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[ROM][CM10][CM10.1][CM-10.2][CM-11.0][GT-S7710] Samsung X Cover 2

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Nov 12, 2018
mont de marsan
cyanogen on XCOVER

Hi guys
i had installed first VANIR through Heimdall and linux ; did not work so well .
Then cyanogen Mod 10.1 : fine with the help of
- phonandroid forum
-this forum
-ubuntu documentation

SO thank you all for the BIG job you are making :laugh::good:

unfortunately I am not able to help others on these matters , in a formal way...mean that memories of UNIX and teaching SGBD are useful but cannot be translated in a formal/readable/accurate way ... :)
as a retired ... old timer teacher i know that
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    This is a dedicated thread for the CM10, CM10.1 and CM10.2 port for the Samsung X Cover 2 (GT-S7710). The port is in a beta state. The source is based on the CM port for golden from OliverG96!


    A working CWM port with minor issues is discussed and available here.


    All files are available here or here.

    Changelog CM 10:

    • 2013/07/26: Initial preview
    • 2013/07/27: Fixed Wifi
    • 2013/07/29: Fixed GPS
    • 2013/09/04: Userdebug build to get rid of red frame
    • discontinued, but porting changes for the camera, USB etc from cm-10.1 branch should not be a big deal

    Changelog CM 10.1:

    • 2013/09/15: Alpha release 0:
      • Phone and mobile data
      • GPS
      • WIFI (tethering is untested and probably broken)
      • Bluetooth (tested a2dp and a headset/car)
      • Audio (EQ is untested)
      • Front and rear camera work. Video recording is broken!
      • USB MTP works. PTP is untested.
      • SD card
      • adb
      • Flash light
      • Video playback is broken.
    • 2013/09/30: Alpha release 1:
      • Fixed video playback and recording.
      • CM updates and account wizard added.
    • 2013/10/14: Alpha release 2:
      • AOSP lpm animation
      • Updated video processing (Thanks Oliver)
      • CM Updates
    • 2013/10/20: Alpha release 3:
      • Fixed Torch
      • Removed automatic brightness menu
    • 2013/10/27: Alpha release 4:
      • Fixed WIFI tethering

    Changelog CM 10.2:

    • 2013/11/02: Alpha release 5:
      • Bump to CM 10.2 - same functionality as in Alpha 4.
      • CWM build on cm-10.2 branch is broken - use from cm-10.1 if needed.... fixed.
    • 2013/11/19: Alpha release 6:
      • CM Updates
      • Added fix for low volume in incoming calls (Thanks Oliver!)
      • Some source cleanup
    • 2013/11/24: Alpha release 7:
      • CM Updates: Wallpaper, Bootanimation
    • 2013/12/05: Alpha release 8:
      • CM: Build with cm-10.2 stable sources
    • 2014/01/12: Alpha release 10:
      • CM: Source update.
    • 2014/02/04: Alpha release 11:
      • CM: Source update.
      • Fixed random reboots.

    Changelog CM 11.0:

    • 2013/12/31: Alpha release 9:
      • Preview CM11 image. OMX/Camera is broken. Just for testing and not ready for daily usage. Needs latest recovery and full wipe.

    Known Issues

    • BT hands free. Connection/pairing works, but the audio path is broken.
    • stock MMS app


    The source is stored in my github account.

    Questions and Bug

    Please do not contact me directly if you encounter bugs or you have questions about the port. When you're not yet allowed to post is this thread - post somewhere else, but don't send me a PM. Thanks for that.


    Don't flash this image unless you really know what you're doing! I'm not responsible for any damage what-so-ever done to your phone, as with any ROM, you accept this risk. You use this software at your own risk.

    Thanks to:

    OliverG96 for his CM10/CM10.1/CM10.2 port of golden.
    TeamCanjica for the u8500 common stuff.
    TheBoegl for hosting the images
    Hey guys,

    I recently compiled flxo CM11.0 rom with STE OMX support (from TeamCanjica).
    I've been testing it for a couple of weeks, for me everything seems ok (no reboots, camera working ...)

    I didn't test bluetooth hand's free, but it's certainly still broken.

    You can download this rom from my dropbox account :


    I'm also trying to compile Ubuntu Touch for S7710, I'll let you know when the rom will be flashable.
    I need some testers please send me a pm.

    edit: I have enough testers. The ROM is vanir aosp you can see it on youtube.

    It officially supports s3 mini (golden) , codinalte (galaxy exhibit) , X cover 2 (skomer)

    Even more it has support for Samsung STE/Novathor chipsets. The golden and skomer are set up to inherit from my device since we maintain our trees the s3 mini and x cover won't need updating they will always stay up to date.

    device https://github.com/Team-Exhibit/android_device_samsung_codinalte/commits/

    skomer device https://github.com/Team-Exhibit/android_device_samsung_skomer

    kernel - https://github.com/Team-Exhibit/android_kernel_samsung_skomer

    vendor https://github.com/VanirAOSP/vendor_samsung/commits/kk44

    Hey, has this project moved somewhere and I missed it or is it just a low peak atm? I am asking as it seemed to have a lot of activity last month but nothing this. I would love to see CM10 fully working on the Xcover 2 as the phone has no custom roms what so ever that I can find.

    I've been off for three weeks and hope I can continue working on the port in the next days. Next item is the camera and some annoying stuff like the need to enable/disable the airplane mode once to get mobile data to work..


    The last release fixes the random reboots that occurred with Beta 10. I used it for a week or so and did not have such issues any more.
    Don't expect any updates for the near future - I'm short on spare time. Furthermore I'd really appreciate if someone is willing to take of this port. Especially the CM-11.0 stuff need some investigation. Patches for OMX are available in the meantime and they are ready to get integrated - not a hard job, but needs some coding skills...

    have a nice day,