  • Settings layout redone
  • Updated/Added Translations
  • More minor updates

  • Merge all relevant previously unmerged AOKP commits through 3/22/2013
  • Merge all relevant previously unmerged CM commits through 4/8/2013
  • Implement updated graphics drivers
  • Implement updated legacy code
  • Added ParanoidPapers and SwagPapers

v22.1.0 13.05.01 release
  • Switched to CM android_frameworks_av and android_frameworks_native
  • Full camera support (should fix corrupted video recording)
  • 1080p video recording
  • Video tearing fixed (theoretically...let me know)
  • Smoother video playback
  • Newer CM code
  • Navbar disabled by default

  • Latest CM10 nightlies
  • Many more miscellanious enhancements and fixes (I don't have a full list yet)

  • Updated to AOSPA 3.15
  • Latest CM10 nightlies

  • Removed very tiny Google Apps
  • Updated CM10.1 base to latest nightly
  • Updated PA components
  • Updated AOKP components

  • ROMControl brought to latest AOKP version
  • PIE Updates
  • Swipe Notification bar to open Quick Settings
  • Switch to Superuser by Koush, and integrate Superuser into Settings (eliminates standalone Superuser app)
  • Update base to lastest CM10.1 nightly
  • Getting rid of build number - releases will be made on every PAC version update

v20.0.0 build 13.02.28
  • PIE: Support for expanded notificaitons
  • PIE: Merge new updates from PA
  • Add very tiny Google Apps

v20.0.0 build 13.02.21
  • Updated to AOSP 4.2.2
  • Added Paranoid Preferences in ROM
  • PIE launcher built in
  • Updated to latest Ermahgerd Kernel
  • Many AOSP bugs fixed
  • Discontinued ION Edition

v19.3.0 build 13.01.15
  • Add an "Automatically Connect" option for Wifi networks
  • Update to Ermahgerd Kernel build 13.01.14
  • CM10 Nightly
  • PMEM Edition now uses Ermahgerd Kernel (PMEM)

v19.2.0 build 13.01.12
  • Change build numbering scheme to YY.MM.DD
  • Eliminate the following duplicate entries from CM System menu (use ROM Control versions instead)
    • Volume Panel style
    • Long press back to kill
  • CM10 Nightly
  • Update some translations
  • ION Edition now uses Ermahgerd Kernel build 13.01.11 (ION)

v19.0.0 build 12.30.12 (PMEM Edition only)
  • Update to Funky Kernel 2.0

v19.0.0 build 12.29.12
  • PAC apps merged to latest upstream code
  • Separate ION and PMEM versions offered
  • PMEM version uses Funky Kernel 1.7

v18.0.0 build 12.28.12
  • Initial release on HTC Rezound

Known bugs:
  • MHL/HDMI does not work.

Q: Why can't I click on Install when installing an apk from the SD card?
A: Disable HALO by double tapping the HALO but hold your finger down on the second tap, then drag it to the X and let go. The Install button should work now. HALO may be reactivated after by clicking the blue circle at the top of the notification shade.

Q: How to I get rid of the dual-pane in an app?
A: In Settings, go to Hybrid properties, tap the ParanoidAndroid Settings at the top, and then go into apps. From there, you can modify everything to do with the tablet/phablet hybrid settings for individual apps. The Size tab and the Layout/UI tab are the two of the most interest. Setting size to 320 and Layout to 360p will make the app look stock. Size controls the size of the text and the size of certain UI elements. The Layout tab controls the actual UI layout. Generally, 360p is phone, 600p is phablet, and anything higher is tablet. You can use that to make any app think it's operating on any screen size. Some of them don't have any alternate layouts, some of them have several.

Q: Why does my screen go black when I'm on a phone call?
A: Your proximity sensor is being incorrectly triggered. Most of the time, this is calibration problem rather than a sensor problem. To fix, download Chad0989's Rezound Proximity Sensor Calibrator app. You will see a "NEAR" reading on the screen. Slowly increase the High Threshold until you see a "FAR" reading. Increase the High Threshold by 3-5 more than it takes to trigger a "FAR" reading. Test the new settings by covering and uncovering the Verizon logo on the front of the phone. The reading should switch between NEAR and FAR. Check "Set on boot" and close the app. If this fix does not work for you, your proximity sensor is bad, and you will need to contact Verizon for a replacement phone.

Github info
The official source for this project is at http://github.com/PAC-Man
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Aug 4, 2012
I might flash this later. I'm still running your build from late November. lol

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Jun 28, 2011
Atlanta, GA
Any brick possibility or just alot of bugs?

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Just bugs. Been running some variant of this on and off for a couple of months now. Can never say 100% no bricks, but the base is the same CM10 that's been in testing a while, and I haven't heard of any bricks.

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May 4, 2009
Really really nice build, pre ion ran really well on my rez, thanks shrike for all the work.

There's still a risk of someone finding a way to Bork their phone with it but I'm giving my approval because it's proven quite stable for me in testing many various builds.

You guys and girls, Shrike has put a ton of work into AOSP along with several of our other devs. Releasing this is always a gamble because the dev takes some inherent liability of having to hear whining, so please keep things respectful and realize that you've been warned of bugs.

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Jan 4, 2012
I gotta say, awesome. The purple tint on the camera goes away when I focus on something white, or pick a white balance, instead of using auto, if this helps any. Thanks for all the work on the roms, my phone seems to like yours the best.


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Aug 4, 2012
I gotta say, awesome. The purple tint on the camera goes away when I focus on something white, or pick a white balance, instead of using auto, if this helps any. Thanks for all the work on the roms, my phone seems to like yours the best.
If i were you i would post that in the cm10 bug reports thread if that fixes the purple tint on the ION builds so other people can see.

Edit: its actually the jellybean discussion thread now.
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Mar 24, 2011
Nice Work!

Been waiting for some jelly in my belly. Thanks to all the Devs and Shrike for sure. I have been using CounterShrike for a while now and am still loving it.